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Sadu FFXIV Guide – The Azim Feminist

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A Sadu FFXIV guide will highlight what players love about the Dotharl leader. Sadu is spunky, transparent, and vicious in all the right ways. It doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous, either.

This dark and saucy yet plain-spoken Au Ra graced Stormblood with a bang. Her intensity shouldn’t be confused with rashness because she knows what she’s doing and isn’t one to make mistakes.

When FFXIV devs introduced the Xaela Sadu to the game, I doubt they expected so many people to fall in love with her. While the minority may see her as too harsh or bloodthirsty, I find her refreshing.

Sadu FFXIV Overview

  • Age – Unknown
  • Race – Au Ra
  • Job – Thaumaturge
  • Home – Azim Steppe
  • Connections – Dotharl Tribe
  • Hair – Blonde
  • Eyes – Blue

If you never really noticed Sadu in the story or side quests, don’t worry. She wasn’t designed to be noticed like the Scions, but that doesn’t mean some people weren’t immediately attached to her.

I think part of the reason this happened is because there aren’t that many Au Ras in the story. Au Ras are underrated and deserve more main characters. Sorry, Yugiri, you’re great, but we need more.

Sadu’s Fiery Personality

Sadu FFXIV Guide
Image from Final Fantasy Fandom Wiki

Sadu is a straightforward, likable character. However, there’s nothing she loves more than a friendly spar. She would go to the ends of the earth if it meant she could take part in a glorious battle.

The meat-eating Dotharl is as caring as she is intense. She is an easy-to-trust character because she doesn’t hide anything, believing brash openness and fervor is the key to a fulfilling life.

I know I trusted her the moment I met her because she said what she thought. She also makes her decisions in moments, which may seem impulsive to some. But to me, it meant she trusted herself, so why shouldn’t I trust her too?

The Dotharl Tradition

The reason Sadu loves battle so much is that she is part of the Dotharl, who she feels loyal. The Dotharl tribe lives in the Azim Steppe, with a passion in their eyes that can only be ignited by the thought of battle.

This is usually something left to the unsavory tribes and cities in games. That’s why I love what they did with the Dotharl. They are great, caring people who just happen to love a good fight.

The Death of a Dotharl

One of the reasons they love battle is that they believe strongly in the afterlife, which is why they often die in battle proudly. Most of them believe they reincarnate into another Xaela Au Ra when they die.

They believe that the only way to get reincarnated is to die in battle, so it’s important to them that they live a noble life and die a noble death. This ensures that they never fear death, a scary factor for their opponents.

The Afterlife of a Dotharl

The reincarnation process isn’t just trusted; it’s verified by the tribe leader. Because the reincarnation process is said to happen within a year of death, the tribe leader checks each newborn to see if it may be a Dotharli soul.

If the soul is never found, they assume that they were reborn into a different body, but only another Xaela Au Ra body. This grants peace to those who lost a loved one, knowing they are living a new life somewhere else.

The Past Lives of a Dotharl

Dotharli feel connected to their past lives, which is why some members do not assign themself a gender. Sadu and Koko are known to have been both men and women in their past lives.

This respectful process warms my heart. Sadu does go by she/her, but I love imagining her connecting to her past selves. Of course, she’d have to slow down a moment to do so, but that’s Sadu for you.

The Xaela Tribe

The Xaela are a subrace of Au Ra that I mention because of how important Sadu’s connection is to them. While the Raen (the sister clan) stick to one place, the Xaela clan roams the Azim Steppe and surrounding areas who connect more to the nomadic aspects of the Au Ra.

The Xaela are said to be chosen by the Dusk Mother Nhamma. Their job is to fight, holding strong to the way of their ancestors, but they are also the farmers of the bunch, choosing hunting and gathering as a way of life.

The Xaela Tribe

The Naadam

At the end of the year, the Xaela have a ceremonial battle to decide who will gain control over the Azim Steppe for the next year. In order to participate, young Au Ra must complete the Bardam’s Mettle dungeon.

The Warrior of Light does so with flying colors, impressing and exciting Sadu. She did so herself at one point, proving herself to be one of the strongest and most determined Xaela in the Azim Steppe.

Sadu in the MSQ

Sadu plays a minor yet memorable role in the MSQ. She was introduced in Stomrblood, and players fell in love. Her absence disappointed fans in Shaodwbringers, so she returned for Endwalker.


In Stormblood, the Scions hope to gather forces to fight against Garlemald once again. They head to The Azim Steppe and talk to one of my favorite characters, Hien, who suggests they may need even more help.

That’s when you meet with outer tribe leaders, including Sadu of the Undying Dotharl. Sadu quickly accepts the union, stating that the Dotharl will fight with Hien, who she greatly respects.

You take part in a ceremonial battle with her and the other tribes during this time, which she enjoys. The next time you ask for her help, ages later, she agrees and wishes to fight you again.

This time, you fight her one-on-one, a more difficult encounter than before. However, you do have to fight her multiple times. What I dislike about this is right after, you have to fight Magnai while fighting as Y’sthola.


Sadu is an extremely minor character in Endwalker. She joins the Ilsabard Contingent to represent the Xaela tribe. Her biggest moment was when she cast a huge spell that wiped out a whole slew of Ascians in one blow.

We get to see a lot of the dynamics of her relationship with Magnai, her rival, in Endwalker. Magnai is an arrogant character who is difficult to like, in my opinion. So I don’t blame Sadu for disliking him.

You may notice Cirina, a third Xaela leader bridging the gap between the two as she’s always been a peacekeeper. Out of the three, it would be difficult for me to pick a favorite – just not Magnai.

Sadu Side Quests

Sadu doesn’t appear in side quests often, but since she lives near the Namazu tribe, this is her strongest connection to side quests. She later appears in another questline with a gift from the Azim Steppe.

As someone who tries to keep up with the beast tribe quests, I spent a lot of time on the Namazu quests and got to know Sadu a bit better. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I’m so fond of her.

sadu ffxiv
Image from Twitter

Namazu Main Quests

Sadu first appears in the Namazu beast tribe quests whenever you reach the Respected Namazu reputation. The Namazu leader wants you to ask the tribes about their traditions.

When you visit Sadu, she tells you about the archery contests the Dotharl enjoy. The results of the Namazu practicing this archery is entertaining, with whiskers tangling in the strings.

You see Sadu again whenever you max out the Sworn reputation. The Namazu want to thank the Xaela tribe as thanks for sharing their culture. The gift is a box of persimmons that you must deliver to Sadu.

The leader accepts this gift with gratitude and admits she’s never seen a persimmon. She also says she loves watching the Namazu practice archery (taught by the Dotharl,) though it may be for reasons that the Namazu would clutch their pearls.

Island Sanctuary Quests

In 6.3, Sadu was added to an Island Sanctuary quest to unlock the Isle Shepherd’s glam. Tataru returns to the island with Sadu and Cirina. Cirina does most of the talking as you give them a tour of the island, but Sadu chimes in when necessary.

Sadu praises you as khagan, “claiming dominion over the tiny ironmen.” Of course, she refers to the mammets. It was Sadu who mentioned that the island was humid and that you may need more appropriate clothing. That’s where the new glam comes in.

Sadu Items and Gear

Sadu does not get much attention gear-wise. There are no official Sadu merchandise pieces. However, there are a few ways you can show your appreciation for her in-game.

Wind-Up Sadu

Wind-Up Sadu is a minion you can get if you reach a certain point in the Doman Restoration. Only then can you buy the Dotharli Cloth (untradeable) needed to craft it. You only need one, but you also need a level 70 Weaver with Master Weaver VI.

Scintillant Staff

The Scintillant Staff is a staff for Thaumaturge/Black Mage. You must be level 60 to equip it and a level 60 Goldmsith with Master Goldsmith IV. You may recognize the staff as Sadu’s primary weapon.

Bloodhempen Casting Set

If you’re a caster, you can get the Bloodhempen set on the marketboard or from Independent Merchants. You can also make it with a Weaver level 61 without special master crafting books.

There are other options that are similar, especially for all of the pieces except the shirt. But if you want the real thing, get the Bloodhempen set. It’s not expensive to buy or make.

How to Make Sadu

  • Clan – Xaela
  • Hair Color – #e8dab4
  • Highlights – #fdf6e1
  • Skin Color – #2e3240
  • Height – 100%
  • Bust Size – 0%
  • Jaw – 2
  • Eye Shape – 3
  • Iris Size – Large
  • Eye Color – #3f8c83
  • Limbal Ring Color – #716185
  • Eyebrows – 1
  • Nose – 5
  • Mouth – 3
  • Lip Color – #633417 (light)

This list will help you create an Au Ra that looks almost identical to Sadu. The hairstyle is an Au Ra style, so you can use it from the beginning. As for the horns and facial features, you can look at a picture of Sadu to ensure they are correct.

The details won’t be too noticeable, but getting the skin tone and eyes right is important. You can change the hair later via the Aesthetician, so there is no need to worry about it just yet.

If you want a good way to try out new looks, like creating Sadu’s identical twin, I suggest trying it on your retainer. Retainer Fantasias are super cheap on the Marketboard and then you don’t have to buy a Fantasia from the MogStation.


Question: Why Does Sadu Call You Khagan?

Answer: Sadu calls you khagan because that is the title given to the winner of the Naadam cermonial battle. As you’ve defeated her, the leader of the Azim Steppe, she considers you the khagan.

Question: Is Sadu a Male or Female?

Answer: Sadu is a female, but as she was a male in her past life, her soul is both. This is a common practice for Dotharl, but if you must use a pronoun, “she/her” is the current appropriate option.

Question: Can You Talk to Sadu Anytime?

Answer: Yes. You can find her at Dotharl Khaa in the Azime Steppe. This is a beautiful oasis in the midst of the desert, so it’s hard to miss. The Dawn Throne is the closest Aetheryte.

How a Minor Character Like Sadu Became So Popular

Sadu is more popular than some main characters. Her personality is refreshing, and her connection to her Dotharli and Xaela culture (while still making her own choices) is inspiring.

She’s the fearless leader that the Dotharl people require. She proved herself when she took on Bardam’s Castle and proves herself every day with her split-second decisions and unique abilities, like the summoning of the wall known as Stellar Chuluu.

Its characteristics like this made Sadu more popular than the devs expected. I encourage devotion and admiration to Sadu because I feel the same way. While I’m normally a peace-loving hippie at heart, Sadu brings out a glimmering passion in me that I truly enjoy.

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