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Best FFXIV Summer Indigo Shirts – Real Life Glam

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The best FFXIV Summer Indigo Shirts in real life look just like the shirt in the game. One of my favorite things to do in Final Fantasy XIV is to create glam. My glam slots are always full.

The Summer Indigo Shirt is a famous, casual shirt that I have used for a few in-game cosplays and original looks. While the shirt doesn’t suit me in real life, it could definitely prove useful for a FFXIV cosplay

Of course, that’s if I can’t find the perfect Rebel/Urban coat or Rider’s jacket. There are so many fantastic glam pieces in the game that I honestly wouldn’t know where to start. But the Summer Indigo Shirt is an easy one to find.

My Favorite Summer Indigo Shirts

Favorite Shirt Brand Link Top Pro Top Con
Men’s NA Light in the Box Looks great Not name-brand
Women’s ZC&GF  Amazon Flexible fit No perfect color
Boy’s Cat & Jack Target Decent color Has a pocket
Girl’s Tommy Hilfiger Amazon Identical fit Only in white

Choosing a Summer Indigo Shirt

Nothing is one-size-fits-all, even hats – I know a few 99 percentiles – and the Summer Indigo Shirt is no exception. This is the list of criteria I use when picking Summer Indigo Shirts.


Fit and style is quite personal. However, whenever you are cosplaying, it’s important to try to mimic the clothing of the character. In this case, the shirt should be slimmer in the waist. The rest we can cover later. 

Color – No Patterns

The Summer Indigo Shirt should not have a pattern. It should be a very light blue color that is almost white. If you have to choose between medium blue and white, choose white.


The buttons on the Summer Indigo Shirt can be any lighter color or silver. They should be a bit bigger than in most button-ups. The sleeves need to be slightly shorter than 3/4 sleeves (above the elbows this time). Oh yes, and no pockets, please.


Price is up to you. I set a budget before I begin shopping each time to keep myself reigned in. It’s a good idea to set a budget for the entire cosplay so that you can make up the difference whenever you find a hidden gem. 

Best FFXIV Summer Indigo Shirts

My list was compiled using the criteria above. I have added men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes to give a variety. Remember to take a look at the Lalafell fit if you’re working with a kid.

1. Light in the Box Breezy Pick – Men’s

Light in the Box Breezy Pick - Men's

I love this pick because it looks so comfortable. If I had to choose one of the men’s shirts, I would choose this one because I would definitely rewear it. In case you’re wondering, my experiences with Light in the Box have all been positive. 


  • Nearly perfect color
  • Lightweight
  • Larger sizes


  • No smaller sizes in stock
  • Not perfect reviews
  • Not name brand

2. Lightweight Avamo Women’s Choice – Women’s

Lightweight Avamo Women's Choice - Women's

This is the female version of the men’s shirt above. Now, when it comes to men’s vs women’s sizes there aren’t always a lot of differences. The small differences I have noticed are how low the neck is, how wide the arm holes are, and how wide the hips are. 


  • Close color
  • Lightweight
  • Color choices
  • Size options (with fit predictor)
  • Cheap


  • Not perfect reviews on the store
  • May be too flowy

3. Kids Target Pick by Cat & Jack – Boy’s

Kids Target Pick by Cat & Jack - Boy's

If your kid is into FFXIV, then you’re doing things right. Also, you can get a simple shirt like this and adjust it to fit. Because it’s affordable and readily available – even in-store – you may be able to get it and they won’t notice the pocket. 


  • Close color
  • Can starch/iron to lay right
  • Size options
  • Affordable
  • Amazing reviews


  • Not very flowy
  • May need adjustments
  • Has a pocket

3. Runcati Amazon Shirt – Men’s

Runcati Amazon Shirt - Men's

If you want to get a couple of color options with one normal and one dyed Summer Indigo Shirt, then this may be a good option. The ratings are great and the shirt looks super comfortable.


  • Good color
  • Color options
  • Style options 
  • Lightweight
  • Fast shipping
  • Great ratings


  • Not expensive, but not cheap
  • May not lay right

4. ZC&GF Shirt – Women’s

ZC&GF Shirt - Women's

Again, if you want more than one color, I suggest this for those looking for a female fit. I love this shirt so much and want to buy one in every color. It’s comfortable yet rides the line between business and casual. 


  • Color options
  • Lightweight
  • Fast shipping
  • Great ratings


  • No perfect color

5. White H&M – Kid’s

White H&M - Kid's

This is one of the cheapest options you’ll find, and since it’s H&M, it should have available coupons (looking at you, Honey.) The sizes go up to 20, so this may not just be for kids. 


  • Cheap
  • Great ratings


  • Only in white
  • Has a pocket

6. Simple Forever 21 – Men’s

Simple Forever 21 - Men's

I used to shop at Forever 21 a lot, and I loved it. This shirt has a barely noticeable pocket but the perfect color makes up for it. The barely there blue is exactly what the Summer Indigo’s default color is. 


  • Great color
  • Affordable
  • In-store and online


  • Has a pocket

7. Banana Republic Shirt – Women’s

Banana Republic Shirt - Women's

This standard button-up is the nicest on the list. You can catch it for 50% off, but if you don’t, you’ll be paying quite a bit for it. I want to say it’s worth it, but I can’t say that for certain when the cheaper options are also so good.


  • Great color
  • Size helper
  • Pretty alternative colors


  • Can be pricey

8. Flowy Amazon Choice – Men’s

Flowy Amazon Choice - Men's

I love natural clothing, even if they only feel natural. This shirt is so soft and comfortable, like muslin, one of my favorite materials worldwide. I suggest blue or white if you want to mirror the default Summer Indigo.


  • Plenty of color options
  • Comfortable
  • 30% flax


  • Can be too flowy
  • Not a great collar

9. Oversized Paintcolors Shirt – Women’s

Oversized Paintcolors Shirt - Women's

This option is great, and the only flaw I see is the pockets, which aren’t great for a Summer Indigo Shirt. However, this can be removed or overlooked if this is your favorite style on the list.


  • Plenty of color options
  • Close color
  • Sizes up to XX-large


  • Hard to get to lay right
  • Has pockets

10. Tommy Hilfiger Shirt – Girl’s

Tommy Hilfiger Shirt - Girl's

This is my favorite kids’ choice on the list because it is the closest to the real Summer Indigo Shirt. The fit and style is nearly perfect, but the color isn’t. You can dye it or leave it white and pretend you have Pure White dye. 


  • Great fit
  • Good shipping


  • It’s white

How to Style the Summer Indigo Shirt

roll up the sleeves
Roll Up the Sleeves

After you get the shirt, you then have to style it. Some of the styling can be done with nothing but your hands. But a few things will require tools. These are all optional so to each their own. 

Redo the Buttons 

If I were getting a Summer Indigo Shirt, I would remove the buttons and replace them with light blue or silver ones that fit the style better. Slightly bigger, definitely round, with an indention in the center.

Add Stitching 

If you look closely, you’ll notice distinct stitching on the shoulders and faint stitching on the back and front. If I were to enter a competition, I would do this. But if I weren’t, then I’d skip it. 

Pop the Color

Pop the color before the day of the convention – or wherever you’re wearing this. If you do, then you can find out if you need to add a brace underneath to ensure it stays in place.

Only Button Two Buttons 

I would wear an undershirt to retain coverage. But that’s up to you. Either way, make sure you leave the top few and bottom button undone. This is the signature of the Summer Indigo Shirt.

Roll Up the Sleeves

Roll up your sleeves and make sure they lay right. You may want to pin them or tack them with thread. You can even cut them off and roll them up afterward if the rolled-up sleeves are too bulky otherwise. 

What to Wear with the Summer Indigo Shirt

Collegiate Skirt
Collegiate Skirt

You can wear anything you want with the Summer Indigo Shirt, but if it’s important to you that it’s recognizable, you may have to stick with one of a few options. Shoes are easy to find, but here are the bottoms I recommend for your cosplay.

Spring Bottoms

Spring Bottoms are my pick. For the females, it’s folded-up denim shorts. For males, it’s tapered jeans. I don’t love the look on males, but it could look amazing in real life with the Summer Indigo Shirt. 

Collegiate Skirt

Any short skirt will look good with the Summer Indigo Shirt in real life, but I’m a sucker for the Collegiate Skirt. It is so cute and looks amazing with any shirt. The look is professional and yet flirty. 

Peacelover’s Pantaloons (or Frontier Trousers)

Almost any jeans can be made into Peacelover’s Jeans. If you wear them with boots – like the Peacelover’s or Rebel boots – then you can skip the flare (and fray) and stick with a simple skinny jean or boot cut. 

Craftsman’s Leather Trousers

If I was brave enough to wear leather pants, I’d already have a couple of pairs. I love the Craftsman pants so much, and they look so good in real life with the button-up Summer Indigo Shirt.

Patrician’s Bottoms (or Valentione Skirt)

These simple bottoms look different on the male and female avatar, so you can choose either. On the male, they are quite “butler-esque” while on the female they look like a short skirt and stockings. 

Cotton Tights

If you are in the thick leggings are pants gang, then consider wearing them with the Summer Indigo Shirt. It’s a whole look in-game, and it should be in cosplay too. Be careful not to get oversized shoes for this look. 

How to Get the Summer Indigo Shirt in FFXIV

If you still don’t have the Summer Indigo Shirt in-game, then you can get it today. There are three ways to do this, and all of them are still available as I write this guide.

  • Zadnor: random drop from FATES in Zadnor
  • Weaver LVL 80: made from 7 Lightning Crystals, 7 Wind Crystals, 3 Indigo Cloth, 1 Ovim Wool Yarn, and 1 Manasilver Nugget (must have Master Weaver VI)
  • Marketplace: easiest and most expensive method, generally costs 200,000 gil to 750,000 gil


Question: Why is it Called the Summer Indigo Shirt?

Answer: I do not know. The cloth is obtained from a treasure map dungeon filled with Fuath. These Fuath are frogs who have collected the cloth themselves, and no one knows where they got it.

Question: When Did the Summer Indigo Shirt Come Out?

Answer: The Summer Indigo Shirt came out during Shadowbrigers when both Zadnor and the Timeworn Zoneureskin maps were released. It hasn’t been long since this happened, and the shirt is still in high demand. 

Question: Does Summer Indigo Shirt Come with a Necklace?

Answer: Yes. The Summer Indigo Shirt comes with an early 2000s necklace, If you look closely, it is fully silver with a round pendant that would be easy to copy. Made sure it’s silver and round, and no one will notice it’s not identical.

Question: Can I Use Any Color of Summer Indigo Shirt?

Answer: Yes. You can dye the Summer Indigo Shirt any color in-game, so why wouldn’t you be able to dye it out of game? When you choose a different color, try to find the in-game color it matches. 

Summer Indigo Shirt All Year Long

Summer Indigo Shirts may have “summer” in the name, but I believe they are appropriate any time of year. This button-up changes styles depending on what you pair it with.

If I wore a Summer Indigo shirt, I’d pair it with the Spring Bottoms in the summer and perhaps the Peacelover’s Jeans and Whisperfine boots in the winter. Of course, I also love this shirt with Mog Station bottoms too! 

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