Onion Knight Guide

Onion Knight Guide

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The Onion Knight is a jack of all trades master of none. This Job is similar to a freelancer. It does not learn any powerful abilities; When introduced, it did not even learn any elemental magic, but it can discover any White or Black magic in more recent games.

Their power comes from their late-game stat growth, as once they have hit level 90, their growth puts them at the stat cap by level 99. 

I have never created a team of Onion Knights for the sole purpose that it would make the late-game too easy. Their God-like stats and insane Job-exclusive “Onion armor” make any boss and any challenge a walk in the park by just attacking everything to death. 

If you want to know where you can get them and how to maximize their power, then look no further than this Onion Knight guide. 

Onion Knight: What Does it Do?

This Job embodies the late-game God status that players search for. It is a beast in stats as it boasts 99 in all stats. However, they trade away their ability to use any specialized skill for this raw power. 

Initially, they could only equip early game and mid game equipment, as the past games restricted equipment by Jobs and level requirements. In more recent games, they have allowed more freedom for this vegetable warrior as he has become able to equip anything and even learn White and Black magic. 

Even in its future iterations, they always have the same gimmick of a character reaching maximum potential and breaking through their limits, if not physically, then magically. 


final fantasy Onion Knight

He is playable and has appeared in:

Cameo Appearances 

Final Fantasy III & 3D Remake

For Final Fantasy III and its remake, Onion Knight became the difference between the starting Job and a secret Job. In the original version of FFIII, Onion Knight was the name of the default Job given to the warriors of Light; however, in the remake, the Job was changed to Freelancer, and Onion Knight became a secret Job. 

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

In FFT: War of the Lions, Onion Knight is a Job that appears close to the midgame. It levels up based on how many other Jobs have been mastered, capping out at 14 Jobs and the maximum stat limit of 99. As a side note, the original FFT does not have Onion knight; they added it in the War of The Lions Remake. 

Final Fantasy Tactics S

Final Fantasy Tactics S was a mobile game released in 2013 and shut down in 2014. Even for its short stint, it had a large following in the eastern market because it allowed you to play almost every Job that they had designed both for players and for the AI from other Tactics games.

Onion knight is one of those Jobs with the same abilities as other games: not having skills. 

Final Fantasy Dissidia

Final Fantasy Dissidia Onion Knight

For the Dissidia franchise, Onion knight appeared since the original release on the PSP and has been a mainstay in the roster even in the newest version, NT.

He is one of the youngest in the batch of warriors in their quest to defeat chaos. Sporting the traditional onion-shaped armor, he goes by Onion Knight and is ready to rock in different color options. 

Final Fantasy Theatrhythm

He is a speed-oriented character in the Theatrhythm game and the FF: All the Bravest game. In Theatrhythm, he has an updated sprite that matches their cute chibi forms as you explore the worlds of Final Fantasy.

He rocks his traditional sprite alongside all the other sprites from the first 6 Final Fantasy games in All the Bravest. 


For his Cameo Appearances, this ranges from mentions to items to in-game appearances but not as a playable character. So if you want to skip this part and go on to the next segment, go ahead.

Are you still here? Great, Let’s get started with Final Fantasy VI. In the loading sections of the Playstation version of this game, you can see that the Onion Knight has a full sprite sheet minus a Chocobo riding sprite. However, he is not in the game, which is a shame. 

In Final Fantasy X, the Black mage Lulu has the Onion Knight as a small doll. This doll, however, is considered equipment, so it has its abilities and skills attached to it. 

For Final Fantasy XII, There are creatures known as Wild Onion who mention it within their bestiary entry as a message from an Onion Knight named Nakhiro. 

Final Fantasy XIV has not introduced the Onion Knight as a playable Job, but instead, they have the attire of an Onion Knight available to be obtained. They also have a wind-up Onion Knight minion available if you cannot get the clothing. 

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles does not have any Onion Knights. Still, it has a race called the Lilty that resembles the Onion Knight as they have Onion-like heads and are knights. 

Final Fantasy Mobile Games

Finally, in Final Fantasy Artniks, pun intended, you can acquire the Onion Knight as a card. I will also include its Triple Triad appearance as a card in various other games and the Onion Knight card available from the Final Fantasy TCG.

It also made a small appearance in the FF: Mobius App as a card. However, as a trend, all but one of the Final Fantasy Online mobile games have been discontinued, except FF: Brave Exvius. 

So yeah, many appearances and plenty of them are obtainable in one way or another, so let me guide you to get this powerhouse. 

How to Acquire Onion Knight (in the Remaining Games)

Final Fantasy III Onion Knight

Final Fantasy III & 3D Remake

Let’s start with Final Fantasy III and III 3D Remake. In the original, the default Job was called Onion Knight, with it still having its iconic stat growth past level 92. It is automatically unlocked and allows for the progression to other Jobs. 

The 3D remake changed the default Job to Freelancer, and Onion Knight became a secret Job. To obtain this Job, you have to follow this set of steps. 

First, you must send 7 Mognet letters to other players of FFIII 3D Remake. Afterward, you must receive 4 Mognet Letters from Topapa. The 4th letter will contain information that a few children are in danger. 

Once you have received this letter, you must head back to Ur and talk to Topapa, who continues the Onion Knight sidequest by telling you to go to Altar Cave, and head there and save the Children to unlock the Onion Knight Job. 

An alternate way to acquire the Job is to have 25% of your bestiary, which sends you the letter from Topapa. They added this method due to the Wifi Connection Service being discontinued, and thus the original method became extremely difficult to accomplish. 

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of The Lion

Next up is FFT: WoTL. It is much simpler to acquire in this game as you have to have the prerequisite Job levels of Squire LVL 6 and Chemist LVL 6. Gaining six levels in both Jobs is quite an investment.

Especially since the only way to level up Onion Knight is to master other Jobs. To reach the max level for Onion Knight, you have to master 14 different Jobs, and that is no small feat, well, at least to me. 

Final Fantasy Dissidia, Duodecim, Theatrhythm

In the FF: Dissidia games, Onion Knight is part of the main roster of heroes, meaning that so long as you play through the main story or have earned enough Gil to purchase him in the store, there is no complicated setup to get him. FF: Theatrhythm shares the same guide as Onion Knight is immediately unlocked upon opening the game. 

Mobile Games

The only way to get Onion Knight for mobile games is by rolling for him in the gacha. He has varying rarities depending on the mobile game, with rare being the highest. The odds would be in your favor if it weren’t because the mobile games are discontinued meaning there is no way to acquire Onion knight there. 

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X Onion Knight

Lastly, let’s talk about FFX. The Onion Knight doll is quite powerful as it has a myriad of abilities. Onion Knight is Lulu’s Celestial Weapon which is her Ultimate weapon; you must get a Crest and a Sigil to unlock the full power of this weapon. So here is how you get all three items. 

To unlock a Celestial Weapon’s potential, you must get the Celestial Mirror first from Remiem Temple. The drop is called Cloudy Mirror, and it is received from beating the Champion Chocobo in a race. You have to purify the mirror for it to become the Celestial Mirror.

You must go to Macalania Woods. There you will find a woman asking for your help in locating her husband. The husband is two areas to the right and one up. When you speak with him, he will be sent back to the wife, where you will find out their son has gone missing. 

You must talk to the husband and wife until one of them expresses their concern for their lost son. It would be best to head up the crystal walkway and through the trees to a fork.

The son is at an altar that, when examined, will cleanse the Cloudy Mirror. Whenever you unlock aspects of a Celestial Weapon, it must be done here at this alter.

For Onion Knight Doll, you must find the coordinates “12,57” while on the airship. The coordinates lead you to Baaj, where you have to dive in the water and past the northern doors. Defeat the boss guarding the chest, and within it is Onion Knight Doll which is at its base form. 

The crest is located in the Farplane so long as you enter from Guadosalam after Seymour goes to Macalania Temple. If you missed it the first time around, you could still get it by using the airship and returning to Guadosalam to enter the Farplane. 

The sigil is located in Thunder plains, at the Rin’s Travel Agency in the front of the zone. It is locked behind a chest; the key to opening it is to dodge 200 lightning bolts consecutively.

Saving and loading the game resets the counter, and there is no visible way to count the bolts in the game so make sure not to lose count.

Initially, there is no notification that you have completed the task; however, in versions with achievements, you will see the achievement popup once you are finished. 

So you might ask, why go through all of this effort? The Celestial Weapon for Lulu naturally allows the Aeon Shiva to go over 9999 damage, which is the damage cap for a single strike in the game. It also increases Lulu’s damage based on her proximity to max MP.

Finally, it can increase the potency of her spells by 50%, decrease all mana costs to 1, and charge her overdrive at triple speed. So it is worth the effort and puts you over the limit of the game. 


Final Fantasy Onion Knight

We have heard a lot of talk about the Onion Knight, but how does he play? What does he do? 

The answer depends on the game, honestly. If we look at the older games, the only option for Onion Knight is to hit the attack button and delete everything in the game with his massive damage and stat scaling while also taking next to no damage from most enemies. 

Specifically, in FFIII 3D Remake, the Onion Knight is meant to be a late-game character who can fill both the white mage, black mage, and black belt Jobs at the same time since his base attack caps out.

He can equip anything, so you can change your Onion Knight to match any Job. I went out of my way to collect the Onion Armor exclusive to the Knight, which boasts the greatest stat boost of any item. 

In FFT: WoTL, he is also a late-game character requiring at least six levels in 2 different Jobs. He only has the attack option and no special abilities; however, it has the most stat growth per level, so it is a job you must focus on acquiring rather than something you pick up along the way.

It creates a powerhouse that can attack well and can use any equipment. I have 2 of them, One for ranged attacks that I equip elemental guns to and the other a tank with a sword to deal considerable melee damage.

Don’t forget that you can still prepare passives and skills from other Jobs to optimize this living stat block further. 

His playstyle is drastically different in the Dissidia series since it turns from a turn-based game to an action fighting game. He is the fastest character in the base game and retains that characteristic of speed in the sequels.

He can use attacks from both range and melee, so you can choose skills that garner one or the other depending on your playstyle. Since his abilities are fast and he can dash to keep up with them, a combo-oriented playstyle mixes both ranges to keep the opponent on their feet as you rack up the damage. 

For Theatrhythm, he is just an agility-oriented character, so you can rely on him going before most enemies and allies while attacking in beat. The game is more simplistic to keep that rhythm gameplay loop. 


Question: How Do I Get the Onion Armor?

Answer: It depends on the game, you can get this from Red Dragons in FFIII and FFIII 3D Remake, trade Black Tails to the Tail collector in FFVI, defeating Phlegethon in FFXIV, and Rendezvous mode in FFT: WoTL.

Question: Who is the Onion Knight?

Answer: S/he goes unnamed in the Dissidia games but is referred to as male in those games. In FFIII, the Onion Knight can be acquired by any warrior of Light, so technically, it is all of them. 

Question: What is the Meaning Behind “Onion” in Onion Knight?

Answer: It is a mix of cultures here as in Japan, there is the idiom “Onion Life” or “to peel away one layer at a time and be crying all the way.” however, in the West, it could come from the saying “To know one’s onions.” 


Onion Knight is a powerful Job to attain, and with that power comes a significant obstacle to overcome first to acquire this Job. Whether it is level grinding or menial tasks, it is well worth the effort to unlock this Job.

He can be played in any role and any position, and while he cannot do everything at once, he can be equipped to do any role one at a time. He boasts the highest stats and stat growth in the game, paired with his ability to equip anything, which makes him a force to be reckoned with. 

Why not give this Job a shot? 

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