Ninja Final Fantasy Guide

Ninja Final Fantasy Guide

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A Ninja Final Fantasy guide is something that would have made my life easier after I unlocked the job in FFXIV. Ninja is my number one class, the first to reach level 90, and the one I main for high-end content.

I’ve learned a lot through my hundreds of hours as Ninja, and I’d like to share it.

Ninja FFXIV Overview

  • Requires Rogue class (cannot start game as Rogue, you must be level 10 in another class)
  • Unlocks at Level 30 Rogue
  • Ninja is a melee DPS job
  • Ninjas use daggers
  • Ninjas wear aiming accessories
  • Ninjas should prioritize dexterity, followed by critical hit, direct hit, skill speed, and determination 
  • Job quest begins in Limsa
  • Huton Gauge (looks like shuriken) displays ninjutsu Huton, with a cap of 60 seconds (some abilities can recharge)
  • Ninki gauge (looks like scroll) is used for special abilities and appears at level 62 when you learn Shukiho.

Although the Ninja job appears in thirty Final Fantasy games, the chances are you want to know more about the Ninja from FFXIV. This is a short list answering questions I have had about the Ninja.

Tips for Playing Ninja

Playing Ninja

I’ll never consider myself a pro, and I’ll probably never aim to be a mentor (who needs a Burger King crown?) But I have learned a lot playing Ninja and I would be ecstatic if that information helps you.

Memorizing the Ninjutsu Combos Isn’t Hard

I’ve seen players overwhelm themselves with ninjutsu/mudra combos. But the fact is that they are not difficult. All you have to do is memorize which mudra to end with and how many you need. This will come naturally as you play Ninja, especially if you don’t use a boost.

Use Shukuchi

Shukuchi is an underused ability. It allows you to jump to a specified location twice in a row. This can get you out of sticky situations during combat and speed things up when out of combat.

Trick Attack Got Nerfed, But You Can Still Utilize It

This angered non-Ninja players more than it did Ninja players. Before 2022, Trick Attack increased the damage the target took from all players. Now, it only does that for the Ninja. I still love it, but for a while, there were parties in Party Finder that banned Ninjas.

Suiton Gives Free Trick Attack

If you cast Suiton (the water ninjutsu) you can use Trick Attack without using Hide. At one point, Trick Attack was pointless because you had to use Hide in combat to utilize it. So this is an amazing addition.

Do Constant Damage

Something I have learned after playing Summoner and other casters is that Ninjas (and other melee DPS) have this special ability to do constant damage. You don’t have to charge abilities or rely on MP. Utilize that.

Three Or More Rotation

If there are three or more enemies in AoE range, then you only need to worry about a few abilities most of the time. The Death Blossom/Hakke Mujinsatsu combo, Hellfrog Medium (sage mode frog,) and Katon (the fire Ninjutsu.)

Don’t Save Abilities (usually)

While it may be tempting to use your basic abilities and save the others for something special, I don’t advise it. If you know you will need them in less than ten seconds, then go ahead. Otherwise, use them off cooldown to speed things up.

Keep Huton Gauge Up

The Huton gauge is an important part of your Ninja game. Keep it fully charged, or at least don’t let it drop to zero. Otherwise, you’ll do less damage. The other gauge is one you should use when it is up, but the Huton should always be up.

Ninja in Each Final Fantasy Game

Ninja Final Fantasy XIV

Ninja appears in thirty Final Fantasy games, so I won’t go in-depth on each one. Instead, I’ll start with the games where the player can be a Ninja.

Final Fantasy

The Ninja job has been around since the first Final Fantasy game. It was an upgrade of the Thief class and specialized in evasion. They were an underdog class that didn’t pop off until quite late in the game. Even then, they weren’t an offensive pick, as Luck and Agility were what made them special.

Final Fantasy III

In FFIII, you can unlock Ninja in Eureka. Originally, the Ninja was one of the strongest damage classes in the game, even having the ability to wield almost any weapon. But in later versions (3DS), it became less powerful and versatile.

Final Fantasy V

In FFV, Ninja is a job unlocked after you get the Fire Crystal shard. This was when dual-wielding was introduced to the Ninja. Although in later games, the Ninja can be considered squishy, they are an off-tank in FFV.

Final Fantasy XI

FFXI took a note from FFV and make the Ninja a tank. Of course, this wasn’t the original plan, but it’s what players did to the job. They became a great utility job as well, with excellent CC.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Ninja is a sky pirate favorite (exclusive as well)  in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. In this game, they use the elements to inflict CC on enemies without comprising damage. 

Final Fantasy XIV

Ninja is one of the jobs in FFXIV, having mid-to-low popularity early game and medium popularity late game. In FFXIV, devs introduce mudras to the Ninja, which is similar to ninjutsu.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Ninjas are the fastest and most evasive class in Final Fantasy Tactics, but they are balanced out by their squishiness. They are one of the classes you must level to unlock Dark Knight.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Ninjas (humans only) really pop off in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. They are fast, have good damage output, and are generally well-rounded. Their CC does lack in this game, but they do get more magic than usual.

Other FF Games Ninja Appears In

  • Final Fantasy IV
  • Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-
  • Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
  • Final Fantasy VI
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Final Fantasy XII
  • Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift
  • Final Fantasy Tactics S
  • Final Fantasy Type-0
  • Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)
  • Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
  • Pictlogica Final Fantasy
  • Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade
  • Final Fantasy Artniks
  • Final Fantasy All the Bravest
  • Final Fantasy Record Keeper
  • Final Fantasy Explorers
  • Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon
  • Final Fantasy Trading Card Game
  • Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light
  • Final Fantasy Dimensions

How to Unlock Ninja in FF14

Final Fantasy XIV ninja level 30 quest

To unlock the Ninja, you must first unlock the Rogue. The steps after that are pretty straightforward, but let me list the steps in case you are as fresh as I was whenever I took half a day to figure out where to unlock this job.

Step 1: Level Anything to Level 10

It doesn’t matter what class you level to ten. You just need something to ten, so you can do the first job quest for Rogue. This confused me so I chose Pugilist at the time because I thought it was the “closest” class to Rogue.

Visit Limsa

After you have something at level 10, then head to Limsa Lominsa and talk to Lonwoerd, who has the quest My First Daggers. Make sure you also have the Armory System unlocked.

Level Rogue to Level 30

After you start doing blue job quests, it’s fairly straightforward. You will have to level in-between quests, but make sure you keep up with the job quests, as they will unlock abilities and help you progress.

Unlock Ninja

To unlock Ninja, do all of your Rogue quests, including Cloyingh Victory. You must also have the MSQ Sylph-management completed. Then you can visit Jacke in Limsa Lominsa and complete the Peasants by Day, Ninjas by Night quest. This is the first Ninja job quest.

Ninja Quest Guide

Final Fantasy XIV ninja level 50 quest

It’s easy to get stuck one one quest or another; I know I did. Here you will find every Ninja quest in the game. Some of them are a bit difficult, especially when you’re not used to the class, but don’t give up.

Peasants By Day, Ninjas By Night

  • Quest NPC – Jacke
  • Location – Limsa Liminsa Lower Decks
  • Level – 30
  • Rewards – EXP, Soul of the Ninja, Ten

In the first Ninja quest, all you have to do is follow the Lala Ninja Perimu Haurimu around. At this point, you’re not actually a Ninja, so you can just use your Rogue abilities in combat.

My First Mudra

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location – Eastern La Noscea
  • Level – 30
  • Rewards – EXP

My First Mudra shows you how to use your first Ninja ability on a training dummy (took me a few tries to understand.) This is a great quest because you will learn a lot from it rather than just wandering around talking to NPCs and fighting.

Killer Combinations

  • Quest NPC – Tsubame
  • Location – Eastern La Noscea
  • Level – 35
  • Rewards – EXP, Chi

You don’t do much on this quest. Its only purpose is to unlock Chi for you so that you can learn how Ninja mudra combos work. However, you do get to see more of Oboro’s skills.

Once Upon a Time in Doma

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location -Eastern La Noscea
  • Level – 35
  • Rewards – EXP

The beginning of this quest can be difficult because not only do you have to learn how to do combos on your own, but the quest isn’t easy to find. You have to talk to Byakubu, who will let you inside the Ninja hideout.

Pirates versus Ninjas

Pirates versus Ninjas

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location – Eastern La Noscea
  • Level – 40
  • Rewards – EXP, Shukuchi

Again, talk to Byakubu to enter the hideout and begin this quest. The quest is easy after that because the point of it is just to give you the Shukcuchi ability, which I use a ton, even at level 90.

Ninja Bathin’

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location – Upper La Noscea
  • Level – 40
  • Rewards – EXP

This is a rather long and interesting mission involving donning swimsuits and putting your newfound skills to the test. I loved it but if you’re not into the story, it can get old fast.

Tough Guys

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location – Eastern La Noscea
  • Level – 45
  • Rewards – EXP, Ninja Armor, Jin

This is the quest you have probably been waiting for because it gives you your last hand sign and unlocks the Ninja armor. It takes a bit of work because you need to use your ninja abilities without the aid of your teammates.

The Crow Knows

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location – Middle La Noscea
  • Level – 45
  • Rewards – EXP

In this quest, Oboro teaches you how to combine your mudra, but you don’t get to put them to the test just yet. You are interrupted, and the plot thickens (no spoilers).

Master and Student

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location – Eastern La Noscea
  • Level – 50
  • Rewards – Ninja Chainmail, Koga Garb Coffer, Kassatsu, Against the Ninja I achievement

This is when you finally finish up your Ninja armor with a chest piece. You also get the Koga glam and a new ability that you will rely on for the rest of your Ninja days. Get ready because this is another long quest.

Strangers in a Strange Land

Strangers in a Strange Land

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location – Eastern La Noscea
  • Level – 50
  • Rewards – EXP

I like this quest because it involves the Rogue’s guild. The quest reminds me of a crossover episode or a season six episode with your favorite returning characters from season 1.

The Impossible Girl

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location – Eastern La Noscea
  • Level – 52
  • Rewards – Hakke Mujinsatsu, EXP

This quest unlocks your first official AoE, which you will always use. The questline is fun too, because it involves Ninja sneakiness and a infiltration mission that every ninja questline deserves.

Ninja Assassin

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location – Eastern La Noscea
  • Level – 54
  • Rewards – Armor Crush, EXP

Plot aside, this is an awesome mission simply because it unlocks Armor Crush. You can pair this with Spinning Edge, Aeolian Edge, and Gust Slash for some amazing combos.

Medieval Espionage

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location – Eastern La Noscea
  • Level – 56
  • Rewards – EXP, Dream Within a Dream, Adept Assassination

Another spy mission that’s fun for story fans, but everyone will love the rewards. The mission upgrades Assassinate to Dream Within a Dream, which hits for 150 damage three times (450 total instead of 200 total.)

Staying Alive

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location – Eastern La Noscea
  • Level – 58
  • Rewards – EXP

Now we’re back to a quest that doesn’t unlock much. Instead, it’s a quest with a whole lot of Far Eastern drama and non-combative Ninja skills.

In Her Defense

In Her Defense

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location – Eastern La Noscea
  • Level – 60
  • Rewards – Iga Garb Coffer, Huraijin, Against the Ninja II achievement

This involves a huge fight in true Ninja fashion. But it also gives you boss Ninja glam and a new ability called Huraijin. This ability grants Huton, increases the Ninji gauge and does damage.

Search for the Stolen Scroll

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location – Eastern La Noscea
  • Level – 60
  • Rewards – EXP

You must have completed the MSQ The Far Edge of Fate to do this quest. Once you do, you will be able to progress through the quest which is quite long for a job quest, but well worth it.

Ninja Bathin’ Redux

  • Quest NPC – Yomei
  • Location – Eastern La Noscea
  • Level – 63
  • Rewards – EXP

This is a continuation of the previous quest and is just as long. It’s not as difficult but it does take some annoying searches to complete it. Plus, you get to see one of the most complex characters in the quest line.

A Game of Life and Death

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location – Kugane
  • Level – 65
  • Rewards – EXP

Again, we have another quest without rewards because this is what I call the story-heavy section of the job questline. But that’s what you get in Stormblood as this all ties into Kugane.

True Enlightenment

  • Quest NPC – Jacke
  • Location – Yanxia
  • Level – 68
  • Rewards – EXP

I can’t say much about this one without spoiling the story, so I won’t. But Jacke is present.

When Clans Collide

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location – Yanxia
  • Level – 70
  • Rewards – Kage-kakushi attire coffer, Ten Chi Jin, Against the Ninja III achievement

Finally, we’re back to great rewards. In this quest, you get the Ninja attire that I wore for ages. You also get Ten Chi Jin, which gives the original mudra new actions whenever you use them as combos.

Oboro’s Big Idea

  • Quest NPC – Oboro
  • Location – Eastern La Noscea
  • Level – 80
  • Rewards – Materia, Against the Ninja IV

This quest isn’t a job quest. Instead, it’s a simple level 80 quest that gives material and an achievement. It’s funny, pointless, and enjoyable; like the beach episode of your favorite anime.

Ninja Abilities

ninja lvl 30-50

The Ninja has over fifty abilities, so I find it easiest to split them up into levels. In your player profile, you will see them split into Job Actions, Ninjutsu, and Role Actions, but I prefer this method. This list doesn’t include passive traits.

Ninja Abilities Level 1-30

Name Level Cooldown (seconds) Effect
Spinning Edge 1 2.5 Does 220 damage and increases Ninki gauge by 5
Shade Shift 2 120 Nullifies damage up to 20% of max HP for 20 seconds
Gust Slash 4 2.5 Does 160 (320 if cast after Spinning Edge) damage and increases Ninki gauge by 5
Hide 10 20 Go invisible and move at half speed. 
Throwing Dagger 15 (job quest) 2.5 Does 120 damage and increases Ninki gauge by 5
Mug 15 (job quest) 120 Does 150 damage, increases damage of target taken by 5%, and increases drop rate (increases Ninki gauge by 5.)
Trick Attack 18 60 Does 300 damage (400 if from behind) and increases your damage to target by 10% for 15 seconds.
Aeolian Edge 26 2.5 Does 140 damage (200 if from behind) or 380 if paired with Gust Slash (increases Ninki gauge by 5.)
Ten 30 (job quest) 20 Does the heaven gesture allowing you to cast certain ninjutsu for six seconds.
Ninjutsu 30 1.5 Executes the ninjutsu created with previously cast mudra
Fuma Shuriken (not on hotbar, triggered by other abilities) 30 1.5 Does 450 damage and can combine with mudra

Ninja Abilities Level 31-60

Name Level Cooldown (seconds) Effect
Chi  35 (job quest) 20 Earth hand sign, allowing you to cast certain ninjutsu for six seconds.
Katon (not on hotbar, triggered by other abilities) 35 1.5 Deals fire damage of 350 in AoE. Cast with a two-mudra combo ending in Ten.
Raiton(not on hotbar, triggered by other abilities) 35 1.5 Lighting damage of 650, and rants a stack of Raiju Ready. Cast with a two-mudra combo ending in Chi.
Death Blossom 38 2.5 Does 100 damage in AoE (increases Ninki Gauge by 5)
Assassinate 40 60 Does 200 damage
Shukuchi 40 (job quest) 60 Teleports to specified location
Jin 45 (job quest) 20 Man hand sign, allowing you to cast certain ninjutsu for six seconds.
Hyoton (not on hotbar, triggered by other abilities) 45 1.5 Ice damage for 350 and binds for 15 seconds. Cast with a two-mudra combo ending in Jin.
Doton (not on hotbar, triggered by other abilities) 45 1.5 Creates an AoE that deals 80 damage to enemies that enter. Cast with a three-mudra combo ending in Chi.
Suiton (not on hotbar, triggered by other abilities) 45 1.5 Water damage of 500 and removes the Hide requirement for abilities. Cast with a three-mudra combo ending in Jin.
Huton (not on hotbar, triggered by other abilities) 45 1.5 Rdeuces cast time and attack delay by 15%. Cast with three-mudra combo ending in Ten.
Kassatsu 50 (job quest) 60 Gives a free ninjutsu charge and increases its damage by 30% for 15 seconds.
Hakke Mujinsatsu 52 (job quest) 2.5 Does 100 damage in AoE (130 when paired with Death Blossom) and extends Huton duration by 10 seconds.
Armor Crush 54 (job quest) 2.5 Does 140 damage (200 when from side or 360 when paired with Gust Slash)  and extends Huton duration by 30 seconds.
Dream Within a Dream 56 (job quest) 60 Upgrades Assassinate, doing 150 damage three times. 
Huraijin 60 (job quest) 2.5 Does 200 damage and grants Huton (increases Ninki Gauge by 5)

Ninja Abilities Level 61-90

Name Level Cooldown (seconds) Effect
Hellfrog Medium 62 1 Does 160 fire damage in AoE. Cost 50 Ninki.
Bhavacakra 68 1 Does 350 damage (500 when under effect of Meisui). Cost 50 Ninki.
Ten Chi Jin 70 (job quest) 120 Gives mudra special abilities, allowing you to cast three for free (cancels upon moving)
Meisui 72 120 Uses Suiton an increases Ninki gauge by 50, granting Bhavacakra extra damage .
Goka Mekkyaku (not on hotbar, triggered by other abilities) 76 1.5 Fire damage of 600 in AoE after two-mudra combo ending in Ten. (requires Kassatsu.)
Hyosho Ranryu (not on hotbar, triggered by other abilities) 76 1.5 Ice damage of 1,300 after two-mudra combo ending in Jin. (requires Kassatsu.)
Bunshin 80 90 Gives five stacks, granting a mimic that shadows your next five attacks. 
Phantom Kamaitachi 82 2.5 Your shadow does wind damage of 600 in AoE (only when under Bunshin.)
Hollow Nozuchi 86 AoE dealing 50 earth damage. (only when under Doton)
Forked Raiju 90 2.5 Dashes to target and deals 560 lighting damage (only when Raiju Ready)
Fleeting Raiju 90 2.5 Does 560 lighting damage (only when Raiju Ready)

Ninja Traits

Name Level Effect
All Fours 14 Reduces fall damage
Fleet of Foot 20 Increases movement speed
Adept Assassination  56 Upgrades Assassinate to Dream Within a Dream
Shukiho 62 Increases Ninki Gauge by 5 when you cast some abilities.
Enhanced Shukuchi 64 Resets Shukuchi timer after you cast Katon, Raiton, or Hyoton.
Enhanced Mug 66 Increases Ninki Gauge by 40 when you land Mug
Enhanced Shukuchi II 74 Grants the ability to hold Shukuchi charges.
Melee Mastery 74 Damage increases Gust Slash to 120, Aeolian Edge to 140, and Armor Crush to 140.
Enhanced Kassatsu 76 Upgrades Katon and Hyoton to be Goka Mekkyaku and Hyosho Ranryu whenever you use Kassatsu.
Shukiho II 78 Aeolian Edge or Armor Crush now increase Ninki gauge by 10
Shukiho III 84 Aeolian Edge or Armor Crush now increases Ninki gauge by 15
Melee Mastery II 84 Damage increase: Spinning Edge to 220 and Gust Slash to 160.
Enhanced Meisui 88 Meisui now increases the damage of Bhavacakra to 500
Enhanced Raiton 90 Grants stack of Raiju Ready (up to 3) when you cast Raiton.


Question: How Do You Be a Ninja in FFXIV?

Answer: Unlike other jobs, you can’t start the game as a Ninja. Instead, you have to unlock it after you reach level 10 in any job. The job you choose does not matter, but you do have to be a level 30 Rogue first.

Question: Is FFXIV Ninja Based on Naruto?

Answer: To be fair, the FFXIV and Naruto ninjas are both based on Japanese tales and tropes. Neither is based on the other.

Question: What is the Base Class for Ninja?

Answer: Rogue. You must be a Rogue to unlock Ninja, which you can unlock in Limsa at level 10. You can always go back to Rogue from Ninja by removing your soul stone.

Why Ninja is My Favorite Class

I will always be a Ninja main. When I play D&D or WoW, I usually pick Rogue. When I play Guild Wars 2, I usually pick Thief. There’s something about the fast-paced abilities that keep me going.

While this is a driving factor for me late game, what draws me to them is the aesthetic. As someone who always had a ninja outfit on hand growing up and who decorates their house with cherry blossoms, I love everything related to this culture.

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