Iris Amicitia Guide

Iris Amicitia Guide

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Never judge a book by its cover: if you think Iris Amicitia is just a cute little girl that relies on her strong bother for everything, you need glasses. Iris is talented, caring, and a hopeless romantic Final Fantasy character. She never shies away from a fight. When Iris is not fighting, she is partaking in the joys of sewing and gardening.

Bottom Line Up Front: Iris Amicitia cannot be summarized in one sentence, as this romantic fighter has many talents that make her unique. She may be young, but her bravery and love make Iris go above and beyond to ensure her loved ones are safe. We’ll begin this Iris Amicitia guide by describing her personality and appearance.



Iris has a fun and bubbly personality but quietly harbors maturity well beyond her years. She is the kind of person who believes you can be a grown-up without losing touch with the joys of childhood. Around Noctis, Iris loves to play around as they used to when they were kids.

She grew a crush on the crown prince on the day they first met but put her feelings aside when the relationship between Noctis and Lunafreya became blossomed.

Iris assumed responsibilities much beyond the ones of the average 15-year-old girl after the Empire’s attack on Insomnia. Despite living most of her life as Gladiolus’ protégée, she took on the role of big sister to Talcott.

Iris did her best to support Noctis during his quest against the Empire, even though she knew succeeding meant she could never be with him.


Contrasting with her tall and well-built brother, Iris is short and skinny. She has dark and short brown hair and brown eyes. Iris’ default outfit is a black sleeveless hoodie with brown accents, a red plaid mini skirt, and black boots.

Her clothes pay homage to the Tokyo punk rock scene, confirmed by the double belt with chains, the leather choker, and bracelets.

Key Moments

Meeting the Prince

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Iris comes from the house of Amicitia. For generations, men of the Amicitia family have served as bodyguards to the kings of Lucis. Her father was the head of the Crownsguard, a member of the ruling council of Lucis, and most importantly, the Shield of the King.

Iris’s brother, Gladiolus Amicitia, followed in his father’s footsteps. He was a member of the Crownsguard and the Shield of the Prince.

When he took up his bodyguard duties, Gladiolus was displeased with the attitude of ten-year-old Noctis. He did not respect the prince and complained about him at home to Iris, aged five. The little girl disregarded her brother’s disdain.

Iris arrived at the royal palace the next day and asked to meet the prince. This greatly embarrassed Gladiolus, who tried to convince her to go home. Iris threw a tantrum, and he agreed to let her meet Noctis briefly.

As she waited for the prince to arrive, Iris got distracted and began to wander around the gardens after a cat. She accidentally found herself lost in the woods outside the palace limits as the rain poured. To her surprise, Prince Noctis came to her rescue.

He had noticed a girl following a cat around the gardens and decided to investigate. When Noctis met her, he asked Iris for her name and brought her back inside. They agreed to keep the incident a secret.

Back at the palace, Iris and Noctis met a furious Gladiolus. The prince shouldered the blame and said he had personally invited her to play outside. His father grounded Noctis while Iris walked away free. The Shield of the Prince apologized nonetheless for leaving his sister unattended.

At their home, a distraught Iris confessed to Gladiolus that she had gotten lost by herself, and Noctis was only there to help her find her way back. This act of kindness was a turning point in the relationship between the bodyguard and the prince, who became fast friends afterward.

Leaving Insomnia

As part of the peace treaty between the Kingdom of Lucis and the Empire of Niflheim, Prince Noctis was to wed the Oracle, Lady Lunafreya, in the city of Altissia. Iris had long harbored a crush on Noctis but kept her feelings to herself out of respect for his relationship with Lunafreya and Gladiolus’ job.

Iris met Noctis and Ignis in the entrance hall of the Citadel the day before their departure. During their conversation, she admitted she was upset to miss the wedding. Later, at the insistence of a Kingsglaive soldier, Iris called Noctis for the first time and gave him her best wishes for the trip.

The treaty turned out to be a trap engineered by the Empire to invade Insomnia and steal the Crystal. When the battle engulfed the capital, Crownsguard members Monica and Dustin helped Iris and other refugees fleeing the warzone.

She temporarily settled in the tropical city of Lestallum with the Amicitia chamberlain Jared and Talcott, his young grandson. Iris became very worried after the Empire broadcast news about the death of Prince Noctis, so she called him once again to make sure he was OK and to tell Gladiolus about her whereabouts.

Noctis, accompanied by Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto, visited Iris in Lestallum once they broke the imperial blockade of Leide. She gave Noctis an extensive tour of the city, which meant a lot to her. In Lestallum, the prince fell victim to crippling headaches.

Together with his friends, he departed for the Disc of Cauthess to investigate their connection with the god Titan. While they were gone, the Empire raided the hotel in Lestallum. Jared sacrificed himself to protect Iris from Brigadier General Caligo Ulldor to Talcott’s shock.

Back at Lestallum, Iris broke the news of Jared’s death to Noctis and the Crownsguard when they returned. They decided to evacuate towards the secret royal hideout by the Cape Caem lighthouse to avoid further trouble. The group initially departed together, but Iris stayed with the rest of the evacuees when Noctis and his friends attacked an imperial fortress to avenge Jared.

Iris decided to wait for the prince in Old Lestallum while they conducted their mission but told the Crownsguard members to take Talcott to Cape Caem ahead of her. When they returned, she joined them on the way to the hideout.

Eager for some adventure and to spend time with Noctis, she was enthusiastic about making multiple stops. Despite being young and lacking in build, she proved to be a fierce fighter when confronted with imperial troops and wild animals.

After much excitement, Iris regrouped with Talcott at Cape Caem. She moved into an old house under the lighthouse and promptly joined efforts to redecorate it. At the hidden port, Cid and Cindy worked on restoring King Regis’ old boat so that Noctis could get to Altissia.

They were unable to complete repairs until they had some Mythril, however. Iris directed Noctis to seek this at the Vesperpool. When they returned, she gifted him a hand-sewn giant Moogle Plushie.

Despite being shaken by the war and worrying about her brother and Noctis, Iris adapted well to life at Cape Caem. She took up gardening at a small farming patch, growing different vegetables, including the famous Caem Carrots sought after in the culinary world.

After Noctis and his friends departed for Altissia, Iris kept up with them and was listening to Lady Lunafreya’s last speech together with Talcott.

Iris’ stay at Cape Caem was not lasting, however. When Noctis was trapped inside the Crystal by Ardyn, daylight rapidly left the world. Staying at the hideout became untenable due to the daemons, so the group with Iris and Talcott left for Lestallum.

She initially took up a job assessing the results of daemon attacks and the population’s needs, reporting to Crownsguard marshal Cor Leonis.

The marshal attempted to convince Iris to stay off the frontlines, but she eventually had her way and became one of the most respected daemon hunters in the kingdom. She and Cor helped evacuate the remaining citizens of Insomnia after the imperial garrison holding the city fell.

Despite fighting and protecting people, Iris did not lose touch with her passions. She opened a used clothes shop in Lestallum, where she also sold some original handmade designs.

Once Noctis returned a decade later, he and Iris spoke on the phone. She told the prince she had something to say in person. They agreed to meet after Noctis finished his mission, but he never returned, sacrificing himself to cleanse the world of the darkness.

Related Quests

A Stroll for Two

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The first quest involving Iris is in Lestallum. After Noctis and his friends’ rendezvous with her, Jared, and Talcott at the hotel, she offers to give him a personal tour of the tropical city. Iris does not take no for an answer very often, so the prince’s desire to explore is inconsequential in the end. Gladiolus’ little sister shows Noctis around the main spots of Lestallum and gives core information for navigating the city.

The crown prince of Lucis is a busy man, so his escapade with Iris is well-rewarded. During the tour, several dialogue options are available to Noctis. Depending on what he says to Iris, he receives EXP or AP, normally 200-300 and 2, respectively. The last conversation has three options, one of which gifts Noctis an Elixir.

A Flower for Iris

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Should the party camp at the Lambath Haven, this may trigger the “A Flower for Iris” tour event. Gladiolus has always been aware of his little sister’s unrequited affection for Noctis. Iris is a strong girl who tries not to let her feelings get in the way, but her brother knows this takes a toll on her.

Gladiolus pushes the clueless Noctis in the right direction to cheer her up. Iris’ favorite flowers blossom in volcanic terrain like the one around Lambath Haven. Gladiolus wakes Noctis up earlier than usual and takes him on a short hike in the wilderness. His goal is to get the prince to find and pick some flowers. Noctis is left to figure out the meaning of this by himself.

After Noctis picked the flowers himself, his friend helped arrange them in a bouquet and made the prince give them to Iris in Cape Caem. She was elated with the gesture, which pleased both the prince and her brother.

Farming at Cape Caem

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After reaching the port by the Cape Caem lighthouse, Iris takes up responsibility for the garden patch by the house. Noctis can plant the famed Caem Carrots and set off on quests without worry, as she will look after them until they are ready to be picked.

These carrots may not look particularly unique, but they attract the attention of Tony. This wealthy man runs a restaurant and needs Caem Carrots for his menu. If Noctis desires, he can do business with Tony and receive several rare items.

Chocobo Racing

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Starting from chapter 8, the Noctis can challenge Iris during the Chocobo racing courses. She is the top opponent in the event and is extremely tough to beat.

I highly recommend training your bird and feeding it plenty of high-quality greens when camping before competing with Iris on the racetrack.

Special Abilities


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Iris Amicitia’s special technique acts like the Limit Break in other Final Fantasy series. It makes appearances in Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and Mobius Final Fantasy.

In Final Fantasy XV, Eclipse is available in Chapter 6, when Iris joins the party temporarily. Using it requires two spaces from the Tech Bar. Eclipse has two variations depending on the target. Against magitek troopers, activating it makes Iris tie up the enemy and then do a flip before hitting them from the back.

Using this attack kills any MT class instantly. For other foes, Iris coordinates things with her big brother. She hits the enemy with a sweep kick, Gladiolus slashes the target and launches her into the air for a final air kick.

The Moogle Plushie

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During Chapter 7 of Final Fantasy XV, Iris gifts Noctis a hand-sewn giant Moogle Plushie. This adorable stuffed toy is a lot more than meets the eye. Her Moogle Plushie is a combat decoy that Noctis and the party can deploy. It draws the attention of foes and creates openings for them to attack or retreat.

The plushie has a maximum useful life of ten fights. After that, Noctis must give it back to Iris at Cape Caem so she can sew it back together. There is no cost or significant waiting time, and she will patch up the Moogle Plushie even if it has only suffered minimal damage.

Fans of other Final Fantasy games may have spotted parallels between Iris’ Moogle Plushie and the Brumal Form ability. Employed by excitable young ninja Yuffie Katsuragi in Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade, this ability deploys a Moogle decoy in battle.


Iris joins the party temporarily as they drive from Lestallum to Cape Caem. The player can drive her directly to the secret coastal hideout or take Iris along on quests before reaching it. As a guest member, she cannot enter a dangerous state. Iris has the smallest health bar of all party members.

Iris is a level 18 character in Final Fantasy XV. Despite looking young and small, she is a fierce fighter. Other party members rely on blades, shields, spears, and handguns to fight enemies, but Iris takes things personally.

She uses punches and kicks during fights, including the devastating Eclipse special move detailed above. However, the principal addition Iris brings to the party is her support. She does not fight unless threatened but focuses on healing other party members in times of need.

Iris is capable of link and blindside link strikes. Her link strike involves Noctis deflecting an enemy attack, making an opening for Iris to smash it with the giant Moogle Plushie. The standard blindside link strike has the prince injuring his hand, allowing Iris to heal him with a potion.

Against imperial troopers, she unleashes a special attack where she spins the MT around until it faces Noctis. Iris then holds the foe’s head back, allowing the prince to strike it with a powerful kick. After performing these combinations successfully, Noctis occasionally congratulates Iris with a pat on the head.

Key Relationships

Image from Fandom

Iris is the little sister of the prince’s shield, Gladiolus. She has been in love with Noctis since they were kids but never acted on her feelings. Despite knowing they will never be a couple, Iris tries her best to support Noctis in his quest.

After the death of Jared, she takes up the role of big sister to the young Talcott. When darkness engulfed the world, Iris became the right-hand of Cor the Immortal, marshal of the Crownsguard turned daemon hunter.


Question: How old is Iris Amicitia?

Answer: Iris is 15 years old in Final Fantasy XV.

Question: How tall is Iris Amicitia?

Answer: She is 5’3” (161cm).

Question: Does Iris Amicitia like Prince Noctis in Final Fantasy XV?

Answer: Yes. Iris had a crush on Noctis since they first met when both were children. She keeps her feelings private out of respect for Noctis’ engagement with Lady Lunafreya.

Question: Can you play as Iris in Final Fantasy XV?

Answer: No. Iris is a guest character. She joins the party for certain parts of the game and fights alongside Noctis. You cannot use special commands to control Iris directly.


Cute, caring, fearless, and crafty, there is little Iris Amicitia cannot do. Despite only making sporadic appearances during Noctis’ journey, Iris punches well above her weight to help him reach his destination.

Gladiolus constantly worries about his little sister’s well-being due to her impulsive and selfless behavior, but it is only out of love. Not even the seemingly eternal darkness could stop Iris from helping others while doing what she enjoys the most.

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