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Minions Final Fantasy Guide – The WoL’s Emotional Support Buddy

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A minions Final Fantasy guide can help you understand why these companions exist in the game of FFXIV. When I started playing, I didn’t even know how to summon a minion, let alone unlock more after my first.

After a while, a friend taught me how and since then, I’ve become a minion collector. Literally, considering I’ve obtained not just the Minion Collector title but the Minion Master title as well.

While I’ll never have every minion in the game, I do like to collect them and use them to step up my cosplay game for costume contests. But no matter how many minions I get, I’ll never forget how confusing it was in the beginning.

Minions in FFXIV – The Need to Know

  • Once you use the minion item to summon the minion the first time, you can always summon it.
  • Minions are unlocked through quests, FATES, Raids, in-game currencies, and more.
  • Minion Roulette chooses a random minion that you own
  • Minions are not tied to class/job
  • Minions have three temperaments: Independent, Obedient, and Stationary
  • Minions cannot die but they will disappear when you die and won’t come back until you summon it again
  • Minions have seven commands: Handover, Slap, Poke, Beckon, Cheer, Pet, and Clap
  • Lalafell minions will rest on the Lalafell’s head instead of their shoulder

Minion Commands

Image from Final Fantasy fandom

There are seven commands you can give your minion. There are a few minions that have special interactions with each emote, but the rest have identical animations. If the emote isn’t on this list, the minion will not respond to it.

You can also use these emotes on other minions that aren’t yours. But the reactions may vary slightly depending on temperament and which command you use.


To use handover, type /handover in the chat box. When you do, your minion will pretend to eat out of your hand and then do a small dance. The Fledgling Apkall nods its head cutely when fed.

Independent minions will approach you when fed. Wind-up minions also will as long as you set your title to Mammeter. Other minions will pretend to eat where they stand rather than approach.


The slap command causes you to slap your minion. Independent minions will run away. Obedient and Stationary minions will not. They will take it, which should make you feel really bad.

Tiny Tortoise has the cutest reaction to slap. It slides away and then spins around in its shell like a Beyblade.


Poke is a simple poke to your minion. A few minions have unique reactions to this. For example, Bite-sized Pudding and Slime Puddle melt. Dust Bunny has a sort of panic attack.

Chigoe Larva does a backflip. Demon Brick and Mummy’s Little Mummy both fall over. Beady Eye spins around and stretches its wings out. But my favorite is model Vanguard, which slaps you back.


Beckon is a simple command that causes most minions to come to you. The most unique reaction is Baby Opo-opo, Nutkin, and Wind-up Nanamo which will climb you and sit on your head or shoulder.


Cheer is just like the cheer emote, but in this case, you’re cheering your minion on. Tender lamb danced joyfully. Minions of Light dance, which looks more like a victory pose than a dance.


Pet is probably the most common command for minions. You can also use /stroke, but /pet is more common. Some minions will give a happy reaction, some ask for belly scratches, and others will bite you.


Clap is the last command. Most minions will face you when you clap for them. However, Minions of Light do the victor pose dances. There are not many unique reactions to this one.

Minion Temperments

Image from Final Fantasy fandom

There are three temperaments for minions. You can check this by looking at the minion card associated with the minion in your minion guide. The behavior changes their emote reactions.

The number of Obedient and Independent minions are about the same. But only six minions are Stationary. Stationary minions are the Adventure Basket, Plus Cushion, Wanderer’s Campfire, Wind-Up Moon, Wind-Up Sun, and Zephyrous Zabuton.

  • Independent – these minions follow you, but if you don’t move, they will start roaming around.
  • Obedient – these minions will follow you and never move far from you, even if you are afk.
  • Stationary – these minions don’t move and will even despawn if you move too far away from them.

Minions with Special Effects

  • Coeurl Kitten, Model Vanguard, Wind-up Tonberry, and Wolf Pup help you in combat. Of course, they don’t do damage, but they try their best.
  • Wind-up Y’shtola uses Protect. Again, doesn’t work, but it’s the thought that counts.
  • Wind-up Louisoix and Wind-up Bahamut fight each other if they get close.
  • Wolf Pup and Coeurl Kitten fight too.
  • Bluebird and Tight-beaked Parrot sits on you when idle but leave if you use any emote.
  • Wind-up Succubus is quick to get on your shoulder.
  • Wind-up Ultros giggles at females and moves away from males.
  • Wind-Up Magnai nods at females and moves away from males.
  • Wind-up Sun disappears when you hide the UI.
  • Assassin Fry swims in some water.
  • Plush Cushion wiggles sometimes when no one is on it but deflates when stood on.
  • Fat Cats won’t move after you feed them unless you move.
  • Wind-up Magnai and Wind-up Sadu fight when they get close.
  • Wind-up Tonberry will fight when close.
  • Buffalo Calves fight when close.
  • Moogles will dance with when close.
  • Mammets salute when close.
  • Chocobo Chicks make a circle.
  • Mandragora will gather and will dance together.
  • Dust Bunnies, Fledgling Dodos, Goobbue Sproutlings, Mummy’s Little Mummy, Slime Puddles, Tender Lambs, Wind-up Amalj’aa, and Wind-up Founders also gather.
  • Wind-up Omega-M and Wind-up Omega-F use Laser Shower.
  • Wind-up Alpha waves to Wind-up Omega-M and Wind-up Omega-F.
  • Fat Cat minions look at each other.
  • Wind-up Runar gives a flower to Brave New Y’shtola.

Lord of Verminion

Lord of Verminion
Image from Final Fantasy fandom

Lord of Verminion is a game you can play at Chocobo Square in the Gold Saucer. In the game, your minions destroy the Arcana Stones of the opponent. You can play against real players or NPCs.

The game isn’t exactly new, as it’s nearly identical to a Square Enix arcade game called Lord of Vermilion from 2008. The game is the same, only with different characters. Previously, Lord of Vermilion did crossovers with MtG, King of Fighters, and more.

Playing LoV

To start playing Lord of Verminion, head to the Gold Saucer, then to Chocobo Square. There you will find Minion Square. You need at least three minions to play. To check your minion stats and which ones you have, go to the Verminion tab in the Gold Saucer window under Character.

Once you’re set, go to the Duty Finder and search for matches in the Gold Saucer cactus icon. The best way to learn to play is to play a few games. But basically, you left click on the minion, then right-click where you want it to go.

Type Advantage and Goal

As far as type advantages go, Poppets are good against Monsters, Monsters are good against Critters, and Critters are good against Poppets. This comes in handy during the fighting stages of the game.

But fighting isn’t the goal. It’s more like the chess pieces that guard the king. The “kings,” in this case, are the Arcana Stones. Make sure you set up your minion hotbar in the Lords of Verminion window before you begin.

5 Rarest Unavailable Minions in FFXIV (less than 1% of players own)

The most common minions are the ones that you get from early MSQ. These include Wind-Up Airship, Goobue Sproutling, and Buffalo Calf. But the rare minions that aren’t available anymore are ones you may never see.

Wind-Up Dalamund

Wind-Up Dalamund
Image from ffxiv console games wiki

The Wind-Up Dalamund is a red moon minion with gadgets sticking from it. Only oldtimers have this item code that was included with Before Meteor Original Soundtrack in 2.0

Wind-Up Ragnarok

Wind-Up Ragnarok
Image from ffxiv console games wiki

Wind-Up Ragnarok is a starship replica designed by the Loporrit bunnies. The item code for Wind-Up Ragnarok was included with The Art of Resurrection -Among The Stars- Artbook.

Wind-up Lyna

Wind-up Lyna Minions Final Fantasy
Image from ffxiv console games wiki

Lyna is a much-loved Viera from Shadowbringers/Endwalker. To summon your own, you would have had to buy the soundtrack not so long ago. This item code was included with the Death Unto Dawn Original Soundtrack.

Spoony Bard

Spoony Bard Minions Final Fantasy
Image from ffxiv console games wiki

This adorable Bard is a legend that so few players own. He is identical to Edward Chris von Muir. To own one, you need an original item code that was included with the Heavensward Original Soundtrack.

Wind-Up Bahamut

Wind-Up Bahamut Minions Final Fantasy
Image from ffxiv console games wiki

Wind-Up Bahamut is one of the oldest minions that aren’t available anymore. It resembles a baby Bahamut still partially in his egg. You can only get one from an item code included with the A Realm Reborn Original Soundtrack.

Easter Egg: This is actually was in the Wind-Up Dalamund minion.

5 Rarest Minions That You Can Get In-Game (less than 1.5% of players own)

The rarest minions you can still get are almost as rare as the ones that are still unavailable. The crazy thing is, if you grind it out, you can unlock any one of these this year, making you one of the top 1.5% of players.

Golden Beaver

Golden Beaver
Image from ffxiv console games wiki

I’ve had this minion before, but I sold it on the marketboard for a hefty sum. To be fair, I didn’t earn it, I won it at a party. To unlock Golden Beaver, you have to chance to get it from The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah treasure maps.

I’ve done these maps a few times, and I have never seen the Golden Beaver. But that’s cool because even without the best drops, I love doing treasure maps.


Shalloweye Minions Final Fantasy
Image from ffxiv console games wiki

This is the single-rarest minion. All you have to do is win 50 Lord of Verminion player battles. So to get it, play a lot. you’ll eventually win that many times, even if it takes you 1000 tries.

Much-coveted Mora

Much-coveted Mora Minions Final Fantasy
Image from ffxiv console games wiki

This cute little silverfish is one that fishers are known for not liking.  But the minion is much rarer and more desirable than the real thing. You can only get this if you earn a cumulative total of 1,000,000 points while ocean fishing.


To unlock the Pterosquirrel, you have to get 400 Faux Leaves. I have enough for this guy after doing my weekly unreal trial but don’t plan on buying him. However, who can really say no to Nutkin without a nut?

Penguin Prince

Penguin Prince Minions Final Fantasy
Image from ffxiv console games wiki

Penguin Prince is difficult to get if you still need Lord of Verminion practice. But once you get the hang of it, you shouldn’t have a problem completing four different Lord of Verminion tournaments with double-digit victories.


Question: How Many Minions are in FFXIV?

Answer: There are over 300 minions in the game, with new ones added very regularly. At this rate, you can assume there will be around 60 minions added each expansion (AAR, Heavensward, etc.)

Question: Are Minions Worth It?

Answer: If you only care about the technical side of FFXIV, then no. However, you don’t have to go out of your way to unlock them. Just equip the ones that you already have to put a smile on your face.

Question: What is the Most Popular Minion in FFXIV?

Answer: While the most common minions in FFXIV are the ones you get from MSQ, the most popular one is probably the Fat Cat minion. It is often awarded at parties, and there is even glam/furniture modeled after it.

Minions Will Never Go Out of Style

Minions are a fun addition to FFXIV. With the addition of Lords of Verminion, they have a purpose outside of following you around looking cute. Perhaps n the future there will be even more support.

I have been to a couple of Pokémon parties where they used minions that resembled certain Pokémon to battle. They used type advantage and rolled for attacks. It was a blast. If something like this could be incorporated officially, it would be amazing.

But if it doesn’t, it’s cool because I still like collecting minions to match outfits and simply to make me happy. I choose you, Bullpup!

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