FFXIV Hydatos Weapons

FFXIV Hydatos Weapons Guide

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Ah, loot. The force that keeps all RPG players spinning. MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV offers no shortage of shiny, mouthwatering loot to its players. The Stormblood expansion introduced many players to The Forbidden Land of Eureka, an area whose main reward is class-specific weapons.

The FFXIV Hydatos Weapons, however, are unique in their kind, as they don’t only look outstanding but also offer five materia slots and are completely dyeable. Also, they glow.

As Eureka comprises four sections, you will get the chance to upgrade your weapon each time you enter a new zone several times. Upon arriving in Eureka, you will hold an Antiquated Weapon, but you will leave with your own shiny, customizable Eurekan relic.

Interested in grabbing a relic yourself? You will only need to follow this guide.

Key Info Up Front

What is Eureka


Eureka is an expedition-style map with multiple zones and very little quest guidance. In Eureka, you will find four zones: Anemos, Pagos, Pyros and Hydatos. Each zone has its qualities and, once finished, will provide you with a relic for your combat job.

Unlocking Eureka

You need to meet the following requirements to unlock Eureka:

  1. Reach Lv. 70 with any combat job.
  2. Unlock the Stormblood Expansion.
  3. Accept the quest “And We Shall Call It Eureka” at Rhalgr’s Reach (X:9.8 Y:12.5)

Eureka Basics

Eureka has four different zones, and there is no real questline. Everything is given through talking to and learning from other players. This section has a very gritty aspect, tailored to certain people. Keep in mind the following aspects:

Independent Leveling System

The leveling system in Eureka is independent. You begin at elemental level one. So, despite entering at level 70, you will have all your level 70 job abilities in Eureka, but you start at level one.

That means you will see that there are enemies of scale from one to 60, which is your elemental level. Enemies have an elemental affinity, the strength or weakness to do extra damage and take minor damage from them using the Magia Board mechanic.


Doing everything in Eureka as a group makes survivability way easier. You can get credit for killing higher-level bosses, which is very important for progression, so always look for a group.


No Respawning

It is completely viable to level solo in Eureka, but you will need to accept that it can be dangerous, as you have no guaranteed resurrection if you die, and also, it will take a bit longer. Doing Eureka solo is not extremely fast, but it is not slow either; it is Steady. The best way to do this is by undertaking the FATEs.

No Respawning

If you die, don’t respawn. Ask someone to raise you. If you respawn, you will lose EXP and even levels.

Notorious Monsters (NM)

Eureka has a series of FATES with boss enemies. If you do ones of a similar level to you or lower, you can get crystals, which you need to level your weapon up. Every NM instance has a monster that corresponds to them.

Once a notorious monster pops, the chat begins to liven up as groups gather around to defeat it. The first thing you should do is find a party and try and safely make your way to the location. Remember that higher-level party members will not aggro monsters that are far lower level than them, but you will.

Eureka Weapons: The Goal

Everyone in Eureka is after one thing: the loot. Eurekan gear is one of the most substantial and most remarkable looks.       All weapons obtained in Eureka glow and can be dyed.

Keep in mind the following information about Eurekan relics:

  • Any Relic or AF armor can be obtained on any job.
  • You do not need to equip your relic at any point in Eureka for any reason.
  • You will need the Antiquated Armor and Weapon from the job you wish to obtain relic for.
  • Each piece of equipment will need to be upgraded multiple times.
  • There is no limit to the number of relics you can obtain.


Head to Anemos and meet Gerolt, the blacksmith who will forge your Eurekan Relics.

Anemos (Lv. 1-20)

New mechanic: Magia Board


The Magia Board is a six-sided elemental board that you can use to change how much damage you do and take from a monster in Eureka.

To use this board, you will need magicite, which can be melded in the Magia Melder. If you place magicite into the water slot and hit confirm, you will see that you have one point in the water affinity. This means now you will take more minor damage from water monsters, and you will deal more damage to monsters weak to water, such as fire monsters.

All enemies in Eureka will have an element and, thus, be sensitive to another. The way to beat them is to switch between elemental affinities. It works like a clock, so you just need to spin it to adjust your current element to the most convenient one.

Note that it can either be used offensively (by switching to the element that the enemy is most weak to) or defensively (by changing to the enemy’s element so that you take less damage from it).

Anemos Weapon

To craft your Anemos Weapon, you need 1300 Protein Crystals and 3 Pazuzu feathers.

How to Get Protean Crystals

Protein Crystals can be obtained in exchange for Anemos Crystals. To collect Anemos Crystals, you will need to defeat NMs. You can later exchange these crystals for Protein Crystals by speaking to Gerolt.

Anemos Fates

LV. Name Location Crystals
1 Unsafety Dance Heartbreak Holt (14.1-21.8) x3
2 The Shadow over Anemos The Val River Swale (27.8-28.2) x6
3  Teles House The Orchard (26.0-26.8) x9
4  The Swarm Never Sets The Orchard (17.2-23.9) x12
5  One Missed Callisto The Orchard (27.8-23.3) x15
6  By Numbers The Orchard (23.2-22.7) x18
7  Disinherit the Wind The Orchard (19.1-19.6) x21
8  Prove Your Amemettle Klauser’s Peace (14.7-15.9) x24
9  Caym What May Klauser’s Peace (12.6-12.4) x26
10  The Killing of a Sacred Bombadier The Val River Swale (28.5-20.5) x28
11  Short Serket 2 The Val River Swale (24-20) x30
12  Don’t Judge Me, Morbol. The Val River Swale (22.2-14.9) x30
13  When You Ride Alone The Val River Swale (20.0-13.4) x34
14  Sing, Muse The Anemos Seam (26.2-15.0) x36
15  Simurghasbord The Anemos Seam (28.8-13.3) x38
16  To the Mat Uncanny Valley (Area) (35.2-19.7) x40
17  Wine and Honey Uncanny Valley (Area) (34.6-21.9) x43
18  I Amarok Newvoid (8.2-17.9) x46
19  Drama Lamashtu Newvoid (8.2-25.3) x48
20  Wail in the Willows Newvoid (7.3-21.7) x50

How to Get Pazuzu Feathers

As you might have already guessed, to get the Pazuzu feathers, you need to defeat the NM Pazuzu. However, you can also get them in exchange for Anemos Crystals if you speak to the Bird Watcher NPC at the main camp.

Upgrading Anemos Weapon

Upgrading Anemos Weapon

Weapons Tiers Materials Item Level
Antiquated None 290
Starter 100 Protean Crystals 335
Starter +1 400 Protean Crystals 340
 Starter +2 800 Protean Crystals 345
Anemos 3 Pazuzu Feathers 355

Pagos (Lv. 20-35)

New Mechanic: Eurekan Kettle

Say “hello” to this zone’s gauge: the Visited Aether Crystal Yield gauge. At level 25, Gerolt will task you with filling up this gauge by defeating zone enemies.

Beware the dragons! The trick is that you will not only come across FATEs but also dragons who are asleep but will aggro if you wake them up. This means you will have to sneak around them.

Pagos Weapon

You will need 500 Pagos Crystals, 31 Frosted Protein Crystals, and 5 Lhoui Ice to upgrade your Anemos relic into a Pagos relic.

How to Get Pagos Crystals

This is the most straightforward bit. They can be obtained by defeating notorious monsters and completing fates.

Pagos Fates

Pagos Fates

Lv. Name Location Crystals
20 Down the Rabbit Hole Frozen Lake (18.2-26.9) x2
20 Eternity Frozen Lake (21-26) x8
21 Cairn Blight 451 The Val River Belly (25-28)  x9
22 Ash the Magic Dragon The Val River Belly (29-30)  x10
23 Conqueror Worm The Val River Belly (32-26) x12
24 Melting Point The Val River Belly (34-21) x14
25 The Wobbler in Darkness The Val River Belly  (28.5-22.4) x16
26 Does It Have to Be a Snowman Brushtip Gap (17.4-16.2) x18
27 Disorder in the Court Hot Water (10.5-10.5)  x20
28 Cows for Concern Hot Water (10.0-18.2)  x22
29 Morte Arthro Hot Water (8.5-15.5)  x24
30 Brothers The Bull’s Pen (14.0-18.5) x26
31 Apocalypse Cow Agaric Rock (26.0-17.1) x28
32  Third Impact Agaric Rock (31.4-19.0) x30
33  Eye of Horus The Mold Beds (25.5-20.2)  x32
34  Eye Scream for Ice Cream Corse Rise (24.4-25.3) x34
35  Cassie and the Copycats The Barren Arena (22.0-14.5) x40
35  Louhi on Ice Icebloom Cavern (35.7-18.7)  x40

How to Get Frosted Protean Crystals

By visiting the Crystal Forge, you can turn the accumulated Aether into Frosted Protein Crystals.

How to Get the Lhoui Ice

To get the Lhoui Ice, you will need to participate in the FATE against Lhoui. Another option is to exchange a bunch of Pagos Crystals with the Birdwatcher NPC.

Upgrading Pagos Weapon

Upgrading Pagos Weapon

Weapon Tiers Materials Item level
Pagos 5 Frosted Protean Crystals 360
 Pagos +1 10 Frosted Protean Crystals, 500 Pagos Crystals 365
Elemental 16 Frosted Protean Crystals, 5 Louhi’s Ice 370

Pyros (Lv. 35-50)

New mechanic: Logos actions

You will need to unlock the different Logos Actions to progress.

You must obtain Logrograms, which can be acquired by chaining mobs, opening Bunny chests, or purchasing them off the market board. To decipher them, you need to speak to an NPC named Drake. Speaking to Drake gives an option to “Review your Logograms,” allowing you to use them in the Logos Manipulator to create Logos Actions.

The Logos Actions make Jobs a bit more chaotic. Your DPS may be able to tank; your healer may be able to DPS; your tank might be able to heal, etc. Party comp is still essential, but it’s not as important as it once was.

Pyros Weapon

You will need 650 Pyros Crystals, 30 Logos Actions, and 5 Penthesilea’s Flames for this weapon.

How to Get Pyros Crystals

As always, defeat enemies and complete FATEs to get Crystals.

Pyros Fates

LV. Name Location Crystal
35  Medias Res


Northeastern Ice Needles (26.6-26.3)  x8


36  High Voltage (FATE)


Northeastern Ice Needles (29.1-29.6)  X9


37  On the Non-existent


Northeastern Ice Needles (31.9-32.0)  X10


38  Creepy Doll


Southwestern Ice Needles (23.7-37.3) x12


39  Quiet, Please


Southwestern Ice Needles (19.3-28.1) x14


40  Up and Batym


West Flamerock (17.9-14.3) x16


41  Rondo Aetolus


West Flamerock (10.2-14.0) x18


42  Scorchpion King


West Flamerock (12.8-11.5) x20


43  Burning Hunger


West Flamerock (15.4-6.6)  x22


44  Dry Iris


West Flamerock (21.5-11.9)  x24


45  Thirty Whacks


East Flamerock (22.0-7.9) x26


46  Put Up Your Dux


East Flamerock (27.0-9.1) x28


47  You Do Know Jack


East Flamerock (30.0-11.6) x30


48  Mister Bright-eyes


East Flamerock (31.6-14.9)  x32


49  Haunter of the Dark


The Cavern of the Second Cant (11-34)  x34


50  Heavens’ Warg


Southwestern Ice Needles – The Garden of Despite (23.9-30.0) x40


50  Lost Epic East Flamerock – The Ring of Fire (35.5-6.1) x40

How to Get Logograms

To get the Logograms, you will need to do the same, but you can also do Bunnie FATEs, which ask you to save bunnies from different challenging situations in exchange for Logograms. These will later need to be treated by Drake and used in the Logos Manipulator to create Logos Actions.

How to Get Penthesilea’s Flames

How to Get Penthesilea’s Flames

You can either defeat Penthesilea or trade Crystals with the Birdwatcher NPC to acquire this item.

Upgrading Pyros Weapon

Weapon Tiers Materials Item level
Elemental +1 150 Pyros Crystals 375
Elemental +2 200 Pyros Crystals 380
Pyros 300 Pyros Crystals, 5 Penthesilea’s Flames 385

Hydatos (Lv. 50-60)

Hydatos Weapon

All you need here is 350 Hydatos Crystals and Crystalline 5 scales.

How to Get the Hydatos Crystals

By killing monsters and completing FATEs, you can acquire enough Hydatos Crystals. Most FATEs in this area only give 5 to 9 crystals. 2 FATEs give you more: the Provenance Watcher and the Baldesion Arsenal.

LV. Name Location Rewards
50 I Ink, Therefore I Am


The West Val River Bank (10.8-25.6)  x5


51 From Tusk till Dawn


The West Val River Bank (10.4-17.2) x5
52 Bullheaded Berserker


The West Val River Bank (8.1-21.8) x6
53 Mad, Bad, and Fabulous to Know


The West Val River Bank (7.1-14.5) x6
54 Fearful Symmetry


The West Val River (7.1-14.5) x7


55 Crawling Chaos


Bank (8.2-26.1) x7


56 Duty-free


The East Val River Bank (29.1-23.0) x8
57 Leukewarm Reception


The East Val River Bank (37.4-26.4) x8
58 Robber Barong


The East Val River Bank (32.2-25.3) x9
59 Stone-cold Killer


The East Val River Bank (36.3-14.0) x9
60 Crystalline Provenance


 The Crystal Dragon’s Bloom (32.8-19.5) x10
60 I Don’t Want to Believe


The Val River Source (26.3-29.2) x10
60 The Baldesion Arsenal: Expedition Support


The Val River Source (18.7-28.4) x30

How to Get 5 Crystalline Scales

By defeating PW twice, you will get six scales, more than what you need to upgrade your weapon to Hydatos-status.

Upgrading Hydatos

Weapon Tiers Materials Item level
Hydatos 50 Hydatos Crystals 390
Hydatos +1 100 Hydatos Crystals 395
Base Eureka 100 Hydatos Crystals 400
Eureka 100 Hydatos Crystals, 5 Crystalline Scales 405


Question: How do I go to Eureka?

Answer: If you meet all the requirements, you need to go to Kugane, head to Pier 1, and talk to Rodney. He will lead to the first Eurekan zone: Anemos.

Question: How do I get Hydatos weapons?

Answer: Hydatos weapons are obtained once you beat the fourth zone of The Forbidden Lands of Eureka. With a couple of grindable items, you will be able to upgrade your weapon to Hydatos-level.

Question: How many Hydatos Crystals do I need?

Answer: To upgrade your weapon to the max, you will need 350 Hydatos Crystals.


Beating all of Eureka is definitely a wild ride, but also a rewarding one. To get there, you will likely have gone through several quests, cleared many FATE instances, and smashed your controller/mouse against the wall more than once. No judging, we have all been there.

Once you have completed all of these steps you will have earned a level 405 weapon for your character that is more than deserving of showing off.

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