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Miqo’te Guide – The FFXIV Feline Race

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While the Hyur is the most popular race amongst all players, Miqo’te is the most popular race amongst active players. So, you will see Miqo’te players more often than any other type of player. There isn’t a lot to choosing a race in Final Fantasy XIV. Still, if you’re like me, you want to know everything you can about your choices before committing to one decision.  

The Miqo’te may be one race you are curious about, or you may have already committed. You want to know why the sideways glances seem to follow you everywhere. No matter the reason, in this Miqo’te guide, I’ve got you covered. Let’s learn more about my favorite race in Final Fantasy XIV. 

What is a Miqo’te in FF14? 


  • Miqo’te Release – A Realm Reborn
  • Miqo’te Player Population – 30% estimated 

The Miqo’te is a feline-inspired race with cat ears and a cat tail. Their personality doesn’t vary much from Hyur, and they are often treated the same as this human-like race. Their emotes are considered cuter than the other similar races, often with a K-Pop vibe.

If you want to know whether you should choose Miqo’te or not, then my answer isn’t based on my preferences. I will always root for the Miqo’te, but only if the player is looking for a reason to choose it. If they are looking for a reason not to, then the answer will be a definitive “no.” 

If you need more than a recommendation, then let us dig deeper into what the Miqo’te are, where you can find inspiration, and if the Miqo’te is for you. 

Miqo’te Origins

Miqo'te Origins

The Miqo’te race is originally from the southern continent of Meracydia. In the Norvandt language, they are known as Mystel. The Miqo’te migrated to Eorzea some time after the Allagain Empire’s invasion, which turned a majority of the continent into a wasteland.

The Miqo’te are likely one of the tribes that summoned Primals to the land to fight back. The Primals included Sephirot, Sophia, and Zurvan, later known by the Warrior of Light as the Warring Triad.

This is indeed the same Warring Triad that the Allagan Empire brought back to study in Containment Bay until the Warrior of Light defeated them five thousand years later.

Miqo’te in Other Final Fantasy Games

The Miqo’te isn’t a classic Final Fantasy race. The first appearance of the race is in Final Fantasy XIV. It will likely appear in many successors in the future due to the popularity that followed the release of the race in FFXIV. But for now, the Miqo’te is rarely seen.

Final Fantasy XI – Similar

Fans of Final Fantasy XI will likely notice similarities between the Mithra and the Miqo’te. The Mithra were predominantly female, much like the Viera. However, they had cat-like features and were even more cat-like than the Miqo’te.

While the Miqo’te has “human” features on their face primarily, the Mithra has a feline principally face.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

While the Miqo’te didn’t appear in any FFXIII game, the starter outfit for the race did appear in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The cute red skirt and leather crop top is one of Lightning’s garbs in the game.

Final Fantasy XV

The NPC Y’jhimei is a Miqo’te in Final Fantasy XV who gives Noctis a quest. The questline leads you to unlock an Eorzea-themed outfit which turns Noctis into a Miqo’te. I fell in love with that Glamour.

Creating a Miqo’te in Final Fantasy XIV

how to create miqo'te

There isn’t much you need to know to create a Miqo’te in Final Fantasy XIV. You can follow your heart, just like you can in any other character creation. However, there are a few things that you should know before you start if you want to make the most of your time creating your character.

Seeker of the Sun Vs Keeper of the Moon

There are two primary variants for the Miqo’te in Final Fantasy XIV. The Seeker of the Sun and the Seeker of the moon. While this choice’s effect on your stats is minimal, it’s still good to know.

Seeker of the Sun

Seeker of the Sun

  • Strength – 22
  • Dexterity – 23
  • Vitality – 20
  • Intelligence – 19
  • Mind – -19
  • Piety – 20

The Seeker of the Sun is the clan that has normal sleeping hours. They are diurnal and serve Azeyma, the Warden. As for their appearance, the Seekers of the Sun have bright eyes, vertical pupils, and light irises.

This clan also has bronzer skin tones as they get a lot of sunlight. I see the Keepers of the Sun as fox-like compared to the Keepers of the Moon.

Keeper of the Moon

keeper of the moon miqo

  • Strength – 19
  • Dexterity – 22
  • Vitality – 18
  • Intelligence – 21
  • Mind – 23
  • Piety – 22

The Keeper of the Moon is a clan that stays up all night, making them nocturnal. They have paler, greyer skin and serve Menphina, the Love.

Their hair is usually darker than the Seekers of the Sun, and they are more likely to have war paint on their faces. Their tails are also skinnier, and their ears are larger.

Ears and Tail

This is something you cannot change later, so make it count whenever you do choose. The Keepers of the Sun have smaller ears and bushier tails. However, these can still be adjusted in character creation, no matter which clan you do choose.

The color can also be changed later as it stays the same color as your hair color. But the style and shape, you are stuck with.

Things You Can Change Later

  • Hair Color
  • Hair Style
  • Clothing
  • Face Paint
  • Tattoos

Things You Cannot Change Later (without a Fantasia)

  • Eye Color
  • Ear Shape and Style
  • Tail Shape And Style
  • Skin Color

Notable Miqo’te in FFXIV

There are a lot of Miqo’te NPC running around Final Fantasy XIV. Though there are many that you will forget, there are some that may stick with you for the rest of your life. Some for good reasons, others…not so much.

F’lhaminn Qesh

Image from Fandom

Although I may never pronounce her name, F’lhaminn Qesh is a renowned Bard who may or may not be a tad crazy. She set a beast loose on a parade to gain favor from the people after taking it down.

When this ended in someone’s death, she did feel guilty. She later agreed to help keep the Scions of the Seventh Dawn safe if they helped her find an ingredient for perfume. So yeah, not the best representation of a Miqo’te.

G’raha Tia

Image from Fandom

G’raha Tia is the most notable Miqo’te in Final Fantasy XIV. However, it is difficult to talk about him without revealing any story spoilers. The likable and eccentric character is difficult to forget. He does become one of the most important NPCs in the FFXIV MSQ line.


Image from Fandom

Although she isn’t an extremely notable NPC, I had to mention K’lyhia due to her personality. She works at the Arcanists’ Guild in Limsa Lominsa, and she takes part in many of the Arcanists’ quests.

She gives you the Carbuncle summoning and is a generally likable girl. She is the sweet and shy bookworm of NPCs, and her Dancer arc is better than an anime beach episode.

Nashu Mhakaracca

Image from Fandom

Nashu is a minor character in the game, but a major one in my heart. It’s not often that a female Miqo’te gets to play the silly, lighthearted role that Nashu does, and she does it so well.

Sidekick to the infamous Hildibrand, and older sister to the Songbirds member Mashu, Nashu is a true star. Her alternate Manderville outfit is the female version of the unlockable Hildibrand Glamour.

M’naago Rahz

Image from Fandom

M’naago plays a surprisingly large role in Heavensward and beyond. While I won’t give anything away, I can say that she’s a true warrior who is bright and charming. After Stormblood, she is available for Custom Deliveries.


Image from Fandom

V’kebbe may be my favorite Miqo’te in the entire game. Though I am biased, considering Rogue/Ninja is my first (aside from the forced pre-30 class) and favorite class/job.

Outside of the Rogue questline, she isn’t seen much. But she’s the coolest member of the Rogue’s Guild and as intense as they come.

Y’shtola Rhul

Image from Fandom

I couldn’t move on without mentioning the single most famous Miqo’te in the game. Y’shtola is right there with the Warrior of Light from the very beginning. She continuously sacrifices everything for her comrades, and I am convinced she has no flaws.

She’s well-rounded in an authentic way and has a unique relationship with each of the Scions. Y’shtola was so beloved that in 2018, Square Enix released a pendant in her honor for the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary.

Chai-Nuzz and Dulia-Chai

dulia chai

Chai-Nuzz is an enigma; it is difficult for me to come to a conclusion on how I feel about him. But the fact that he is so in love with his wife, Dulia Chai, says a lot about who he is as a person.

Dulia is kind and caring, never looking down upon those who aren’t as privileged as she. So if you have her on your side, Chai-Nuzz is not far behind.

The Miqo’te Stereotype

Miqo'te Stereotype

Since I am a Miqo’te main, it makes stereotyping Miqo’te players awkward and real. I chose Miqo’te because they seemed the most dextrous, but I can’t say I don’t think they are the cutest race either.

It helps that the Miqo’te is so common, so any stereotype is purely fun and games. After all, about one out of three active players is a Miqo’te. But that doesn’t mean the other races don’t categorize us in their heads.

The general consensus is that Miqo’te loves to roleplay and may be major weebs, furries, or both. I cannot confirm nor deny this conclusion.

Miqo’te in the Club Scene

Since “clubbing” is one of my favorite things to do in Final Fantasy XIV, I like to mention it as often as possible. While Viera is often hired for open dancing positions, I believe the Miqo’te are quite versatile.

Due to their cute and non-intimidating demeanor, the Miqo’te and the Lalafell make wonderful door greeters, bartenders, and hosts. However, Lalafell can rarely get jobs at NSFW clubs.

This gives the Miqo’te an opening to reign supreme when it comes to job applications. These jobs will pay anywhere from 50,000 gil to 250,000 gil an hour, not including tips.

Miqo’te Guide: FAQs

Question: How Long Do Miqo’te Live?

Answer: The Miqo’te have the same lifespan as the Hyur, which is around the same as a human in our world. The Elezen lives slightly longer, and the Viera lives three times as long.

Question: Who is the Child Miqo’te?

Answer: If you want to see a Miqo’te as a kid in-game, visit Idyllshire and visit the multiple Miqo’te children. T’kebbe Morh and Khloe Aliapoh are the most notable and could not be cuter.

Question: Does the Miqo’te Body Shape Change?

Answer: It is common knowledge that the only way to change the body shape of the Miqo in character creation is to change the clan. There is a slight difference in the shape of the Seeker of the Sun and the Keeper of the Moon.

Question: Why are All Miqo’te Female?

Answer: Although there are more Miqo’te females than males, the male Miqo’te is still an option. It has been ever since the initial relaunch of FFXIV. The reason there are more females than males is perhaps the personal taste of the general population that plays the game.

The Bottom Miqo’te Line

Miqo’te is my favorite race in the Final Fantasy franchise. Some races, such as the Hyur, are meant for those who want to look human. Others, such as the Hrothgar, are there for those who want to look beastly.

Then there’s the Miqo’te, for those who want something in-between. I want to play a fantasy-themed character when I play a fantasy-themed game. The Miqo’te takes care of this while still allowing me to wear Glamour the way that I want.

In the end, the race that you choose does not matter. So follow your heart and play the race you feel most comfortable with. After all, it’s a game, and we should all feel our best when playing.

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