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Meteion FFXIV Guide – The Harpy That Had “Real Emotions”

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A Meteion FFXIV guide helped me get things straight after I finished Endwalker. This harpy-like girl drew my attention, and I was captivated by her childlike nature. So much so that I was tempted to search for fan art.

Meteion’s story is introduced early in Endwalker, but it unfolds slowly as it is a central part of the MSQ. This little bird girl has so much potential, and I believe much of it was fulfilled.

SPOILER ALERT: This entire guide has spoilers for MSQ and trials.

Meteion FFXIV Overview

  • Home: Elpis
  • Color: Blue
  • Created by: Hermes
  • Race: Entelechy
  • Boss Form: The Endsinger
  • Expansion: Endwalker

Meteion’s Life Before Endwalker

Meteion's Life Before Endwalker

Meteion was created by Hermes on Etheirys. She wasn’t created from aether, but rather dynamic, which is pure emotion (something I can get behind.) She shared consciousness with her sisters, the consciousness known as Meteia.

Meteion stayed on Etheirys while her sisters traveled the universes to find the reason for life. Along their travels, the sisters absorbed too many negative emotions. When Meteia felt this, it was far too much for her.

She came to the conclusion that life was pain, so she decided to destroy it. She went to the edge of the universe with her sisters and joined together in song in order to destroy all life.

When this happened, the ancients sacrificed half of Etheirys to summon Zodiark to fight back. This held the song back for a while, but eventually, in a complicated long-con, Zodiark was destroyed.

Meteion’s Personality

Meteion Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom

Meteion is easy to like on her best day. She’s sweet, empathetic, and childlike. She is so empathetic that she bases some of her “tastes” on what she feels others enjoy. For example, she says her favorite food is candy apples because Hermes likes them. This is a strong statement because Meteion doesn’t eat.

But, like many can relate to, her life is ruled by emotions. Not by her emotions but by the emotions of others. This defines her personality in a way that doesn’t leave much room for her to have her own identity.

Meteion in Endwalker

Much of Endwalker revolves around Meteion. You could call her the main antagonist of the expansion. However, I still consider Zenos the primary antagonist (of most expansions) with no redeeming qualities. That said, Meteion is still central to Endwalker.

Learning About Meteion

Meteion Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker
Image from Fandom

After Zodiark’s fall, the Warrior of Light finds out about Meteion and her song is now able to be heard again. So, the WoL and the Scions go to Ultima Thule to find her. I found their first encounter with the Meteia hilarious.

Meteion’s sister asked the Scions why they couldn’t wait for the song to end. She actually thought the Scions were there because they were impatient to end their lives. What happened next was not funny.

Thancred’s Sacrifice

The Scions told Meteion that life wasn’t fair sometimes, but it wasn’t all bad. Meteion thought about this, then said that the passion had been extinguished in her heart, which causes the ship carrying everyone to begin to suffocate.

I conclude this happened because Ragnarok was the ship, and Meteion felt the history of it, causing her to have a mental breakdown. The Scions began to pass out, but Thrancred dove towards Meteion.

She saw this and begin to pull him from existence, though she could still sense his soul. She felt his desire for his friends to be saved. When Meteion felt Thancred’s heart, it changed Ultimate Thule. This brought the Scions back long enough to fight.

Murdering the Twins

Meteion Murdering The Twins Endwalker

The Scions fought for each other to escape rather than trying to escape. This confused Meteion. During this time, one of her sisters explained that Meteion would soon start preventing souls from being born.

She explained that the “death star” above them contained the souls of the lives they had stolen thus far. At this point, looking up at the star, I was sure that Thancred Waters was the man on the moon.

As the Scions realized how far the Meteia had gone, Alisaie and Alphinaud were killed by Meteion. They were getting too close to the truth, and it was overwhelming her.

Look at the Flowers

This chapter always reminds me of Carol telling the girls in The Walking Dead to “look at the flowers.” When the Warrior of Light finally stands face-to-face and one-on-one with Meteion, the WoL summons Emet-Selch and Hythlodaeus.

I was skeptical about this decision because I have hard feelings toward Emet. But because Emet was so intertwined with what led to Meteion’s plans, it was ultimately a good decision.

Emet-Selch and Hythlodaeus used genjutsu to make a bed of flowers that awoke memories in Meteion. This broke the despair, bringing good memories of her creator, giving the Warrior of Light time to use the energy to bring back the Scions.

This is just one of the moments I cried during Endwalker. Meteion’s soul was shown. She was just a little girl so overcome with emotions. She begged the Scions to right what she had wronged before retreating to her nest.

The Endsinger

The Endsinger FF XIV Endwalker

Meteion is finally in a good place now. But her sisters are still set on destroying the universe, so they won’t stop singing. They tried to convince the Scions that bad outweighed the good but were frustrated when the Scions disagreed.

So they turned into the Endsinger, despite Meteion begging them not to. The Scions were ready to fight, but the Warrior of Light teleports them back to the ship in favor of fighting the Endsinger alone.

Just then, in one of the weirdest (and one of my favorite) moments in the game, Zenos appears as Shinryu to help capture the Endsinger. Together, they brought the Scions back, and together, they took down the Endsinger.

Hope for the Future

Though hers sisters had fallen, Meteion remained. She was on her feet now, able to control her emotions, though she felt deeply saddened by everything that had happened. Especially losing her sisters in the process.

As an act of kindness, the Warrior of Light touched Meteion to share the love that they felt for their comrades. This pleased Meteion, who used the fuel of that love to begin her next chapter of life.

She knew she couldn’t right her wrongs, but she told the Warrior of Light that she would return one day. Before she left, she created a path back to the ship and left the Warrior of Light alone.

Of course, Zenos was there to “greet” the Warrior of Light, and she could have stopped him had she known. That turned out okay, but that’s another arc. The last the Warrior of Light sees of Meteion is a bluebird taking flight into her next phase of life.

The Final Day Walkthrough

The Final Day is an MSQ trial in Endwalker featuring Meteion’s alternative form, The Endsinger. This trial is setup in three main phases, unlike the extreme version, which is much more complicated.

Phase 1

Final Day Walkthrough Phase 1 Endsinger Final Fantasy XIV

The Endsinger often starts with a raid-wide AoE called Elegeia and spawns two planets on the arena. Stay away from the slow one, as when the two planets meet, they will explode.

Another ability is called Galaxias. When this is cast, a meteor drops in the middle and knocks players back. Stay towards the middle to avoid getting knocked off the stage. 

Elenchos is an ability that will either make her tears glow or her mouth glow. If her mouth glows, move to the side. If her tears glow, move to the middle. Next is usually Death’s Embrace, which targets players with cone AoEs. Make sure not to overlap them. The same goes for Nemesis, which does round AoEs. 

There will also be a couple of adds during this phase. There are feathers around this time that you should avoid and faces that you should not stand in front of. Hubris is Ensinger’s tankbuster.

Ekstasis drops AoE puddles that will grow, so stand at a cardinal that the puddles won’t touch until they go away. Finally, when Endsinger says, “‘Tis so lonely between the stars,” spread to the outside but don’t overlap with each other.

Phase 2


Final Day Planetes Kakodaimon Endsinger Final Fantasy XIV

Planetes begins the add phase. Endsinger spawns adds with a purple orb called Kakodaimon. If the Despair bar reaches 100, you will wipe. So use an LB3 here because it will recharge in the next phase.

Other abilities during this time are Meteor Radiant and Meteor Outburst. For Radiant, move away from where the arrows are pointing. For Outburst, spread out. Finally, Ultimate Fate is cast, which requires an LB3 from the tank.

Phase 3

The Endsinger FF XIV Prayers of Hope

Phase three begins with a cutscene; you get a buff called Prayers of Hope, which increases your damage. During this time, Telos is a raid-wide, but Telomania is a little more complicated.

First, there are cleaves that you should shield and heal past. Then, there’s another raid-wide. Finally, there are puddles you should dodge. If you make it past that, you’ve defeated the Endsinger.

The Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria Walkthrough

The Endsinger has an extreme version called The Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria. It’s easier than Storm’s Crown (Extreme) but harder than The Minstrel’s Ballad: Hydaelyn’s Call.

Before the Fight

Before you even begin the fight, split into light parties with a healer in each light party. Then, ensure each healer has either 1 or 2 over their heads so everyone knows which party they are in.

Then, make a clock, with tanks and healers on one side and DPS on the other. This is a common late-game setup. Someone likely has markers for this fight, so use them.

First Attacks

Elegeia Unforgotten Endsinger Final Fantasy XIV

Elegeia Unforgotten is a raidwide AoE damage that is followed by the two planets. The red planet explodes and the blue one knocks back. Plan for this.

During this, a head spawns in the center and will do damage to half of the arena in front of it directly after the planets resolve.

Grip of Despair tethers tanks and healers to DPS. Walk away from each other to break the tethers. Next up will be Katasterismoi, which spawns eight towers that deal AoE damage. But someone must soak the towers, so plan this out with tanks. 

Elenchos spawns one-column AoE or two-column AoEs. Look at her face to see which one will spawn so you know where to stand. If her eyes glow, stand in the center. If her mouth glows, stand on the outside. But don’t ignore other mechanics. 

Telomania is just a five-hit AoE that you need to heal through. Hubris is AoE tankbuster.

The Curveballs

Eironeia Endsinger Final Fantasy XIV

Eironeia is when the light parry stacks come in handy. If you get hit by these two AoEs, you will die. So make sure you stack with the healer you stacked with before. 

When Fatalism is cast, planets spawn on intercardinal. This can be tricky, so I always start in the center, then move away from the red and towards the blue. Sometimes, she casts it twice, only the second time, the speeds are opposite.

Theological Fatalism causes the Endsinger to place rings on the arena. This is confusing, but the gist is that the number of rings affects the mechanic.

This happens only when mechanics are cast one right after the other involving heads or targeting players.

  1. One ring means that the mechanic that just happened will happen again.
  2. If two rings appear, then the second mechanic will happen again.
  3. If three rings appear, then the first mechanic will happen again.

Finishing Up

Twinsong's Aporrhoia Endsinger Final Fantasy XIV

Twinsong’s Aporrhoia spawns five Endsinger heads. There will be four on each intercardinal and one in the middle. The middle one does damage to half the arena. The others either do circles or donuts. You can tell where to stand because opposite heads will use the same attack. So stand under a donut.

The catch is that this happens three times, but the attacks each head uses changes. The middle head does the same attack but rotates 90 degrees.

Twinsong’s Aporrhoia spawns five Endsinger heads. There will be four on each intercardinal and one in the middle. The middle one does damage to half the arena. The others either do circles or donuts. You can tell where to stand because opposite heads will use the same attack. So stand under a donut.

The catch is that this happens three times, but the attacks each head uses change. The middle head does the same attack but rotates 90 degrees. The others rotate clockwise.  Next is Endsong’s Aporrheia when six Endsinger heads spawn and four rings spawn at four of the heads.

When a ring touches a head, an AoE hits. This happens twice, and the only safe space is behind a head without an AoE. You can see which heads are targeted a couple of seconds before the AoE hits.

Finally, Despair Unforgotten attacks with a raidwide. One of these three effects will trigger:

  • Tanks/healers get a Flare marker while three DPS get a donut marker and one DPS gets a stack marker.
  • All DPS get a proximity Flare, three of the tanks/healers get a donut marker, and one tank or healer gets a stack marker.
  • All players get a circular AoE. 

All of this will happen, but the order is unknown until the third attack. So you must be on your toes, prepared for your marked position.


Question: How Do You Get the Meteion Minion?

Answer: The Starbird minion is believed to be the form in which Meteion flies around the universe. You can get one as a random drop from The Dead Ends dungeon.

Question: Is Meteion Evil?

Answer: No. Meteion is fueled by the emotions of others. She did what she did because her sisters found too much despair in the world and decided to end it.

Question: Will Meteion’s Race Be Playable?

Answer: Not likely. Meteion is an Entelechy. I believe if something like her were to be playable, it would be a bird-like creature that would be similar to the dragon-like Au Ra.

A World Without Meteion

I was immediately attached to Meteion due to her appearance. It’s true that the story would be completely different without her. But she’s always been more of an outlet or vessel than an independent villain.

I look forward to seeing Meteion in the future. She says she will return, and I believe her. I hope we see her again in MSQ and not just side quests. But if that’s all we get, it better be nearly Manderville-worthy.

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