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Ryne FFXIV Guide – The Oracle of Light

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A Ryne FFXIV guide helps connect the Eden raids to the MSQ, as she’s the strongest connection between the two. Of course, the Scions are in both, but Ryne lets us know the timeline and relevance of the Eden quests.

SPOILER ALERT: if you don’t want any story spoilers, I suggest skipping this article.

Ryne is meant to be a light in the darkness and a reincarnation of Minfilia. She is the Oracle of Light, tasked with being a beacon of light to others, considering she has pure light aether within her.

I love Ryne’s aesthetics, and unlike Thancred, I’ve loved her from the start, despite Minfilia being one of my favorite characters. She’s so youthful, kind, and non-problematic that I can’t imagine not loving this Oracle of Light.

Quick Ryne FFXIV Guide:

  • Place of Origin – The First
  • Age – Teen
  • Race – Hume
  • Hair Color – Red (Blonde as Minfilia)
  • Eye Color – Blue 
  • Job – Oracle of Light (Ninja)
  • Weapons – Air Knives
  • Associations – Eulmoran Army, Scions of the Seventh Dawn

What Ryne Represents in FFXIV

Ryne Final Fantasy XIV

Ryne is sweet, innocent, and caring. She plays the shy character well, especially because she’s one of the youngest characters in the game. She and Gaia represent the life that most teenagers live.

From self-doubt to unexpected transitions, Ryne can be a lighthouse for many teens going through the same things. She eventually learns to stand up to her oppressor and trusts in her friends who care about her.

She and Gaia also have another thing in common but in different ways. They were both so strongly influenced by others that they hardly knew who they were until they actively stood up and unlocked their potential.

Gaia was being controlled by Mitron, a negative force, while Ryne had so much of Minfilia, a positive force, in her that she was seen as a reincarnation of Minfilia and little else. This is a good example of not even letting positive forces define you when they take the place of the real you.

Ryne in the MSQ

Ryne was raised by General Ran’jit of the Eulmoran army as far as she was concerned. She has no memory of her birth name nor much of her life before she was the Oracle of Light, so she goes by the name “Minfilia” until she adopts a new name.

While Ryne is the only Minfilia reincarnation we see, it’s not the only one. There were supposedly more young girls that connected to Minfilia. This opens up so much for the future, but for now, Ryne is the only Oracle of Light in the story.

Shadowbringers: From Minfilia to Ryne

Shadowbringers Minfilia Ryne Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom

Whenever Thancred Waters arrived at the First, one of his first orders of business was to rescue Ryne, who he believed to be Minfilia, from the overbearing and villainous General Ran’jit. He took her on his journey to destroy sin-eaters.

Soon after, he discovered that the part of her that was his beloved Minfilia would soon be gone. Minfilia took full control of Ryne, her vessel, to explain to Thancred that she wanted Ryne to live her own life and would one day fade from her vessel completely.

The moment was bittersweet for me. Minfilia was giving up having any life with her friends so that a new one could live theirs to the fullest. But on the other hand, Thancred’s heart was breaking. But the absolute best moment for me was when Thancred suggested she be called Ryne, which let him separate her from Minfilia while accepting that she was her own person.

This happened after she decided to ask Minfilia to help her awaken her potential so she could help the Scions. Minfilia agreed but said only one of them could exist if this happened.

When Minfilia left her, the blonde left her hair (turning it red), and her eyes dimmed. This signified that she no longer had Minfilia’s aether running through her but was now the Oracle of Light, Ryne.

Endwalker: Final Days

Between Shadowbringers and Endwalker, the Eden raids occur. But since they aren’t MSQ, I’m separating them from the MSQ story involving Ryne. However, her role in Endwalker isn’t a large one.

During this time, she attempts to restore the Empty. She is told that the Warrior of Darkness (the WoL, considered the WoD in the First) has returned, which delights Ryne. They decide together that the Final Days are coming to the First just as they had to the Source.

Ryne in the Eden Quests

Ryne is a key character that acts as the yin to Gaia’s yang in the Eden questline. These quests and raids are so perfect that the thought of not falling in love with them seems impossible. Did I mention this is one of my favorite questlines in the game?

Ryne Activates Eden

Ryne Gaia Final Fantasy XIV Eden's Promise Story

Ryne is the one that activates Eden, the first sin eater, which is the first time that Gaia meets Ryne. It happened when Ryne sensed a light in the Empty and discovered Eden.

The Oracle of Light used her power to revive the sin eater to take control of it, giving her enough power to restore the Empty. However, reviving Eden also reactivated a girl that was known as Gaia.

Ryne Makes a Connection with Gaia

Ryne Gaia FFXIV

Ryne helps the gang defeat Gaia for the first time in Eden’s Gate: Resurrection before Thancred brings her back to their camp. The second Gaia awoke, Ryne tried to connect with her for a couple of reasons.

She saw Gaia was around her age, and she felt an unexplainable connection to her. She succeeded, being the only one to accept and attempt to understand Gaia from the get-go.

Ryne Becomes Shiva

Ryne Shiva Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom

Whenever they tried to bring light back to the Empty, Ryne thought that the ice Primal Shiva would be a good bet, offering herself as a vessel. She was pure light after all, so using her would only increase the chances of bringing light aether back to the Empty.

However, whenever she lost control and nearly died, killing the Scions as well, Gaia stepped in and saved her using the connection they shared.

Ryne and Gaia Vacation

After the Primals help restore much of the Empty, the Scions take a break, believing their work is done. During this time, Gaia and Ryne go on a vacation, enjoying the luxuries any teenager enjoys.

This included some constructive efforts but also shopping, eating treats, and laughing together. Not going to lie; the flashbacks of their time together are some of my favorite scenes in the game.

Ryne Frees Gaia

Ryne Gaia FFXIV

Gaia and Ryne join powers to summon the Cloud of Darkness whenever they find out that the Empty is getting worse again. However, this backfired because Gaia was being controlled by Mitron, who wanted more dark aether.

Whenever they defeated the Cloud of Darkness, Mitron appeared, admitting he had fused with Eden and had a telepathic connection to Gaia. After a long talk between Gaia and Mitron, he forced her to fuse with him to create a new Eden.

Ryne and the Warrior of Light defeated this new foe, leaving Gaia unconscious again, in a realm having a heartfelt discussion with Mitron. But on the other side, Ryne revived Gaia with memories the two shared together.

Ryne Adventures with Gaia

With the Empty restored, Gaia and Ryne traveled together to enjoy life. While the others focus on their tasks, they leave Gaia and Ryne to finally enjoy being teenagers together.

Part of me hopes that the two stay together without worries for the remainder of their lives. But then again, that would mean seeing them less in the story, which I’m not sure is something I’m willing to give up.

How to Get Ryne’s Gear and Merchandise

Ryne has a few options available if you admire her style. There may be more in the future, but we only have a couple of items to work with to show our appreciation.

Ryne’s Attire

Ryne's Attire Final Fantasy XIV Gear Merchandise

Ryne wears the Oracle’s Attire, available on the MogStation. This set consists of a flowy white top, strappy black boots, and small pantalettes that you can’t see under the top.

I love this outfit, but my favorite part is the top. It’s on my to-buy list. I would pair the top with the island cut-offs, black leggings, or standard 2B boots.

Air Knives

Air Knives Ryne Final Fantasy XIV

You can get Ryne’s knives in a Level 50 Weapon Coffer from Aelina in Mor Dhona. It costs three of Rowena’s Tokens, which you get from the repeatable quest Primal Focus in Mor Dhona.

The Air Knives are so gorgeous, but there’s not much info on how they are made. In Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, similar knives exist, infused with the wind’s power.

Wind-Up Ryne

Wind-Up Ryne Final Fantasy XIV

Wind-Up Ryne is an untradable minion you can get as a random drop in Eden’s Verse: Refulgence (both normal and Savage). You do have to roll for it, so if you see it, it’s not guaranteed you’ll get it.

That said, at this point, running the Eden raids unsynched isn’t a big deal. So if you want to get this minion, I suggest getting as many people as possible (up to 8) and running it unsynched on level 90 jobs.

Ryne Figurine

Ryne Figurine Final Fantasy XIV

The wind-up Ryne minion figure is available on the Square Enix shop. If I could afford it, I would collect these “minions.” This set was released in August 2021, and I’ve admired them ever since.

If you love this figure, I suggest buying as soon as possible because the stuff on the Square Enix site is known for going out of stock. When it does, there’s no guarantee it will ever return.

Ryne in Your Trust

Ryne is a DPS in the Trust System. She operates as a Ninja called the Oracle of Light, available in dungeons levels 71-80. So, you can only use her through Paglth’an but not from The Tower of Zot forward. After this, she is replaced with Estinien.

Ryne is a good addition to any trust because she adds vulnerability stacks to enemies. One thing I notice that’s different between her and other DPS Trustees is that she won’t use Limit Break.

When you have a character like Alisaie, you must rush to use it before her. But Ryne will always let you decide to use it if you play a DPS. Another interaction is that Thancred gets a different move set whenever Ryne joins the team.


Question: Why Does Thancred Dislike Ryne?

Answer: Thancred initially dislikes Ryne because she’s the reason Minfilia ceased to exist. She also looked much like Minfilia when they met. He eventually learned to accept Ryne for who she was.

Question: Is Ryne in Love with Gaia?

Answer: This is never confirmed, but fans seem to think so. Ryne and Gaia are extremely close, but a romantic relationship is never obvious. However, they are both teens traveling the world together, so who knows?

Question: Why Do Ryne’s Eyes Change Colors?

Answer: Ryne’s eyes and hair change whenever Minillfia leaves her for good. This shows that she is fully her own person and that she’s no longer just the Oracle of Light but a teen named Ryne.

Ryne’s World

Ryne is an enigma of a character. No one knows where she came from or her life before being taken to Eulmore. That may be shared in the future, but either way, Ryne is easy to accept.

There isn’t a character more innocent or caring than Ryne. But what I connect to most is that she is a Rogue (my favorite class in most games) without the darkness. There’s no thieves guild or treachours background; she’s just a sneaky knife-wielder with light-based aether, my ideal class.

But you don’t have to like Ryne to accept her impact on Shadowbringers and the Eden quests. She’s the Oracle of Light. She doesn’t take the place of Minfilia in our hearts. But she has an important job to do, and we should be proud of her efforts at such a young age.

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