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Final Fantasy has long been one of the staples of the RPG world. The series absolutely dominated the 90s with some of the best games of all time, like Final Fantasy VII.

The name carried the series through the next decade with two more strong releases in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII, but after that, things took a bit of dip with Final Fantasy XIII, and the series fell dormant for a bit.

When it woke back up, Final Fantasy XIV was released, and although the initial release was a complete disaster, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn appeared to fix all of the faults of the original game, and to this day, it is the most popular MMORPG in the world almost 8 years later.

Part of what makes this game so special is its respect for everything that came before while paving the way for an exciting future as well.

I’ve been a Final Fantasy fan my whole life, and part of what makes the games so amazing is all the interesting races to see throughout the different games. Although some games have very few in the way of race diversity, ones such as Final Fantasy XIV have tons to see, adding to the considerable amount that have existed over the years.

One of the things that make Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn such a joy to play in the world that it’s built. The amount of lands you can visit is just staggering, and as the game grows more with each expansion pack, the places you can go expand too.

Filling up these amazing places are some of the most varied races any game has ever seen. Of course, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn isn’t alone in its diversity, and games like Final Fantasy IX have a wildly diverse cast as well.

There are so many races to see in the world of Final Fantasy, and each has a unique backstory and place in the various worlds of the different games.

In this Final Fantasy Races Guide, we are going to go on a journey exploring all the different races you’ll encounter throughout Final Fantasy. This includes races from different games and both playable and unplayable races as well.

Final Fantasy Races

There are so many races in the world of Final Fantasy. Although most games only have a few to see per playthrough, the culmination of all of them throughout the series history is quite staggering.

The most plentiful of the races appear in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and it includes the most diverse set of playable races ever in the series while also including famous faces from the game’s past.

There are so many to choose from that it’s almost overwhelming, and we’ve got everything from Elves to Chobobos to go over. Here we go. 

Playable Final Fantasy Races


Final Fantasy Hyur Race

If you couldn’t guess it by the looks, the Hyur are basically the humans of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. They are the race that has the most population in Eorzea, and they are also the most diverse race when it comes to skill and personality.

This has caused their race to lack a unified identity over the years, though they have been able to come together to defend their race despite these differences.

The Hyur come in two forms, Midlander and Highlander


Midlanders make up half of the Hyur population in Eorzea. They are usually of average height and build and don’t give off too much of an intimidating presence. You can find them about the realm’s various cities with a large populace being in Gridania.


Highlanders are the other half of Hyur on Eorzea, and they are made up of the taller and thicker of the Hyur. The Highlanders have a tough, warrior-like look to them, and they come from the mountainous region of Gyr Albania, though they were exiled from their homeland when the Garlean Empire conquered their capital city, Ala Mhigo.

The majority of the surviving Highlanders now exist in Thanalan and have built a small settlement there called Little Ala Mhigo in tribute to their lost home.


Final Fantasy Elezen Race

The Elezen are your Elves in this game, and they carry all the features that they are known to have, including very tall height, pointed ears, and thin body types.

They also boast an extremely long lifespan and have experienced many eras of Eorzea. They are actually the original inhabitants of Eorzea, but as more races came to the land, they began conflicts with others such as the Hyur, and eventually, this led to a co-existence between all sides in order to keep the peace.

There are two variants of Elezen to select from, the Wildwood Elezen and the Duskwight Elezen

Wildwood Elezen

The Wildwood Elezen take up their refuge in the Black Shroud region of the map. They are a warrior race that are fiercely protective of their homelands. They rarely venture beyond the forests, though some have taken to urban cities such as Gridania over time.

Duskwight Elezen

This variant of the Elezen is a hermit-like group that basically cut off contact from the entirety of the outside world. They live in caverns and stay far away from cities. Despite their inclusiveness, they are still cunning warriors and will do whatever is necessary to defend their homes.


Final Fantasy Miqo'te Race

The Miqo’te race is very similar to the Hyur, except for one big feature. Cat ears, tails, and eyes. They are the hunters of Eorzea, and because of that, they are fiercely defendant of their homes, causing a problem for other races to connect with them in any way. An Ice age caused them to leave their homeland in search of food, and this brought them to Eorzea.

The two different Miqo’te are the Seekers of the Sun and the Keepers of the Moon.

Seekers of the Sun

The Seekers of the Sun are the outgoing and extraverted of the Mi’qote. They devote their lives to the Sun God, Azeyma the Warden, and can be seen in cities by the water such as Limsa Lominisa and also the Sagoli Desert.

Keepers of the Moon

The Keepers of the Moon strictly move around at night and choose to devote their lives to Menphina the Lower, the goddess of night. They typically hunt at night, and although they have often scared some of the locals. They have since mended their disputes with Gridania and live peacefully there now.


Final Fantasy Lalafell Race

These little people are the smallest of all of Eorzea’s races, and they migrated to the realm from the southern seas. Their appearance has made them often be mistaken for Hyur children due mostly to their size and youthful faces.

The Lalafell do age, but it is never shown on their faces, leaving people to wonder just how old any Lalafell really is. Underneath their cute disposition is an incredibly smart and wise race that are experts in crafting, engineering, and mercantile business. They are also exceptional combatants as well.

The Lalafell are split into the Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk


These people are laidback and super friendly. They generally work as farmers in the field of La Noscea. You can also see them occasionally working as fishermen or even as officers in the Lominsa security force.


The Dunesfolk are far more focused on working than the more laid-back Plainsfolk. They live in Thanalan and do everything they can to make as much profit as possible there. They founded the city of Ul’dah and led the city as well, trading with other regions and causing the area to prosper.


Final Fantasy Roegadyn Race

This is the largest of the races in Eorzea. Their immense size and muscles make them the most dangerous warriors of all. While they may seem threatening, they are incredibly loyal and passionate as well.

The Roegadyn began as sailors but eventually made their way to the land of Eorzea and were welcomed as they had some of the most impressive fighters in the world.

The two clans to choose from are the SeaWolves and Hellguard


The SeaWolves began as pirates, but eventually, their ways were outlawed, and they now act as protectors of the realm. They are typically officers, fishermen, or mercenaries and do their best to protect and serve the world of Eorzea.


The Hellguard take their refuge in the Abalthia Spine mountain range. They can also be seen in Ul’dah, protecting the city as soldiers in the military there called the Immortal Flames. They are similar to the SeaWolves, though they don’t share their shoddy past.

Au Ra

Final Fantasy Au Ra Race

The Au Ra is a unique race that comes from the continent of Orchard. They are a race similar to the Hyur in looks, but the scales that cover their bodies and horns that come from their necks give them a unique look, as does their tail. Some have speculated the Au Ra are descendants of dragons because of this.

The two forms of Au Ra are the Raen and the Xela


The Raen Au Ra believe they descended from a god-like being called the Daqn Father due to their bright white scales. They are a peaceful race that lives quiet lives in Orchard, and they only visit the outside world on the rarest of circumstances.


The Xela are much more proactive than the Raen, and they typically go from place to place, craving adventure, hunting for their food, and seeking out a fight any time one presents itself.


Final Fantasy Viera Race

The Viera are a race that has been featured throughout not only Final Fantasy XIV, but they have appeared in Final Fantasy XII as well. This unique race is human-like, except for long rabbit ears that protrude from the head.

They are extremely secluded in their lifestyle, and that is because they live by a code called the Green Word, which says they can never leave their village. If a Viera leaves the village, they are exiled from their homes forever.

There are two types of Viera that you can play as, the Rava and the Veena.


The Rava come from the jungles of Gilmore. They are the hunters of the Viera who fight off the dangers of the jungle in order to get food. They are constantly in conflict with the nation of Dalmasca and seek independence from them at all costs.


The Veena live in the forest of the Starkey Range. This is a snow-filled area, and their ability to adapt to different environments is what makes the Viera so impressive. The Veena are skilled hunters as well, but due to the cold, they are often put at a disadvantage when it comes to fighting off foreign threats.

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Final Fantasy Hrothgar Race

The Hrothgar are the most beastlike of any of the races in Final Fantasy XIV. They are lion-like in their appearance, and their initial appearance on Eorzea was less than well-received. After some initial conflict, though, the Hrothgar learned the Eorzean language and slowly integrated with the people and now live among them in harmony.

The two variants of the Hrothgar are the Helions and the Lost


The Helions are the protectors of their tribes. They are fiercely loyal to their queen and rarely leave her side. Others who seek more thrill in life have left the regions of Ilsabard and have spread throughout most of Eorzea.

The Lost

The Lost take up their name and act accordingly. They have no set home and are constantly traveling the world. They tend to be mercenaries, workers, and pretty much any profession that will keep their nomadic lifestyles afloat.


Final Fantasy Kimari

In Final Fantasy X, you eventually add the Ronso warrior Kimari to your party. The Ronso are a race of huge, feline-looking warriors who are defined by their blue skin and muscular physiques.

They are incredibly loyal and have a strong sense of honor as well. They guard the sacred Mt. Gagezet. While they are honorable, they are also known for having an extremely short temper and an incredible amount of pride as well.

Black Mage

Final Fantasy Black Mage Race

The Black Mage is one of the most iconic parts of Final Fantasy. They have appeared in numerous games in some form or another, but it wasn’t until Final Fantasy IX that we saw the origin of them explained.

Vivi is a Black Mage who becomes part of your party early on, and at a certain point in the story, a terrifying truth is revealed about them that changes the way you view them throughout the series. Although their appearance is cute and funny looking, they are incredibly gifted with magic and are typically devastatingly effective combatants.


Final Fantasy Zidane Tribal

In Final Fantasy IX, you play as Zidane Tribal. You start out as an unassuming thief, and soon, you’re swept away on a grand journey that results in the discovery that you are, in fact, a Genome. Genomes are a race of beings that are being produced by Garland in mass. They are marked by their signature monkey-like tails.

While they appear to be kind and docile, Kuja and Zidane are two of the most powerful beings in the world and were created as forces of destruction to be used for nefarious purposes.


Final Fantasy Races

They have undergone many names throughout the series, such as GFs, Espers, and Aeons. They all have roughly had the same purpose throughout the series. They are a magical race of monsters that can be summoned to give aid to those who prove themselves.

These proving sessions sometimes involve boss battles or other tests of strength. On occasion, throughout the series, you can find summons that belong to enemies as well. In Final Fantasy IX, you can discover the boss Ozma. Ozma appears in the Eidolon Cave in the Chocobo Garden.

Ozma is one of the strongest enemies in all of Final Fantasy, and it appears to be an Eidolon that has lost its form for some reason. Whenever you come across one of these, they are generally a huge boon in combat for you and also provide a very tough boss fight as well.

Here’s our complete guide on obtaining the Ozma mount.


Final Fantasy Burmecian

Final Fantasy IX was a big throwback in terms of style for the series, and part of that style was the reintroduction of all kinds of different races in the game. The previous few games featured mostly humans, and Final Fantasy IX spiced that up by introducing a whole bunch of new and old races into the game.

The Burmecian race was among the most interesting. These rat-like creatures seem intimidating at the first meeting, but they are among the most tragic races in the game as their homeland is devasted by war. One of your party members is a Burmecian named Freya and shows off the considerable combat prowess they possess.

Unfortunately, their combat prowess on the ground does nothing to withstand the onslaught of Queen Brahme and the power of the Alexandrian army.


Final Fantasy L'Cie Race

The Lucie are normal humans who have been branded by the divine entities called the Fal’Cie. When this branding happens, they are given great physical and magical talents, as well as a Focus or a mission to fulfill. They play key roles throughout the Final Fantasy XIII games.

They are servants to whatever their Fal’Cie gods demand. The powers they are given come from crystals which are directly linked to their Fal’Cie lords. For L’Cie, their mental and emotional state becomes very important as to the fate of the person branded.

If they become mentally unstable, the L’Cie will become a Cie’th, which take in different forms depending on where they appear. The main characteristic of the Cie’th is the crystalline monsters they turn into, and they are associated with all of the negative emotions in lifelike hatred, anger, and despair.


Final Fantasy Cetra Race

The Cetra are also known as the Ancients, and they are a race of a long-gone civilization that is brought up multiple times in Final Fantasy VII. Not many ancients are actually shown in the game, but the ones that are present appear to be very spiritual and in tune with the planet.

Sephiroth, the game’s main villain, describes them as what humans were before they lost their migratory nature. Their signature trait is the ability to interact with the Lifestream, which is the life force of the planet that provides life to all living things. This process is called “talking to the planet” by some people in the game.

Their race is looked at as the pinnacle of human civilization, and the big corporation Shinra attempts to digitally recreate it at one point in the game. Aerith Gainsborough is the only known living ancestor of the Cetra and plays an awfully big role in the game’s story as she is the only one able to speak the planet which is in danger.

Other Notable Races


Final Fantasy Moogles Race

Moogles are the cutest creatures you will come across while playing Final Fantasy, and they are also some of the most helpful creatures as well. These mysterious, cat-like creatures tend to flock around humans, and they can speak as well, making them seem far more human-like than anything else.

They have appeared in every Final Fantasy game except for Final Fantasy IV. Depending on the game, the Moogles can play a huge role or just be relegated to side characters.

They also appear on occasion as a summonable creature. Their stature has become that of a mascot of the series, and their appearance has become synonymous with Final Fantasy.


final fantasy Chocobo

You can’t have a Final Fantasy game without a Chocobo. That is in a rulebook somewhere; I’m sure of regardless of the game, you will see these cute birds show up in some fashion.

The majority of the games have the Chocobos as a rideable creature, but some have them as summons or even enemies. Their iconic squawk and theme song has driven itself into the hearts of every Final Fantasy fan out there.


final fantasy Fal'Cie

The Fal’Cie serve a unique purpose in the world of Final Fantasy XIII. They are essentially gods that are ageless immortals who control and look after the maintenance of the land they have created.

They govern the humans who live in the land and are essentially in control of everything they do without them being fully aware of it. The Fal’Cie are the living embodiment of what the Crystals were in the early Final Fantasies and represent an evolution of its core concepts.

The Crystals in early Final Fantasy games were always on the side of good, though, while the Fal’Cie often seek out their own agendas.


Final Fantasy Lunarians Race

The Lunarians appear in a few different games throughout not only the Final Fantasy series but also in the Bravely Default series as well. Their physical appearance is very close to that of humans, but their technology and overall knowledge is far beyond that of any human.

The Lunarians typically have light-colored hair and are the most magically gifted race in all of Final Fantasy. They are known to be able to summon incredibly powerful spells such as Meteor. In ages past, the Lunarians lived between the Red Planet and the Great Behemoth planet.

As the Lunarians were about to be destroyed, they fled to the Blue Planet to save their people. In the process, they discovered humans in their opening stages of evolution.

It was then they decided that they wouldn’t be able to live with them at this point, so they created a second mood to orbit the planet and went into a deep sleep while one was chosen to look after them as they did.


Linoa & Moomba

Moombas are a very interesting race of creatures that appear in Final Fantasy VIII. They are the final stage of the life cycle of the Shumi people. In general, they are used as slaves and have been treated poorly by humans.

In the Shumi Village, though, they are given high praise and seen as what every Shumi should aspire to become. They appear as lion-like creatures with spiky hair and huge paws.

They run around on all fours, but they stand straight up when stationary. They cannot speak any human language but have been able to form specific words.

Al Bhed

Final Fantasy Al Bhed Race

The world of Spira in Final Fantasy X is a strange one and among the strangest parts of it are the Al Bhed. While they are human in appearance, they wear wild-looking bodysuits along with goggles and masks that give off a very intimidating appearance. They are seen as the heretics of the world because of their religion of Yevon.

They are seen as an early enemy force in the game but really are just misunderstood as their various deeds are all done in order to protect people while not being obvious about it.

The Al Bhed are known to kidnap summoners in order to prevent them from completing their pilgrimage. What they don’t realize is their pilgrimage ends up killing them in the end, and the kidnapping is a form of protection.

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Final Fantasy Guado Race

The Guado people are a human-like race in Final Fantasy X who live in forested areas and specifically act as protectors. They guard the Farplane, which is Spira’s Afterlife.

They appear almost tree-like in their looks with a branch-like hair and extremely long limbs. They also have veins running through their faces, creating a flower-like appearance. A unique trait they have is that their bodies are not left behind when they are dead.

The Guado are a heavily religious culture, and this causes other races to view them as arrogant. Their position as guardians of the Farplane has caused them to look down upon other races as well.

You encounter a Guado by the name of Seymour during the game, and while he appears as a friend at first, his true nature becomes revealed over time.


Final Fantasy Banga Race

The Banga are a hybrid of human and lizard creatures, and the result is an intimidating appearance made up of long faces, scaly skin, and strongly built bodies. Their sense of smell and hearing is incredibly sharp, and they have long ears that droop down on the sides of their head.

They are notably great warriors, but because of their inability to speak well, they have never been able to master the use of magic. They are the most physically dominant force in Ivalice.

Interestingly enough, despite their appearance, calling them a lizard is an offensive term to them, as a more primitive race called lizardmen exist in Ivalice as well, and they are far more barbaric. Unlike actual reptiles, Banga are able to grow facial hair.


final fantasy Garif

The Garif are an intimidating, humanoid-type race in Final Fantasy XII. They live a tribal lifestyle and have many villages scattered over the land. During the game, you encounter them in the village of Jahara. Interestingly enough, all the ones you meet are male, and that’s because their sexes are separated and live in different areas.

They are an incredibly muscular race that is covered in thick brown fur. They turn their backs to conventional society and don’t use any technology or material goods in their lives. The Garif live strictly off the land, and any clothing or housing they make is from natural materials.

They wear large masks that are given to them as part of their customs, and they do not remove the mask until they die. Because of this, no one is sure what exactly a Garif’s face looks like. Despite their intimidating presence, they are a peaceful people, and their muscular stature is used mainly to hunt and protect.


Question: Can You Find Every Race in Each Final Fantasy?

Answer: While you can find a lot of races recurring through several Final Fantasy games, many games create their own races, and only iconic races such as Chocobos and Moogles tend to reoccur throughout the series.

Question: What are the Most Prominent Races Throughout Final Fantasy?

Answer: Although they go by different names throughout the series, the human race is generally the one utilized the most throughout the series. There are several games where nonhumans are major parts of the story, though.

Question: Which Game has the Most Variety of Races in the Final Fantasy Series

Answer: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has the most races to play as by far. Each of the races available has two subraces to choose from, allowing for a ton of customization with every character you make.


Final Fantasy is a series that has tons of different qualities that will keep you coming back to it, but for me, the magical races of the series throughout the years has been one of the biggest draws.

With every game, these wild worlds produce more interesting looking and acting races than the last one, and it gives the worlds you explore such a unique personality that no other game can compare to. 

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