Deidar FFXIV Guide

Deidar FFXIV Guide

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A Deidar FFXIV guide will assist you in finding and defeating this pesky giant head. You can find Deidar in Yanxia at a handful of locations in the southern zone, so teleport to the southern Aetheryte.

Deidar spawns every five seconds, so it’s hard to miss him if he does spawn. However, if you don’t know the exact locations to look, it can feel like you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Deidar Overview

  • Area – Yanxia
  • Level – 70
  • Rank – B
  • Reward – 5,000 gil, 100 Centurio Seals
  • Bill – Elite Veteran Clan Mark

Deidar Elite Mark

Deidar is just an Elite Mark in FFXIV. There’s not much to know about him after you fight him. However, I do have to warn you that he’s one handsome giant. Make sure you don’t swoon at the sight of his gargantuan mug.

Where to Find Deidar

Deidar Final Fantasy
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Deidar only spawns in the southern portion of Yanxia, so teleport to the southern aetheryte, not the northern one. He has seven possible spawn locations that range from just east of the aetheryte to far west near the docks.

He should practically always be up because his cooldown timer is just five seconds. Here are the exact spawn locations for you to check:

  • x32, y18
  • x24, y22
  • x23, y27
  • x34, y26
  • x30, y34
  • x17, y34
  • x12, y30

How to Fight Deidar

Deidar is an easy hunt and has only two abilities. Lobe Runner is super weak, and 1000 Barbs is an AoE that is easy to dodge. You can definitely solo him without a problem, but bringing one or two friends will speed things up.

Deidar Lore in FFXIV

Deidar Lore In FFXIV

Deidar is a Far Eastern Giant, according to FFXIV folklore. You can find this lore on the Koja Triple Triad card. It speaks of a golem that was made to serve onmyoji (a Far-Eastern mystic-like class) and geomancers.

It was made by these people with mud and infused with the spirit of a shikigami (a spirit – often seen as evil – also created by the mages.) Legend has it, the giant was modeled after its creator, but no pictures were ever found, so this cannot be confirmed.

So, that’s the tale, which seems likely. But the story from a Centurio Elezen in Kugane named Hersande sheds more light on the details. Here’s what they don’t want you to know. She says that Deidar was created with a man with a dream.

This dream was to build a huge statue honoring a legendary giant. He was indeed an onmyoji, a quite clumsy one. He built the statue and brought it to life just as stated. But only the head came to life. It now roams Yanxia looking for a body.

Where its old body is located now never comes up, and I’ve never seen it. But I like the story associated with the happy yet hostile giant head.

Deidar in FFXII

Deidar In FFXII

If you played FFXII, you might recognize Deidar from Wellspring Ravel. He looks quite different in that game, but the concept and name are the same. In FFXII, he’s a demo-like head.

Deidar is also a type of monster rather than a single creature with folklore. They look like the Brainbans in FFXII and are part of a mini-game of sorts in Pharos.

When you kill a Brainpan, you create bridge pieces. But when you kill a Deidar, you destroy bridge pieces. After the mini-game, your bridge is complete, and you can farm the Deidar for rare treasure, including a special weapon called the Antares.

You can also face Deidar in a Zodiac Trial Mode in Stage 45. If you want to fight Vishno and the Crusaders, killing these Deidar is necessary. As for lore, well, not much is said other than that these guys are guards of Pharos.


Question: What is Deidar Based On?

Answer: Deidar is based on the giant Daidarabotchi from Japanese folklore. The Daidarabotchi is a demon giant is said to have split Mount Tsukuba long ago and now often poses as mountain ranges.

Question: Does Deidar Stay Until He’s Defeated?

Answer: Yes. However, he spawns so frequently that you can always find him. He may be killed a lot because he’s an easy mark that people may kill just because they see him, but five seconds is a generous spawn timer.

Question: Why Do Deidar’s Ears Look Like That?

Answer: Large earlobes are seen as good signs in many Asian cultures. They are said to be happier, luckier, and more successful. Popular figures in Japan, such as Buddha, also have large earlobes for various reasons.

Deidar Is a Skippable

Deidar is a skippable mark. B ranks are the lowest rank marks and are unnecessary altogether. I only kill them when I pass by them while doing other things. If I’m alone or with a small group and farming marks, I go for A ranks. But if I want to shoot for the stars, I join an S-Rank train.

Deidar is one of the twelve B-rank marks in Stormblood. I would not waste time searching for him if you can’t find him in a minute or two. Instead, focus on your other marks or, ideally, join a train to farm seals.

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