Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Game Overview

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Game Overview

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Final Fantasy is one of the longest-running franchises in the history of gaming and entertainment. The number of games bearing the name Final Fantasy stretches into the 20s, which is one of the largest catalogs of any series ever to release, be it a game, movie, or TV show. There have been 16 mainstream titles in that period, and within some of those have been several spinoffs.

What has kept the interest in this series? Well, for one, it’s primarily anthological, so each game is its own story. Within each of those is a mesmerizing world of magic and medieval and futuristic themes that weave together to create a consistently fantastic experience.

That brings us to Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. It’s a mobile game, which might scare some away. Still, it’s an original adventure that pushes the series forward gameplay-wise while paying homage to the past in exciting and interactive ways. 

It’s a few years old at this point, but when it comes to full-fledged RPG experiences that don’t abuse you with a Gatcha system constantly. It’s got a charm that summons the Final Fantasy games from before the gaming world went 3D, and whether you’re a fan of the old games or the new ones in the series, there is plenty to enjoy. Let’s check out everything there is to know about Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius.

Bottom Line Up Front

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is a mobile JRPG that gives you tons of hours of content with an intriguing story to back it up. It feels like an homage to the past while giving you an enjoyable battle system to engage in that only gets more interesting as you play. 

What Kind of Game is Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius?

This is your classic JRPG. It’s got an expansive story filled with colorful characters and unique side quests, and content has been steadily added over time. When first starting out, this can be a pretty overwhelming game, and going in blind is not recommended.

There are many systems at work here with many different types of content at play, so pace yourself and learn the rules of the game world. 


final fantasy brave exuvius
Image from Final Fantasy Fandom

The story of Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is about Rain, Lasswell, and Fina and their journey to defend the Crystals of Lapis. This storyline is classic to the series in that it revolves around Crystals, but it differs quite a bit because many characters from the series’ past will show up.

The World

If you’ve played Final Fantasy Tactics, you’ll be on familiar ground here. While most Final Fantasy games will provide you with a world map of sorts since this is a mobile game, there are certain restrictions, and there isn’t an open world to explore like you’re used to. Instead, the world here is set up by different markers on a map. 

Each time you show up to a stage, you will have to fight all the required battles in that particular area. You cannot go on until you finish the battles. Once you complete the dungeon, you can get to the next stage. 

There are also areas called explorations that you can explore to find treasure. You will find random battles here, but they don’t need to be completed to leave the area. After you beat each area, you can go back and train there more if you’d like, or freely explore the area to find items you might’ve missed. 


The game is not all about fighting, and in between, you will be exploring towns where you can do a variety of activities in. You can find new weapons and items here. In these areas, you can explore different rooms occasionally, and yellow markers mark the entryways. Green is used to mark the entrances and red for the exit, which will help you not get too confused. 

The towns are a nice throwback to the series core, and it’s here you will get the significant bits of the story and interact with your typical NPCs. 

The Battle System

final fantasy brave exuvius battle system
Image from Final Fantasy Fandom

Here is where the meat of the game happens. This is a much different feeling battle system than other Final Fantasy games, and there is a bit of a learning curve here. The idea in the battle system is to chain attacks on top of each other.

In each battle, you get five party members to fight with. The characters are all very different, so mixing and matching to find the best combos is an important thing to experiment with. 

To start an attack, you tap on the character’s box on the battle screen. You do this by pressing a direction on your phone or tablet screen. You can tap one after the other to begin a chain, or you can bring up the command window and set specific attacks. 

  • Up– This will perform a character’s default attack
  • Right– This is where the magical abilities, special abilities, Limit Burst, and Evocation skills can be used.
  • Left– You will set your items before a battle starts, and when you need a potion or a Phoenix Down in the middle of a tough fight, pressing left gives you access to them. 
  • Down– This defends for a turn, which automatically halves the damage in the immediate turn. Pressing down will achieve this, but your defense skill resets as soon as the turn is over, and you’ll receive full damage again. 

You target enemies by tapping on them, and depending on your character; you can attack enemies multiple times in one turn in this way. 

We talked about chaining earlier, and this is done by tapping your characters quickly, one after another. This situation can go one of two ways. 

Spark Chains- These will activate when you attack with multiple units together. This is the basic chain style; you activate it by attacking one after another. You can do this with all of the units in each battle, so get those fingers ready to press as it relies on your quickness and your quickness alone. 

Element Chain- This activates when you attack using multiple characters that all have the same element attack. 

The tricky thing here is that all units are not identical. Some characters will attack much slower than others, and timing is required to activate the chain attacks. Figuring out which characters flow best with others is part of the fun of this battle system, and it requires a lot more skill than your typical Final Fantasy battle system. 

Special Abilities

Each character will have access to Special Abilities. These abilities range wildly, and there are over 100 to discover for yourselves within the game. The abilities are categorized under several different types. 

Healing & Status Recover- These abilities will be things like reviving and healing the hit points of your characters. There are varying strengths to these, so some characters will have big-time healing power, and others might have a small status recovery. 

Buffs- These abilities will add attack or magic power to your party, and figuring out the best ones can make your party nearly unstoppable. 

Debuffs- Debuffs can be used against your enemies. These can lower enemy defense, make them more vulnerable to magic, and have many other effects that can be crucial to winning battles against them. 

HP/MP Drains- These are a kind of vampiric abilities that allow you to absorb HP and MP from an enemy. Some of these attacks cause massive damage in the process and can be used to both attack enemies and heal yourself. 

Fixed Damage- These abilities cause a set amount of damage no matter what the stat of the character using it is. For example, Magic Shuriken+ will do 1000 damage every time, no matter what. 

Percentage Damage- These abilities deal a certain percentage of damage to your enemy’s total health. Depending on their HP, it can do a ton of damage or very little damage. It’s important to note that these attacks will never kill an enemy, so regardless of the percentage done, you need to do a follow-up attack to finish them off. 

Unmitigated Damage- These abilities are great because they ignore parts of the enemies’ stats when they hit. For example, one ability will ignore 30 percent of an enemy’s defense while another one will remove an enemy’s ability to resist magic. 

Randomize Skills- These skills are risky to use because you cannot know what type of effect will come from them. Some of these will cause massive damage, but others will heal you, cause status effects, and have many other possibilities. If you’re down big in a battle and you need to do something to change the course of it, try one of these out. They can either save you or literally do nothing. Good luck. 

Limit Burst

final fantasy brave exuvius limit burst
Image from Final Fantasy Fandom

These are Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius’s version of Limit breaks. In each battle, your characters will have a bar that slowly fills up by either absorbing burst stones or using auto-limit abilities. You get these stones after damaging an enemy.

The more hits involved in an attack, the more stones your enemy drops and the faster your Limit Burst becomes available. Some items have an auto limit ability to them, which fills your gauge to a certain point at the start of every battle. 

To use the Limit Burst, go to the character window and set the Limit Burst as the ability your character will use. There are multiple types of Limit Bursts. You have damage, support, debuff, and unique.

Each character has their own type to use, so figuring these out is important before going into a big battle. 


Here’s where things get a little bit weird and mobile game-y. At the main menu, you can select the Dimensional Vortex, and it’s here where the Event, Enhance, and Nemeses tabs are. 

Event- These last for about two weeks and allow players to gain levels quickly, get unique items and weapons, and fight classic and new enemies. There are a bunch of different events as well.

Types of Events

Raid Event

These are done by using Raid Orbs. You can use Lapis to get more, but be warned, this will drain your Lapis quickly and lead to you running out. You can do these early on, though, and you can get amazing rewards. They don’t use a ton of energy to do it once, but multiple raids in a row will cost you. 

These are time-limited, so do these as much as you can if you want to maximize your rewards. 

Exchange Event

king mog
Image from Final Fantasy Fandom

When you complete events, you get a special currency that can be traded with King Mog/Mog minister. There are tons of interesting things to trade for, like summon tickets for more powerful characters, Metal Cactuar, and Event items.

Story Event

These are high-level dungeons that get harder as you go and expend a lot of energy. It’s somewhat frustrating because if you don’t have enough energy, you can’t keep playing. If you have enough, though, there are big story elements here that are important, so save up energy to do these. 

Challenge Event

These are made up of strictly high-level bosses. They are fun to try, but you’re likely to get annihilated here if you’re not powerful enough. Some of these monsters include classic high-level Final Fantasy enemies, so it’s great for long-time fans of the series. 

Exploration Event

These events are much easier than Challenge Events while still providing tangible rewards. They are small dungeons that have some options for difficulty, so those seeking a challenge can still get something out of them. 

Enhance- This tab has four to five chambers available and within each is a battle. These are tougher than your normal dungeons and offer unique materials for crafting and awakening. You can choose one Enhance chamber per day for free, but if you want to do more, you need to pay 100 Lapis, the game’s currency, to do so. 

Nemeses- These are single-level dungeons with incredibly powerful bosses at the end of them. The good thing is that these bosses offer outstanding awards, but beating them will take a lot of very strong characters. This can be seen as the endgame for Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, so if you’ve beaten it already, these are the challenges that await you. 

Colosseum and Arena

Arena mode is a unique spin on the usual trial battle-style mode. See, instead of fighting enemies, you’re actually fighting the AI-controlled characters from other players. You get points every time you win, and you can use the points for rewards. Colosseum mode has you fighting all kinds of different enemies, but the catch is that sometimes you can’t use friend units or healing items throughout. 


You will get to explore these every day, but you need to have some considerably powerful characters to do well here. You can fund these expeditions with your in-game Gil; during these, you send your characters out on a mission. They disappear from your party but return with considerably good rewards. That is if the mission is successful.

Sometimes you won’t get anything. The better your units are when you send them off, the better chance you’ll get a good reward. Remember, they will be gone from your party until the expedition is completed, so make sure you can handle normal game battles in the meantime. 


final fantasy brave exuvius characters
Image from Final Fantasy Fandom


The defacto main character here, Rain, is a knight from the kingdom of Grandshelt who is tasked with protecting the world’s Crystals. 


The ever-trusty best friend, Lasswell, idolizes Rain’s father and wants to protect Rain so he can live up to his legacy. 


Is it even a Final Fantasy game if there is no amnesia involved? Fina, the resident amnesiac here, comes to us sealed by the Earth Crystal. Why? Well, that’s what we’re going to find out. She’s got boatloads of secrets to uncover and is one of the more intriguing characters in the game. 


Jake is the rebel army leader that goes against the Zoldaad Empire in the game. They are essentially the big bad in the game for part of the story. Jake is a ladies’ man and is a bit skeevy at times, but in the end, he means well. 


Airship engineer in a Final Fantasy game not named Cid? Well, sort of. Lid is actually trying to inherit the name Cid during the journey. A nice spin on the typical Cid character for sure. 


Nichol is from the Olderion Federation and joins you when he’s tasked with protecting his homeland from monsters. 


Sakura is an interesting character who appears to be a child but is actually a founder of the ancient Magi-Nation, Mysidia. She joins the party to help uncover some of the mysterious storyline. 

Veritas of the Dark

 Veritas is a mysterious, armor-clad individual that acts as the game’s main villain. He is the seeker of the crystal’s destruction.


The legendary warrior and father of Rain, Raegen, has been missing for a long time, with only his memory left to guide his son and Lasswell. 

Tips and Tricks

Take your time

This is a long game, and there is constantly new content that comes out for it. Trying to get a hold of everything at once is an exercise in futility. This isn’t a game meant to be played hours at a time, but rather small bursts of play sessions. Try an hour at a time, or only play when you’re on the train or a long plane ride, and you’ll get a lot more out of it.

Do the Events

The game can be very tough unless you participate in the optional events. These events can increase your party’s level incredibly fast while also giving out great rewards that can help a ton. 

Don’t Use Real Money

Yes, you can get some great units if you use real money here, and those dying to play as Cloud and other Final Fantasy icons might want to indulge here. As usual, this is a slippery slope, and you can spend a lot of money quickly and trivialize the game’s challenge.

Use the Friend Units

Any time a character offers you join you for your missions, accept it. These characters are super useful and can help big time in the early hours when you’re still unsure how to beat some tougher challenges. 

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: FAQs

Question: Is Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius online?

Answer: Yes, but it’s not multiplayer. You can play against other players’ characters in the Arena mode, but no competitive or co-op mode is available. 

Question: Is Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius a pay-to-win game?

Answer: It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. You can pay a lot at the outset to get a lot of bonuses, but the most fun way to play the game is to go through it naturally. 

Question: Is Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius still updated?

Answer: Yes, they just added a new event 5 hours ago, so to say the least, the developers are still heavily supporting this game. 


Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is an awesome way to experience a classic series on your phone. You could also download the older titles there, but that costs money, and this game is free.

It’s also a new story with some fun twists, and the graphical style is gorgeous. Give it a try if you’ve got a mobile device that can play it; it’s a great way to spend some travel time. 

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