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The Final Fantasy franchise is known for its stellar and groundbreaking storytelling. Ask any Final Fantasy fan about their favorite franchise entry, and chances are they’ll answer in a heartbeat. That’s because the saga uses clear and concise techniques to unfold and create a memorable narrative of its games that makes a long-lasting impression on us.

But before I digress too much from the topic at hand, I thought it was essential to elaborate on this because I never thought that even in an MMO, Square Enix would keep their narrative standard intact and not only invest in storytelling but extend it by creating a world and lore that stretches and will stretch for years to come.

An addendum: I didn’t play Final Fantasy XI in its time – and despite playing it leisurely nowadays, following the plot is challenging because of the dated UI and other lack of QoL within the game.

Although Final Fantasy XIV had a disastrous start, it has managed to bounce back and become the critically acclaimed MMORPG that it is today. Not only that, but they managed to shut down the old servers by aligning this off-game event with on-game events.

Anyone who had the opportunity to be logged into the game when the 1.0 servers shut down watched a cinematic bidding farewell to the world you knew. Yes, there are a few caveats and plotholes, but we can let them slide given the circumstances.

After restarting the game in A Realm Reborn and subsequent expansions, the game has established itself technically and gameplaywise. It has become one of – if not the – best MMORPG of today, and much of this is due to the spectacular plot and world-building.

The MSQ, Main Scenario Quests, narrates the adventures of a simple adventurer, chosen by the Mothercrystal, on a journey to become not only the Warrior of Light of his world but champions of other lands and planets.

At a time in the massively multiplayer online industry where the story was second or even third priority, Final Fantasy XIV saw a sea of opportunity and put its narrative on a stage, giving it all the prominence it deserves and that the writers at Square Enix can deliver.

Final Fantasy XIV’s plot is monumental. So in case you missed or forgot something, I summarized the story as separated by the categories in the game itself. This FFXIV MSQ Guide also shows which quests provide any essential unlockables, including new features, gameplay, or resources. But keep in mind that I just mentioned Main Scenario Quests, so completing the blue sidequests scattered throughout Hydaelyn will also unlock a lot for you.

Bottom Line Upfront

You cannot run away from Main Scenario Quests. But before you drift away on the numerous side quests the game presents you with, I recommend doing MSQ level 15 “Call of the Sea” to unlock the other City-States and rush a little until MSQ level 20 “The Company You Keep.”

After that, you will unlock a side quest that allows you to ride on a Chocobo. Striding around Eorzea with your companion will make your experience much smoother and more pleasant at the sound of the iconic Chocobo’s Theme.

Main Scenario Quests are Mandatory

Players surrounding the Main Scenario Quest giver. So many helpful people!

You may be wondering: I’m playing an MMO, do I really need to do these quests? Truth be told, Final Fantasy XIV is the only MMO I have played since 2013, so I don’t really know how others are faring with their main plot course.

But in FFXIV, progressing in the Main Scenario is a delightful ordeal and obligatory. While your level won’t get locked because of MSQ progression, your content will. That means you won’t unlock new dungeons, high-level quests, and other features that simply offer you the whole game experience. So yes, progressing through the Main Scenario is mandatory.

But fret not. There are some workarounds for you who want to commit the blasphemy of skipping cutscenes – it hurts to even type this – if your focus is on endgame PvE/PvP content. Jesting aside, no judgments here; to each their own.

The simplest method is to press the button to skip a cutscene while on a cutscene. Easy-peasy. The other way is to buy the Tales of Adventure from the FFXIV Online Store. It’s an item that will complete the main scenario of the respective expansion – or all expansions – you buy.

Keep in mind that this item will not grant levels but only unlock all features locked behind the main scenario requirement, something I will discuss below. Assuming you don’t want to spend hundreds of hours completing the main content and want to join the hardcore content directly, this is the most viable, albeit costly, solution.

Content Unlocked by Main Scenario Quests

Doing the Main Scenario Quests in Final Fantasy XIVis the best way to get to know the lore and follow the world-building of this majestic game. It also helps to gradually unlock new features without becoming overwhelmed by all the elements present in an online game.

I will list the most important content for your gameplay unlocked by certain Main Scenario Quests and what level. If you feel there are unlockables I failed to mention, it’s because some are rewarded for completing blue sidequests with a plus icon on the border.

The initials Main Scenario Quests are different depending on which City-State you start. At level 15, the Main Scenario Quest will intertwine, and there will be just one questline.

A Realm Reborn Main Scenario Quests

Image from Fandom

Level 1:

  • Close to Home – Unlocks the action Return.

Level 9:

  • Spirithold Broken – Unlocks levequests & Inns on Gridania.
  • Way Down in the Hole – Unlocks levequests & Inns on Ul’dah.
  • Just Deserts – Unlocks levequests & Inns on Limsa Lominsa.

Level 15:

  • It’s Probably Pirates – Unlocks Party Finder & Sastasha dungeon.
  • The Lominsan Envoy – Enables Airship traveling to other City-States from Limsa Lominsa.
  • The Ul’dahn Envoy  Enables Airship traveling to other City-States from Ul’dah.
  • The Jordanian Envoy  Enables Airship traveling to other City-States from Gridania.

Level 16:

  • Fire In The Gloom – Unlocks The Tam-Tara Deepcroft dungeon.

Level 17:

  • The Scions of the Seventh Dawn – Permit to hire Retainers. They store, sell, and scavenge items.
  • Into a Copper Hell – Unlocks Copperbell Mines dungeon.

Level 20:

  • Lord of the Inferno – Unlocks The Bowl of Embers, Ifrit boss fight.
  • The Company You Keep – Let you choose a Grand Company to join and enable the sidequest to get mounts.
  • For Coin and Country – Join The Immortal Flames Grand Company.
  • Till Sea Swallows All – Join The Maelstrom Grand Company.
  • Wood’s Will Be Done – Join The Order of the Twin Adder.

*You can only join one Grand Company at a given time.

  • Sylph-management – Unlocks Job Quests, allowing you to upgrade your Class at level 30.

Level 22:

  • Brotherly Love – Increases mount speed in Middle La Noscea, Lower La Noscea, Central Shroud, East Shroud, Western Thanalan & Central Thanalan.

Level 24:

  • Into the Beast’s Maw – Unlocks The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak dungeon.

Level 27:

  • Come Highly Recommended – Increases mount speed in South Shroud.

Level 28:

  • Power of Deduction – Increases mount speed in North Shroud.
  • Skeletons in Her Closet – Unlocks Haukke Manor dungeon.

Level 31:

  • When the Worm Turns – Increases mount speed in Southern Thanalan.

Level 32:

  • The Things We Do for Cheese – Unlocks Brayflox’s Longstop dungeon.

Level 33:

  • In the Company of Heroes – Increases mount speed in Eastern La Noscea.

Level 34:

  • Lord of Crags – Unlocks The Navel, Titan boss fight and increases mount speed in Upper La Noscea & Outer La Noscea.

Level 35:

  • Eyes on Me – Increases mount speed in Eastern Thanalan.

Level 41:

  • In Pursuit of the Past – Unlocks The Stone Vigil dungeon and increases mount speed in Coerthas Central Highlands.

Level 42:

  • The Reluctant Researcher – Allows ferrying to The Isles of Umbra.
  • History Repeating – Increases mount speed in Western La Noscea.

Level 44:

Level 46:

  • Acting the Part – Learns the emote Imperial Salute.
  • Every Little Thing She Does Is Magitek – Increases mount speed in Mor Dhona.

Level 49:

  • Operation Archon – Unlocks Cape Westwind, Rhitahtyn sas Arvina boss fight.

Level 50:

  • Rock the Castrum – Unlocks Castrum Meridianum dungeon.
  • The Ultimate Weapon – Unlocks The Praetorium dungeon, increases mount speed in Northern Thanalan and the Residential Districts: The Goblet, Lavender Beds, and The Mist, and flying mounts. This quest also finishes A Realm Reborn base game.

A Realm Reborn Patches MSQ

Level 50:

  • You Have Selected Regicide – Unlocks Thornmarch (Hard), Good King Moogle Mog XII boss fight.
  • Build on the Stone – Allows attuning to The Rising Stones, Scions of Seventh Dawn’s new base of operations.
  • Lord of the Whorl – Unlocks The Whorleater (Hard), Leviathan boss fight.
  • Levin an Impression – Unlocks The Striking Tree (Hard), Ramuh boss fight.
  • The Path of the Righteous – Unlocks Snowcloak dungeon.
  • The Instruments of Our Deliverance – Unlocks Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Hard), Shiva boss fight.
  • The Rising Chorus – Unlocks The Keeper of the Lake dungeon.
  • An Uninvited Ascian – Unlocks The Chrysalis, Nabriales boss fight
  • The Steps of Faith – Unlocks The Steps of Faith, Vishap boss fight.
  • Heavensward Main Scenario Quests

Level 50:

  • Coming to Ishgard – Allows attuning to Ishgard, Heavensward’s primary city.
  • Over the Wall – Allows attuning to Coerthas Western Highlands.
  • Onwards and Upwards – Allows attuning to The Sea of Clouds.
  • Divine Intervention – Unlocks Aether Currents in Heavensward zones, necessary for flying mounts.

Level 51:

  • Sounding Out the Amphitheatre – Increases mount speed in Coerthas Western Highlands.
  • Purple Flame, Purple Flame – Activates an Aether Current in Coerthas Western Highlands.

Level 52:

  • Where the Chocobos Roam – Allows attuning to The Dravanian Forelands.

Level 53:

  • Lord of the Hive – Unlocks Thok ast Thok (Hard), Ravana boss fight and increases mount speed in The Dravanian Forelands.
  • Mourn in Passing – Allows attuning to The Churning Mists, unlocks Sohm Al dungeon, and activates an Aether Current in The Dravanian Forelands.

Level 54:

  • Waiting for the Wind to Change – Increases mount speed in The Churning Mists.

Level 55:

  • Into the Aery – Unlocks The Aery dungeon and activates an Aether Current in The Churning Mists.

Level 57:

  • A Knight’s Calling – Unlocks The Vault dungeon.
  • Into the Blue – Allows attuning to Ok’Zundu in The Sea of Clouds.
  • Bolt, Chain, and Island – Unlocks The Limitless Blue (Hard), Bismarck boss fight, increases mount speed, and activates an Aether Current in The Sea of Clouds.

Level 58:

  • A Great New Nation – Allows attuning to Idyllshire and The Dravanian Hinterlands.

Level 59:

  • Matoya’s Cave – Allows attuning to the Matoya’s Cave place and increases mount speed in The Dravanian Hinterlands.
  • Forbidden Knowledge – Unlocks The Great Gubal Library dungeon and activates an Aether Current in The Dravanian Hinterlands.
  • The First Flight of the Excelsior – Allows attuning to Azys Lla.
  • Systematic Exploration – Activates an Aether Current in Azys Lla.
  • In Node We Trust – Activates an Aether Current in Azys Lla.
  • Chimerical Maintenance – Activates an Aether Current in Azys Lla.
  • Close Encounters of the VIth Kind – Activates an Aether Current and increases mount speed in Azys Lla.
  • Fetters of Lament – Activates an Aether Current in Azys Lla.

Level 60:

  • Heavensward – Unlocks The Aetherochemical Research Facility dungeon, the Singularity Reactor, King Thordan boss fight, and increases mount speed in Idyllshire. This quest also finishes Heavensward base game.

Heavensward Patches MSQ

The in-game journal shows the current Main Scenario Quest and a summary of the events.

Level 60:

  • The Word of the Mother – Unlocks The Antitower dungeon.
  • A Spectacle for the Ages – Learns the emote Victory.
  • Causes and Costs – Learns the emote Battle Stance.
  • Winning Over the Wyrm – Unlocks Sohr Khai dungeon.
  • An End to the Song – Unlocks The Final Steps of Faith, Nidhogg boss fight.
  • Shadows of the First – Unlocks Xelphatol dungeon.
  • Griffin, Griffin on the Wall – Unlocks Baelsar’s Wall dungeon.

Stormblood Main Scenario Quests

Level 60:

  • Beyond the Great Wall – Allows attuning to The Fringes.
  • Lyse Takes the Lead – Allows attuning to Rhalgr’s Reach.
  • A Bargain Struck – Unlocks Aether Currents in Stormblood zones.
  • A Familiar Face Forgotten – Allows attuning to The Peaks.

Level 61:

  • Not without Incident – Allows attuning to Kugane, Stormblood’s primary city, and unlocks The Sirensong Sea dungeon.

Level 62:

  • Once More, to the Ruby Sea – Allows attuning to The Ruby Sea.
  • Confederate Consternation – Learns the emote Eastern Bow.

Level 63:

  • In Soroban We Trust – Allows you to dive in open seas and learn the emote Water Flip.
  • The Lord of the Revel – Unlocks The Pool of Tribue, Ravana boss fight, and increases mount speed in The Ruby Sea.
  • Tide Goes in, Imperials Go Out – Activates an Aether Current in The Ruby Sea.
  • A Silence in Three Parts – Allows attuning to Yanxia.

Level 64:

  • The Will to Live – Increases mount speed in Yanxia.
  • All the Little Angels – Activates an Aether Current in Yanxia.

Level 65:

  • Here There Be Xaela – Allows attuning to The Azim Steppe.
  • In the Footsteps of Bardam the Brave – Unlocks the Bardam’s Mettle dungeon.

Level 66:

  • Naadam – Increases mount speed in The Azim Steppe.
  • Glory to the Khagan – Activates an Aether Current in The Azim Steppe.
  • The Hour of Reckoning – Allows attuning to The House of the Fierce.

Level 67:

  • The Die Is Cast – Unlocks Doma Castle dungeon.
  • Rising Fortunes, Rising Spirits – Allows attuning to The Peering Stones.
  • The Lady of Bliss – Unlocks Emanation, Lakshmi boss fight, and increases mount speed in The Fringes.
  • The Silence of the Gods – Activate an Aether Current in The Fringes.

Level 68:

  • The First of Many – Allows attuning to Ala Ghiri.

Level 69:

  • The Price of Freedom – Unlocks Castrum Abania dungeon and increases mount speed in The Peaks.
  • Liberty or Death – Activates an Aether Current in The Peaks.
  • Upon the Great Loch’s Shore – Allows attuning to The Lochs.
  • The Resonant – Allows attuning to The Ala Mhigan Quarter and increases mount speed in The Lochs.

Level 70:

  • Stormblood – Unlocks Ala Mhigo (Duty) dungeon and The Royal Menagerie, Shinryu boss fight. Activates an Aether Current in The Lochs and increases mount speed in Rhalgr’s Reach. This quest also finishes Stormblood base game.

Stormblood Patches MSQ

Level 70:

  • Arenvald’s Adventure – Learns the emote Box.
  • The Mad King’s Trove – Unlocks The Drowned City of Skalla dungeon.
  • Tidings from the East – Learns the emote Greeting.
  • Storm on the Horizon – Allows attuning to The Doman Enclave.
  • The Primary Agreement – Unlocks Castrum Fluminis, Tsukuyomi boss fight.
  • Emissary of the Dawn – Learns the emote Ponder.
  • Feel the Burn – Unlocks The Burn dungeon.
  • The Call – Learns the emote Endure.
  • The Face of War – Unlocks The Ghimlyt Dark dungeon.

Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests

Level 70:

  • City of the First – Allows attuning to The Crystarium, Shadowbringers primary city.
  • In Search of Alphinaud – Allows attuning to Kholusia.
  • In Search of Alisaie – Allows attuning to Amh Araeng.

Level 71:

  • The Lightwardens – Unlocks Holminster Switch dungeon.

Level 72:

  • Logistics of War – Activates an Aether Current in Lakeland.
  • Il Mheg, the Faerie Kingdom – Allows attuning to Il Mheg.

Level 73:

  • The Key to the Castle – Unlocks Dohn Mheg dungeon.
  • A Fitting Payment – Allows attuning to Pla Enni.
  • Acht-la Ormh Inn – Unlocks The Dancing Plague, Titania boss fight, and activates an Aether Current in Il Mheg.

Level 74:

  • Into the Dark – Allows attuning to The Rak’tika Greatwood.

Level 75:

  • The Burden of Knowledge – Unlocks The Qitana Ravel dungeon and activates an Aether Current in The Rak’tika Greatwood.

Level 76:

  • Rust and Ruin – Allows attuning to Twine.

Level 77:

  • A Fresh Start – Unlocks Malikah’s Well dungeon and activates an Aether Current in Amh Araeng.
  • A Feast of Lies – Allows attuning to Eulmore.

Level 78:

  • The View from Above – Allows attuning to Tomra.

Level 79:

  • Extinguishing the Last Light – Unlocks Mt. Gulg dungeon, The Crown of Immaculate, Innocence boss fight, and activates an Aether Current in Kholusia.
  • To Storm-tossed Seas – Allows attuning to The Tempest.

Level 80:

  • The End of a World – Allows attuning to The Macarenses Angle.
  • A Greater Purpose – Activates an Aether Current in The Tempest.
  • Shadowbringers – Unlocks Amaurot dungeon and The Dying Gasp, Hades boss fight. This quest also finishes Shadowbringers’ base game.

Shadowbringers Patches MSQ

Level 80:

  • A Grand Adventure – Unlocks The Grand Cosmos dungeon.
  • Beneath the Surface – Unlocks the Anamnesis Anyder dungeon.
  • Hope’s Confluence – Unlocks The Seat of Sacrifice, Warrior of Light boss fight.
  • Like Master, Like Pupil – Unlocks the Matoya’s Relict dungeon.
  • The Flames of War – Unlocks Paglth’an dungeon.
  • Death Unto Dawn – Learns the emote Shush.

Endwalker Main Scenario Quests

Level 80:

  • The Next Ship to Sail – Allows attuning to Old Sharlayan.
  • A Labyrinthine Descent – Allows attuning to Labyrinthos.
  • Glorified Ratcatcher – Allows attuning to The Archeion.
  • For Thavnair Bound – Allows attuning to Yedlihmad.
  • The Great Work – Allows attuning to The Great Work area.

Level 81:

  • In the Dark of the Tower – Unlocks the Tower of Zot dungeon.

Level 82:

  • A Frosty Reception – Allows attuning to Camp Broken Glass.

Level 83:

  • Strange Bedfellows – Allows attuning to Tertium.
  • Gateway of the Gods – Unlocks the Tower of Babil dungeon and activates an Aether Current in Garlemald.
  • A Trip to the Moon – Allows attuning to Sinus Lacrimarum.
  • The Martyr – Unlocks The Dark Inside, Zodiark boss fight.

Level 84:

  • Helping Hands – Allows attuning to Bestway’s Burrow.
  • Heart of the Matter – Activates an Aether Current in Mare Lamentorum.
  • Skies Aflame – Unlocks Vanaspati dungeon.

Level 85:

  • Beyond the Depths of Despair – Allows attuning to Palaka’s Stand.
  • Simple Pleasures – Activates an Aether Current in Thavnair.
  • At World’s End – Allows attuning to Radz-at-Han.

Level 86:

  • Petalouda Hunt – Allows attuning to Anagnorisis.
  • Aether to Aether – Allows attuning to The Twelve Wonders.

Level 87:

  • Travelers at the Crossroads – Allows attuning to Poieten Oikos.
  • Caging the Messenger – Unlocks Ktisis Hyperboreia and activates an Aether Current in Elpis.

Level 88:

  • Going Underground – Allows attuning to Sharlayan Hamlet.
  • Hither and Yarns – Allows attuning to Aporia.
  • Bonds of Adamant(ite) – Activates an Aether Current in Labyrinthos.

Level 89:

  • Her Children, One and All – Unlocks The Aitiascope dungeon and The Mothercrystal, Hydaelyn boss fight.
  • On Burdεned ωings – Allows attuning to Reah Tahra.
  • Roads Pαved││Sacri┣ice – Allows attuning to Abode of the Ea.

Level 90:

  • Vic┨οry ̈ ̈ ̈╳, │̆││ε Lost – Allows attuning to Base Omicron.
  • You’re Not Alone – Activates an Aether Current in Ultima Thule.
  • Endwalker – Unlocks The Dead Ends dungeon and The Final Day, The Endsinger boss fight.

Endwalker Patches MSQ

Level 90:

  • Alzadaal’s Legacy – Unlocks Alzadaal’s Legacy dungeon.

That’s all the unlockables for Main Scenario Quests so far. Since Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG, the game is constantly updated and getting new content.

Main Scenario Quests Summary

The Unending Journey functions as a diary if you want to view the cutscenes and a description of the quests.

You can check out all the cinematics and cutscenes in a diary in-game to recap the story. They are separated by some categories that match specific plots. Here I will explain each of these categories chronologically and their key narrative.

Seventh Umbral Era Quests

These are the quests of the base game A Realm Reborn. They start from the moment you create a new character. In these quests, you start in one of the three City-States of your choice, meeting preliminarily one of the Scions of Seventh Dawn until, recognizing your power of Echo and resistance to the Primals’ influence, you are invited to join the group.

After helping Eorzea face the threat of the beast tribes and their primals invocations, we take the war to the Garlean Empire. The Black Wolf is manipulated by the mysterious Ascian, who attempts to use the power of the primals for their own benefits. After hindering the attempts of the Garlen empire and defeating the Ultima Weapon, people start referring to us by the title Warrior of Light.

Seventh Astral Era Quests

With their achievements spread across Eorzea, people from all over begin to request the Scions’ help, especially if it involves beast tribes and primals. We also gain a new headquarters in Mor Dhona and learn more about the Ascians’ threat, who’s becoming aggressive in their incursions.

At this point, Alphinaud establishes the Crystal Braves as a means to unify Eorzea into a Grand Company but sees his organization collapse amidst bribery and treachery. In the meantime, Warrior of Light bridges the gap with the nation of Ishgard, asking for their help in confronting the conquest of the Garlean Empire.

In patch 5.3, many Seventh Astral Era quests have been optimized, making their lackluster progression less sluggish and tedious. While this has solved some of the problems, they are still the most dragged MSQs.

However, their conclusion features one of Final Fantasy XIV’s most unique plot twists. This led to the Scions of Seventh Dawn splitting up and branching into narratives that would only be resolved in the two subsequent expansions.

Heavensward Main Scenario Quests

Billed as traitors, the Scions split up. Warrior of Light, Alphinaud, and Tataru go to Ishgard and get wrapped up in the plot involving the millennial struggle between the Holy See of Ishgard and the Dravanian Hordes.

The narrative starts off slow, with the Warrior of Light not being as boasted about by the common folk as he was back home. With the power of his Echo and winning the public’s hearts – and the dragons – we discover the truth behind Dragonsong War and unmask the obscurities of the Holy See – which, yes, involved Ascian.

Dragonsong War Quests

After dethroning King Thordan, Alphinaud continues his quest for the Mission Scions. At the same time, Aymeric attempts to maintain control of Ishgard and settle the Dragonsong War once and for all.

But Nidhogg, in possession of Estinien’s body, has plans that don’t involve peaceful resolutions. Meanwhile, mysterious figures self-entitled Warrior of Darkness begin trying to intercept the Warrior of Light, their actions ruled by an Ascian.

Triumphing over the elder wyrm, the plot begins to crawl towards what would be the central plot of the next expansion: the release of Ala Mhigo from the Garlean Empire. Yda and Papalymo were saved by the resistance after the Blood Banquet.

This backed their interest in reclaiming the old City-State. In the end, Yda is revealed to actually be Lyse Hext, the younger sister of the late Yda, an event that occurred before the start of Final Fantasy XIV.

Stormblood Main Scenario Quests

Stormblood’s quests revolve around the Warrior of Light and the Scions helping the Mhigan Resistance Wing, alongside Raubahn and Lyse. Although we triumph initially, we see all our efforts thwarted and hope vanishing when Zenos yae Galvus, prince of the Garlean Empire, emerges.

Lo and behold, Alphinaud suggests we go to Doma, a nation dominated by the Empire, to ignite the flame of rebellion in them and split Garlean’s attention in two, benefiting both the Mhigan Resistance Wing and the Doma Liberation Front itself.

However, the Doma kingdom is uninspired, and Gosetsu suggests we seek out Hien, the true heir to the throne of Doma if we want to motivate the population. So we do, reclaiming Doma Castle and, with united forces, defeating a primal Zenos turned Shinryu, thus liberating Ala Mhigo.

The Legend Returns Quests

As with most Final Fantasy, crystals are a staple on XIV as well.

Ala Mhigo begins to rebuild while the Warrior of Light does more common adventurer stuff. Until we learn Yotsuyu’s brother is a maniac, turns her into a primal, Zenos is back with an Ascian on his body, and shit starts hitting the fan again. This questline shows how the Ascian is always involved in any cunning trickery and how the Warrior of Light is the one who can stand up to them.

The Scions begin to hear a mysterious voice before entering a coma state. The Alliance and the Empire resume warfare, and you go to the battlefield to face an Ascian-possessed Zenos. In the clash, you are weakened by the intrusion of a voice inside your head and are struck by Zenos. At the last moment, Estinien saves you. It then begins your quest to save the still comatose Scions.

Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests

The events of Shadowbringers involve the Warrior of Light traveling to The First, a reflection, or shard, of the Source. There, the Crystal Exarch explains the Calamity that the Ascian are constantly striving to cause is a means to unite the Shard back to the Source and restore their god, Zodiark.

We also meet all the Scions who have fallen into a coma, and some have been living in this world for years. Crystal Exarch says that in his attempt to summon the Warrior of Light, he failed and called those close to the warrior.

Your mission as Warrior of Light is pivoted to Warrior of Darkness. The First is flooded by light, and you must help the world recover its darkness while defeating sin eaters along the way.

We also meet Emet-Selch, the greatest villain in all of Final Fantasy. Eventually, he shares information about his former world, the truth behind the Ascians scheme, and the enduring struggle between Hydaelyn and Zodiark.

Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests

We will mostly travel back and forth from the First to the Source seeking a means to recover our Scions companions. Estinien helps the Scions by attacking Garlemald and witnessing Zenos, back on his body, slaying his father. The Telephoroi emerge, a faction spearheaded by Zenos and the Ascian Fandaniel, a nihilist bastard.

Strange towers start appearing globally, and the Eorzean Alliance tries to decide what to do with them. Fandaniel explains he’s trying to recreate the Final Days. Facing the Lunar Primals and preventing the Ascian’s plans from coming to fruition, the Warrior of Light comes across a white figure wearing an Amaurotine mask, and the quests end.

Endwalker Main Scenario Quests

Endwalker was the last expansion of the main plot involving the fight between Hydaelyn and Zodiark. In it, we continue events by facing Fandaniel and taking down his towers to stop the apocalyptic recreation of Final Days.

We pay a visit to the moon, where Zodiark is sealed, and are tricked by the Ascian Fandaniel into defeating the primal and allowing forces from the past to return to reenact the Final Days.

We face blasphemies, beings created from negative emotions plaguing nations worldwide. By visiting the Ancients’ era, we could better understand the past to try and not repeat it.

With Hydaelyn’s blessing and help from all the kingdoms, we cross the stars and face the Endsinger, saving the whole world and concluding the story that started in Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn.

Post-Endwalker Main Scenario Quests

So far, there aren’t many details regarding the road where these new quests will lead us. With the Warrior of Light investigating a void portal and the means to travel to the Thirteenth reflection, we can assume that’s where the plot will take us.

More shards traveling, more voidwalking, and more Final Fantasy franchise reference. Golbez and his Elemental Lords will play a somewhat important role in the upcoming quests.


Question: How many Main Scenario Quests are there in FFXIV?

Answer: So far, there are a total of 820 Main Scenario Quests in the game. Yeah, that’s a lot. Expect it to continue increasing.

Question: Can you skip Main Scenario Quests in FFXIV?

Answer: As a matter of fact, and I tell you this antagonizing my value and beliefs, yes, you can. You can buy Tales of Adventure in the Final Fantasy XIV Online store that will consider you finished all the MSQ related to the expansion you purchased. You won’t gain levels, so you will still have to grind it out.

Question: How long is Main Story in FFXIV?

Answer: It varies by expansion, but they are usually pretty long. You will most certainly sidetrack to do anything else in the game and won’t progress in the MSQ. Their estimates roughly are:
A Realm Reborn: 130 hours.
• Heavensward: 80 hours.
Stormblood: 50 hours.
Shadowbringers: 60 hours.
Endwalker: 65 hours.


If you wanna play Final Fantasy XIV, you will have to complete the Main Scenario Quests. Believe me, they are a delight if you’re interested in an epic fantasy plot sprawling hours and hours of world-building, character development, backstory inserted into the unfolding narrative, all while being heralded as the hero of the adventure.

If you’re not that invested or short on time, you can also skip cutscenes and just unlock new features and mechanics, as listed above. Or buy a Tales of Adventure if your pockets are full and your leisure time is almost empty.

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