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Best Final Fantasy Plush Guide

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Final Fantasy is one of the greatest franchises not only in gaming history but the history of Media. In terms of its longevity, creativity, and cultural impact, you could easily equate Final Fantasy to being the videogame version of Star Wars. It’s got the longevity, the rabid fanbase, the merchandise, and the endless titles to boot.

When you account for all the spinoffs and remakes and the like, this franchise is something of an empire. Although the recent single-player games in the franchise have fallen off a bit of late, the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake reinvigorated the franchise in a huge way, and currently, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is the highest rated Final Fantasy game of all time and is the most played MMO in the world by a large margin, so it’s safe to say that Final Fantasy has been put back on the map in a big way.

My Final Fantasy days primarily took place in the heyday of the series, though after the Final Fantasy XIII series ended, I happily jumped back in with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and have even enjoyed Final Fantasy XV. It brings me plenty of joy knowing that a series that formed my gamer mind as a child has continued its success into my adulthood, and I’m happy to share that with you as well.

Plushies are one of the biggest internet crazes in the last few years, so it’s no surprise that Final Fantasy got in on the action, and while there are a number of official ones available, there are also some incredibly well-made fan pieces on that deserve plenty of mention as well. In this guide, we’re going to explore the best final fantasy plush and all the different kinds of plushies that are available right now.

Selection Criteria

  • Well made
  • Accurate Character Models
  • Iconic Characters
  • Creativity

Bottom Line Up Front

The best Plushie out there right now is the Final Fantasy Plush Tonberry. You get the total picture of this adorable and creepy character, and he fits perfectly into the Plushie category as he’s pretty small, to begin with. This Plushie comes with all of the legendary character’s accessories, including the Chef’s Knife and the lantern.

Final Fantasy Plushies

Square Enix Store

Final Fantasy IX Vivi Plushie

Vivi is one of the most beloved and tragic characters in any Final Fantasy game, and although his appearance is that of a basic Black Mage that we’ve seen in many of the original few Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy IX managed to build an amazing character that had one of the most shocking twists the series had seen to that point.

This Plushie completely encapsulates what makes Vivi such a great character as that look of eternal curiosity and innocence is depicted beautifully here, along with some amazing details in the outfit as well. 


  • Can be posed in various ways
  • Won’t rip when moved around
  • Amazingly accurate design
  • Great use of color


  • The clothing on the Plushie is cheaply made
  • Nothing suggesting Vivi’s Mage abilities other than a staff
  • Existential Dread

Final Fantasy Remake Sephiroth Plushie

Possibly the most iconic villain in video game history, Sephiroth remains a staple in pop culture almost 30 years later. Recently, he appeared yet again in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and although he’s known for being one of the evilest of all the protagonists in the history of the franchise, his turn in Final Fantasy VII Remake suggests that something else may be in his plans this time around. This Plushie is both adorable and mysterious, as the empty eyes of the doll still give off that creepy Sephiroth vibe. 


  • Excellent detail on the doll
  • Great use of color
  • Easily Posable


  • The face is just two eyes, nothing else
  • No Masamune Sword included

Final Fantasy XIV Plush Moogle

There are few creatures in Final Fantasy that are more adorable than the Moogle. Not only are they cute, but unlike the rest of the cute creatures you come across in the world of Final Fantasy, they don’t try to murder you! So, while it’s unfortunately impossible to have one as a pet in real life, you can get this amazing Plushie instead to keep you company at work or by your bed stand.

It looks just like one of the creatures jumped right out of the game and into your life, and the only thing missing is the constant calling of “Kupo”.


  • It’s adorable
  • Looks exactly as you’d imagine a Moogle would
  • Strong Detail


  • Not Posable
  • Doesn’t say Kupo
  • Only one kind of Moogle

Final Fantasy Plush Tonberry

Tonberry’s are pretty divisive when it comes to enemies in the Final Fantasy series. People either love them or are terrified by them. For me, it’s a combo of both! Something about this homicidal lizard just warms my heart, and I can’t help but laugh each time it starts stepping towards me, even though I know it’s going to end with it stabbing me in the chest in one of the most brutal attacks in Final Fantasy history.

This plushy perfectly recreates the Tonberry in all its glory, and everything from the beady eyes to the knife in its hand makes this a must-have for fans of the cute enemy of our nightmares. 


  • Amazingly Detailed
  • Has both knife and lantern
  • Colorful


  • Not posable
  • Lantern has no light
  • Homicidal lizard determined to make you pay for destroying his fellow monsters.

Final Fantasy Plush Cactuar

Stand-up Cactuar fans, as everyone’s favorite sentient cactus, is available in the wonderful plushy form. Something about this enemy throughout the series has always been on the more bizarre side of things.

For example, why are we attacking it? Sure, the random battles of Final Fantasy’s past gave us no choice, but in games like Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, you’re forced to manually attack these guys! No more fighting Cactuars, I say, and with that in mind, you can get a Plushy of your prickly friend instead and have him watch as you’re forced to cut down his brethren.

Too dark? Okay, you’re right, just hang out with him instead.


  • Looks exactly like the game version
  • Has the signature pose down
  • Well made


  • Not posable
  • Weakly drawn face

Final Fantasy VII Action Doll Red XIII

Red XIII is one of the best characters in Final Fantasy XIII, not only for being incredibly interesting lore-wise but also for being a talking dog. Although his appearance in the game may be pet-like, do not take Red XIII lightly as he’s as adept a combatant of any in Final Fantasy XIII.

Certain characters fit the vibe of a plushie perfectly, and Red XIII is one of those. He comes complete with all the details you’d expect, including the scar over his missing eye. 


  • Amazing detail right down to Red XIII’s missing eye
  • Easily posable
  • Tons of accurate costume features


  • Color is slightly off

Final Fantasy Fluffy Fluffy Plush Chocobo

There are plenty of different creatures in Final Fantasy that can make a claim for the main mascot of the series, but let’s be real, the Chocobo is the undefeated grand champion when it comes to Final Fantasy mascots.

This adorable bird has helped you countless times throughout the years, whether it’s in battle or by helping you explore the various worlds of the series at a faster pace. To be honest, you can hear the song in your head just reading this.


  • Adorable looking
  • Looks just like a Chocobo
  • Awesome detail in the face


  • Not Posable
  • A bit too small
  • Cannot ride

Other Stores

Final Fantasy XIV Plushie Job Class

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has become one of the best Final Fantasy games of all time thanks to its outstanding expansions, most because of the amazing story that has come with it.

There have also been a bunch of classes added to the game as well to give the gameplay far more variety, and now, you can have a plushy of the Dragoon, Dark Knight, Machinist, and Astrologian classes.

You can also go crazy and buy them all if you’d like. Each one is incredibly well-detailed with some incredible color as well. My favorite is the Dragoon, but the others look great as well. 


  • Awesome variety to choose from
  • Incredibly detailed for how small they are
  • Great use of color, everything is accurate on armor and clothing


  • No weapons attached
  • Not posable
  • Expensive

Final Fantasy Carbuncle Plushie

While most of the creatures of the world of Final Fantasy get some kind of explanation for their purpose, Carbuncle is a complete mystery in just about every game he’s in.

This cute, emerald-colored fox creature helps you a ton throughout the Final Fantasy series and is usually one of the most helpful companions in the game.

This Plushie is incredibly well made and personally stitched together so that you get a unique one with each order.


  • Very detailed
  • Colored yarn looks amazing
  • Well crafted


  • Not posable
  • Delicate, can come apart easily
  • Somewhat inaccurate to the actual character.

Final Fantasy XIV Malboro Plushie

The Malboro has long been one of the most dreadful foes to come across in any Final Fantasy game. It’s always about as strong as a boss is and has some of the most devastating attacks in the game.

The worst of all is the Bad Breath attack which has lasted through the ages as one of the most dangerous attacks in all of Final Fantasy. Well, luckily for you, the plushie version isn’t nearly as dangerous and is actually kind of cute! 

This Plushie looks like a baby Malboro before it turns to terrorizing your Final Fantasy party through the years. It’s incredibly well made, and every bit of it is delicately detailed right down to the red mouth and razor teeth. 


  • Cutest form of Malboro you’ll ever see
  • Great color and detail on the face


  • Could be bigger
  • Not enough tentacles
  • Not posable

Vintage Final Fantasy XIV Mandragora Plush

The Mandragora is one of the most mysterious creatures in Final Fantasy. It appears without explanation, and although it seems innocent when it appears, it packs a hell of a punch, and the group attacks delivered by these little dudes is a complete shock when it starts obliterating your HP.

With plushies, some characters end up looking silly but with the Mandragora? This is exactly how you want to own this fierce little combatant as it fits perfectly into this style of collectible.


  • Looks exactly like the creature
  • great attention to detail and use of color
  • Posable


  • Hard to stand up
  • Quite large

Final Fantasy Fat Chocobo Plush

While the Chocobo is the clear mascot of the Final Fantasy games, the Fat Chocobo has become the fan-favorite of the two for whatever reason. Something about these big fat birds is just hilarious to see in these games, and whether you’re calling one into battle or riding it around in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, these chubby chicks are always a welcome sight.

This Plushie brings the Fat Chocobo to life more than ever before and will make a great little desk pal to help you throughout the day. 


  • Hilarious looking
  • Puffy and cuddleable


  • Quite small
  • Wings aren’t well made
  • Difficult to pose

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Plushie

Although it’s not the most popular Final Fantasy game in the series, Final Fantasy XIII at least nailed its main character.

Lightning is every bit as cool and powerful as her name would suggest, and while the story surrounding the games won’t be mistaken for a masterpiece by anyone, her journey through the events of the three games was an awesome one to follow.

This Plushie depicts a little version of her complete in her iconic gear, including her signature sword as well. 


  • Cute design
  • Plenty of attention to detail
  • Great outfit
  • Includes weapon and shield


  • Eyes are strange and miscolored
  • Hair isn’t accurate

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Barret Wallace Plush

Barret is one of the best characters in Final Fantasy for a few reasons. Most Importantly, he is the first African American party member in Final Fantasy history, and while his depiction was a bit of an issue, his character was phenomenal, and his drill sergeant attitude mixed perfectly with Cloud’s laid-back style.

This Plushie depicts the Barret seen in the Final Fantasy VII Remake and just drips with his persona. It’s got his signature sunglasses as well as his jacket and pants, and it even comes with a gun arm too. 


  • Great design
  • Includes sunglasses and gun arm
  • Accurate costume


  • Face doesn’t really exist
  • Not wide enough, Barret is not small!
  • Gun hand could have more detail

Final Fantasy VII Remake Plush Aerith

I don’t think there is any character in Final Fantasy history that needs a hug more than Aerith. I mean, she was lost her boyfriend to war, got ripped from her innocent job as a flower girl, and got pulled into a planet-wide catastrophe that had her sacrificing her life to summon the spell Holy that would save the world.

Poor Aerith, she really needs a friend, and with his plushy, you can have the lovable member of the ancients by your side at all times. 


  • Looks just like Aerith
  • Accurate costume design
  • Clothing is well made


  • She doesn’t have a weapon or flowers
  • Face could be better detailed
  • We still can’t get her death scene out of our heads

Final Fantasy XIV Cait Sith Plushie

Cait Sith is one of the most bizarre characters in Final Fantasy history. I’ll be honest, it took me years to actually realize that he is a cat controlling a robot in Final Fantasy VII, and he’s just as bizarre all these years later.

Cait Sith is an adorable little cat that packs a whole lot of punch and a bunch of smarts to boot, and with this Plushie, you get this super-genius cat in plushie form.


  • Great detail
  • Awesome use of color
  • Easily posable


  • Missing gigantic robot
  • Expensive

Final Fantasy VIII PuPu Plushie

Final Fantasy VIII is one of the strangest games in the series for many reasons, and one of the main reasons was the influx of straight-up bizarre characters without any explanation. There has been endless speculation of the Moombas, but none are more strange than PuPu.

PuPu is an adorable alien that you encounter during the game, and his appearance happens in the second half of the game where the game gets noticeably more insane and every time you play the game, the theory that the second half is just a dream of Squalls before he dies makes more and more sense.

Either way, this cute little alien dude is a great Plushie to have by your side.


  • Accurate design
  • Great use of color and detail
  • Well made material


  • Not posable
  • Face looks a bit off
  • Light on head should be brighter colored

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Strife Plush

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We were all very skeptical that the Final Fantasy VII Remake would be good.

It’s okay, it’s a good thing to admit when you’re wrong sometimes, and with Final Fantasy VII Remake, we were very wrong. Part of that is because Cloud was just awesome in the game.

He had an updated design and voice acting for the first time, which managed to fit perfectly. This Plushie is the updated version of Cloud, and it’s well detailed with a miniature look to it that emphasizes his blue eyes and iconic spiky yellow hair. 


  • Accurate costume to the remake
  • Hari looks great
  • Easily posable


  • No Buster Sword
  • Face has little detail
  • Could use more color in the costume

My Top Picks

  • Final Fantasy IX Vivi Plushie– The Vivi Plushie is just an excellent recreation of the character that touched the hearts of so many Final Fantasy fans all those years ago. The design is incredibly accurate, and even the eyes match the same curious wonder that encapsulated the character.
  • Final Fantasy Fat Chocobo Plush– The Fat Chocobo was pretty much created to get a Plushie made from it. This Plushie is both adorable and hilarious looking and is designed exactly as the iconic creature should be.
  • Final Fantasy Plush Tonberry– I bought this Plushie immediately after seeing it. The Tonberry is my favorite Final Fantasy enemy, so it’s no surprise that this homicidal lizard would make its way into my home at some point. The Plushie is incredibly accurate to the character in every way.


Question: Where is the best place to find Final Fantasy gear?

Answer: You can check the Square Enix stores for the official merchandise, but I’ve found that places such as have the most intriguing options when it comes to Final Fantasy gear. 

Question: Which is the best Final Fantasy to start with?

Answer: I think a great introduction to the series would be Final Fantasy X. It has a great story, a great main character, and an amazing world to explore that will show you just what Final Fantasy games are all about. 

Question: Where can I play Final Fantasy games?

Answer: Luckily, most of the Final Fantasy games are available either on current consoles, PC or smartphones. Many of the early Final Fantasy games have received remakes or remasters, making them more playable than ever before. 


Final Fantasy has tons of Plushies to choose from as the series is 4 decades old at this point, but the majority of them are dedicated to the most popular and beloved characters throughout the years. Hopefully, this guide will help you find ones to add to your collection. 

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