Eden Savage FFXIV Guide

Eden Savage FFXIV Guide

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Raiding is one of the most refined gameplay features Final Fantasy 14 offers, especially on their savage difficulty level.

Shadowbringer’s Eden is not the exception. Borrowing OST, themes, and bosses from Final Fantasy VIII, the star of this Eden Savage FFXIV guide will have you dive into literal emptiness to fight some of the game’s most challenging, deadliest bosses.

Though the standard versions of these encounters may have been lacking story-wise, I found the Savage content to be as menacing as they come. The mechanics get way more intricate, and the bosses are unforgiving in the face of failure. But, honestly? I had to accept way more raises from my healers than I would like to admit.

Suffice it to say, my character’s body slammed against the floor several times before I got the hang of these raids. Fake it until you make it continues to be the norm, folks!

The Walkthrough

Eden’s Gate: Resurrection (E1S)

Eden’s Gate: Resurrection Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom


To bring life back to the Empty, Ryne calls the sin eater Eden. So, you get to the core of Eden and face the main guy straight away.

The game blasts Eden itself right into your face from try beginning, but you’ll be surprised to find this is the most straightforward encounter.


Move What it Does
Eden‘s Gravity Great raid damage
Eden’s Flare Donut-shaped AoE with a safe area under the boss.
Spear of Paradise 2-hit Tank Buster that inflicts Physical Vulnerability Up on the first hit.


Tank swap required.

Pure Light Moves to a random comer and cleaves towards the front.
Dimensional Shift Great raid damage.
Fragor Maximus Great raid damage.
Vice and Virtue (DPS) Moderate damage AoE on four DPS, leaving puddles after. The puddles give lethal damage with Heavy debuffs.
Vice and Virtue (Tank) Line AoE Tank Buster on two tanks.
Vice and Virtue (Heal) Casts prey on two Healers and deal Tankbuster damage with Bleeding Debuff to prey target. Must be passed to tanks
Delta Attack A Large AoE on all players, with a large circle around the boss and a massive cross-shaped AoE.
Paradise Regained Alters Vice and Virtue mechanics.
Vice and Virtue (DPS) B Stacking AoE on four DPS.
Vice and Virtue (Tank) B Stacking line AoE on two tanks with Physical Vuln. Up on the first hit player.


Tanks must avoid being first.

Vice and Virtue (Heal) B Casts Prey on two Healers and inflict Bleeding, Healing Down, and Physical Vuln Down, debuffing the prey target.
Delta Attack B Stacking AoE on random non-tank players, and tankbuster AoE on each tank, with large donut-shaped AoE.
Paradise Lost Five-circle AoE in a row on the four furthest players from the boss
Pure Beam B Line AoE to closest a player from 8 orbs.


Must avoid getting more than one beam to survive.

Arcane Sphere Four adds appear near the arena’s center.
Pure Beam B Four series of 10 triple-line AoE to the closest player.
Guardian of Paradise 2 Adds appear at the west and east side of the arena.


Tanks may put them together.

Paradisal Dive Proximity-based damage.
Mana Boost Lethal raid damage.


Must be Interrupted/silenced

Mana Slice Moderate cleave damage on the tank.


Avoid clipping

Mana Burst Great raid damage
Unto Dust Lethal raid damage.


All adds must be killed before casting.

Eden’s Gate: Descent (E2S)

Eden’s Gate: Descent Voidwalker Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom


Eden’s awakening also woke some monsters up. You’ll find the first one, Voidwalker, waiting for you on the roof. She’s not so tough until his mechanics overlap, so plan accordingly.


Move What it Does
Doomvoid Cleaver Narrow Cone AoE to all players. Spawns 8 Nyxes after each Doomvoid action.


Must avoid clipping.

Doomvoid Slicer Donut-shaped AoE with a safe area under the boss.
Doomvoid Guillotine Big Line AoE through the boss’s front and back.
Punishing Ray Eight8 dark meteor circles spawn


Requires all players inside every circle

Shadowflame Tankbuster damage to both tanks
Hell Wind Reduces target player’s HP to 1
Entropy Great raid damage
Equilibrium fourFour players get Darkness, while the other four players get Light


Make pairs of Light and Darkness

Spell-in-waiting Delays the next spell cast
Unholy Darkness Stacking AoE on a random player
Dark Fire III Circle AoE on random players
Shadoweye Petrifies any player looking toward the target
Flare Proximity-based damage from the target
Nyx Spawned by Doomvoid spells. Cannot be targeted. Touching inflicts Diabolic Curse and Damage Down debuffs.
Hand of Erebos Boss tethers to The Hand of Erebos and readies Empty Rage or Empty Hate.
Empty Rage Massive AoE around Hand of Erebos Indicated by Red Tether
Empty Hate Knockback with mild raid damage indicated by Blue Tether
Quietus Great raid damage
Cycle of Retribution A combination of Doomvoid Slicer > Cleaver > Guillotine
Cycle of Chaos A combination of Doomvoid Guillotine > Slicer > Cleaver

Eden’s Gate: Inundation (E3S)

Eden’s Gate: Inundation FFXIV Eden Leviathan
Image from Fandom


Somehow, Urianger concludes that summoning primals is a good idea now. So the gang summons Leviathan, the water element.

This is not the first time you’ve faced Leviathan, but in Savage content, he messes with the arena. So be extra careful not to drown.


Move What it Does
Tidal Roar Moderate raid damage
Tidal Wave Knockback from either East or West side with moderate damage


Surecast/arm’s length works

Rip Current Two-line AoE Tankbusters in a row


Tank swap required

Undersea Quake(side) Breaks East and West columns of Arena
Undersea Quake(center) Breaks two Center columns of Arena
Temporary Current Massive line AoE through the center from either Northeast or Northwest corner
Drenching Pulse Monster Wave x4 + Freak Wave x8


Stack together and spread to designated positions

Monster Wave Circle AoE with significant damage
Freak Wave Circle AoE on all players with moderate damage
Tidal Rage Great raid damage
Maelstrom Spawns small Puddles that grow bigger
Puddle A large circular puddle that inflicts Heavy debuff
Spinning Dive 2~3 massive line AoE covering half of Arena
Stormy Horizon Continuous raid damages + five sets of Monster Waves + Backbreaklng Wave.
Backbreaking Wave Proximity-based raid damage from the target.
Plunging Wave Line-shaped stack AoE that hits five times with moderate damage.
Roiling Pulse Monster Wave x4 + Breaking Wave x2 + Killer Wave x2
Breaking Wave Proximity-based raid damage on two tanks.
Killer Wave Stack AoE on two healers


Must avoid clipping.

Black Smokers Continuous Spilling Wave + Hot Water x4
Spilling Wave Continuous moderate damage cone AoE on two tanks
Hydrothermal Mild damage to the tethered player and spawns a Puddle
Hot Water Inflicting Magic Vuln. Up debuff with mild damage on soaking


Requires two players soaking alternatively

The Calm Gains Damage Up buff, stacks Increase every Tidal Rage casting
The Storm Enrage move
Tsunami A Inflicts debuffs to all players with high raid damage
– 2 Tanks, four DPS: five Swirling Waters


– 2 Healers: Smothering Tsunami

– Everyone: Sundering Tsunami x1 and Splashing Waters x7 randomly

Tsunami B  inflicts debuffs to all players with high raid damage
– 1 Tank: Sundering Tsunami: Splashing Waters


– 1 Tank: Scouring Tsunami + Splashing Waters

– 1 Healer & 1 DPS: Smothering Tsunami + Splashing Waters

– 1 Healer & 1 DPS: Sweeping Tsunami + Splashing Waters

– 1 DPS: Surging Tsunami + Splashing Waters

– 1 DPS: Sundering Tsunami + Splashing Waters

Splashing Waters Lethal damage circle AoE on the target player.


Must be washed off by Sundering Tsunami

Sundering Tsunami Knocks back anyone in front of the target player with mild damage


Removes Splashing Waters on hit

Swirling Waters Lethal damage donut-shaped AoE around the target player
Smothering Tsunami Stack AoE on the target player


Must avoid clipping

Surging Tsunami Knocks back anyone around the target player
Sweeping Tsunami Cone-shaped AoE with moderate AoE to the furthest player from the target player
Scouring Tsunami Massive circular AoE around target player with tankbuster damage

Eden’s Gate: Sepulture (E4S)

Eden’s Gate: Sepulture Titan Maximum Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom


Leviathan restored the water element. Next is Earth, so you’ll naturally summon Titan.

Again, you’ve fought him before, but the Heritor of Crags will bring new challenges to the table, so keep your senses peeled.


Move What it Does
Stonecrusher Circular 3-hit tank buster on the main tank that applies physical Vulnerability Up.


Tank swap or invulnerability cooldown is required.

Evil Earth Square AoE detonates all adjacent tiles.
Weight of the Land Square-shaped AoE inflicts magical Vuln. Up and Damage Down.
Voice of the Land Moderate raid damage.
Geocrush Massive knockback from an indicated tile.
Aftershock Weight of the Land at all non-damaged tiles by Landslides and Fault Zone.
Bomb Boulders Small rocks explode in order of appearance.


The explosion does moderate damage with Damage Down and Vuln. Up.

Force of the Land An orange cube marker detonates the entire tile the player is standing on.



Two or more players must stand in the same tile to survive.

Pulse of the Land A yellow pyramid marker detonates the entire tile the player is standing on. Moderate damage with Magical Vuln. Up
Weight of the World A blue pyramid marker detonates a tile the player is standing and all adjacent tiles. Moderate damage with Magical Vuln. Up.
Massive Landslide Changes to Armor form. Knockback all players who aren’t in the four tiles in front of the boss.
Landslide Titan leaps to a cardinal position and knockbacks any players directly across and to the side.
Landslide Cleave Covers half of the arena, followed by Aftershock
Fault Zone Changes to Kart form. Dashes forward and kills anyone In Its way. Knockbacks all players from dash tiles. It’s followed by Aftershock.
Fault Line Boss charges to the main tank, proximity damage to the main tank and anyone on Its way.
Magnitude five.0 Donut AoE around the Boss
Crumbling Down Meteors drop at players with red markers; impact does proximity damage to the entire raid.
Seismic Wave Hide behind a large rock from Crumbling Down to avoid damage with Damage Down, Healing Down, and Vuln. Up.
Earthen Fury Great raid damage.
Earthen Fist Cleaves half the arena twice for Titan Maximum.
Dual Earthen Fists Knockbacks all players from a large blue AoE with no damage, always followed by Earthen Anguish.
Earthen Anguish Tankbuster AoE on the first two players with the highest aggro
Megalith Shared damage tankbuster AoE with a stack marker.
Plate Fracture Destroys any quadrant of four tiles temporarily.
Tumult Five consecutive moderate raid damages.
Rock Throw Targets and fetter two healers with Granite Gaol in a few seconds.
Granite Gaol Tethers a healer and explodes in a few seconds.


Must be broken before the explosion or Plate Fracture on the same quadrant.

Tectonic Uplift Raises two opposite quadrants of four tiles and places a rock divider in the center.


Players may move from higher to lower tiles.

Orogenesis Spawns targetable Small Titan, and Titan Maximum becomes no longer targetable.

Eden’s Verse: Fulmination (E5S)

Eden’s Verse: Fulmination Ramuh Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom


After quarreling with everyone’s new waifu, Gaia, for a bit, Urianger decides the next element should be Lightning. This is when Ramuh comes into the scene.

Ramuh isn’t hard to master but has many insta-death moves that will require you to play it perfectly.


Move What it Does
Judgment Volts Deals raid-wide damage. With Fury’s Bolt, taking lethal damages without a stack of Surge Protection.
Crippling Blow Casts a tankbuster on the main tank
Fury’s Bolt The boss gains a stack of Fury’s Bolt, which upgrades the next spell he casts.
Stepped Leader Places small circle AoE at the location of all players at the end of casting, aka Twister. With Fury’s Bolt, donut-shaped AoE at the location of all players at the end of casting.
Surge Protection Touching Lightning Orbs gives a stack of Surge Protection used to survive lethal damages from specific abilities.
Stratosphere Summons Summons spears around the arena
Judgment Jolt Activates spear’s considerable lethal damage AoE
Executor Summons Raiden
Raiden Spawns an untargetable add which tethers to and follows the player with the most Surge Protection


Instantly die on contact.

Shock Blast Unleashes a tankbuster on the target of Raiden and requires a stack of Surge Protection to avoid lethal damage.
Stormcloud Summons four stormclouds on the furthest players and gives four Hated of Levin to the closest players


Once Stormcloud spawns, it does circle AoE attacks around it multiple times

placing more than one Stormcloud next to each other will result in lethal raid-wide damage

Players with Hated of Levin must cleanse it by taking damage under Thunderclouds to avoid being feared

Levinforce Knocks back all players


Avoid with Arm’s Length or Surecast

Tribunal Summons Summons Will of Ramuh outside of the arena
Deadly Discharge Will of Ramuh charges through the center of the arena and knocks back all players to the sides
Gallop Will of Leon’s charge through the arena vertically and horizontally.
Thunderstorm Randomly spawn multiple Lightning Bolt AoE and Volt Strike AoE for some time.
Lightning Bolt Circle moderate damage AoE.
Volt Strike Circle AoE on four players requires a stack of Surge Protection to avoid lethal damage.
Fury’s Fourteen Boss gains 14 stacks of Fury’s Bolt and summons Stratospears and Tribunals.
Centaur’s Charge Ramuh charges through the center of the arena and knocks back all players to the sides.


– all players must have a stack of Surge Protection to avoid deadly knockbacks.

– a tank must stand in front of Ramuh and use duty action Stand Firm to save all players.

Use invulnerability or multiple defensive cooldowns.

Chain Lightning  gives eight stacks of Electrified debuff to both healers.


– debuff passes to the nearest player every 3 seconds while decreasing stacks.

– players who obtained Electrified debuff gain System Shock debuff for 8 seconds.

Eden’s Verse: Furor (E6S)

Eden’s Verse Furor Ifrit Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom


We are now summoning two primals at once: Garuda and Ifrit. This game takes multitasking to the next level, huh?

You’ve faced them before, but never at once. Their mechanics blend to send you to the grave, so be extra careful.


Move What it Does
Superstorm Deals raid-wide damage.
Occluded Front Spawns multiple orbs which do either of the following abilities and disappear- slash: line AoE at a specific location or sometimes a random player; any tethers can be cut by this ability- explosion: circle AoE near the orbs.
Storm of Fury Large circle AoE around the boss with large cone AoE to four tethered players.
Tether damage Moderate damage cone AoE on four DPS players.
Air Bump Circle AoE on four DPS players that require at least two players to avoid Unstable.
Thorns Lethal damage circle AoE followed by Air Bump.
Ferostorm Two 90-degree cone AoE to either “NE and SW” or “NW and SE” quadrants.
Downburst A large circle AoE at the center slightly knocks back all players outside.
Vacuum Slice Bisects the arena and instantly kills any players in the Vacuum Slice zone.
Irresistible Pull Knocks back all players and orbs toward the Vacuum zone.
Touchdown Proximity-based raid-wide damage.
Hands of Flame Rushes to a tethered player(main tank) and debuffs players on the way.
Hands of Hell Makes clones and rushes to four tethered players, and puts Lightheaded debuffs on the target and any players on their way.
Eruption Large circle AoE.
Instant Incineration Tankbuster. Taking damage with Lightheaded debuff results in Unstable.
Meteor Strike Lethal damage AoE at the location of the current target.
Inferno Howl Raid-wide damage.
Strike Spark Spawns multiple fiery orbs and clones.
Hated of Embers Raid-wide damage puts Hated of Embers on the four nearest players to Ifrit.


Players with debuff can fight only Ifrit.

Hated of the Vortex Raid-wide damage puts Hated of the Vortex on the four nearest players to Garuda; players with debuff can fight only Garuda.
Firestorm Great raid-wide damage.
Heat Burst Massive AoE with a straight-line safe area towards the target of Hands of Hell.
Conflag Strike Lethal 270-degree cone AoE.


Move behind the boss to survive.

Irons of Purgatory Tethers tanks with healers and DPS with each other.


It can be broken by moving far away from the party.

Radiant Plume Multiple lethal damage AoE that covers almost the whole arena
Twisting Blaze Two Tornadoes spawn at south and north and do Blaze on the closest player five times.
Blaze Significant damage large cone AoE.
Spread of Fire Large donut-shaped AoE.


Stay near the boss to survive.

Eden’s Verse: Iconoclasm (E7S)

Eden’s Verse: Iconoclasm Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom


Before you continue fighting the elements, you must defeat the voice inside Gaia’s head so she can be in peace. Isn’t therapy supposed to help with that?

In any case, the Idol of Darkness is an unknown foe with several varied mechanics to learn.


Move What it Does
Empty Wave Great raid-wide damage.
Unshadowed Stake Tankbuster on a random tank and inflicts Magical Vuln. Up.
Silver Stake Second tankbuster attack on the same target as Undershadowed Stake.



Reduce damage by standing in front of the target.

Away with Thee Teleports to the Indicated destination after a 10s countdown.
Silver Sledge Shared damage stack AoE.
Silver Shot Moderate damage circle AoE.
Silver Scourge Moderate damage circle AoE that leaves a puddle on the ground.
Empty Flood Heavy raid-wide damage.
Voidgates Transports Idols through portals of the same color.
Light’s Course Significant damage extensive line AoE.
Betwixt Worlds Spawns two walls which divide the arena into three parts.
Words of Spite Spawns four Light Unforgiven Idolatries(Fate’s Course) that move through tethered DPS players.
Fate’s Course Significant damage extensive line AoE through the tethered player.
False Moonlight Spawn puddles underneath the players.
False Midnight Combination of Silver Sledge and Silver Shot.
Idolatry Can be tanked and must be killed before Explosion.
Blasphemy Cannot be tanked and randomly rotates either clockwise or counterclockwise.
Overwhelming Light Four-line AoE to random players.
Insatiable Light Shared damage stack AoE.
Advent of Light Casting must be interrupted.
Strength in Numbers Either large circle AoE or donut-shaped AoE, depending on the animation of Idolatry:


  • Vertical circular shape In the air: donut-shaped AoE, aka. IN
  • Horizontal circular shape on the ground: circle AoE; aka. OUT
Unearned Envy Repeated raid-wide damages.
Explosion Idolatry Blasphemy must be killed before the end of the casting.
Unjoined Aspect Puts the Astral Effect on four players and the Umbral effect on the others.


– Astral Effect: increased damage from astral(light) charged attacks, decreased damage from umbral(dark) charged attacks

Taking a umbrally charged attack results in Umbral Effect.

-Umbral Effect: Increased damage from umbral(dark) charged attacks, decreased damage from astrally(light) charged attacks taking astrally charged attack results In Astral Effect.

Inertia of Unity Spawns 2 Dark and 2 Light Unforgiven Idolatries; two Idols on the sides prepare Boundless Light/Dark.
Boundless Light Shared damage line AoE on the closest(tethered) player


Requires Umbral Effect to avoid lethal damage.

Boundless Dark Shared damage line AoE on the closest(tethered) player


Requires Astral Effect to avoid lethal damage.

Words of Entrapment Combination of Light/Dark’s Course(tether) and White/Black Smoke.
Light/Dark’s Course(tether) Moderate damage extensive line AoE through the closest(tethered) players.


Requires Umbral/Astral Effect to avoid lethal damage

White/Black Smoke Mild damage circle meteor AoE; requires Umbral/Astral Effect to avoid lethal damage.
Words of Night Spawns 2 Dark and 2 Light Unforgiven Idolatries that move straight forward.
Light/Dark Course Mild damage extensive line AoE.


Requires Umbral/Astral Effect to avoid lethal damage.

False Dawn Spawn puddles underneath the players.
Silver/Stygian Spear Mild damage circle AoE on all players.


Requires Umbral/Astral Effect to avoid lethal damage.

Crusade Significant raid-wide damage with large knockback.


Arm’s Length/Surecast cannot be used.

Knocked back to the corner to avoid death.

Words of Fervor Repeated Papercut circle AoE that rotates counter-clockwise.
Threefold Grace Moderate damage raid-wide AoE with Astral/Umbral zones


Requires Umbral/Astral Effect to avoid lethal damage.

Eden’s Verse: Refulgence (E8S)

Eden’s Verse: Refulgence Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom


The next creature the gang summons is Shiva, but not in the way you think. Ryne becomes Shiva herself.

The bad news is that this fight is tough as nails. The excellent news is that Gaia will jump in to help.


Move What it Does
Mirror, Mirror Summons one or multiple Mirrors with Green, Red, or No auras nearby and reflects the boss’s ability


– Green aura: reflects the ability after a shorter period:

– Red aura: reflects the ability after a more extended period

– No aura: also called Blue; reflects the ability as the boss’s casting ends.

Absolute Zero Great raid damage.
Banish III Changes are based on the number of orbs rotating above the boss‘s head.


– one orb; shared damage AoE on four DPS players.

– four orbs: regular AoE on all eight players.

Shattered Based on which side players stand, the world teleports all players to the arenas outside.
Redress: Frost Armor The boss changes her form Into Frost Armor; activates Thin Ice at the end of casting.
Thin Ice Any character’s movement results in Massive sliding.
Biting Frost Large 270-degree cone AoE in front of the boss, aka. ‘Back”
Driving Frost Large 90-degree cone AoE behind the boss, aka. ‘Front”
Double Slap Single target tankbuster; does not cleave anyone nearby.
Redress: Shining Armor Boss changes her form into Shining Armor; activates Shining Armor at the end of the casting.
Shining Armor Stuns any players looking towards the boss.
Axe Kick Large circle AoE around the boss, aka. ‘out”
Scythe Kick Donut-shaped AoE with a safe area inside the boss’s hitbox


– one orb: proximity-based raid damage with a single marker at the middle of the arena.

– tour orbs: proximity-based raid damage with multiple markers on the arena’s edges.

Spiteful Dance Axe Kick Immediately followed by Scythe Kick, aka. ‘Out and In”
Embittered Dance Axe Kick Immediately follows Scythe Kick, aka. ‘in and Out.’
Redress: Drachen Armor Boss changes her form into Drachen Armor; activates Akh Rhai at the end of casting(when she unfurls her wings)
Akh Rhai Continuous deadly AoE at the locations of all players
Akh Morn Multi-hit shared damage AoE on two players with the highest aggro


– each group gains Hated of Wyrm or Hated of Frost on every hit. Collecting both debuffs results in Instant Death.

Morn Afah Heavy shared damage on the main tank.
Hallowed Wings(single) When a single wing glows, there is an enormous 90-degree cleave on the right or left side of the boss.
Hallowed Wings(double) Enormous frontal cleave in front of the boss when both wings glow;


– if reflected, knock back all players to the other side; inflicts to first four players.

– closer to the mirror, higher damage players take; tankbuster damage: on the closest player.

Diamond Frost


Moderate raid damage; inflicts one tank and one healer player with Freezing.


– Esuna can cleanse freezing, changes to Deep Freeze(unable to move, immune to knockback) if not cleansed.

Frigid Stone Mild damage circle AoE on one tank, one healer, and two DPS players; inflicts heavy, immediately followed by Frigid Needle.
Frigid Water Proximity-based damage AoE on one tank and one healer.
Frigid Needle Lethal damage 8-directional line AoE.
Frigid Eruption Repeated three-circle AoE underneath a player.
Heavenly Strike Mild raid damage with knockback.
Icicle Impact Significant damage large circle AoE around the edge of the arena
Light Rampant Moderate raid damage; inflicts one tank, one healer, two DPS players with Refulgent Chain, and six players with 1~2 stacks.


– Refulgent Chain: being too far away or close to tethered partners results in instant death.

– Lightsteeped: every damage taken Increases a stack; accumulating five stacks results in instant death.

Bright Pulse Four orbs that follow tethered players; shrink after some time; touching orbs before shrinking results in instant death.
Bright Hunger Mild damage meteor-shape AoE that requires 1, 2, or 4 players inside to avoid all players’ deaths.
The Path of Light Moderate damage cone AoE on the four nearest players.
Icelit Dragonsong Moderate raid damage inflicts tanks and healers with Refulgent Chain, six players with 1~3 stacks of Lightsteeped, two tanks, and 2 DPS players with Freezing.
Draconic Strike Mild raid damage with knockback.
Banish Changes based on the number of orbs rotating above the boss‘ head.


– one orb: shared damage tankbuster on the main tank

– four orbs: tankbusters AoE on two players with the highest aggro.

House of Light Moderate damage cone AoE on all players.
Wyrm’s Lament Inflicts four players with Wyrmclaw and another four players with Wyrmfang at different times.


Failure to resolve debuffs in time results in Instant Death.

– Wyrmclaw can only be resolved by touching Dracomic Head; spawns White Circle upon resolving debuff.

– Wyrmfang can only be resolved by taking White Circle spawned from cleansing Wyrmclaw.

Aether All aether adds slowly move towards the center.


Must be killed before reaching the center to avoid an increase in Flood of Light gauge.


Reaching 100 Flood of Light results in an instant wipe.


Flood of Light at the end of the phase gives all players a 2% damage buff in the next phase.

Aqueous Aether has the highest HP; it can be stunned.

Electric Aether casts Shock Spike on self, reflecting damages to attackers.

Earthen Aether casts Stoneskin on self; it can be silenced.

Luminous Aether unable to target; casts Rush to the crystal at the center and increases Flood of Light gauge; tether can be intercepted.

Heart Asunder Moderate raid damage happens in between each wave of adds.
Rush Moderate damage with Light Resistance Down on the player who intercepts the tether from Luminous Aether.

Eden’s Promise: Umbra (E9S)

Eden’s Promise: Umbra Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom


Because Ryne lost control as Shiva, the Empty is now losing light again. So the only way to balance the elements is to summon the Cloud of Darkness.

Unfortunately for you, she has a ton of mechanics you’ll have to deal with.


Move What it Does
Ground—razing Particle Beam Great raid damage.
Devouring Dark Circle magical Vuln. Up AoE + Tankbuster beam.
The Art of Darkness (Clock) Cone AoE on all players.
The Art of Darkness (Partner) Four-circle shared damage AoE.
The Art of Darkness (Side) 180-degree cleave on a random side of the boss.
The Second Art of Darkness The Art of Darkness (Side > Clock or Partner).
The Third Art of Darkness The Art of Darkness (Side > Clock or Partner > opposite Side).
Obscure Woods Great raid damage. Changes arena theme.
Flood of Obscurity Mild raid damage with knockback; plants Evil Seed at every player’s location.
Evil Seed Moderate damage; starts Brambles mechanic. Brambles: tank/healer + DPS AND every player + Evil Seed.
Rejuvenating Balm Two large circle AoE at two tethered locations
Wide-angle Phaser Unlimited Wide cleave > beam AoE > circle cleave.
Anti-air Phaser Unlimited Circle cleave > circle AoE > Wide cleave.


– wide cleave: 1five0-degree frontal cleave from the boss.

– circle cleave: Large circle cleaves around the boss.

– beam AoE: 2 cones shared damage AoE on healers + 2 cone tankbuster AoE on tanks.

– circle AoE: 2 circles shared damage AoE on healers + 2 circle tankbuster AoE on tanks.

Particle Concentration Spawns 8 Particle Towers.


Each requires one player.

Empty Plane Great raid damage.
Flood of Emptiness Removes designated tiles; starts Tiles mechanic.
Hypercharged Condensation Spawns hypercharged adds.
Curse of Darkness Narrow line AoE to the facing direction.
Full Perimeter Particle Beam Large donut AoE around the boss.
Deluxe of Darkness Significant raid damage; change arena theme.
Summon Spawn 2 Clones of the boss; clones copy The Art of Darkness (Side).

Eden’s Promise: Litany (E10S)

Eden’s Promise: Litany Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom


The voice inside Gaia’s head turns out to be an Ascian, Mitron. He takes Gaia hostage under the promise of restoring her memories, but you have to fight her recreation first: The Shadowkeeper.


Move What it Does
Deepshadow Nova Great raid damage.
Umbra Slash Four consecutive tankbusters, slashing Vuln. Up debuff.
Shadow’s Edge Line tankbuster cleave.
Darkness Unleashed Shared damage on the main tank.
Throne of Shadow Large circle AoE around the boss; transforms to Sword form.
Distant Scream Mild raid damage with knockbacks; transforms to Dog form.
Umbral Orbs Spawns two shared damage orbs and two tankbuster orbs. It targets the nearest player.
Implosion 180-degree cleave on the front or back side of the boss; direction depends on the boss’s Shadow.
Giga Slash 180-degree cleave on either flank side of the boss. The direction depends on the boss’s Shadow.
Shadow Servant Casts Giga Slash at the player’s location, four players at a time
Shadow cleave Cone AoE on all players; spawns Shadow of a Hero at all player’s locations.
Pitch Bog Circle AoE on all players and spawns puddles.
Shadows of a Hero Clone tethered to a player; lethal cone damage cleave if the target is in close range.
Dualspell Three consecutive shared damage AoE on a player; also gives damages to Shadows of a Hero.
Shadowkeeper Move all Shadow of a Hero to the back of targets.
Fade to Shadow Readies four Cloak of Shadow.
Cloak of Shadow Large circle AOE.
Spawn Shadow Spawns four Shadows of Lao boss; true Shadow is tethered to the boss.
Shadow Warrior Shuffles the Shadow of the boss
Shackled Apart Connects two players with a tether (tank/healer + DPS); targets should be away from each other.
Shackled Together Connects two players with a tether (tank/healer + DPS); targets should be close to each other.
Voidgate Spawns four + four voidgates that require two players each.
Voidgate Amplifier Spawns eight + four voidgates that require two players each.
Shadowy Eruption Circle AoE on all players.

Eden’s Promise: Anamorphosis (E11S)

Eden’s Promise: Anamorphosis Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom


Mitron uses Ryne’s memories to summon a monster. It takes the form of the Fatebreaker.

Though you may be quick to underestimate her, her few mechanics can have several variations, so be on the lookout for her element animations.


Move What it Does
Elemental Break Cone AoE on all players, followed by 2nd ability depending on the element.


– Thunder: circle AoE on all players.

– Fire: circle shared-damage AoE on all DPS players.

– Light: cone shared-damage AoE on one tank and two healers.

Burnt Strike Line AoE across the boss, followed by 2nd ability depending on the element.


– Thunder: broad line AoE across the boss.

– Fire: knockback

– Light: circle AoE on all players’ previous locations.

Bound of Faith Tethers to a player and uses an ability depending on the element.


– Thunder: Dot on the target; large cone tankbuster AoE on two nearest players.

– Fire: shared-damage AoE on the target.

– Light: circle AoE on the target; light explosion after 10 seconds.

Burnished Glory Moderate raid damage; DoT on all players.
Powder Mark Tankbuster; powder explosion after 18 seconds.
Turn of the Heavens Spawns Haloes of Flame and Levin.
Right of the Heavens Spawns Portals of Flame and Levin.
Shifting Sin Haloes + Knockback + Donut AoE + Tethers.
Sundered Sky Portals + Knockback + Front Cleave AoE + Tethers.
Prismatic Deception Three proper Mirror Images spawn
Blasting Zone Wide Line AoE from Mirror Images
Cycle of Faith Elemental Break > Burnt Strike > Bound of Faith

Eden’s Promise: Eternity (E12S)

Eden’s Promise: Eternity Final Fantasy XIV
Image from Fandom


Mitron’s obsessed with Gaia and wants to create a paradise for just the two of them. I totally get it, my dude, but give a girl some breathing space.

As Mitron begins to vacuum all the Aether from the empty, he becomes Utopian Vision. You’ll have to deal with two phases of relentless damage and shifting mechanics, so buckle up!


Phase 1

Move What it Does
Rapturious Reach 200-degree cleave on either flank; the front side is always dangerous.
Formless Judgment Two consecutive double tankbusters.


Tank swap required!

Cast A random combination of 2 different primal patterns.
Junction Shiva Circle AoE on every player.
Junction Titan Two shared damage AoE on two healers.
Diamond Dust Great raid damage.
Thin Ice Sliding upon any movement.
Pillar Pierce Straight-line AoE toward a tethered player.
Earthen Fury Great raid damage.
Force of the Land The orange cube detonates a standing circle.


Two or more players are required.

Pulse of the Land Yellow pyramid; detonates a standing circle.
Weight of the World Blue pyramid; detonates a standing and all adjacent circles.
Stock Saves a random combination of 2 different primal patterns
Release Activates the combination saved by Stock
Obliteration Beam Line shared damage AoE.
Classical Sculpture Circle shared damage AoE; spawns Chiseled Sculpture after damage.
Chiseled Sculpture Casts Beams on a tethered player (Beam: Line AoE)
Regal Sculpture Casts Kingsblaze towards the closest player (Kingsblaze: large four-five-degree cone AoE; leaves a puddle after damage).
Beastly Sculpture Casts Lionsblaze towards the tethered player (Lionsbiaze: large four-five-degree cone AoE).

Phase 2

Move What it Does
Hell’s Judgment Reduces all players’ HP to 1.
Shockwave Pulsar Great raid damage.
Spell-In-Waiting Delays the next ability cast.
Darkest Dance Tankbuster on the furthest player, then raid-wide knockback with Great damage.
Somber Dance Tankbuster on the furthest player, then on the closest target.
Cataclysm Gigantic circle A0five to the cardinal that the boss is facing.
Black Halo Shared tankbuster.
Shell Crusher Shared damage AoE on a random player.
Spirit Taker Circle AoE on a random player.


Spread out.

Dark Eruption Circle AoE on all players.
Dark Water III Shared damage AoE (on two healers outside of Relativity mechanics).
Dark Fire III Large circle AoE.
Dark Blizzard III Donut AoE; no damage on the target.
Dark Aero III Large circle AoE; knockback any players nearby.
Unholy Darkness Shared damage AoE.
Flare Proximity-based damage AoE.
Shadoweye Look away from the target.
Return Snapshots save points and teleport back to the save points.
Relativities Heavy raid damage with debuffs.


Damage is shared between all alive players.

Basic Relativity (Fire x2 + Blizzard x2 + Shadoweye x2 + Water x2).
Intermediate Relativity  (Dark Eruption x8 + Aero x4 + Blizzard x4 + Flare x3 + Unholy Darkness x1 + Shadoweye x4).


– Combination A: Dark Eruption x8.

– Combination 8: Aero x4 + Blizzard x4.

– Combination C: Flare x3 + Unholy Darkness x1 + Shadoweye x4.

Advanced Relativity (Water(125) x2 + Water(335) x2 + Fire x4 + Aero(235) x4 + Aero(315) x2 + Shadoweye x2).

Terminal Relativity (Quietus x24)
Speed Speeds up the yellow tethered Hourglass, slows down the blue tethered Hourglass (Hourglass order: Yellow Tether > No Tether > Blue Tether).
Dark Current Line AoE to the closest target from Joy’s Hourglass (Red Traffic Sign).
Empty Rage Large circle AoE on Anger’s Hourglass (Yellow Traffic Sign).
Empty Hate Massive knockback from Anger’s Hourglass (Yellow Traffic Sign).
Maelstrom Large circle AoE on Sorrow’s Hourglass (Green Traffic Sign).
Quietus Moderate raid damage.
Apocalypses Spawns 1~3 stars traveling clockwise or counter-clockwise through the track on the arena.


Question: How do you unlock Eden Savage in Final Fantasy XIV?

Answer: You’ll unlock Eden at Savage difficulty by speaking to Lewrey in Amh Araeng. The coordinates are: (X:26.8; Y:16.four)

Question: What are the requirements for unlocking Eden Savage?

Answer: Before you unlock Eden Savage, you’ll need the following:
A level 80 Disciple of War or Magic. To have completed the “The Next Piece of the Puzzle” quest.

Question: How Can I Get Better at Savage Raids?

Answer: If you want to get better at Savage Raids, you’ll need to train a lot. Then, you can use the dummies or record yourself to analyze your performance.

Parting Words

Eden, just like the rest of Savage content Final Fantasy has to offer, can make you feel like a helpless little kid, unable to reach the cookie jar at the top of the shelf.

After all, it’s the hardest difficulty level, where developers test crème de la crème mechanics. And you, like a lab rat, do your best to get through them.

Once you get through one or two, you’ll realize that all you need to clear any raid difficulty level is a good static with excellent communication and a collective yearning for victory. Will this get you through savage raids untouched? No, of course not.

But you’ll get there through many- deaths and countless hangouts to tear apart the boss’ mechanics and figure out a strategy.

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