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Shinryu Guide

Shinryu Guide

In all of Final Fantasy XIV, you will not encounter a primal more ferocious than Shinryu. This legendary beast picks up all the other primal’s skills and throws them at you in one single battle. The design and cinematics of the final battle of the Stormblood are unmatched by any other -both extreme and normal …

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Ala Mhigo Guide

Ala Mhigo Guide

Since 2.0 was released, Final Fantasy XIV’s storyline started talking up Ala Mhigo to every player. Ever since the beginning of the game, I was amazed by the tales of this militaristic city-state, the war with Gridania, the Mad King that depleted the city’s military power, and the exploited refugees. Plus, if you ever get …

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moenbryda guide

Moenbryda Guide

They say that stars that shine brighter are doomed to fade sooner. At the risk of giving you an instant spoiler, I think this is one of the best descriptions to define Moenbryda. This Roegadyn appears spontaneously in the plot, demonstrating her worth, fleshing out a little more about the then mysterious Urianger, and helping …

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emet selch guide

Emet Selch Guide

As a Final Fantasy die-hard fan, I have spent several hours pouring my heart and soul into loving and hating antagonists with names so hard to spell and pronounce that… honestly? I lost track of them. Emet-Selch, however, could not be further from that statement. This guy’s striking visual design, fantastic voice acting, multi-faceted mannerism, …

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Haurchefant Guide

Haurchefant Guide

I am an emotional guy, you know. It is not hard to cry reading, watching, or playing a game with a passionate and charismatic story. But every now and then, I wonder if, during a scriptwriting brainstorming, people create characters already thinking in the endgame of how to make a player’s life miserable during gameplay. …

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G'raha Tia Guide

G’raha Tia Guide

JRPGs are no stranger to turning ordinary people into intergalactic saviors. Final Fantasy XIV may be an MMORPG, but it’s also a JRPG deep to its core. That means I expected my humble level 1 adventurer to become a world-savior hero/godslayer. However, one thing in my hero’s journey that I did not expect was that …

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fishermans horizon guide

Fishermans Horizon Guide

Fishermans Horizon is one of the most intriguing areas in Final Fantasy VIII with its clever minimalistic story-telling. Squall Leonhart and his friends arrive at this location after being caught up in the bloody fights as part of Sorcerress Edea‘s world domination plans. The gang survived the attack on Balamb Garden and fleed after activating …

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