final fan XVI best accessories

Final Fantasy XVI Best Accessories

Final Fantasy XVI is the long-awaited latest mainline release in one of the greatest video game series of all time. Following the story of Clive Rosfield, players can customize him with various accessories and other equipment that can help boost his strength and capabilities.

If you find yourself in a situation where you want to know about the Final Fantasy XVI best accessories, you just so happen to be in the right place.

Don’t let the name of this particular equipment item fool you, as I would say that accessories are arguably the most important piece of equipment in this game. Yes, even more than swords.

During my time playing through the three core stages of Clive’s life, I’ve found that equipping the right accessories can mean the difference between pummeling a Morbol and smelling its deadly bad breath. Find out which ones you need to equip with the Final Fantasy XVI best accessories list I came up with below.

Bottom Line Up Front

Accessories are the single most important category of equipment in all of Final Fantasy XVI. Players can only equip a few of them, but they can radically change not only Clive’s stats in fights but also the overall course of the entire adventure due to their impressive potential.

If I had to pick a single accessory item that I would recommend to everyone, it would be the Ring of Timely Evasion. Dodging and getting around some of the tougher bosses’ attacks can be difficult, but this one takes the load and stress off your gameplay so you can focus on looking flashy and having fun.

Selection Criteria

When I came up with the Final Fantasy XVI best accessories list below, there were quite a few factors that determined what I came up with, including the following:

  • Stats: Not all of the accessories affect Clive’s stats, but the ones that do have to affect the right stats and to a significant margin.
  • Utility: If an accessory can be flexible and affect a large aspect of gameplay, locations, and more, it was included.
  • Longevity: Some accessories are solid when you first get them, but their strength dwindles over time. I prefer ones that are pretty useful throughout the entire game.
  • Uniqueness: Some accessories are unbelievably more unique and stand out compared to others. I prioritized including this in this list.

Accessory Tips

Final Fantasy XVI

Before you ever start equipping various items in Final Fantasy XVI, there are some tips you should know about. Take it from me after playing dozens of hours of this game and learning the hard way, so you don’t make the same unnecessary mistakes that I did.

  • You can only equip three accessories at once. This is standardized across the game, which sounds like a lot, but, trust me, it isn’t with all of the options, so pick wisely.
  • You have to play Story Mode to have access to the extra difficulty option and accessibility rings. Thankfully, you can change anytime in the settings between Story Mode and Action Mode.
  • Don’t equip unnecessary rings. For instance, if you have the Ring of Timely Evasion, it also includes the effects of Timely Assistance, so no need to use it. You also arguably don’t need the Ring of Timely Healing since you automatically dodge most of the time anyway.
  • Find your favorite accessories, and don’t be afraid to stick with them. Love the one that gives Clive more health? Keep it because you can always upgrade and make most accessories better throughout the game.
  • Do everything in the game. Complete side quests, open up chests, and check back at the store frequently, as these are the best ways to find accessories in Final Fantasy XVI.

Best Final Fantasy XVI Accessories List

Without further ado, let’s dive right in and take a look at the Final Fantasy XVI best accessories from across the entire game. There are dozens of these that you can find and equip in the world of Valisthea, but these are the ten that you need to know about.

I also made sure to rank them from the least impressive of the best to the number one best accessory that everyone should at least consider using. Remember you can only equip up to three, so you won’t be able to use all of the ones below at the same time.

10. Badge of Mettle

Badge of Mettle

  • Accessory Type: Passive stat booster
  • Accessory Effect: The base version of this accessory increases your defense stat by ten.

There are two core stat-boosting accessories in this game, with one that grants a bonus to your attack and another to your defense. The latter is slightly more valuable in battle since some of these fights can be quite tough. Admittedly, though, that ten boost isn’t much at all.

The real benefit of the Badge of Mettle comes from upgrading it further and gaining more stat boosts out of it. This makes it much more impressive and useful for players. But if you don’t take the time to upgrade this accessory, it will become obsolete for you quite fast compared to the other equipment you have.

9. Genji Gloves

Genji Gloves Final Fantasy XVI Best Accessories

  • Accessory Type: Passive stat booster
  • Accessory Effect: This grants a 5% boost to any damage that you inflict.

If you are looking for a pure offensive accessory, the Genji Gloves is the one to pick up. It grants a 5% bonus to any damage you inflict. This includes your basic attacks, all your Eikon abilities, Limit Break attacks, and so on. The actual numerical boost might not be fantastic, but it adds up over time.

Think about it this way: you could theoretically beat an enemy 5% faster this way than without it. And considering that, if you’re anything like me, some of the most grueling boss battles have you reaching the end of your life and potions, so that extra cushion can mean a lot in the long run.

8. The Golden Testament

The Golden Testament Final Fantasy XVI Best Accessories

  • Accessory Type: Passive non-stat booster
  • Accessory Effect: Boosts the amount of Gil earned through battles and the like by 35%.

My fellow Final Fantasy fanatics will know that Gil makes the world go round, and that is no different in the latest entry in the beloved series. This passive boost to all of the gil you earn is massive. The earlier you equip this in the game, the more you’ll benefit from it.

I recommend this to players who plan to buy other equipment and other items throughout the game. If you like the pricy Orchestrion Rolls that give you new songs to listen to in-game, as I do, this is a must, or else you will need to grind about 35% more than someone with this accessory.

7. The Breath of Fire (Flames of Rebirth)

The Breath of Fire (Flames of Rebirth)

  • Accessory Type: Ability booster
  • Accessory Effect: This accessory lowers the overall cooldown time for the Flames of Rebirth ability by 12 seconds.

Flames of Rebirth is one of the best skills and abilities you can use in Final Fantasy XVI. But the problem with this ability and others from the various Eikons you can use in the game is that they have fairly long cooldowns usually. Thankfully, this accessory relieves much of the stress surrounding that part.

This makes you more viable in fights since you’ll be able to use the extremely powerful Flames of Rebirth ability much quicker than you normally would. Of course, if this particular skill isn’t your fancy, that is no problem at all.

Most of the other Eikon powers also have associated accessories that can reduce their cooldown time; this just happens to be my favorite one of the bunch.

I will note that I only suggest equipping one of these types of accessories at the most, so focus on the ability you use the most.

6. High Cleric’s Medallion

High Cleric’s Medallion Final Fantasy XVI Best Accessories

  • Accessory Type: Passive non-stat booster
  • Accessory Effect: This boosts how much health you get back from high potion items by a whopping 25%.

This is about as simple as they come. You have regular potions, high potions, and so on that you can use in Final Fantasy XVI to ensure Clive stays alive in the middle of fights. This accessory makes them even better by giving a significant increase to the overall healing you get from these items.

This is great for two main reasons. Of course, more healing is always a positive feature since it means you instantly save yourself from death happening. However, it also saves the potions you have on hand so you can make better use of them and save yourself some gil in the process for more important items.

5. Cobalt Tassels

Cobalt Tassels Final Fantasy XVI Best Accessories

  • Accessory Type: Passive non-stat booster
  • Accessory Effect: This accessory boosts the amount of the limit break gauge, which goes up by 6% whenever Clive receives any damage from enemies.

The limit break gauge has been such a massive feature of the Final Fantasy series for many games now, and this one is no different. If you want to use this classic gameplay element more often than usual, this accessory will be your best friend in combat.

Admittedly, 6% doesn’t sound that great compared to the larger numbers you see for other entries on this list, but don’t let this fool you.

That amount adds up over time and can mean the difference between having a limit break ready for a tough boss battle and not, which can also save you from receiving an unfortunate game over screen.

4. The Wages of Warcraft

The Wages of Warcraft Final Fantasy XVI Best Accessories

  • Accessory Type: Passive non-stat booster
  • Accessory Effect: This accessory gives you 20% more ability points from any normal encounters.

There are some Eikon powers and abilities that Clive can use in this game, but it takes ability points to unlock and upgrade them. If you don’t have ability points, too bad, you won’t be able to enjoy customizing Clive’s powers to your liking. But that is where this accessory comes in.

For the normal encounters in the game only—no special or boss fights work here—you can receive 20% more ability points than usual.

That is a hefty amount, and this is one of the main accessories that I used in the game. That boost adds up over time and lets you quickly go through the various ability circles that Clive has.

3. Channeler’s Whispers

Channeler’s Whispers Final Fantasy XVI Best Accessories

  • Accessory Type: Active gameplay booster
  • Accessory Effect: This accessory removes the need to charge magic spells and automatically does it for you.

Charged magic is one of the features I used the least at first in Final Fantasy XVI. You can charge some spells to deal more damage or be more potent overall. But this takes up precious seconds in the middle of these fast-paced fights, so I never used it.

If you’re like me, the Channeler’s Whispers accessory eliminates this problem. All of the charged spells will automatically charge up on their own without you having to. This sounds like an easy mode accessory, but it’s even available in the Action Mode.

2. Adamantite Gauntlets

Adamantite Gauntlets Final Fantasy XVI Best Accessories

  • Accessory Type: Stat booster
  • Accessory Effect: This increases the overall max health of Clive by 500.

When it comes to the simple stat-boosting accessories in Final Fantasy XVI, this is the one that I pick to use in the game the most. If you need defense or attack, those are options, too as mentioned previously, but I suggest sticking to only one stat-boosting accessory in your equipment at a time.

For me, it has to be health that is the most important stat because this is what keeps Clive alive in the first place. There is a negative to this in that it doesn’t give a percentage increase, which I would prefer, but a flat number.

This does mean you’ll want to upgrade it whenever you can, which is why it doesn’t quite make it into the top three on this list.

1. On Fortune and the Heavens

On Fortune and the Heavens Final Fantasy XVI Best Accessories

  • Accessory Type: Passive non-stat booster
  • Accessory Effect: This item boosts the overall experience Clive earns by 15%.

Let’s get the negative out of the way automatically: 15% isn’t a lot. However, if you equip the On Fortune and the Heavens accessory as early as possible, this is one way to maximize the overall experience you earn in this game.

This is unbelievably necessary if you want to reach the max level or just ensure you have no issues with most fights.

There are some limitations to this accessory, as you might expect. In some situations, such as completing certain side quests and the like, don’t expect to see the boost there. That is because that experience is set in stone already.

But you’ll be fighting a lot in this game, so the extra XP there adds up quickly. Because of this, there is almost no player (outside of some gluttons for punishment) who shouldn’t use this accessory.

Honorable Mentions

I should note that I kept this list to only 10 because there are so many different accessories you can use in this game. However, there are many other awesome ones that I didn’t get to talk about. Here are five quick-fire honorable mentions that you should consider and why:

  • Badge of Might: The accessory that was the closest to making this list. This one simply boosts your attack permanently while using, and it can be upgraded. It is a valuable asset, especially in the earlier parts of the game.
  • Bahamut’s Mercy: This lowers the cooldown for Gigaflare, arguably the best or second-best Eikon ability, by six seconds. It makes this skill a lot easier to use, which is welcome for its unbelievable damage.
  • Berserker Ring: This is what I like to call the Dark Souls accessory. It is quite unique in that it gives a temporary attack boost but only for each precision dodge you do. If you are excellent at dodging, your attack will be extraordinary with this, but it doesn’t work for every player.
  • Cavall’s Fang: This boosts your trusty dog companion Torgal’s attack, which is great since he is almost useless otherwise.
  • Dire Wolf Jess: This boosts your overall combo damage by 5%. This is fine, but if you can get the Genji Gloves, this becomes obsolete.

Story Mode Ring Accessories Explained

Story Mode is the optional difficulty setting players can pick that gives them access to some truly broken—and arguably cheating—accessories. Since they are unbelievably wild, I did not include them in the list above. But I think they are worth mentioning, as they are essentially the best accessories you can get.

Of the several of these rings that exist, there are two that you mainly should worry about, and those are the Rings of Timely Strikes and Evasion. Evasion, in particular, isn’t perfect by any means, but this accessory renders most attacks obsolete.

You will occasionally get hit by an attack you could dodge, which is odd, but it takes care of most of the problems. In my experience, it makes this game’s fights so much easier and doable where you can focus on what makes the game fun: the abilities and movement system.

You don’t have to worry about some massive AOE that is hard to see on the battlefield or the additional foes that might sneak up behind you. The game becomes purely about damage-dealing and not being too strategic, which is welcome for players looking for fun and those who might not be able to handle the required swift reflexes in this game.

On the other hand, the Ring of Timely Strikes makes the need for combos obsolete. You only really need to mash the Square button to unleash lightning-fast and powerful combos without thinking.

It isn’t perfect, and I notice that it doesn’t use up most of my abilities, so I still have to do that manually, but this is great for players who have accessibility needs or might not want to deal with/be used to heavy-action games.

Final Fantasy XVI Best Accessories: FAQs

Question: What does the FF16 Ring of Timely Assistance do?

Answer: The Ring of Timely Assistance in FF16 is one of the accessibility accessories that are only available if you turn on Story Mode. This ring only affects Torgal, the lovable dog companion of Clive’s. It makes all of his actions automatic, instead of requiring you to do them. This ring is unnecessary if you use the Ring of Timely Strikes.

Question: What is the FF16 Berserker Ring?

Answer: The FF16 Berserker Ring is a solid accessory item that Clive can use. It increases his overall attack power for a short time after precisely dodging an enemy’s attack. It is powerful and can work well in a Berserker build, but it falls just short of making the top 10 list.

Question: How do you change outfit FF16?

Answer: Unfortunately, you can’t change the outfit and general look of Clive Rosfield in FF16. Final Fantasy XVI doesn’t offer this, despite being worked on by people who led games like Final Fantasy XIV where you can change your appearance all the time. That said, you can change the appearance of Clive’s sword but that’s about it. His appearance does automatically change in the story, though.

Find Out More About Final Fantasy Equipment

What you will find in Final Fantasy XVI is that it is all about the accessories that you choose to equip on Clive Rosfield, the protagonist of this game.

These can significantly boost certain aspects of his character or even radically change the entire gameplay of the title for some players to make it much easier or even more fun in some cases.

While I included my 10 favorite and the best accessories for Clive in this title, the reality is you can only equip three at a time. As such, the three that I mainly used are the Ring of Timely Evasion, On Fortune and the Heavens, and The Wages of Warcraft.

These made the game slightly easier since dodging isn’t much of an issue but they also reduced the need to grind all day long for experience and ability points.

At the end of the day, though, the accessories in Final Fantasy XVI are only part of the equipment you use for Clive. There are so many other types of equipment that are used in Final Fantasy games, from your weapons to even the summons that you can control in battle.

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