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Y’shtola Guide – Everyone’s Kitty Crush From Final Fantasy XIV

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A Y’shtola guide can help you learn more about your favorite Miqo’te in Final Fantasy XIV. This cat is mysterious at first, but she has a heart of gold and a bright mind.

Y’shtola is one of the main characters of Final Fantasy XIVwho often represents the game in crossovers. Even if you don’t have a crush on her, you will probably agree that she is a significant NPC throughout the game.

Y’shtola Rhul Quick Reference Guide

  • Place of Origin – Sharlayan
  • Age – 25-35
  • Race – Miqo’te (Seeker of the Sun)
  • Hair Color – White
  • Eye Color – Teal (then white)
  • Job – Conjurer and Sorceress
  • Weapons – Budding Maple Wand, Truth Seeker, Nightseeker
  • Associations – Circle of Knowing, Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Night’s Blessed

Details about Y’shtola’s background aren’t exactly hidden, but they aren’t delved deep into. After version 1.0, her past is rarely mentioned. The only two connections we see are her sister and her mentor. 

But what we do know is the simple details of who Y’shtola is today. Her character arc doesn’t see as much growth as others – as if she needs it – but it is intriguing and never gets old. 

Y’shtola Rhul- version 1.0

Y’shtola has been around since version 1.0. She comes from the Sharlayan colony in the Dravanian Hinterlands, where she studied as an apprentice under Matoya. Prior to A Realm Reborn, she flees from the Garlean Empire when she is a teenager and returns back to Sharlayan.

Her role in version 1.0 is small as she simply asks around about a treasure before hearing about the Sahagin attack. She later joins Thancred Waters, Yda, and Papalymo (Circle of Knowing members, later Scions) when Gaius Van Baelsar attacks the adventurer (the main character).

Y’shtola Rhul- A Realm Reborn And Beyond

Y'shtola Rhul- A Realm Reborn And Beyond

Y’shtola plays a huge role and is ever-present in most FFXIV expansions – which is fantastic. So bear with me as we follow the storyline via everything we know about Y’shtola’s point of view.

A Realm Reborn

Y’shtola meets the Warrior of Light early on in the story. She is first met in Limsa Lominsa in a cave where she recites an ancient poem carved into the cave wall. She helps take down a Goobbue. It is soon revealed that Y’shtola has been investigating Lahabrea.

Later on, the Warrior of Light joins the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and Y’shtola is responsible for summoning the Titan (The Navel Trial.) Y’shtola was the one who saw Lahabrea and Nero watching the fight. When the Garlean Empire captured Minfilia, Y’shtola wasn’t there. But when she returned, she and Yda attempted to rescue Minfilia, but to no avail.

Throughout the missions that the Scions go on in A Real Reborn, Y’shtola is often an investigator. Whenever Ul’dah celebrated the defense of Ishgard, Y’shtola attended. When the Scions are framed for assassinating the queen Nanamo, she stays behind with Thancred to ensure the WoL and Minfilia escape. She uses an ancient spell Flow, transporting Thancred elsewhere and trapping herself in the Lifestream.

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In Heavensward, Pipin and Urianger investigate Y’shtola’s whereabouts and find out she will soon dissolve into nothingness if they don’t retrieve her soon. The Scions and Elementals of the Twelveshood use Y’shtola’s half-sister to find out exactly where Y’shtola is by using the DNA shared with her sister. They find and retrieve Y’shtola, who is in a coma.

After she awakens, she takes the gang to her old mentor, Matoya, who she believes can create a device to break through a magical barrier in Azys Lla. As Y’shtola recovers, she discovers she is stronger than ever, having absorbed special abilities in the Lifestream. Matoya notices that Y’shtola may be strong, but the aether has also blinded her in the Lifestream. Now, Y’shtola uses magic to see.

Throughout the rest of Heavensward, Y’shtola does what she can to assist the Warrior of Light and the others. When Thancred returns, Y’shtola believes that the Lifestream sealed Thancred’s ability to use magic. She ends Heavensward watching for activity from Shinryu above Balesar’s Wall.

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Y'shtola Rhul

Stormblood is the expansion where Y’shtola plays the smallest role. However, she is still present. When the Scions reach Rhalgr’s Reach and the Garlean forces attack, she is injured by Zenos, setting her back and removing her from missions for a while. When she does recover, she helps search for Alphinaud, but she passes out during a meeting of the Eorzean Alliance with Doma.


Y’shtola and Urianger begin Shadowbringers accidentally summoned to the First by the Crystal Exarch. The Exarch reveals he meant to summon only the Warrior of Light to tell them that the First was being consumed by light. He tells Y’shtola and Urianger that if it isn’t stopped, it would cause the Eighth Umbral Calamity.

Y’shtola waits for three years in the First before the Warrior of Light shows up. During that time, she renamed herself Matoya after she joined a group of dark mages who never use their real names. When their home was attacked by sin eaters, and she helped them build a new one, she became their new leader.

After the Warrior of Light arrives, she uses the Flow spell again to save her friends from a fight. Emet-Selch pulls her out of the Lightstream this time as a gesture of good faith. But whenever Emet’s plan to sacrifice people to Zodiark is revealed, the team takes him on.

Y’shtola and the Scions spend the rest of Shadowbringers attempting to stop Emet’s plan and halt the light that was consuming the First. They defeat Elidibus, who turns out to be a primal – and are enthralled.

When they returned to the Source, they meet their friends – Matoya included. The witch agrees to help cure the tempering even though she is annoyed at Y’shtola for using her name.



Y’shtola returns to Old Sharlayan with the other Scions to investigate the Final Days. When they meet a suspicious Viera called Erenville, Y’shtola turns the WoL, Alphinaud, and Alisaie into toads to follow him. When they are caught, Y’shtola confronts the Forum, who refuses to stop the Final Days. Despite her words, the Forum bans the Scions and Krile’s students from further researching.

Y’shtola tags along with the Scions and Krile as they find a way to stop the Final Days on their own, completing various missions. But things get personal whenever Thavnair is attacked. When they find out a Thavnairian citizen has transformed into a beast they call a blasphemy, they go investigate. Y’shtola is struck with fear as she doesn’t see them with her eyes but rather with her aether. She understands that the blasphemies could not be saved and only freed by death.

Though the Scions tried to find a way to stop the madness, they could not figure it out on their own. Y’shtola asks Matoya if she knew a way to reach Hydaelyn – as She may have been able to help. The Scions end up striking a deal with the Forum, who lend their ship. Once they reach the Mothercrystal, Hydaelyn tests them and sends them to defeat Meteion.

On their journey, Meteion is the one to strike. They soon learned that they were not ready. Y’shtola was the one to decide that the test of overcoming despair was one that they could pass. Whenever the Warrior of Light attempts to fight Meteion alone, Y’shtola scolds them, admitting she couldn’t handle it if anything were to happen to any of her friends.

Y’shtola ends Endwalker 6.0 by gathering all of her notes and making plans to write a book about the Scions’ adventures.

Y’shtola Role in Your Trust


Y’shtola is a Sorceress in your Trust and can be called upon for nearly a dozen dungeons/trials the first time around. She primarily casts fire spells, but she can cast healing spells when she needs to. However, she will not raise.

  • The Qitana Ravel
  • Mt. Gulg
  • The Grand Cosmos
  • Matoya’s Relict
  • Paglth’an
  • The Tower of Babil
  • Vanaspati
  • The Aitiascope
  • The Mothercrystal
  • The Dead Ends
  • Alzadaal’s Legacy

The Dollfie Dream Y’shtola

  • Price: $980
  • Size: 24-in
  • Release Date: December 2022

The Dollfie Dream Y’shtola is something that I cannot leave out. I have an interest in silicone baby dolls, which can be extremely expensive, but this may be the most impressive doll I’ve ever seen. To be added to the waiting list – not necessarily securing you a doll – it costs nearly $1000. The doll is licensed by Square Enix and made by Volks. Pre-orders were only accepted from September to November 2021, so if you caught that window then you’re lucky.

If you know someone who plays Final Fantasy XIV and you want to make their day (month, year, and life), then you can invest $1000 and get them the most amazing statue of all time. 

If you want a cheaper figure, then consider the smaller version, which is only $60. It’s a minion Y’shtola figure, but it gives me Nenodroid vibes, and everyone knows Nenodroids are the bomb. 

Y’shtola Necklace

  • Original Price – $155
  • Release Date – 2018

Back in 2018, Square Enix made a Y’shtola necklace to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the franchise. She was chosen as one of the few characters to grace the necklace. During the event, it was around $200, which is a steal now. Although the necklace was simple, it was elegant. 

There were other necklaces released at the time, many of which are available now. However, the Y’shtola one is the rarest of them all. It’s nearly impossible to find, so if you find one, snag it.

Y’shtola in Other Games

Y'shtola in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Although Y’shtola doesn’t have a huge role in any other game, she does make an appearance in a handful of smaller Final Fantasy installments. Find her in these games as an Easter Egg.

  • Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
  • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call
  • Pictlogica Final Fantasy
  • Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade
  • Final Fantasy Record Keeper
  • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
  • Final Fantasy World Wide Words
  • Mobius Final Fantasy
  • World of Final Fantasy Maxima
  • Final Fantasy Trading Card Game


Question: Is Y’shtola a Black Mage?

Answer: Yes, Y’shtola does become a Black Mage in Shadowbringers; however, in the Trust System, she is still listed as Sorceress. But the abilities she cast are actually Black Mage abilities.

Question: Is Y’shtola in a Relationship?

Answer: Y’shtola hasn’t had any straightforward love interest in the game, but it is hinted that Runar the Hrothgar has feelings for her. FFXIV isn’t known for giving us concrete romantic relationships, but we can always hope.

Question: Why Does Y’shtola Keep Almost Dying?

Answer: Y’shtola has sacrificed herself more than anyone else. She never hesitates to “jump on a grenade,” so to speak. While she is normally calculated and calm, she can be reckless when someone else’s life is on the line.

Question: What Does Y’shtola See?

Answer: This is a tough question because although we know she sees with magic, we can’t really imagine what that’s like. We cannot understand aether as it isn’t part of our world. We could say she “feels” objects, but this doesn’t explain her ability to read.

Question: Who is Y’shtola’s Voice Actor?

Answer: If you believe you’ve heard Y’shtola’s voice before then maybe you have played Dragon Age: Inquisition. She shares a voice with Sera as Robyn Addison voices them both (post-ARR.)

A World Without Y’shtola

My favorite part of writing character guides is imagining a world without the character. A world without Y’shtola is a world that may not even exist in the same way that it does now – the Final Fantasy 14 world, of course.

Y’shtola saves the Scions – and the world – time and time again. Although she is a strong warrior and mage, she has two strong suits that make her shine. First of all, the Flow spell has changed the course of history at least twice thus far. Secondly, she may be the smartest member of the Scions, at least in some ways. She’s highly intuitive, always thinking outside the box while still keeping the others grounded.

While her presence could have been omitted from the game entirely, I thank Square Enix that they allowed this Miqo’te to sneak her way into our MSQ and our hearts.

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