Murillo Zerbinatto

Murillo is a writer of Final Fantasy informer, a job that his teenage version never imagined he would have. He played - or observed - his first Final Fantasy when his brother rented Final Fantasy III for SNES (which was actually Final Fantasy VI), but since it was the Japanese version, they understood zilch and soon gave up. Sometime later - and some English RPGs in-between - they rented Final Fantasy II (Final Fantasy IV, yeah, it was a mess) and began to delve into the incredible world of Final Fantasy and never to get off it.

Final Fantasy Reaper Guide

Final Fantasy Reaper Guide – Embrace the Void

If there’s one thing that JRPGs are famous for, it’s creating characters who have some traumatic past and depend on some evil, seemingly dark force to unleash their irrepressible power. If it has a mysterious background, a chic design, and an extremely taciturn personality, it holds the perfect formula to win the hearts of the […]

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