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Final Fantasy XVI Patron Items Guide: How to Unlock All Patron Items

Final Fantasy XVI is full of secrets and optional content for players to enjoy. While I will be the first to admit that its lack of RPG elements is a bit of a misstep, there are some excellent parts of the game, such as some of the side content, like the patron items.

These are optional items players can unlock pretty much for free as they progress through the game, as you’ll see in this Final Fantasy XVI patron items guide.

Patron items are easy to miss and forget about, but they can often give you some excellent benefits you don’t want to ignore. As such, I am going to break down what patron items are, how to unlock each of them, and some of my personal tips for unlocking these items the fastest.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and get started with my full Final Fantasy XVI patron items guide below.

Bottom Line Up Front

Patron items are some of the most easily forgotten parts of Final Fantasy XVI. You see, as you progress through the game and unlock more parts of the Hideaway, you’ll eventually stumble upon the patron items area, which is managed by none other than the NPC Desiree.

After completing a particular quest, you’ll be able to earn Renown, which is a currency in a way. The more Renown you earn, the more items you’ll be able to get from The Patron’s Whisper shop. Renown is hard to get, but you can earn it through specific boss battles, quests, and hunts.

As you earn Renown, you’ll be able to return to Desiree and unlock more items. At this time in the game, there are a whopping 16 total titles you can unlock through the patron shop. Each of the titles comes with its own items as a reward, and they contribute to you even unlocking a special trophy on PS5.

How to Unlock Patron Items

Final Fantasy XVI Patron Items

Before you can ever start unlocking the epic items, accessories, and orchestrion rolls that the patron shop has to offer you, you first need to unlock this feature in the game. To do this, you have to progress through the main story until you reach the third and final central time skip in the plot.

After the five years pass following the wild events in the story’s first act, you’ll end up in the main scenario quest known as Cid the Outlaw. Once you complete this quest and return to the Hideaway, you’ll learn about the new features you’ve unlocked in the five-year gap.

One of these features is The Patron’s Whisper, where Desiree compiles all the fame and notoriety that Cid has built up over the course of his adventures in Valisthea. This is when you unlock this option, but you won’t necessarily have patron items that you’ll automatically start to unlock now.

To get patron items, you have to obtain Renown. Think of it as an extra currency in a way similar to the Gil you use to buy items and the ability points you unlock to upgrade further the Eikon powers that Clive has at his disposal.

The more Renown you earn from completing the main story, optional content, side quests, and bounty hunt marks, the higher your fame will go up. Once you reach certain milestones—of which there are 16—you will unlock more patron items whenever you speak with Desiree at that point.

Full Final Fantasy XVI Patron Items List

final fantasy XVI patron items

As mentioned, there are 16 main achievements or titles that you can unlock through The Patron’s Whisper shop. You’ll have to earn the required amount of Renown to unlock each title, but for everyone that you get, you’ll earn more patron items in exchange.

Below, you’ll find all 16 of the titles that you can earn and all of the patron items associated with them. I’ll be sure to note which items you can get and how many Renown points you’ll need to unlock that specific title in the game. Let’s go ahead and get started.

  • Talk of the Teahouse (title): 15 renown to unlock. It earns you 20 Bloody Hides, 20 Valley Madder, 20 Steelsilk, and 400 ability points
  • Respect: 45 renown to unlock. Gives you a meteorite.
  • Pillow Talk: 45 renown. Berserker Ring is the reward.
  • A Swelling Chorus: 135 renown. Empty Shard and A Rose Is a Rose orchestrion roll.
  • A Prayer for Safe Travels: 205 renown. Cleric’s Medallion accessory
  • Safe Passage: 295 renown. Dire Wolf Jess accessory
  • A Token: 410 renown. 15 desert roses, 25 briar clam shells, and 800 ability points
  • The Bearer’s Plight: 550 renown. Two meteorites
  • A Light From the Heavens: 715 renown. High Cleric’s Medallion accessory
  • A Pall Lifted: 905 renown. 30 bloody hides, 30 steelsilk, 40 sharp fangs, and 1500 ability points
  • Newfound Purpose: 1120 renown. Amber and No Risk No Reward orchestrion roll
  • A Gift: 1360 renown. Talisman of Priming
  • A Fitting Performance: 1635 renown. 20 clutch mines, 50 Wyrrite, 50 magicked ash, and 2500 ability points
  • Faith Undying: 1965 renown. Ring of the Swiftshot
  • Continental Acclaim: 2365 renown. Genji Gloves accessory
  • Unsigned: 2850 renown. Fallen Enigma, To Sail Forbidden Seas orchestrion roll

Tips for Earning Renown

Renown is the heart of the patron items in Final Fantasy XVI. Without this currency, you won’t be able to get these special items for free. That said, getting renown is easier said than done. If you focus solely on the main scenario quests, you won’t find much renown waiting for you at the end of your adventure.

You have to actively seek out renown and the activities that gift you this wonderful little currency if you want to get the patron items. Even worse, if you want to get all of the items it offers, including the fantastic Genji Gloves, near the end of the possible patron items, you’ll need to optimize your search.

Here are some of the tips I have for you after trying to collect all of the patron items myself during my time with this game:

  • Do all of the side content in this game. If you see a side quest, grab it and complete it. If there is a hunt mark on the Hunt Board, do it. All of these contribute renown, and it adds up over time to unlocking all of the patron items.
  • Don’t feel rushed to do content (especially hunts) as soon as you unlock it. While you may feel the pressure to do that hunt as soon as you unlock it, some of them are at a much higher level than you. They will still be there when you come back, so take your time and ensure you’re ready for it.
  • Complete side quests before you continue the main story. While most of the missable side quests are earlier in Clive’s life before the final time skip, you don’t want to miss out on these side quests, and most are relatively straightforward, so grab them while you can.
  • Revisit past locations to find new side quests. You can easily see new side quests you haven’t done yet from the world map, noted by the green marks they have. Head to that location, and you can take them on.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to return to the Hideaway and Desiree often. I know there are times I went without talking to her for a while. It was nice to return and get tons of gifts, but there are some items, such as ability points and accessories, that you can make the most of when you first get them. Don’t waste time and forget about unlocking the awesome patron items.

Careful Whisper Trophy Explained

final fantasy XVI careful whisper trophy

The final challenge when it comes to the patron items and the most difficult part of it all is the Careful Whisper trophy. This PS5 trophy for Final Fantasy XVI is the for the completionist out there. If you want that elusive platinum trophy, you’ll have to go through this particular trophy first.

To get the Careful Whisper trophy, you have to unlock all 16 of the patron titles and the various items that you get with each of them. This means meeting the 2850 renown mark and basically doing all of the various side quests and bounty marks in this game.

That is quite a daunting task but one that trophy and achievement hunters will ultimately have to complete if they wish to comprehensively beat the game in its entirety. Thankfully, though, don’t feel disappointed if you beat the main story and you don’t have enough renown yet.

This means that you missed a side quest or hunt or two. Fortunately, the game makes it easy to go back and complete the content you missed. While you could restart the game on New Game Plus, it is also possible to load clear saved data and be brought back before the end of the game’s story.

You can use this time to finish up any hunts or quests you didn’t do and get enough renown to get this trophy.

Final Fantasy XVI Patron Items Guide: FAQs

Question: How to get renown in Final Fantasy 16?

Answer: You can get renown in a number of ways in Final Fantasy 16. You can complete the hunt marks at the Hunt Board, do all of the side quests in the game, take on bosses, and more. Each of these tasks will generally give you 10-50 renown for completing them, which can help you reach the intense goal of 2,850 renown for all items.

Question: Will Final Fantasy 16 have DLC?

Answer: It is currently unconfirmed whether or not Final Fantasy 16 will have DLC. That said, I would not be surprised if this game has DLC. There are some unanswered questions and possible directions for the story to go in, plus some characters that certainly deserve more spotlight. I could see DLC similar to what Final Fantasy 15 had.

Question: How long does it take to beat FF16?

Answer: It can take at least 30 hours but closer to 35 to 40 hours to beat the main scenario in FF16. For me, personally, it took me around 50 hours to beat the entire game because I was trying to do all of the hunt marks and side quests at the same time. It will ultimately vary depending on what you do or don’t do.

Find Out More About Final Fantasy XVI

The patron items in Final Fantasy XVI are relatively easy to miss. Though you learn about them early in the game, it is easy to forget them and never return. I suggest returning to Desiree often at the Hideaway to get more free rewards for everything you do in the game. After all, it’s not like you have to do anything you aren’t already doing.

I also recommend taking on any side quests and hunts you find while journeying in Valisthea. These not only add to the world but also provide experience and items that will make your job much easier. In addition, they will give you renown, which you can then use to get the various patron items that exist.

At the end of the day, though, the patron items in Final Fantasy XVI are only one part of what makes this game so amazing. If you want to learn more about the overall aspects of the gameplay experience and what Final Fantasy XVI has to offer, you’re in the right place. We’ve previously broken down everything you need to know about this game.

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