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Samurai Final Fantasy Guide

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So you want to main Samurai? Well, do you like katanas? Do you crave being at the top of the damage list? Do you enjoy collecting Vulnerability stacks like a Pokémon master? Well, then, the way of the blade is for you.

The Samurai and Final Fantasy XIV is a wandering ronin taught by the wandering Samurai Mususai in the art of the blade. He focuses on Iaijutsu, a method commonly known as “Quick Draw” of the sword. You’ll also develop the “Sen” art, which translates into a gauge in gameplay. With the forces of Setsu, which means snow; Getsu, which means moon; and Ka, which means flower, you’ll be unleashing your Higashu sword mastery techniques on your foes.

The Samurai Katana itself stores energy in the form of Kenki, which the Samurai releases in powerful Hissatsu special attacks. The sheath of the samurai stores their aether, which they release in devastating abilities.

In Final Fantasy XIV, the Samurai boasts incredible damage to make up for the lack of raid utility. tWhen a group asks you where your raid utility is, you push up your anime glasses, turn on your voice filter and say: “My blade is my utility.”

As a selfish, self-centered only child, Samurai is one of my favorite melee DPS. They dish out a lot of DPS and only have utility within DPS. Trust me, the party will barely care about your lack of contribution to the utility when they realize you’ve sliced all foes in less than 10 seconds.

Samurai is an entertaining Final Fantasy class, but there’s a long way of training before you can master the way of the sword. Their puzzling gauge contribution mechanic and odd damage burst payoff can make this class a bit confusing at first glance. This Samurai Final Fantasy guide provides an overview of the Samurai’s skills, rotation, and the best possible Katanas you can get your hands on in the game.


  • Job: Samurai
  • Type: Melee DPS
  • Unlock: Level 50
  • Playstyle: fill up your gauges to unleash massive damage on your foes

Samurai Abilities

Main Combo

Your main combo will consist of three parts.

Part 1: Kasha Combo

Kasha Combo Samurai Final Fantasy XIV

Your Kasha combo is Hakaze into Shifu, which will grant you a buff called Fuka that reduces your global cooldown timer by a lot, and then into Kasha, which has a flank positional and will give you “Ka,” one of your Sen.

Part 2: Gekko Combo

Gekko Combo Samurai Final Fantasy XIV

Your Gekko combo is Hakaze into Jinpu, which will grant you a personal damage buff called Fugetsu, and then into Gekko, which has a rear positional and will give you “Getsu,” another sen.

Both Fuka and Fugetsu will have their percentage increased to level 78.

Part 3: Yukikaze Combo


Your last combo consists of Hakaze and then into Yukizake, which will grant you your final Sen: “Setsu.”

Other Important Skills

Meikyo Suisun

Meikyo Ssuisun Samurai Ability Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom

Meikyo Suisui will allow you to use any combo skill without requiring any prerequisite moves.

At level 88, You’ll gain a second charge to Meikyo Suisui. With this, you can get all three Sen without having to use your other combo skills.

Meikyo Suisui will also allow Kasha and Gekko to give the Fuka and Fugetsu buffs, respectively.


Laijutsu Samurai Ability Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom

Depending on how many Sen you have, Iaijutsu will change the different moves.

  1. With one Sen, it will change the Higanbana, a damage over time that lasts for one minute.
  2. With two Sen, it’ll change to Tenka Goken, a cone AOE attack.
  3. With three Sen, it’ll change to Madari Setsugekka, a powerful single-target attack.


At level 80, you unlock meditation, which you gain by doing any Iaijutsu.

With three stacks of meditation, you can use Shoha, a powerful single-target attack.

At level 82, you’ll unlock Shoha 2, which is the AoE version.


Tsubame Gaeshi Samurai Ability Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom

At Level 76, you’ll get Tsubame-gaeshi, allowing you to repeat the same Iaijutsu you used, but it’s way more robust.

Unless you’re fighting trash mobs, you should be primarily using this on Madari Setsugekka. In this case, use it on Tenka Goken. Make sure to always use Tsubame-gaeshi before any other moves. If you press another skill after an Iaijutsu, you will lose the ability to use Tsubame-gaeshi until you use another Iaijutsu.

At level 84, you’ll gain a second charge of Tsubame-gaeshi.

AoE combo

You also have an AOE combo that consists of Fuga or Fuko into Mangetsu, which grants Fugetsu, or into Oga, which grants Fuka.

Kenki Gauge

You gain Kenki by doing weapon skills.

At level 68, you unlock Ikishoten, which will give you 50 Kenki instantly.

At level 90, Ikishoten will also allow you to use Ogi Namikiri. This potent cone AoE attack changes to Kaeshi Namikiri, an even more powerful Cone AoE attack.

Ogi Namikiri will also grant you a meditation stack.

With Kenki, you’re able to execute a lot of different moves.

  • Hissatsu: Kaiten will increase the potency of your next weapon skill by 50%. This should be used before using any of your Iajutsu, including Higanbana, so they’ll do much more damage.
  • Hissatsu: Gyoten is the samurais gap closer.
  • Hissatsu: Yaten is Samurai’s gap opener, granting you a buff that increases the potency on your next range attack.
  • Hissatsu: Guren is a compelling line AOE attack.
  • Hissatsu: Senei is a potent single-target attack.
  • Hissatsu: Shinten is a single-target attack that you can weave between moves.
  • Hissatsu: Kyuten is an AoE attack that can be weaved between moves.

Hagakure will convert all of your current Sen into Kenki. Each Sen you have will give 10 Kenki.

This move can help your other abilities line up with each other or give you Kenki in between trash poles.

Meditate will make you stand still for 50 seconds and, throughout the move, give you both meditation stacks and Kenki.

This move should be used during any downtime in a fight or during a phase transition.

Third Eye

Third Eye Samurai Ability Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom

Samurai also has Third Eye, which will reduce your damage taken by 10% for three seconds.

If you were hit during these three seconds, you’d gain 10 Kenki. This should be used before any attack that comes at you.

You also have to make sure to time it right since it lasts only three seconds.

Samurai Weapons

Where would a Samurai be without their Katana? If you picked this job, chances are you are fascinated by the Katana aesthetic. Final Fantasy does not disappoint in weapon design, which is why this guide has a specific section devoted to Katanas.

Katana of the Demon

Katana Of The Demon Samurai Weapons Final Fantasy XIV

  • Level: 60
  • Item level: 180

This Katana’s orbs are very subtle, but the duality of elements inside the blade is fantastic. That aspect isn’t only reflected on the edge but the hilt as well, making it a perfect song of fire and ice to conquer each other job in the game of DPS Thrones.

Conveniently, this can easily be bought off the Market board or crafted, so it’s a quick pick and a good choice.

Ghost Barque Katana

Ghost Barque Katana Samurai Weapons Final Fantasy XIV

  • Level: 61
  • Item level: 240

The Ghost Barque Katana is a beautiful yet minimalistic choice. You can already get on the 1st Stormblood dungeon, The Sirensong Sea.

While it resembles the classical Katana, it mixes that up with some pirate vibes, and fans of One Piece or pirate-themed stuff will love this one.

This Katana has a true amalgamation of different styles, building up a nice unique Katana for minimalists.

Just pay the Sirensong Sea a visit and find this unsynched or by leveling an old job.

Suzaku’s Flame-kissed Chokuto

Suzaku's Flame-kissed Chokuto Samurai Weapons Final Fantasy XIV

  • Level: 70
  • Item level: 290

Another Market board weapon is Suzaku’s Flame-kissed Chokuto. This fine specimen is among the most excellent burning swords. The feathers rising up from the edge’s center are an incredible highlight.

What remakes this a clean, burning sword, though, is the red twirl on the shaft and the Phoenix-style sheath, which overall makes this a clean-looking and burning Katana with very much fitting elements put together.

Blade’s Fealty

Blade's Fealty Samurai Weapons Final Fantasy XIV

  • Level: 80
  • Item level: 535

Something about its glow and color design mix is purely unique. I love how next-gen it looks, even though it loses a significant fraction of the Katana foundation.

The hilt is incredibly fantastic with all the color effects and shines that crawl through the red crystals and black stone metal-like material. Yet it does keep it simple.

While crystals are the central theme around it, a closer look reveals that the Katana inside has just a clean and simple yet astonishing design.

Hoshikiri Recollection

Hoshikiri Recollection Samurai Weapons Final Fantasy XIV

The Hoshikiri Recollection forms an incredible mix of spell-weaved magics engulfing the blade with a heart woven Into Darkness.

Yes, it falls into the more significant Katana category while short in length. However, the clean mix of ceremonial decoration paired up with advanced high-tech gear makes it a very cool symbiosis of tradition and future, as is a traditional Samurai being put into a suit of modern.

The Abyssos Blade

The Abyssos Blade Samurai Weapons Final Fantasy XIV

  • Level: 90
  • Item level: 635

You can get the Abyssos Blade in Pandemonium savage difficulty.

The blade itself and the scabbard are actually not my cups of tea, but the flames reaching further than the edge actually goes are impressive.

What really sets this apart from the other choices is the sword sheath. This is the most special secondary element of a weapon you can find, as this is a critical part of a weapon. I’m glad they haven’t slept on this aspect.

Of course, you must accept the ripple chains attached to the health and that it derives from the classical katana form, but the flames make up for it 10 times.


Question: Is Samurai hard in FFXIV?

Answer: Many changes introduced by recent patches turn Samurai into one of the easiest DPS to play. Endwalker Samurai is super simple. Falling out of your rotation is difficult because there basically is none.

On the other hand, your opener still feels very satisfying, and you can easily fall in love with those big critical hits and the strategic sense system. Managing small and big cooldowns are still challenging, so this job doesn’t get boring quickly. Especially as you have significant damage over time, the effect that needs to be kept on target.

Positions are still demanding on the Samurai compared to a ninja. So when it comes to accessibility, the Samurai is the top choice.

Question: How to Unlock Samurai in FFXIV?

Answer: To unlock the Samurai in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, you will have to meet these two requirements:

• Be at least level 50
• You must have completed the main quests of the base game.

You must go to Ul’dah, one of the three main cities of the game. First, you must look for a specific citizen in the middle of the walkway southeast of the leading teleport. Then, once the quest is activated after the conversation, you must talk to the character labeled ‘Silver-tongued Showmaste’ in the gladiator’s guild arena, and you find him by the wall. Now head towards one of the corners of this gladiator area where you will see a character called “Far Eastern Elder,” where the mission will be completed, and you can become a samurai.

Question: Why Should I Choose Samurai?

Answer: If you’re into strategic melee damage, Samurai is for you. Unlike the other melee jobs that heavily evolve around fast-paced or OGCD-heavy attack patterns, the Samurai is a calm but precise fighter that builds up its gauge to release it all together and cause devastating damage to its enemies. If you play your cards right, you’ll be dealing 100K to 150K damage bursts with three attacks.

Parting Words

DPS players have it rough in Final Fantasy XIV. Most are branded as “selfish” or lacking in utility. And sure enough, it’s true. They aren’t taking the damage for the rest of the party or restoring the health of party members who are about to die.

Instead, they just pump out a relentless amount of damage. Samurai excels at damage dealing. Their gameplay has been simplified significantly to favor their damage output without making it dull.

Provided you learn your skills, gear up nicely, and keep your gauges at the brim, you’ll realize this job can wipe out bosses and mobs with a touch of elegance and tradition.

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