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Final Fantasy XVI Cid’s Hideaway Guide: Where We Can Live On Our Own Terms

Final Fantasy XVI is a massive departure from the other mainline titles in the series to date, with gameplay that is more like a hack-and-slash title than the turn-based, methodical battle systems we have come to expect from the FF series.

Yet, despite this tonal shift both in terms of gameplay and story, the game has galvanized the series, offering one of the finest Final Fantasy outings since FFXII, in my opinion. It’s almost made me forget how underwhelming Final Fantasy XV was. Almost.

There are a lot of new features to get used to in this new adventure, but there is one thing you can always count on in a Final Fantasy game, and that’s the inclusion of a character named Cid.

While Cid has come in many forms over the years, from Highwind’s Mechanic to the studious Headmaster of Balamb Garden, Final Fantasy XVI may just be the omnipotent character’s best role yet, and certainly, the one that has cast him in the most prominent role.

Cid plays the role of a rebel leader who houses Bearers and gives them a place to live on their own terms away from the clutches of the Imperials. He does the same for our player character Clive, offering him a port in the storm where he can gather himself after the intense events of the opening hour of Final Fantasy XVI.

He takes you to Cid’s Hideaway, which acts as the game’s hub area, where you will return frequently to enhance your gear, gather supplies, and complete a series of questlines. The Hideaway goes through some pretty dramatic changes as the game progresses, and we thought it would help all of you FF newbies if we documented all that can be seen and done when visiting The Hideaway.

So hop on your Chocobos and ride. This is Final Fantasy XVI Cid’s Hideaway Guide.

Understanding The Role of Cid’s Hideaway

Before we get into the many features present at both Cid’s Hideaway and The Hideaway, we need to establish what this place actually is and its relevance in FFXVI. Cid’s Hideaway is essentially the hub area for the entire game, essentially acting as a home base for Clive as he progresses in his adventure.

It’s a place that you will return to time and time again throughout, as it essentially houses all the amenities needed to track your quests, get your gear in tip-top shape, and also allows you to check in with a band of characters that will likely become your favorites across the whole of Valisthea.

You unlock Cid’s Hideaway pretty much immediately after you gain control of Clive (or Wyvyrn) When he’s all grown up.

After you track down Jill, and Cid comes to your aid, you will follow him back to Cid’s Hideaway, where they will treat Jill’s wounds, and eventually convince you to join their cause. In short, after you complete ‘A Chance Encounter’, Cid’s Hideaway will be your port in the storm for quite some time.

What Is Available at Cid’s Hideaway

Final Fantasy XVI Cid's Hideaway

As mentioned, there are two versions of the Hideaway that the player will come to know throughout their adventure, and the first is the dark and dingy version that Cid invites you back to.

Of the two, this Hideaway is much more limited in terms of the features it has to offer, but the good news is that these features will follow you to the other hideaway later on. Here is a rundown of what can be found at Cid’s Hideaway:


I begin with the questlines available in Cid’s Hideaway as they are not something you should put off if you want to witness them.

You see, if you push through the main story and complete ‘A Crystal’s Curse, you will no longer have access to all the side-quests that appeared up to that point, mainly because the timeline of the story pushes on by five years, meaning that realistically these people would no longer be waiting around for a passerby to solve their problems.

What I will say is that aside from ‘No Bark,’ which is a short, fun mission, none of these quests are all that gripping, and there is no Renown on offer either. However, if you are a true completionist, you will want to mark out these missions and complete them before you pass that point of no return.

Of all those quests, these are the quests that are given, or take place in Cid’s Hideaway:

  • Food For Thought
  • Make Do and Mend
  • A Place for Everyone
  • Moving Heaven and Earth
  • Needs of the Many
  • Red Letter Day

Charon’s Toll

Image by Callum Marshall

I mentioned that The Hideaway is a great place to gather new supplies and gear that will aid you on your quest, and while there are other merchants dotted around the map, Charon’s Toll is probably the best, and certainly the most convenient.

This is a shop where players can buy weapons, armor, accessories, and materials needed for crafting. Not to mention a handful of curiosities if that tickles your fancy.

The Black Hammer

Final Fantasy XVI Cid's Hideaway The Black Hammer
Image by Callum Marshall

If you aren’t into buying all of your gear at full price, you may become more familiar with the Blacksmith at The Hideaway.

The Black Hammer is where you’ll find moody blacksmith Blackthorne, and where you’ll be able to take all of your craftable materials and turn them into gear that will make slaying monsters in the wild a breeze. So whether you need a simple Broadsword, or to forge the Ultima Weapon, Blackthorne is your guy.

Arete Stone

Arete Stone Final Fantasy XVI Cid's Hideaway
Image by Callum Marshall

At The Hideaway, you also have access to an Arete Stone, which, to put it simply, is a portal to a training mode. This stone will transport you to a realm where you can set up combat scenarios and test your mettle against any of the monsters that you have faced to that point.

The Stone also offers an Arcade Mode where you can try and rack up a higher high score than your fellow FFXVI fanatics.

Plus, it also offers a series of trials that will put all that you have learned to the test. It’s a great place to test out combos, get familiar with Eikon abilities, and try out new playstyles. It won’t count toward any achievements, sadly, but with enough practice, it won’t matter one bit.


Orchestrion Final Fantasy XVI Cid's Hideaway
Image by Callum Marshall

You’ll also find a little jukebox in The Hideaway that you can play around with. This is called an Orchestrion and allows you to play any tune from the soundtrack that you have unlocked.

Some of these tracks will be handed to you after discovering certain regions or completing certain quests. Whereas others can only be obtained through purchasing a certain Curiosity from a merchant. It’s only a little thing, but it’s a nice feature and a fun way to enjoy your favorite tracks from this title.

Thousand Tomes

Thousand Tomes Final Fantasy XVI Cid's Hideaway
Image by Callum Marshall

This is a feature that is along the same lines as the Active Time Lore feature you will see during each cutscene; only this feature is all-encompassing.

Think of it as Jiminy’s Journal in Kingdom Hearts. If you feel a little overwhelmed by all the Game of Thrones style plot points, you can visit this area of The Hideaway and brush up on all of the story beats to this point.

Alliant Reports

Then lastly, you unlock a feature called Alliant Reports. This feature doesn’t become available until the quest ‘Righting Wrongs’ is available. When this happens, talk to Gaute, and he will explain the feature to you. Since he’s not here, allow me.

Alliant Reports is essentially a bulletin board of all the active side-quests in Valisthea and where they can be actioned. It’s a means of mapping out your next task so you don’t end up aimlessly wandering the land in search of something to do.

Cid’s Hideaway Vs The Hideaway

The Hideaway Final Fantasy XVI Cid's Hideaway
Image by Callum Marshall

After you complete ‘The Crystals Curse’ the old Hideaway will be destroyed, meaning that you and your merry band of misfits will need to find a new home. Which you do in the form of the new incarnation of Cid’s Hideaway, simply known as The Hideaway.

This area swaps the dark and dingy vibes of the old location for a sunkissed wreckage out on the water near the Deadlands. It’s a much more expansive area, and as such, it houses even more cool features that will keep you busy for the rest of the game.

All of the features listed above can be found at the new location, but here is a list of all the new content you will encounter when you make the change:

Vivian’s Report

Vivian's Report Final Fantasy XVI Cid's Hideaway
Image by Callum Marshall

If you have explored all that Harpocrates has to offer and still feel completely bewildered by what’s going on within the story, then Vivian might be able to help you.

Vivian is essentially your batt;e strategist and, as such, is able to make sense of the various regions, factions, and major players’ motives throughout the story. It’s essentially a situation map mapping out all the key moves in the Crystal War, and allows you to understand how Clive links to everything.

The Hunt Board

The Hunt Board Final Fantasy XVI Cid's Hideaway
Image by Callum Marshall

For those looking to really showcase their prowess in battle, The Hunt Board in FFXVI offers players the chance to act as a bounty hunter, collecting rewards for taking down unique boss mobs all over Valisthea.

These are given a rough spawn location, and a ranking to help you determine just how tough these guys are. You’ll probably stumble across a few of these naturally on your travels, but if you want to roleplay as Valisthea’s Witcher, this is a feature you’ll want to get acquainted with.

The Patron’s Whisper

The Patron's Whisper Final Fantasy XVI Cid's Hideaway
Image by Callum Marshall

If you complete side-quests and complete bounties, you’ll gain an in-game commodity called Renown. This is essentially Clive’s reputation, and the more you rack up, the more willing people are to support the rebel cause.

When you rack up enough renown, you can then claim rewards that are essentially listed in a tier system. So do a few good deeds, and the Patron’s Whisper will reward you in turn.

Wall of Memories

Wall of Memories Final Fantasy XVI Cid's Hideaway
Image by Callum Marshall

In the new Hideaway, you’ll also have an office of sorts where Clive will oversee operations, and there, you will find the Wall of Memories. This is a wall that displays all the Curiosities that Clive gathers on his travels.

What are curiosities, you ask? Well, in simple terms, they are essentially key items within the game, whether that be quest items or items that represent a key point in the story; you can find them here, usually accompanied by a nice write-up to jog your memory and help you understand the importance of this little trinket.

The Reading Table

The Reading Table Final Fantasy XVI Cid's Hideaway
Image by Callum Marshall

Then lastly, you have the Reading Table, which allows Clive to read any letters that he has received from companions.

This is essentially a means of adding more exposition to the story, but there is a trophy associated with reading ten letters, and some are linked to side quests, so engaging with Clive’s correspondence is worthwhile.


Question: Who Plays Cid in Final Fantasy XVI?

Answer: Cid, or Cidolfus Telamon in Final Fantasy XVI, is played by Ralph Iseson, who is probably best known for his roles in the UK Office, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Chernobyl.

Question: When Does The Hideaway Change In Final Fantasy XVI?

Answer: Cid’s Hideaway is destroyed during the events of the mission ‘The Crystals’ Curse’, and from then onwards, the player will conduct all their business out of The Hideaway.

Question: Why Is The Hideaway In The Deadlands?

Answer: Simple. It’s the last place that someone would look. In a world that has become obsessed with magic given from crystals and the power of Bearers, why would anyone set foot in an area where no magic can be drawn from the land? It’s the perfect place to hide.

Final Fantasy XVI Cid’s Hideaway Guide: Home In The Deadlands

While Cid’s Hideaway in the opening twenty-four chapters call feel a little limited in terms of its usefulness, after the events of The Crystals’ Curse, The Hideaway becomes a location well worth returning to time and time again, even if the main questline doesn’t prompt you to.

It’s a means of picking up interesting bounties, turning your renown for flashy new rewards, and there are more than a few interesting questlines that start in the heart of The Hideaway.

Not to mention, the place is a real treat for the eyes, no matter what version of The Hideaway you’re thinking of. I hope that this guide has explained how each of these locations work, and as always, thank you for reading Final Fantasy Insider!

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