Murillo Zerbinatto

Murillo is a writer of Final Fantasy informer, a job that his teenage version never imagined he would have. He played - or observed - his first Final Fantasy when his brother rented Final Fantasy III for SNES (which was actually Final Fantasy VI), but since it was the Japanese version, they understood zilch and soon gave up. Sometime later - and some English RPGs in-between - they rented Final Fantasy II (Final Fantasy IV, yeah, it was a mess) and began to delve into the incredible world of Final Fantasy and never to get off it.

Green Mage Guide

This Green Mage guide will shed some verdant light on this limited Final Fantasy Job and its primary functions in the games it appeared in, of which there were not many. However, since the franchise keeps growing and hope is symbolized by green, perhaps Green Mages can earn a spotlight in the future. One of …

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Zurvan FFXIV Guide

Zurvan FFXIV Guide

Sometimes I get myself thinking about the etymology of a word. Before researching its meaning and prematurely butchering my digression, I try to brainstorm, with all my limited sapience, the origin of it. The word of the day is Warring. Have you ever heard of the Warring Triad? In Final Fantasy XIV, it’s an organization …

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Lyse FFXIV Guide

Plot twists can break or make a story. They either function as a mechanism to put that boost on the tracks and send the narrative to unreachable heights or derail it, turning the outcome of said twist into a convoluted and disordered mess. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the plot of Yda/Lyse …

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moenbryda guide

Moenbryda Guide

They say that stars that shine brighter are doomed to fade sooner. At the risk of giving you an instant spoiler, I think this is one of the best descriptions to define Moenbryda. This Roegadyn appears spontaneously in the plot, demonstrating her worth, fleshing out a little more about the then mysterious Urianger, and helping …

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Haurchefant Guide

Haurchefant Guide

I am an emotional guy, you know. It is not hard to cry reading, watching, or playing a game with a passionate and charismatic story. But every now and then, I wonder if, during a scriptwriting brainstorming, people create characters already thinking in the endgame of how to make a player’s life miserable during gameplay. …

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