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Final Fantasy is one of those franchises that just brings a smile to my face. I know that the series hasn’t been firing on all cylinders over the past decade, but in between the gaffs of Final Fantasy XIII and, in some parts, Final Fantasy XV has been amazing titles like Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

For a lot of Final Fantasy fans, the love affair with the franchise started ages ago. For some, it was with the very first Final Fantasy game, but for me? It all started with Final Fantasy VII. I had never seen a game like that before, and soon, I was absorbed into the series more than any game I’d ever been before. 

Plenty of people share that sentiment, thankfully, and over the years, we’ve gotten tons of memorabilia to commemorate our experiences within the game world. One of the best ways to show your Final Fantasy fandom is by wearing it loud and proud. 

We’re going to check out all the best Final Fantasy shirts around, and maybe you’ll be able to find one or two that lets you wear your fandom proudly.

Selection Criteria

  • Final Fantasy shirts
  • Great designs
  • Creativity
  • Iconic moments recreated

My Top Picks

  • Bahamut Battle ShirtRecreates an awesome moment from the series while providing an awesome design for a T-shirt
  • Retro Battle Menu ShirtThis shirt is amazing because of how simple it is. Having the classic menu of Final Fantasy on your shirt is just an awesome way to pay tribute to the franchise and it looks as if it was lifted right out of your screen.
  • Final Fantasy VIII Squall and Rinoa ShirtThe best romance in the series is shown in one full embrace on this shirt. The image is a spinoff of the title screen from Final Fantasy VIII and looks incredible.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Bahamut Battle T-Shirt is the coolest shirt you can find. It brings to life one of the greatest battles of the franchise, and the little pixelated characters are so intricately detailed that it’s hard to believe. Old school Final Fantasy fans need to pick this one up. 

How to Find the Best Final Fantasy Shirts

Finding shirts from Final Fantasy is a tricky thing because there are so many sources to choose from. When making your choices, always check the reviews, because even if something looks cool, if nobody has bought it or likes it, it might be because the product is not as it seems.

This is usually pretty easy to figure out with T-shirts as you generally see what you get, but it’s good practice to take with you for the future.

Tips on Where to Look

The best places to find Final Fantasy shirts are generally,, and

Other individual vendors have great products as well, just take note of reviews and check out the quality of the shirts.

If you’re finding big prices for low-quality shirts, something is up. You never want to pay more than $30 for a Final Fantasy shirt.

Final Fantasy Shirt Types

The shirts below are mostly T-shirts, but some of them come in various forms such as:

  • V-necks
  • Workout shirts
  • Lightweight T-shirts
  • Heavy T-shirts
  • Long Sleeve shirts

Check out the links for each shirt to find out exactly what’s offered.

Final Fantasy Shirts

 1. Little Pocket Cactuar T-Shirt

Sometimes, it’s the simplest shirt designs that make the most impact. The Cactuar has become one of the main mascots in the Final Fantasy world over the years, and with this shirt, you get to have him with you at all times.

The design is just a plain shirt with a pocket, but the magic here is that the Cactuar is poking his head out of the pocket. It’s casual and hilarious and a great way to spend $13.

It also comes in several different T-shirt styles, so whether you want a plain T-shirt or a V-neck, or anything in between, you can carry the Cactuar with you wherever you go. It comes in multiple different colors to boot.

2. Figaro Gym T-Shirt

One of the most iconic moments in Final Fantasy history is actually one of the funniest. At one point in Final Fantasy VI, you are fighting a ghost train. As strange as that sounds, things get even stranger when you use a special attack from Sabin on it.

That attack is called the suplex and generally involves violently throwing your opponent to the ground regardless of their character model.

For the ghost train, the fate was the same, and you actually get to see this tiny little sprite of Sabin suplexing this enormous train. With that in mind, who better to motivate you to work out than Sabin?

With this shirt, you have a great, faceless image of Sabin and the most important workout advice in existence. Burn Fat. Build Muscle. Suplex trains. Beautiful. It’s all yours for $13.

3. Tonberry’s Way Shirt

The Tonberry is one of the most iconic enemies you will find in Final Fantasy; regardless of the game, for the past 20+ years, this creepy and cute little lizard thing has crept its way into Final Fantasy games.

He’s known for his slow walk and devastating damage capabilities, including the infamous Chef’s Knife attack, where he slowly walks towards you and stabs you with a little knife.

It’s both horrifying and hilarious to watch in action, and now, the Tonberry can follow you around with this awesome shirt. I like to think of it as more of a protector in this case, but the design of him on this shirt is certainly a bit threatening.

Either way, it’s an awesome design, and it looks great. You can get one in various sizes, colors, and styles for $13.

4. Red XIII Shirt

While there is a lot of weirdness going on in Final Fantasy VII, perhaps the strangest of all is the talking dog/lion named Red XIII. He plays a fairly large role in the story but is often just seen as one of the background members of the party.

It’s a shame because he’s a fascinating character, and with this shirt, he gets an amazing design that shows not only his fierce look but also his homeland that he fights so hard to protect.

It’s an expertly crafted shirt that’s both simple and powerful, and for fans of the character, you won’t find anything better than this. You can get it for $22.

5. Vivi Rain Graphic Shirt

Vivi is one of the best and most tragic characters in all of Final Fantasy. The adorable Black Mage has a cheerful outlook on life that is mercilessly annihilated by a troubling discovery that happens midway through Final Fantasy IX.

It’s an incredibly powerful moment in the series, and this shirt commemorates the pure emotion of that scene. It’s a beautifully designed shirt with a massive picture of Vivi on it in the rain, looking to the sky existentially.

As far as graphic art on T-shirts goes, this is of the highest quality possible, and you can grab it for $28.

6. Gunblade Shirt

My favorite Final Fantasy of all time is Final Fantasy VIII. Not only did it have the best story, in my opinion, but the characters were just so real.

Squall was the main character and remains my favorite Final Fantasy protagonist to this day, and with this T-shirt, you get an awesome design of him with all of his iconic Gunblade weapons fused into the design as well.

It’s an incredibly cool look and completely unique from anything else out there. This shirt will run you $20 to purchase.

7. Summoner of Spira T-Shirt

I don’t think Yuna gets enough credit. For all intents and purposes, Final Fantasy X was her story, and she goes through complete hell on her mission to save the world.

She also suffers one of the most tragic losses in the series and stays strong during the entirety of the journey.

This shirt encapsulates the power of Yuna and the quiet calm she has to her as well. It’s a brilliantly designed image that has some incredible detail for a shirt, and it will only cost you $13.

8. Bandaids Don’t Heal, But White Mages Do

Truer words have never been spoken. In Final Fantasy games, fans love to bemoan having to bring along the healer-type character in every game, but you know what? That healer is going to save you after the Malboro has cast 100 status effects on your party, and you’ll be glad you brought them along.

This T-shirt is a cute way to show you appreciate all the White Mages and healers have done for you over the years. You can show that appreciation for $21. 

9. Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth Shirt

This is a shirt that recreates the very moment where Sephiroth became the baddest Final Fantasy villain of all time. The burning of Nibelheim is a moment so powerful that anytime you see just the image of Sephiroth standing in the burning town, you can hear the bell chime and his chilling music to follow it.

This shirt is in black and white, and that makes it even more chilling for some reason. You can wear this moment around whenever you’d like for $16.99.

10. Final Fantasy Box Art Tee

Some people don’t realize it, but Final Fantasy actually started all the way back in the late 80s. This franchise spans almost 40 years, and it’s one of the only gaming franchises in history that can claim that. This shirt perfectly recreates the box art for the original Final Fantasy game.

It’s a simple design of a sword and ax crossed over each other with the mysterious world of Final Fantasy hovering between it. It’s an interesting look at how the series once looked before it morphed into what it is today. You can relive the retro days of Final Fantasy for just $19.99. 

11. Shadow of the Meteor Final Fantasy VII Shirt

This shirt is damn cool for a variety of reasons. First, we’ve got possibly the most popular character in Final Fantasy history, Cloud, standing heroically with his iconic Buster Sword strapped to his back. But then, we’ve also got the chilling presence of the Meteor in the background.

It’s all designed incredibly well and has a neon blue tinge to it that makes it stand out in a huge way. You can grab this awesome-looking shirt for $15.99.

12. Eat, Sleep, Endwalker, Repeat

I love shirts that don’t blatantly hit you over the head with what they’re trying to represent. This is one of those shirts, and for fans of Final Fantasy XIV, you know exactly what this is referring to, as the recent expansion has become one of the most popular to ever be released.

It also speaks to the commitment you’re going to need if you ever want to finish it, so whether you wear this as a reminder to yourself of when its time to play or just an admission that the game has swallowed your soul completely, it’s a great one to have. You can have this one for $19.99. 

13. Starry Night Final Fantasy VII Remake Shirt

This shirt gets incredibly creative compared to most. Here, we’ve got the style of the classic Starry Night painting mixed with the iconic Final Fantasy VII cover art.

The result is strangely perfect, and it looks as if Cloud, Shinra Headquarters, and the Meteor could’ve been part of this painting the entire time.

There is a mesmerizing amount of craftsmanship at work here, and you can grab it for $22.99. 

14. Fat Chocobo Shirt

The Chocobo is consistently one of the most joyous creatures to ever be created. The only thing that brings a smile to Final Fantasy fans’ faces more than a normal Chocobo is the Fat Chocobo.

For some reason, the appearance of this creature is just hilarious, and in this shirt, you get not only the Fat Chocobo, but you also get a handful of Moogles surrounding it, including one who suffered a most unfortunate fate. You can wear this proud bird for $24.90.

15. Final Fantasy Moogle Shirt

Along with the Chocobo, Moogles are seen in just about every single Final Fantasy game out there. Even when the stories are at their most serious and darkest moments, you can usually find this flying cute cat creature somewhere in order to bring a little calm and levity to the situation.

This shirt is an understated design of the Moogle that just pops right out of the shirt. The detail on here is incredible and the to do it all without much color is quite impressive. You can take the Moogle with you wherever you’d like for $22.29.

16. Final Fantasy VIII Squall and Rinoa Shirt

Final Fantasy VIII never gets enough credit, in my opinion, and the part that is glossed over the most is the Squall and Rinoa love story. This thing has so many twists and turns to it, and the fact that they’ve never even been tempted by another throughout all the hell they go through is a testament to the strong bond they’ve built.

The amazing image from the Final Fantasy VIII title screen comes to life on this T-shirt in black and white, and it’s almost pixel for pixel, a recreation of their iconic loving embrace. You can get this one for $20.00.

17. Final Fantasy XII Ondore’s Lies

This shirt is just a work of art. It takes every single character of relevance from one of the most mature and complex stories in the Final Fantasy series and somehow fits them all onto a shirt that makes sense while also managing to feature each one in their proper light.

The detail here is so intricate that you can see individual buckles and designs on each character’s clothing. It’s all highlighted in a dark red tinge, letting you know that this is one of the most serious games in the franchise. This epic shirt is only $25.

18. Final Fantasy Retro Battle Menu T-Shirt

Subtlety is often an underrated thing when it comes to the T-shirt game. Sure, you can have over-the-top bright images and all of that, but sometimes, the best shirts are the simplest. This one is particularly representative in that sense. All it is is the original battle menu from the old-school Final Fantasy games.

It’s simple, and yet, for those that are longtime fans, it’s incredibly powerful as well because you know full well how many times you’ve stared at that screen throughout your life. This powerful piece of nostalgia can be yours for just $14.95. 

19. Tifa Lockhart Shirt

For years and years, female characters in Final Fantasy games were generally relegated to mages and healers, and it wasn’t until Tifa in Final Fantasy VII that we got a pure kickass character in Tifa.

That kickass energy comes to life in this great shirt, which shows her quiet side, sitting on the tower in Nibelheim, as well as her epic fighting style. The bombastic color of this shirt is a sight to behold, and you can have it for $16.

20. Final Fantasy VII Portraits

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most iconic games not only in the franchise’s history but in gaming in general. Plenty went into making this so, but the biggest thing is the incredible cast of characters.

Here, you get all of the 9 playable characters in the game, and each portrait is lifted directly from the game, bursting off this shirt with some impressive color detail. You can have the cast proudly displayed whenever you’d like for $15.99.

21. Crownsguard T-Shirt

Final Fantasy XV is certainly not a favorite of the series, but one thing they nailed above all else was the camaraderie of the main characters throughout the game. Donned in all black, these Chocobros stood by each other through thick and thin, and with this T-shirt, you can feel like you’re part of the gang.

You’ll get a slickly designed Crownsguard design plastered on the front and a huge one across the back of it. You can join the Crownsguard for $28.

22. Final Fantasy VII Cloud and Sephiroth Shirt

Cloud and Sephiroth are the ying and the yang of the Final Fantasy series, and this shirt perfectly shows that. It is all silhouettes here, but regardless, you see every bit of their rivalry playing out on this T-shirt.

Sephiroth has his one black wing, and surrounding Cloud are white feathers, letting you know the good and evil clashing with these two throughout the ages.

There is an awesome, mako flavored green color throughout the shirt, too, and it just looks phenomenal. You can get this one for just $16.

23. Final Fantasy X Design Shirt

Final Fantasy X is known for being the Final Fantasy to bring us into the new millennium of gaming, and with it came one of the most powerful and tragic stories in the series. The logo of the game had an awesome look to it, but it wasn’t clear exactly what it was until playing the game.

It shows Yuna facing off against a wave of power on the other side, which signifies Sin and basically shows off the immense struggle she faces throughout the game. This epic image comes on shirts of various colors, and you can get it for $20. 

24. Don’t Tease the Octopus T-Shirt

Ultros is one of the most beloved villains in the Final Fantasy universe. Mostly because he’s completely useless the majority of the time.

That doesn’t stop him from being loveable, though, and this T-shirt gives you all the personality of that insane octopus by giving you an awesome graphic of him emerging from the water in the awkward way he once did many years ago.

It’ll cost you $20 to have Ultros rep you in your everyday life. 

25. Final Fantasy XV Throne Shirt

Final Fantasy XV nails its main character with Noctis, the king to be in Lucis. In order to get that throne, though, he literally goes through hell and back, and the payoff at the end of the game is among the most amazing sequences in any game.

This shirt shows off both the epic journey he goes through while showing the tragedy of sadness of what it will cost. The design is awesome and can be bought for $26. 

26. Final Fantasy IV Kain Shirt

Final Fantasy IV might not get the most praise in the series, but man, it some damn cool characters in them. One of the best came in the form of Kain Highwind and the awesome character design that accompanied him. That design comes to life on this T-shirt as Kain appears in his complete animated form.

The graphic bursts with the dark purple color that defined his outfit, and it’s an incredibly detailed design that just looks great regardless of what color or style you choose to get it in. You can have Kain on your shirt for $13. 

27. Quina T-Shirt

Nobody has ever accused Final Fantasy of being a normal series, as there are all kinds of weird monsters and crazy scenarios that have taken place. One character design stands out above all, though, and that’s the one of Quin Quen.

Quina is a chef who eats her enemies and attacks with a giant fork, but she’s also a horrifying white frog creature thing, and I’m just creeped out talking about it.

There are plenty of Quina fans out there, though, so for all of you weirdos, this shirt brings Quina to the public eye, for better or worse. You can get it for $13. 

28. Dragoon Final Fantasy XIV Shirt

The Dragoon is a class that has been present since the very beginning years of Final Fantasy. The iconic lance wielder has come in many forms, and the most popular one has to be the Dragoon class in Final Fantasy XIV.

Dragoons in the game wear that class proudly, and now, you can let the world that you too live by way of the spear.

This awesome shirt has the Dragoon symbol on the front and a unique design on the back with some awesome detail to it. You can rep your class for life for $23.50.

29. Bahamut Battle T-Shirt

One of the most powerful moments in any Final Fantasy game is when you encounter Bahamut. He comes in many different forms throughout the series, and sometimes he is a friend, and sometimes he is a for.

In Final Fantasy 4, you take on Bahamut in an incredibly tough battle that both shows off the power of the beast and the might of your party.

This shirt takes that exact moment and grafts it onto a T-shirt so you can wear it around the moment that you first conquered the Dragon King. You can get this for $18. 


Question: Which is the best Final Fantasy game? 

Answer: This is obviously a preference and depending on who you ask, you’ll hear tons of different favorites. That’s just what happens with an awesome series like this one. For me, it’s Final Fantasy VIII. The characters, the world, the combat, and the story just struck a perfect balance, and it remains my favorite game ever to this day. 

Question: Which is the hardest Final Fantasy game?

Answer: The hardest Final Fantasy game is probably Final Fantasy Type 0. This is a recently released game in the series that requires precision timing and a fully leveled party in order to successfully take on its various challenges. 

Question: Is Final Fantasy a multiplayer game? 

Answer: Usually no, but the two exceptions in the series are Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The latter, in particular, is one of the most popular games around right now, and you can play with tons of people around the world. 


There are so many different kinds of merchandise when it comes to Final Fantasy, but very few things can you actually bring around with you wherever you go.

With Final Fantasy shirts, you get to let the world know just how cool your favorite game series is, and hopefully, one of the shirts on this list will work for you.

If I had to have just one, Gunblade to my head, I’m going with the Cactuar Shirt. It’s hilarious looking and pretty subtle, so Final Fantasy fans will always take note upon seeing it, but others won’t notice much at all. 

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