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Alisaie FFXIV Guide – More than Alphinaud’s Sister

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An Alisaie FFXIV guide can help you connect with the “other” Leveilleur twin. She admittedly isn’t as clever or couth as her brother, but she is headstrong and honest, caring deeply for those in need.

Alisaie is a strong character that I look up to. Life doesn’t come as easy to her as it does Alphinaud, who seems to make friends easily and doesn’t let his emotions control him.

Many young people can relate to Alisaie, who has amazing character development in the MSQ yet never loses the core of what makes her special. Where Alphinaud sees people as equals to a fault at times, Alisaie despises entitlement and yearns to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains MSQ spoilers.

Alisaie Overview

  • HomelandSharlayan
  • Age – 16
  • Connections – Scions of the Seventh Dawn
  • Hair – White
  • Eyes – Blue
  • Race – Elezen
  • Job – Arcanist, Red Mage
  • Appearances – All Expansions

Alisaie has a drive I envy and the ability to not care what anyone thinks. She doesn’t participate in the good-intentioned manipulation her brother does, which is a huge win for her.

While she doesn’t always make the hard decisions that the other Scions do, she also doesn’t have to deal with the guilt of what happens when those decisions turn out to be the wrong ones.

While we don’t know a lot about Alisaie’s childhood, we do know that she was raised in Sharlayan, where the Leveilleur family watches the world from afar. This explains a lot about the way Alisaie operates.

Alisaie in the MSQ

alisaie ffxiv

Alisaie doesn’t get as much screentime as her brother, but her resilience and determination make her a great character in the MSQ. They are both fantastic characters, so choosing one would be impossible.

Hailing from Sharlayan, Alisaie came to Eorzea with her brother to better understand her grandfather, who strongly opposed their father. Along the way, Alisaie learned where she stood, a coming-of-age story that anyone can relate to.

A Realm Reborn – Always Watching

I have to be honest and admit that whenever Alisaie and Alphinaud were introduced, I was skeptical. They had motives that weren’t obvious and seemed to keep everything between the two of them.

Alphinaud was quick to join the Scions, but Alisaie refused, so we don’t see as much of her at the beginning of A Realm Reborn MSQ. Instead, she becomes a bigger part of the story during the Bahamut quests.

It turns out that although Alisaie left Ul’Dah, she was still watching the Warrior of Light from a distance. Whenever they fight Bahamut together, Alisaie discovers that her grandfather, who she believed was dead, is alive and well.

He was now the primal of rebirth, Phoenix. The twins and the Warrior of Light had to take him down, as he was under Bahamut’s control. This led Alisaie to vow to let his legacy of protecting Eorzea live on.

She didn’t appear at the bloody banquet but did rescue the Warrior of Light and her brother afterward. Truthfully, you could omit Alisaie from A Realm Reborn without noticing much difference, but it is where her character is laid out for us.

Heavensward – Finally Joining the Scions

Alisaie’s life was held in the hands of the Warriors of Darkness early on in Heavesward, leading Thancred to rescue her. But this couldn’t happen before Alisaie was poisoned.

She was taken to Ishgard where she was treated as she warned the Warrior of Light about the plans the Warriors of Darkness had – to summon Garuda. While the others were fighting Garuda, Alisaie recovered and had a new outfit given to her by Tataru.

This was a blessing for me because she and Alphinaud looked far too similar, only mirror images of each other. During this time, we also see strange hostility between Alisaie and Urianger.

Though the reason for their spat is never obvious, I strongly believe it’s because Urianger is always hiding something, and Alisaie values honesty and transparency. What helps the situation, letting us see Alisaie’s softness, is after Titan is defeated.

A young koboldling named Ga Bu catches Alisaie’s eye. Although he accidentally summoned Titan, she instantly feels a mother-child bond with the orphan.

At the end of Heavensward, Alisaie adopts the Red Mage job in place of Arcanist, which I believe suits her so much better. She even joins the Scions officially, finally regaining a healthy connection to her brother.

Stormblood – Making Up for Each Other’s Weaknesses

alisaie ffxiv

Alisaie is just part of the group for much of Stormblood, but early on, the Scions find out that she may be a Red Mage, but she doesn’t use a real blade. Instead, she makes one out of aether.

When Urianger hears this, he has one custom-made for her, which is a peace offering to apologize for his secrecy. Until near the end of Stormblood, Alisaie was a background character or just one of the Scions.

But whenever Alphinaud went to Garlmald, Alisaie’s love for her brother showed as she was extremely worried about him. Whenever he and the other scions fall unconscious, their souls ripped from their bodies, Alisaie becomes their new representative.

She bravely faced Emperor Varis on her own and fought against Garlemald. Afterward, she falls unconscious, leaving the Warrior of Light as the only Scion left. This is where we leave Stormblood.

Shadowbringers Part 1- A Year on the First

In Shadowbringers, to my delight, we get to see Alisaie in full force. She, along with the other Scions, was alive. They were taken to an alternate universe known as the First, where the others had been waiting three years for Alisaie, which had only been a short time for her on the Source.

When she learns that a new calamity might kill the Warrior of Light, she vows to help the others prevent it. During her time on the First, she became a guard and mercenary who protected those traveling from sin eaters. She even made one close friend, Tesleen.

Alisaie spent a year on the First before the Warrior of Light arrived, making it four years for the others. However good at protecting strangers from sin eaters Alisaie was, she couldn’t protect her friend Tesleen, who was attacked and turned into a sin eater.

Eventually, Alisaie had to take down sin eater Tesleen, which she did with bravery and an uncharacteristic stoic nature. However, she did choose to remain behind to grieve during the next adventure.

She uses this time to find a cure for those infected by sin eaters. Whenever she returns to the Source, in a poetic moment, she heals her young friend Ga Bu (the child kobold from Heavensward.)

Shadowbringers Part 2 – A Family Reunion

alisaie shadowbringers part 2 - a family reunion

My next favorite Alisaie moment happens a while after when she meets Estinien, who happens to be her match. She immediately dislikes him whenever he thinks she is Alphinaud but admits that what she doesn’t like are his bluntness and harshness.

This is strange, considering before Estinien is introduced, Alisaie is one of the bluntest characters. So now we see she does have a line. While Alisaie prefers to flee from what irks her, Estinien faces it head-on.

This is only a temporary distraction as she soon finds out that her father, Fourchenault Leveilleur, is to be in Gridania. He was representing Sharlayan, giving him a chance to see his twins.

Unfortunately, he refuses to lend a hand, stating that he wishes for Sharlayan to remain neutral, even against a force like Garlemald. He says they are like their grandfather. He wished they would choose another path.

He even went so far as to tell them they were no longer Leveilleurs, which hurt Alisaie more than it did Alphinaud, who comforted her. Gra’ha Tia threw in that perhaps he knew more about the Final Days than he let on. The Scions agreed, leading them on a trip to Sharlayan.

Endwalker – How to Use Anarchy Properly

Alisaie joins Alphinaud in Endwalker to ease the pain of political agendas. As someone who hated politics, lies, and ulterior motives yet had a strong connection to the diplomat Alphinaud, Alisaie was the perfect person for the job.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t play a large role in Endwalker otherwise, so I hope she does return to the MSQ.

On a side note, Alisaie’s Endwlaker outfit is my favorite as I believe it suits her best. The red leather jacket paired with her classic thigh-high white boots is stunning and really plays on her Red Mage profession.

Alisaie Merch and In-Game Items

ffxiv alphinaud and alisaie

So far, not many Alisaie items have been added in-game or on the MogStation. However, new items are added regularly, and with so many outfits to choose from, surely another will be available soon.

The below items are Square Enix items only. But back when Endwalker was released, Taito made an Alisaie figure that is now unavailable. You can still get it on eBay, which I mention because it’s the best quality Alisaie figure I’ve seen.

Wind-up Alisaie

Wind-Up Alisaie is a replica of A Realm Reborn Alisaie. This is a minion you can only get on the MogStation and not in-game. That said, it’s only $5 unless on sale, so it’s a good way to show your love for Alisaie.

Dress-Up Alisaie

Dress-Up Alisaie is a minion from Heavensward. You can get it from Khloe Aliapoh for a Bronze Certificate. You can earn these by doing the Wondrous Tails journal each week. The joke on this minion is that now you can tell it apart from Alphinaud.

Sharlayan Prodigy’s Suit

This is the only Alisaie outfit you can get. It is the same outfit as Alphinaud, appearing as Alisaie’s only on females. The differences are small, though, which is another reason the two are hard to tell apart.

There are some outfits that look similar to Alisaie’s. The best I’ve seen is the Chivalric Doublet of Casting dyed Ruby Red paired with the Demonic Thighboots dyed Pure White. However, you can play around and get an accurate glam if you use Alphinaud’s hair.

Alisaie’s Hair

If you want Alisaie’s hair, you have to buy Alphinaud’s attire, which is unfortunate because you have to pay the price of the outfit even if you don’t use it. I don’t love the fact that it’s called Alphinaud’s hair either.

Alisaie in Your Trust

alisaie ffxiv

I like to call Alisaie trigger-finger because she is the character most likely to steal the Limit Break. It doesn’t matter what you’re fighting, she seems to use it as soon as possible.

You can’t use her Shadowbringers, and as much as I love Alisaie, I avoid using her because of her trigger-finger tendencies. As a Ninja main, I prefer to use Limit Break rather than leave it to the other DPS.

Alisaie FFXIV Guide: FAQs

Question: How Did Alisaie Become a Red Mage?

Answer: Alisaie and Alphinaud were both taught fencing when they were younger. But she decided to put her knowledge and skills to use when X’rhun Tia, a Crimson Duelist, taught her what he knew about red magic.

Question: Is Alisaie Coming Back?

Answer: Alisaie was left in an open spot in Endwalker, making it easy to transition her to the next patch. She was rebuilding Garlemald but was still in that sweet spot between the foreground and background.

Question: How to Tell Alisaie From Alphinaud?

Answer: Later on, it’s easy to tell them apart, but in A Realm Reborn, Alisaie has a red ribbon, and Alphinaud has a blue one. Alisaie also wears her earring on the right ear and Alphinaud’s on his left.

Alisaie Deserves Praise

I love Alisaie. She is a wonderful pair to Alphinaud as she balances out his diplomatic nature with refreshing brutality. But she’s also a great character on her own, as finally displayed in Shadowbringers.

Alisaie never gives herself enough credit, which may be because Alphinaud often overshadowed her, being much more extroverted. But this was never Alphinaud’s fault as he was never anything but fond and forgiving.

The relationship between the two is endearing and is a good example of a healthy relationship between siblings. They are individuals through and through, and I’ll never stop loving watching Alisaie’s character development.

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