Urianger FFXIV Guide

Urianger FFXIV Guide

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A Urianger FFXIV guide may not help you speak cursive, but you may get to know the beloved NPC healer a little better. When I first met Urianger in A Realm Reborn, I was glad I had subtitles on.

I thought he was mysterious and strange, but what really caught my attention was the way that he talked. Though skeptical about his alignment for a long time, I have learned to love Urianger.

You first meet him when he is clothed in robes, a hood, and goggles on his head and eyes. He’s as mysterious as they come. But each expansion reveals more about him and I love every minute of it.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers through Endwalker and regarding Urianger.

Urianger Quick Guide

  • Place of OriginSharlayan
  • Age – 29
  • Race – Elezen
  • Hair Color – Gray
  • Eye Color – Yellow
  • Job – Arcanist, Astrolgian, Lithomancer
  • Weapons – Grimoire, Atlas Star Globe
  • Associations – Circle of Knowing, Scions of the Seventh Dawn

Urianger is an odd duck who likes to speak in riddles. He’s extremely intelligent and caring, despite this not being obvious based on the choices he makes. As many faces as he wears, he is who he is – a humble and genuine friend.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Urianger because he does his best and is always doing great things in the background. Not to mention, every meme of him gets a giggle out of me.

If you’re not a fan of Urianger, that’s okay too. He’s a strange guy who is hard to understand (literally.) It’s not that unusual to be more into someone like Thancred or Alphinaud. But in my opinion, they each deserve a special place in our hearts.

Urianger in Version 1.0

Urianger Augurelt

Players who haven’t been around since before the meteor may remember Urianger as a Scion alone. But he’s been around since the beginning. As a child, Urianger was a huge bookworm, which is something I can relate to.

Urianger is a Wildwood Elezen. These Elezen are known for living in forests rather than caves, using their eyes rather than their ears. Though not much is known about Urianger’s childhood, he didn’t grow up in Elezen forests.

Before the meteor hit, Urianger spread the news about the Calamity, but no one believed him. Of course, his cursive speaking didn’t help his case. Thankfully, he did more than just speak.

It is because of Urianger that we have Grand Companies, as he helped reestablish them despite being outcast by the Garlean Empire. Shocker. But that’s not my favorite part about Urianger in 1.0.

My favorite part is that Hildibrand Manderville thought that Urianger’s warnings meant that he was to be the hero of Eorzea. Urianger didn’t correct him because he thought it would bring him courage.

Urianger in A Realm Reborn and Beyond

I didn’t play 1.0, so I didn’t meet Urianger until A Realm Reborn. This is when he really started to blossom and become a primary character that the Warrior of Light would look up to for over a decade.

A Realm Reborn – The One Where He Loses Part of Him

Urianger was just one of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn for the majority of ARR. But whenever the Scions moved to Mor Dhona and Urianger stayed in the Waking Sands, I started to notice his presence more.

It is Urianger who unlocks the Bahamut raids and the ARR extreme trials that aren’t part of the MSQ. It is also Urianger that finds out how to kill Ascians. It isn’t until the end of ARR that we see Urianger’s sensitive side.

When his old friend Moenbryda sacrifices herself, Urianger is broken. He remains in the Waking Sands, cloaking it with magic, but allowing the WoL to return any time to see him.

Scions of the Seventh Dawn Final Fantasy
Image from Final Fantasy Wiki

Heavensward – The One Where His Creed is Sacrosanct

After the Bloody Banquet in Ul’Dah, Urianger finds Y’Shtola, somehow figuring out how she was taken to the Lifestream. He told the Warrior of Light that she would die if they didn’t save her soon.

This fueled the beginning of Heavensward, but Urinager remained in the background for some time after. We later find out, to my dismay, that it was because he was undercover working with the Warriors of Darkness and the Ascians.

I’ll never forget the moment Urianger showed his true colors and stood by the Warrior of Light whenever the Warriors of Darkness were told to kill them (me). He continued to spy with the Scions’ blessing and eventually led the transition to Stormblood by inviting Gosetsu to join them.

Stormblood – The One Where He Comes Bearing Gifts

Urianger didn’t do much at the beginning of Stormblood. At least not with the Warrior of Light. He showed up later, time and time again, with new weapons and gadgets that would help the Scions defeat enemy after enemy.

I love that he takes on this role in Stormblood because he isn’t in the foreground most of the time but still makes a big impact on the course of Stormblood. This reflects the importance of healing.

I’ve seen time and time again how DPS are praised in other games. But in FFXIV, healers and tanks get commendations 90% of the time. I believe it’s almost always well-deserved.

Shadowbringers – The One He Knows Too Much

Urianger begins Shadowbringers at the First, called by G’raha Tia, previously known as the Crystal Exarch. Tia called the Scions there to prevent a double calamity, but he only told Urianger the whole truth.

That is some main character energy. He had to hide everything from his friends to save the universe. He spent much of his time in Il Mheg, showing us another one of his outstanding traits by learning the Pixie language in no time.

Though it was frustrating watching Urianger and Y’sthola fight because they both thought they were doing what was best, I enjoyed Urianger’s role in Shadowbringers. This is when he becomes an Astrologian, to better prevent the demise that seemed imminent.

Endwalker – The One He Becomes His Own Therapist

Urianger played a huge role in Endwalker. However, he was usually accompanied by equally important Scions like Thancred or Estinien. I believe he began to shine whenever he understood the Loporrits better than anyone, letting his polyglot tendencies shine once again.

During Endwalker, the Loporrit leader speaks almost exclusively to Urianger. But my favorite moment for the Astrologian is when he announces that he’s never been truly transparent with everyone, yet plans on doing so in the future.

I can understand exactly how Urianger feels. He always wanted what was best and thought that involved taking full control of things. But when he understands that letting others in may have been best all along, I believe he truly flourishes.

We last see Urianger when he deiced to travel the realm with Thancred. So whenever we see him again, it may be in a background role. Or, he may return with new information that requires a translator to understand, as always.

Urianger Augurelt Final Fantasy

Choosing Urianger in Your Trust

Urianger is one of my favorite healers, available in every single, compatible duty. In both Shadowbringers and Endwalker, he, Alphinaud, and G’raha Tia are the only healers available.

I choose Urianger more than the others, with Alphinaud being my second choice. I rarely play healer in solo duties, so Urianger is with me more often than not. There’s not a huge difference that I’ve noticed in the healers, but I like Astrologian rather than White Mage/Sage.

While Sages do more damage than heal most of the time and White Mages do nothing but heal, I think Astrologian is the best balanced. That may be why it’s my only max-level healer.

Urianger Gear and MogStation items

There are a handful of Urianger items you can get for cash or earn in-game. There may be more in the future, and I really hope so. But right now, we have to show our appreciation with these items.

Urianger’s Attire

Urianger's Attire Final Fantasy

You can get Urianger’s original attire from A Realm Reborn on the MogStation. It comes in four pieces, so you can mix and match. Unfortunately, only male characters can wear it, so I’ve never donned the robe.

Wind-Up Urianger

Final Fantasy Wind-Up Urianger

You can get an Urianger minion from the MogStation. It has his original clothing and reacts like other Wind-Up minons. I’m not sure if it will always be available, but I assume that it will be.

Urianger Acrylic Stand

Final Fantasy Urianger Acrylic Stand

These stands are becoming popular because they are affordable figures. I’m surprised there aren’t more official Urianger memorabilia available. But for now, we have to accept what we can get.

There’s also plenty of this type of Urianger item on Etsy and other sites. But you do have to keep an eye on the shops as the inventory is forever changing.

Atlas Star Globe

Atlas Star Globe weapon ffxiv

The Atlas Star Globe is Urianger’s top weapon. Trade it in for 140 Centurio Seals to Yolaine at the Foundation to unlock it. You can get these seals from doing hunts in Heavensward or Stormblood.

The fastest way to do this is to join a hunt train. Take on the weekly hunt, which gives 100 seals. Then finish it up with others which gives 15 to 75 seals, depending on the level.

Soothsayer’s Attire

Soothsayer's Attire ffxiv

You can get Urianger’s Astrologian gear from Grendolt in The Tempest once you reach level 80 Astrologian. This is the basic black set you can get for free as long as you are level 80.

To get a dyeable version, you need to farm Memoria Miseria (Extreme) to get High Legatus Idols. It’s also possible for each piece to drop in gear coffers from the trial that you have to roll on.

Brave New Urianger

brave new urianger minion FFXIV

Brave New Urianger is another Urianger minon, this time in his Astrologian robe. You can either buy it on the marketboard for a few hundred thousand gil or unlock it yourself via Wondrous Tails.

You need one Khloe’s Silver Certificate of Commendation to unlock this minion. You get one of these from getting two lines and three from getting three lines in Khloe’s weekly journal.

Kudzu Robe

Kudzu Robe FFXIV

Urianger wars the Kudzu robe for a short amount of time, but he looks great in it. You can get the Casting or Healing version because they are both dyeable. The original method is in the Children of Azim MSQ.

But if you miss it then go to one of the merchants in Yanxia, Kugane, or The Azim Steppe, and you can buy it. A level 65 Weaver can also make these robes, and they can be purchased on the Marketboard.


Question: Is Urianger in Other Games?

Answer: Urianger appears in Pictlogica Final Fantasy and the Final Fantasy TCG. Otherwise, he’s an FFXIV exclusive, meaning he doesn’t appear in any other main games like some of the other characters in FFXIV do.

Question: What is Urianger’s First Language?

Answer: Urianger’s first language is the language he is speaking – English in our case. He has an accent and speaks strangely, but his first langue is our language. However, he can speak multiple languages.

Question: Is Urianger Bad in FFXIV?

Answer: No. While he’s been secretive, he’s always had good intentions. He’s never done anything bad but has acted shady in an attempt to hide what he was doing from the Scions.

Urianger – You Don’t Need to Pronounce His Name to Love Him

Urianger is one of the most serious meme characters I’ve ever seen, and I love him for it. I find him complex and his character alluring. He may not be the ladykiller that Thancred is, but he’s easy to fall in love with.

Even if you don’t care much about Urianger, you likely find the tropes entertaining. It took me a week to find out how to say his name, but I never mind when someone says it differently than I do.

I don’t think Urianger would care either. Though he has been known to be a fake double agent and control people like puppets, he’s a good guy that anyone would be lucky to have on their team.

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