Aymeric Final Fantasy Guide

Aymeric Final Fantasy Guide

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An Aymeric Final Fantasy guide can help you get to know one of my favorite characters. Aymeric is in my two three male characters and the one I understand the best. As much as I love Thancred, he’s nearly the exact opposite personality-wise.

This goes to show you that one personality isn’t superior to another. People are different, and that’s okay. The majority of the main characters on FFXIV do their best in their ways, and I love that.

Do I enjoy watching each story unfold? Yes. Do I almost always agree with Aymeric over his adversaries and would vote to prioritize his story expansion above almost any other NPC? Also, yes.

Aymeric Overview

  • Place of Origin – Ishgard
  • Age – 32
  • Race – Elezen
  • Hair Color – Black
  • Eye Color – Blue
  • JobPaladin
  • Weapons – Naegling
  • Associations – Temple Knights, House Borel

Elezen don’t usually stand out to me. Sure, Alisaie and Alphinaud are the backbone of the Scions at times. Urianger is the enigma my life needed, and Estinien Varlineau is someone I’ll always have mixed feelings for.

However, when it comes to most Elezen, both NPCs and PCs, I don’t tend to pay attention. I doubt I’d ever make one. But if there was ever a reason to, it’s because Aymerics character is so well made.

Aymeric first appears in A Real Reborn and is part of every expansion thus far. He’s a virtuous leader, putting his heart and soul into everything he does without letting go of his mind.

Aymeric begins a handful of Heavesword quests and is in the middle of more A Realm Reborn quests. But his presence is shown more intensely in the cutscenes which reveals his genuine diplomacy.

Why I Love Aymeric

aymeric final fantasy

Aymeric is one of my favorite Final Fantasy characters, and I’m not afraid to admit it. He’s noble, easy to understand, and is one of the few characters whose decisions I agree with 99% of the time.

He has a ton of great quotes that are better seen in cutscenes than in an article. The way he talks is philosophical like Urianger, but he is way easier to understand that that enigma.

The Look

Aymeric’s royal blue and gold theme would appear presumptuous in many cases. But as Lord Commander and eventually leader of Ishgard, it is quite appropriate. Then, of course, his sword is one of time most beautiful weapons I’ve ever seen.

His hair just is unique enough to be trademark and his facial features are smooth yet easy to recognize. I applaud the character designer for portraying Amyeric this way, as it really lets his personality shine through.

The Personality

Aymeric’s nobility and open-mindedness are something I admire. He uses his knowledge to do what he truly believes is best. It’s never in a cold or stoic way, but a virtuous and passionate way.

He doesn’t rule alone, either. He always listens to others, whether they be his people, friends, or enemies. More than anything, Aymeric craves peace and transparency, something I can 100% relate to.

The Relationship

Of course, it’s never been proven, but Aymeric may have feelings for the Warrior of Light. The FFXIV writers always leave relationships up in the air, letting us ship or not ship all we want. But even Thancred thinks that Aymeric likes the WoL.

It doesn’t seem that the Warrior of Light feels the same way about Aymeric. But this is probably because the WoL is you, me, and every other player character. So we get to choose who we like.

Little Known Facts

aymeric final fantasy facts

If you pay attention to Lodestone news, you’ll learn that Aymeric is a dancer and cook as well, though he doesn’t have the classes relating to those skills. He was also originally supposed to be an archer, which we may see in the future.

His iconic sword, though, is a family heirloom that his foster father blessed. It was once used to slay dragons, which comes full circle during the fight with Nidhogg as well as the end of the Dragonsong War.

I think this is a good example of how Aymeric takes something that was once used in a hostile way and uses it for good. We can see this parallel throughout Aymeric’s part in the main story.

Aymeric in the FFXIV MSQ

Aymeric was born the illegitimate son of Archbishop VII. Even though all of Ishgard knew of this affair, Aymeric became so well-revered that he became the Lord Commander of the Temple Knights.

He even makes a note of this at one point, saying how hard it is to become a noble when one isn’t born into it. He states that his discernment won him the spot. Somehow, he does so in a humble way.

A Realm Reborn – when Aymeric and Alphinaud Never Agree

The Warrior of Light first meets Aymeric when they go with Alphinaud Leveilleur to Camp Dragonhead. This is when Alphinaud tries to convince Aymeric to join the Eorzean Alliance.

Aymeric, not wanting to get involved in another war, disagrees. Things are a bit messy for a while: fighting primals, further disputes, and attacks on the Holy See in Ishgard. But I think this is a good way to introduce Aymeric.

Aymeric thanks the Scions for their help during it all, saying that Ishgard wouldn’t have been strong enough without them. At the end of A Realm Reborn, he went to the Sultana’s banquet in Ul’dah.

He was going to tell the Scions he would join them. However, things were cut short due to news of the bloody banquet. Before the bloodshed, Aymeric left, so he was in the dark.

Heavensward – when He Becomes the Azure Dragon

aymeric in the ffxiv msq

Heavensward is when we see Aymeric the most and the main reason I love him. Whenever he found out that his father was hiding the history of Ishgard and the way they ruled, he was the first to stand up.

He begged Thordan to be transparent with the people and begin leading with gentleness and honesty. This did nothing but get him jailed for spreading heresy. He was soon rescued, but not soon enough.

His father had left the city and got himself killed. Aymeric immediately became the leader of Isghard (the best thing to happen to the place). His first action was to sign into the Eorzean Alliance.

He then decided to make peace with the dragons, feeling bad that his ancestors had mistreated them and gaslit the country regarding the Dragonsong War. Time and time again during Heavensward, Aymeric went about seeking peace.

At the end of Heavensward, Aymeric got the Midgardsomr’s son Hraesvelgr to fight with them, forming a dragon alliance. He then ended the theocracy and replaced it with a republic. He then was going to step down but was elected as Dragon Knight of the Azure (similar to general) instead.

Stormblood – when He Faces Varis

Aymeric doesn’t play a major role in Stormblood. He represented Ishgard in the Eorzean Alliance as they aided Ala Mhigo and eventually signed a peace treaty with

FFXIV players know that no one wants to make peace with Garlemald, especially Varis. The Garlean Empire does nothing but wreak havoc on every other nation throughout the MSQ, but that didn’t stop Aymeric’s hesitant hand of peace.

Shadowbringers – when He Parties with the Beast Tribes

Aymeric was a surprise guest in Shadowbringers. The Warrior of Light runs into him, and he promises an endless supply of rather crystals for their needs. The Warrior of Light learns that Aymeric is currently making peace with as many beast tribes as possible.

I love how he showed an interest in the beast tribe cultures but was aware that they lived different lives and communicating would have to be different. He was warm, respectful, and kind every step of the way.

Endwalker – when He Asks for Advice

Aymeric is present in Endwalker but not one of the main characters. He helps the Warrior of Light in Isghard and asks for the Warrior of Light’s help with what next steps to take for his people.

Though he always wants to hear the input of others, this is one of the times when Aymeric asks someone for advice in a straightforward manner. He’s seen the power of the Warrior of Light and wants to know what they would do to make the future a better place.

Aymeric Items

aymeric items

You can get a handful of Aymeric items in-game and on the Mogstation. I hope there are real-life items from the Square Enix shop soon, but there haven’t been any yet, which is quite disheartening.


You get the Aymeric Wind-Up minion in the level 60 Heavensward MSQ. This is the last MSQ in 3.3. If you’ve just completed Sohr Khai or The Final Steps of Faith then this is coming right up.

I think at one point, there was a Final Fantasy XIV: Minion Figure but I’m not sure if it was official. You can get it on eBay and other action sites now, but it is not a Square Enix store item.


The Lord Commander Portrait is available on the Marketboard for around 100,000 gil on most occasions. However, the original way to get it is at The Firmament (Enie) for 900 Skybuilder’s Scrips.

I don’t recommend buying it from Enie as you can make good money and get non-purchasable items from Enie. The glamour, mounts, and dyes sell really well, giving you a good return.

Armor and Hair

You can get Aymeric’s hair and armor from the MogStation. It comes with his coat, gloves, and haircut. Only males can wear the outfit, sadly, but anyone can put on the haircut.

Female Alternative: Though I’ve seen a few good options, I believe the outfit that looks the most like Aymeric on the female is the Chivalric Coat of Fending dyed Dragoon Blue. Other options include the Eikon Cloth Acton of Aiming and the Replica Dreadwyrm Robe of Casting.

To those who Don’t Like Aymeric

final fantasy aymeric

I just wanted to say that to those who don’t like Aymeric, I get it. He’s portrayed as nearly perfect, which can really get to some people. He can come across as pretentious and indecisive.

If you haven’t made it through Heavesward, you may suspect Aymeric is up to something. I’ve heard many people be skeptical of him in A Real Reborn, believing he was hiding something.

So no, I don’t expect everyone to love the Azure Dragon. We all click with different characters, which is why they are made with different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Gaming and anime have always been a way for me to understand myself better, and I doubt I’m alone.


Question: What is the Azure Dragon?

Answer: The Azure Dragon is a military position given to Aymeric. There have been eight known Azure Dragons, with Aymeric being the last as he had the eyes that are entrusted to the position destroyed.

Question: Can You Get Aymeric’s Sword?

Answer: Nop. However, the Gordian Blade from the Alexander Savage raids is the closest. You can dye it Dragoon Blue, which will make it look a lot like Aymeric’s Naegling sword.

Question: Who is Aymeric’s Mother?

Answer: Aymeric’s mother is never mentioned in the story. She was likely a lower-class woman who Thordan VII had an affair with. Because she is absent from the story, it can be assumed she died. Otherwise, Aymeric would have made things right with her.

The Future for Aymeric

Aymeric is someone I see a lot of myself in. Though I’d consider him more of someone I want to be than someone I am, I can relate to his need for harmony and honesty, as well as his intense desire to make the right decision.

He leads in the way I hope that I would. I hope we see more of him in future MSQ and that he plays a larger role with a deeper background story revealed. Everything we’ve gotten from him has been wonderful, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want more.

In the future, I hope to see Aymeric do something more. We’ve seen his diplomacy and how he can take a stand, making peace with anyone in his path. But I think we need to see him as more than a politician.

For that to happen, we may need to see more weaknesses, which I don’t look forward to. We may need to see character development in the same field as Alphinaud’s or even Emet-Selch’s. Are you ready for that?

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