Prompto Argentum Guide

Prompto Argentum Guide

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Prompto Argentum is not a member of the Lucis royalty, nor does he have an extensive lineage of warriors behind him. Raised a commoner with the most mundane life, he became best friends with crown prince Noctis, son of King Regis.

Prompto is never brimming in confidence, but he makes up for it with his extroverted personality and bravery. Whereas most Crownsguard members are expert swordsmen and melee fighters, he is a specialist gunslinger and machine operator.

Bottom Line Up Front

Prompto is great at shooting photos and enemies alike, but his best skill is as a reliable friend that never leaves those he cares about behind. Despite having complicated origins, this hopeless romantic always finds a way to smile and overcome challenges.



Among friends, Prompto is the most playful and laid-back person in the group. He is also a womanizer who falls in love faster than you can say his name.

Despite his cheerful and extroverted expression, Prompto is also a sensitive guy with many insecurities. He is reminded of them relatively often as the only commoner riding alongside the crown prince of Lucis, his bodyguard, and the royal family’s advisor. Prompto confesses to being uneasy during formal situations and meetings as he never learned how to behave growing up.

After the turbulent exit from Insomnia, Prompto’s cheerful nature keeps the group united and smiling. He is an outstanding conversationalist with a keen eye for detail but a short attention span.

Prompto loves pop culture and constantly quotes songs or phrases from other Final Fantasy games. He enjoys video games and likens the party’s adventures to be in an RPG. When the party rests, Prompto is usually the most enthusiastic about playing the game King’s Knight with his friends.

Prompto loves to channel his artistic side through photography. This lifelong hobby shines during the party’s adventures outside of Insomnia, as he tries his best to capture the most memorable moments encountered, however small. At the end of each day, Prompto shows Noctis and his friends the photos he has taken since the last rest stop so they can choose which ones to keep.

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The cheery blond man has a complicated relationship with nature. Prompto is crazy about chocobos to the point where the party takes a detour so he can spend time with them.

He loves domestic pets like cats and dogs, including Lady Lunafreya’s companion Pryna. At the same time, Prompto remains a city boy through and through. He jumps at every opportunity to complain about the bugs and aggressive animals the party stumbles upon during their journey.

Prompto also pipes up occasionally to whine about exposure to the elements during extended periods in the wild. He is terrified of dark and closed spaces like dungeons and does not enjoy heights.

Noctis’ disappearance affected Prompto just as heavily as it did with others, but he remained the same despite being 30 years old once the new king returned. Without his childhood best friend by his side to protect him, Prompto had to learn to be more independent and mature. He started hunting for daemons alone, and despite staying as upbeat as before, he became more aware of displaying it.


Prompto sports a characteristically youthful and punk look, unlike the more stern friends he accompanies. His height is average for Lucis, clocking in at 5’8” (173cm), and he has a very slim build – almost comically so when fighting next to the towering Gladiolus. During his younger years, however, Prompto was a chubby child.

Prompto is arguably the most fashion-forward member of the party. As part of his Crownsguard attire, he wears a black patterned shirt under a dark sleeveless vest combined with the tail of a plaid shirt. His arms are decorated with two armbands and black gloves, while his pants are dark and sport a faint leopard print on them. Prompto wears black biker boots with red soles.

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You will find several patches and tags on the black vest, the most famous being “it’s a beautiful day, now watch some bastards mess it up.” Like other Crownsguard members, Prompto sports skull motifs on his outfit. The buttons on his jacket are brandished with the symbol, as is the belt buckle.

When wearing the Casual Outfit, Prompto shows up with a dark red sleeveless shirt and a vest over it. His pants are grey this time around, and he wears them with stylish brown boots.

Despite being genetically a descendent of Niflheim’s research minister Verstael Besithia, Prompto’s cells were diversified and thus steered away from their original donor. The young marksman of the Crownsguard has a bar code tattoo on his wrist. It reads N-iP01357 below and 05953234 on the top. Prompto conceals it with the help of a wristband.

Key Moments


Prompto is a loyal servant of the Kingdom of Lucis, but he was born in the Niflheim Empire. He was one of many genetically engineered clones created for its military as part of the magitek movement. Genetically, Prompto is a descendent of Versatel Besithia, an imperial scientist deeply involved with the magitek army.

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Minister Besithia had planned to use cloning to create a steady supply of infants for the Niflheim military. Once they grew up, they would receive material harvested from daemons to create super soldiers to fight the Lucian knights.

During a secret raid conducted by spies at the behest of the Kingdom of Lucis in the First Magitek Production Facility, Prompto was kidnapped and given to a commoner family in Insomnia, where he inherited the surname Argentum.

Prompto grew up within the citadel walls. He struggled to make friends and found comfort in photography and food. The latter of his passions made him considerably overweight. Once, Prompto found an injured small puppy. He nicknamed it “Tiny” and treated its leg with his handkerchief. Unbeknownst to him, the dog was Pryna, the loyal companion of Lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret of Tenebrae.

Meeting Noctis

Lunafreya was delighted to find her dog well but could not identify who had taken care of it. Her only clue was the handkerchief with the name “Prompto” on it, which she gave to her guardian Gentiana to investigate.

Once she found his identity, the royal sent a letter to Prompto thanking him for his help. As she had discovered that Prompto went to school with Noctis, she asked if the commoner could befriend the shy crown prince, who had been struggling to make friends.>

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Following the former princess’ instructions, Prompto approached Noctis the next time he saw the prince. The 12-year-old tripped and fell to the floor. Noctis helped him up while remarking that Prompto was rather heavy.

Embarrassed by this interaction, the young photographer did not approach Noctis again and embarked on a journey to become healthy. Prompto stopped eating junk food and exercised every day, taking photos to monitor his progress.

Three years later, now fit and brimming with confidence, Prompto attempted to approach Noctis again, hoping the prince would not remember him. Noctis greeted him casually, aware this was the same kid who had fallen in front of him before. The two became fast friends and were inseparable throughout their high school years.

Departing Insomnia

At the age of 20, Prompto and his friends Noctis, Gladiolus, and Ignis prepared to leave on their road trip towards Altissia. The four had grown up in the Insomnia citadel and were excited about the prospect of a brand-new world.

As part of their preparations for the trip, Prompto visited the Insomnia Citadel to pick up his new Crownsguard uniform. He tried to show service by remarking that he had completed his self-defense training and was ready to sacrifice himself for the prince. An officer reminded him to focus on looking after his own safety outside the citadel walls.

Later that night, he, Ignis, and Gladiolus helped Noctis clean his apartment and pack his possession to move into the palace. Prompto was amazed at his friend’s comic book collection. Once they finished cleaning, he convinced the other three to play some King’s Knight.

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The party departed in the morning after an emotional send-off by King Regis, who Prompto was amazed to see in person at the palace, given his status as a commoner. As they drove through the desert wastelands of Leide aboard the Regalia, their stylish road trip got off to a poor start when the car broke down. The gang pushed it down the highway until the nearest service station at Hammerhead.

Meeting The Outer World

When Prompto met the chief mechanic in the station, Cindy Aurum, it was love at first sight. She agreed to repair the Regalia but demanded some favors around the area at her grandfather Cid’s urging. Before settling down in Hammerhead, he had been a close friend of King Regis. The mechanic’s grandfather was very overt about his reservations towards Noctis.

As part of the deal, Prompto and his friends assisted the locals at Hammerhead in eliminating some dangerous daemons that had harassed the area. The royals quickly adapted to the challenges of the new world in front of them. Prompto was delighted to be able to take photos of their adventures. On top of getting the Regalia fixed, hunting for daemons would prove to be a reliable stream of income, as they had next to no money after leaving Insomnia.

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Infused with confidence after their early successes, they returned to find the Regalia in perfect working condition once more. As the friends drove towards the resort of Galdin Quay to board the boat to Altissia, Prompto could not stop talking about Cindy, making his new crush on her clear to his friends.

Down at Galdin Quay, they made way to the harbor to find out the schedule for the ferries to Altissia. A journalist named Dino told them that there would be no ships today. They agreed to scavenge through the Leide deserts for gemstones for the informant’s aspiring jeweler career. After a long day out in the wild, they checked into the luxury hotel to rest.

The Fall of Insomnia

Prompto and his friends woke up to disturbing news. On the previous evening, the Empire of Niflheim had successfully attacked and captured the city of Insomnia. The invaders waited until the Crystal’s barrier was down to welcome the imperial delegation for the signing of a peace treaty. Reliably news about the events was hard to come by as the Empire controlled all means of communication now.

During the broadcast, imperial news had claimed that King Regis, Prince Noctis, and Lady Lunafreya were among the dead. Noctis is left hurt and confused, unsure whether his father and fiancée were indeed dead or had survived just like he had. The four quickly departed the hotel and drove back towards Insomnia to find the truth but found that Niflheim had blockaded the city.

After battling the soldiers at the roadblock, the party made their way to a cliff overlooking the ruined capital of Lucis. They got in touch with the Crownsguard commander, Marshal Cor Leonis. He confirmed the death of King Regis and tasked Noctis with finding the royal arms of fallen Lucian kings.

While the prince went with Marshal Leonis, Prompto drove off with Ignis and Gladiolus to launch a diversionary raid on the Norduscaen Blockade. Both teams succeeded in their mission, and after a rendezvous, Cor parted ways with them while Prompto and friends drove into the open world.

Exploring the World

For Prompto, leaving the desert lands of Leide to find the green pastures of Duscae was a chance to explore his photography. As they headed towards the tropical city of Lestallum, Prompto’s attention drifted. He saw the mighty Disc of Cauthess and asked Noctis if they could make a quick detour to snap some pictures of the area.

The photo op was not the only stop made at Prompto’s urging. He had heard about a large Chocobo ranch in the vicinity and requested to meet the birds. There they learned that no Chocobo racing and rentals were taking place because of a giant one-eyed monster that had terrorized the area by the ranch. Encouraged by Prompto, Noctis agreed to help defeat the monster and restore the ranch’s activities.

After reaching Lestallum, the party met Gladiolus’ sister Iris, who had escaped from Insomnia with other refugees. At the city, Noctis began experiencing severe headaches linked to the Titan, who was said to rest in the Disc of Cauthess.

While preparing to set off, they met imperial chancellor Ardyn Izunia at the observatory in Lestallum. The official offered to help them reach the end of the meteor crater but was not forthcoming about his motives. Nonetheless, Noctis and his friends were short on options and accepted the invitation.

As they descended further into the Disc of Cauthess, Prompto and Ignis separated from Noctis and Gladiolus, who fell into a pit after the Titan awakened. They rushed to find a way around to reach the prince and his bodyguard and arrive on time to help them fight the Titan to prove Noctis’ worth to the Astral.

After the god pledged his powers to the crown prince, Niflheim troops attacked the Titan. During the fight, Chancellor Izunia brought his ship close enough to the party and helped them aboard before flying them out to Lestallum.

Left without the Regalia, Prompto and his friends decided to explore the Fociaugh Hollow dungeon after the astral Ramuh. As they made their way down the icy cave, Prompto was whisked away by a giant naga snake. The beast thought the blond gunslinger was her son and vowed to protect him from Noctis, Ignis, and Gladiolus. The three battled the naga and successfully rescued Prompto in one piece, though they were confused about the incident.

On their way back to Lestallum, they received a tip from Cindy. She had used her contacts to locate the Regalia’s. The car was in the Aracheole Stronghold, an imperial fortress nearby. They planned a nocturnal raid to retrieve it and camped nearby until nightfall.

The operation to free the Regalia was going well until they met by imperial high commander Ravus. Noctis, Ignis and Gladiolus had a heated exchange that came very close to a fight. Ardyn Izunia appeared and ordered Ravus to let them go with the car. Prompto was left very confused about the apparent intimacy his friends had with the imperial officer. Ignis explained that his full name was Ravus Nox Fleuret, the elder brother of Lady Lunafreya.

Sailing to Altissia

After the death of Sir Jared at the hands of imperial officers in Lestallum, Gladiolus broke off from the party to tend to personal matters. His sister Iris took his place in the party so they could safely deliver her to the secret royal hideout at Cape Caem. At the port, they found King Regis’ old boat. Cid and Cindy volunteered to bring it up to working order so they could sail to Altissia, but they required Mythril for that.

Once again, the party received help from Chancellor Izunia, whose troops guarded the mysterious temple in the Vesterpool that contained it. Ardyn volunteered Commodore Aranea Highwind, who the Lucian party had clashed with before, to escort them.

Prompto was not shy to express his admiration and affection for the brave, strong, and attractive lady, who did not think much of the young man’s advances. Still, Aranea was candid to him about her growing dissatisfaction with the daemon harvesting. As a mercenary fighter, she considered terminating her contract to find work elsewhere.

After surviving a close encounter with a mythical bird down in the daemon-infested dungeon, Prompto and Aranea said their goodbyes. His friends teased him about double-timing Cindy, to who he was also attracted. The Mythril ore had to be processed, which was done as a favor after Noctis cleared the daemons from the EXINERIS power plant in Lestallum with Gladiolus, whom he met during the fight.

With the royal vessel finally in working order, Prompto and his friends bode farewell to those in Cape Caem and set off to Altissia so that Noctis could reunite with his fiancée Lunafreya. She had been under the protection of the local government after surviving the imperial attack on Insomnia.

Noctis held tense negotiations with the leader of Altissia to allow him to make a covenant with the Leviathan goddess. As Lunafreya summoned the astral, Prompto, Gladiolus, and Ignis would get civilians out of harm’s way. Meanwhile, Noctis would approach the Leviathan and attempt to gain her powers.

The next day, during the ceremony, their plans were interrupted when Niflheim forces attacked the Leviathan. During the ensuing chaos, Ardyn Izunia mortally wounded Lunafreya. Noctis struggled to reach the astral, but Prompto expertly hijacked a magitek ship and took his friend to the Leviathan. The crown prince fought the goddess to prove his mettle, and though he received her allegiance, he was severely injured and lost consciousness.

During the battle in Altissia, Noctis and Ignis suffered the most. The prince was unconscious for days, while Ignis received serious eye injuries that took away his sight. Prompto took upon himself the responsibility of helping his friend until he could see again. After much consideration and a heated argument between Noctis and Gladiolus, the party boarded the train towards Tenebrae in search of answers.

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Imperial troops ambushed their ride. Ardyn played mind tricks on Noctis and swapped his image with Prompto. The young blond had to defend himself against his friend’s attacks. The battle reached a climax when Noctis saw Ardyn and Prompto on top of the wagon.

Prompto held the chancellor at gunpoint, but Noctis fell for the illusion and attacked his friend instead, throwing him off the train.

Return to Niflheim

vived the fall from the train but found himself stranded in the snowy fields of Niflheim. He attempted to walk towards Tenebrae, but the cold eventually proved too much to handle without the appropriate clothing. A magitek patrol found the unconscious Prompto and took him to the research facility where he was born.

Ardyn visited Prompto in captivity and returned him his pistol. The chancellor teased him by offering a family reunion with his father. Up until then, Prompto had no idea of his origins in Niflheim. He attempted to escape the facility, fighting his way through the hordes of magitek troopers. While looking for a way out, Prompto found clones in tubes that looked very similar to him, including the bar code he had inscribed into his wrist.

Prompto confronted lead imperial researcher Verstael Besithia, who was in the process of turning into a daemon, and killed him while Ardyn gloated. Shaken by the events, Noctis’ friend ran into Aranea Highwind. The former commodore had infiltrated the imperial research facility to find answers about the magitek troopers. Aranea gave Prompto a snowmobile to escape and met up with him later in the snowy wilderness.

After learning the disturbing truth about his origins, Prompto felt his friends would never accept him back. Aranea insisted that it was up to him to carve his path in life and urged him to return to his friends.

Prompto explored the expanses of Niflheim, fighting magitek troopers while feeling empathetic towards them because of their shared origins. After meeting Lunafreya’s dog Pryna, he decided to choose his own destiny. With the help of Aranea, Prompto attacked another magitek facility and the Immortalis giant trooper.

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During his attempt to escape with Aranea, Prompto fell captive once more to the Empire. He was held in the Zegnautus Keep in the imperial capital of Gralea, where his friends found him. Prompto hesitantly confessed his background as a clone to them, but they accepted him immediately.

He stayed behind with Ignis and Gladiolus to fight daemons in the hangar while Noctis made his way to the Crystal. It was a trap devised by Ardyn. The crown prince was absorbed, which plunged the world into eternal darkness.

The Perpetual Night

The nights took over the world. Most rural areas had no inhabitants due to the daemon threat, and the only remaining humans flocked to larger population centers where the light could protect them. Prompto and his friends turned to full-time daemon hunters, shielding the people of Lucis in wait for the prophecy to come true. It said the King of Light would return and rid the world of the darkness that engulfed it.

Much like he had done when he was young, Prompto began frantically working on himself. He worked to become stronger in melee combat with the help of Kingsglaive members, despite suffering defeats during sparring matches.

Prompto refined his marksmanship to become more accurate in low light conditions, a mandatory skill in the eternal nights. He worked as a daemon hunter while still trying to impress Cindy, without much luck in the latter. Prompto became much more mature than he was before.

When Noctis finally returned after a decade away, Prompto was delighted to see his best friend. Together with Gladiolus and Ignis, who had embraced his blindness and hunted daemons by himself, they went camping one last time together before charging into the ruins of Insomnia. Prompto was aware that to beat Ardyn, the King of Light had to sacrifice himself, but tried to stay upbeat despite this.

Inside Insomnia, they get help from Lunafreya’s spirit, who summoned the Astrals to clear a path for them. Once they reached the palace, possessed statues of Lucian rulers corrupted by the Starscourge attacked the party. Prompto defeated Queen Crepera, The Rogue.

As they had done in Niflheim, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus offered to stay behind fighting daemons so that Noctis could go forwards with his quest to defeat Ardyn. Before parting, the photographer gave the king a photo of them together. Noctis succeeded in cleansing Ardyn’s cursed soul, sacrificing himself to save the world. Prompto and his friends managed to hold out the daemon onslaught and witnessed the sunrise for the first time in almost a decade.

Special Abilities


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Ever since he was a child, Prompto has been an avid photographer. After leaving Insomnia with Noctis, Gladiolus, and Ignis, he takes it upon himself to document their journey. Prompto will automatically take photos during highlights of the adventure, including in combat!

Besides that, he will also sniff out good spots to snap pictures of unique landmarks, which the player can choose to accept or decline. Prompto is professional about this and will not be satisfied until he gets a photo in good lighting. As a result, sometimes the party must camp nearby in hopes of better weather the next day.

The photos Prompto takes are crucial to the game and the plot. Every night, the players must choose which to keep. Make sure to select your favorite ones!


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Prompto has six Techniques that available through the ascension grid.

  • Piercer (1 Tech Bar): Damages all targets in a straight line regardless of cover
  • Starshell (1 Tech Bar): Fires a flare that stuns enemies and weakens daemons due to its brightness
  • Recoil (2 Tech Bars): When equipped with machinery, it overloads it to inflict extra damage on nearby enemies
  • Gravisphere (2 Tech Bars): When equipped with machinery, releases an orb that drags enemies together while damaging them
  • Trigger Happy (3 Tech Bars): Fires two bullet salvos towards enemies followed by a single, powerful finishing shot
  • Snapshot (1 Tech Bar): Allows Prompto to take more photos during battles
  • Limit Break: Allows Prompto to exceed the damage limit ceiling of 9999 HP when using the Techniques listed above


Prompto is a master of firearms and machinery. He is the only party member that can yield guns, making him an invaluable ally for ranged fights. Much like the melee weapons available to other characters, Prompto can upgrade his handguns to have certain effects over specific foes such as daemons.


Question: Is Prompto a clone of Cloud?

Answer: No. Prompto is a clone of the lead imperial scientist behind the magitek project and has no relation to Cloud despite being blond.

Question: How old is Prompto?

Answer: When Noctis departs Insomnia with his friends, Prompto is 20 years old.

Question: Does Cindy like Prompto?

Answer: Yes, but only as a friend. Nonetheless, Prompto still hopes to win her heart and eventually propose to her.

Question: When should I play Episode Prompto?

Answer: Ideally, you should play Episode Prompto of Final Fantasy XV once you reach Chapter 12 of the game. That allows you to follow the complicated events between Prompto falling off the train and his reunion with his friends in Niflheim.

Question: How long is the Episode Prompto DLC?

Answer: Episode Prompto is around 2 hours long. However, achieving 100% completion requires 5 hours or so.

Prompto Argentum Guide: Final Thoughts

In many ways, Prompto Argentum is special. Despite being a magitek clone raised as a commoner in Lucis and having a rather unimpressive physique, Prompto uses his heart to overcome all the challenges that come his way.

Not only that, but he also does so while humming his favorite songs and making sure his friends are in good spirits. With a best friend this great, it is no wonder that Prince Noctis is able to navigate the turbulent story of Final Fantasy XV.

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