Emily Medlock

Emily is our resident MMORPG specialist here at Final Fantasy Insider. While she has a soft spot for the FF main titles, it is FFXIV that has truly sank its hooks into her psyche, and as a result, her free time is usually spent grinding away online. Outside of FFXIV, she loves mainstream RPGS and survival games, with Ark Survival Evolved being her main squeeze.

Deidar FFXIV Guide

Deidar FFXIV Guide

A Deidar FFXIV guide will assist you in finding and defeating this pesky giant head. You can find Deidar in Yanxia at a handful of locations in the southern zone, so teleport to the southern Aetheryte. Deidar spawns every five seconds, so it’s hard to miss him if he does spawn. However, if you don’t …

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Crystal Tower FFXIV Guide

Crystal Tower FFXIV Guide – Yes, Everyone Gets them in Alliance Dailies

A Crystal Tower FFXIV guide refers to the first Alliance Raids in the game. They are far from my favorite Alliance Raids (NieR raids are the best,) but they do have a few great bosses and cutscenes. The more Alliance Raids I completed, the better I understood how they worked. They’re just huge dungeons. I’m …

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Ardbert FFXIV Guide

Ardbert FFXIV Guide

An Ardbert FFXIV guide will answer your questions about the Warrior of Darkness. Ardbert is the main antagonist in part of Heavensward and a major part of Shadowbringers. Unlike many, I never disliked Ardbert. He may have anger issues, but he had no problem expressing himself. As a child, he was adventurous and caring, so …

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