Best Final Fantasy Hoodies

Best Final Fantasy Hoodies

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Final Fantasy has been around for almost 40 years, and still, it’s one of the most well-known and popular games on the market. If you think about other games that even approach that status level, it’s pretty much Zelda, Mario, and that’s it.

With that legendary status comes the heaping helps of Final Fantasy merchandise you can find with the series’ name. You can find everything from replicas of monsters to the actual weapons of the series custom-made, but the best items to get, in my opinion, are the wearable ones.

This is especially true for the winter months of the year when it’s just so cold out that you just want to bundle up with some Final Fantasy on the weekend. When you’re doing that, why not be repping the series in your clothing? There are tons of different options when it comes to Final Fantasy hoodies, and regardless of your favorite title or character in the series, you’re likely to find a ton you’ll want to try out.

I’ve been a Final Fantasy fan for as long as I can remember, and it’s been a series that has always garnered a look from me no matter what year it is or what the game is.

I’ve played everything from the main games in the series to the spinoffs like Final Fantasy: Type 0 and can honestly say there is no other series like it available today.

We’re going to check out all the different kinds of hoodies we can find that reps the Final Fantasy name. We’ll be looking at official merchandise as well as some hand-picked items from craftsmen at shops like

Selection Criteria

  • Creative Hoodies
  • Nostalgic Moments
  • Scene recreations
  • Artwork

My Top Picks

The best available Final Fantasy hoodie is, without a doubt, the This is My Story Hoodie. It captures the emotion and powerful nature of Final Fantasy X‘s story in a single image, and it’s got some of the most beautiful coloring that you’ll ever see on a piece of apparel.

Best Final Fantasy Hoodies Full List

Now, let’s look into the many amazing Final Fantasy hoodies you can buy.

3D Printed Pullover Sweatshirt

Final Fantasy VII Remake was an incredible moment for the series, and the way it was teased to us was through a variety of different teasers involving Cloud approaching Midgar as well as Shinra for the first time. With this hoodie, you get to relive the moment you found out the remake was actually happening for the first time.

It pretty much takes the exact graphic used in the promotional videos for Final Fantasy VII Remake and grafts them onto an ultra-comfortable cotton sweatshirt complete with a zipper.

You can grab this one for $25, depending on the size you’re looking for.

Final Fantasy VII New Game Continue? Sweatshirt

One of the most powerful moments for a game is in its title screen. While the series has adopted more and more over-the-top ones as the years have gone on, Final Fantasy VII provided us with just a simple sword stuck in the ground with two options.

It was so plain, and yet with the beautiful music playing in the background, you knew you were in for an unforgettable ride. That title screen is plastered right on the front of this great sweatshirt made at

Each one is completely custom printed for you, ensuring the product is freshly made and literally one of a kind. It can be yours for $34.

Vivi Attack on Waltz Hoodie

Vivi and the Black Waltz will always go hand in hand in Final Fantasy history as one of the most shocking stories the series has seen. Considering their dynamic, this hoodie is an excellent crossover style piece of clothing that combines Final Fantasy and Attack on Titan, posturing the Black Waltz as the Titan and the imagery is nothing short of fantastic.

You don’t even need to appreciate the anime to love this hoodie, as the artistry on tap here is second to none. It’s a bit pricier because of that, but the quality will more than make up for it. You can wear this unique hoodie for $52.

Heir to the Throne Final Fantasy XV Hoodie

The story of Final Fantasy XV is convoluted as humanly possible. The reason is most of the story was either cut for time or limited to items you can find and gleaned from things like environmental clues and the like.

As fans of the game know, this is not a joyous story, and one of the biggest hints of that comes from the main character Noctis’s family crest. The awesome Luci family crest adorns this sweatshirt in all its glory, giving us that wicked-looking skull complete with its one angel wing.

We should’ve known how dark this one would end up when we saw the crest. Shame on us. You can rock this doomed hoodie for $52.

Minimalistic Final Fantasy XIV Hoodie

Sometimes a game gets to such a legendary status that just a few letters are enough to signify what game it is. WOW, COD, and now, XIV.

Just the roman numerals for the number 14 lets the world know that you’re part of possibly the most popular MMO on the planet right now.

If you’re a member of the biggest hit for Square Enix in ages, you can grab this shirt for $49.

Final Fantasy White Mage Hoodie

The White Mage never gets enough credit in Final Fantasy games. These characters are always saving us at the most crucial moments after we’ve been building up our strength-based characters, and you know what? White Mages are damn cool.

To show your support for the under-appreciated class in the Final Fantasy series, check out this awesome Final Fantasy White Mage Hoodie.

The White Mage Hoodie has a massive design throughout it to signify the White Mage and looks more like a piece of equipment rather than clothing. You can armor up in this for $107.

Fantasy is Never Final Shirt

While they can be pretty lame sometimes, other times, shirts with a message are powerful. With this hoodie, you get the statement “Fantasy is never final,” plastered on the front of it, and to me, that’s an important message basically telling you to never lose your inner youth.

No matter how old you get, Final Fantasy can and should always be a part of your life if you were a fan at some point. You can grab this awesome hoodie for $40.

Shinra Electric Power Company Sweatshirt

Sometimes, you just want to support the bad guy. In Final Fantasy VII, Shinra is there to represent the big, power-hungry, insane corporations of the world, and although they aren’t the official big bad of the game, they certainly did their part in creating him.

This sweatshirt is a hilarious tribute to that company full of bumbling fools, and on the front of it, you get an awesomely designed Shinra logo and the phrase “Empowering your life with Mako.

This quote is both funny and poignant as this is the very thing you’re saving the world from at the start of Final Fantasy VII. You can grab this awesome hoodie for $52.

Cactuar Hoodie

The Cactuar is one of the coolest and silliest looking creatures in all of Final Fantasy lore, but it’s rarely given the platform to be the series mascot like the Chocobo or Moogle has been throughout the years. He deserves it, though, and has been in just about every Final Fantasy game out there.

He comes to you in all his quirky glory in this hoodie, and the bright green graphics look awesome and as if he was lifted directly out of the games and onto a sweatshirt. You can grab this one for $45.

Final Fantasy IX Hoodie

The crystal has always been the unofficial mascot for Final Fantasy games. While a few of the games have ventured off the crystal-based story, in recent years, the stories have started revolving around the wills of the crystals and the gods and all of the classic tropes that Final Fantasy was originally built on.

This sweatshirt uses the Final Fantasy IX logo as its centerpiece, but it can easily be representative of the series as a whole, and the somber color used on the shirt looks striking and tells us that maybe the crystal isn’t always on the side of good. You can be a warrior of light for just $45.

Final Fantasy Squall Whatever Hoodie

Final Fantasy VIII is very much the black sheep of the series, but I’ve always held it up as one of my favorites. Mainly, I just loved Squall. For all the flack the main character of Square’s most experimental game in the series, he felt real, and his blaise attitude towards everything perfectly fit the teenage angst-riddled decade of the 90s.

With this hoodie, you get an awesome faceless image of Squall toting his iconic gunblade and his favorite phrase “Whatever” right beneath. It’s a funny image that also is expertly crafted, and fans of the game will not want to miss out on this one. You can pretend to care about nothing too for just $45.

Final Fantasy VII Ex-Soldier Silhouette

Final Fantasy VII had an air of cool to it unlike any other game in the series, and one of the main reasons for it was the main character in Cloud. Super confident and skilled, Cloud had the persona of a bonafide badass, which made the discovery of him faking his persona the whole time a wild one.

This sweatshirt gives us just the silhouette of Cloud standing in the face of what appears to be the approaching meteor, and it shows that his story is not always what it seems. This hoodie has some awesome detail to it, and it’s both minimalistic and powerful. You can get this one for $5.

Final Fantasy X Zanarkand Abes Hoodie

Final Fantasy X is one of the most tragic games in the series and, in many ways, represents the worst nightmare come true for the professional athletes of our world. Imagine you were a star athlete with adoring fans left and right, getting ready for the big game when in the middle of the game, your world was completely destroyed by an immortal whale monster? Well, outlandish as that may be, that’s exactly what happens to Tidus in Final Fantasy X.

his hoodie is a reminder of the innocence he had when the game started, and it’s a slickly designed hoodie that looks like it would belong to a real sports team. You can join the team for just $45.

All the King’s Men Final Fantasy XV Hoodie

If there was one thing that Final Fantasy completely nailed, it was the dynamic between the main characters of the game. Prince Noctis and his Crownsguard of Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto are just a joy to spend 40+ hours with, and this hoodie lets you get a little more time with them.

It has some cool silhouette designs that make it very clear who each character is as well as their individual personalities, all adorning a bronze Final Fantasy XV logo. As one of the of the rare fans of that game, I think this is an awesome way to represent the Chocobros. You can rock this one for $45.

Final Fantasy VI Hoodie

Old school Final Fantasy fans know just how amazing Final Fantasy VI was, but so many missed out on the party because it came out in the final days of Super Nintendo and the giant of Final Fantasy VII completely overtook the world in short order.

In Final Fantasy VI, though, we’ve got maybe the best villain in the series, an enormous cast of playable characters, and a great story too.

This hoodie gives us the title logo with a wild red and maroon twist to it that’s both striking and creepy.

It’s the magitek armor that Terra rides in the beginning, given a pretty terrifying makeover, and it makes for an awesome hoodie. You can relive Terra’s long march for just $45.

Final Fantasy VII Avalance Hoodie

Avalanche is the name of the eco-terrorist group led by Barrett in the original Final Fantasy VII, and it has a massive part in shaping the story during the first 5 or so hours in the game. You will see this spray-painted on the walls throughout the game, and I’ve always thought the logo was just awesome.

It screamed rebel and danger, but the light-colored graffiti made you think it was for the greater good still. That exact logo is splattered across this hoodie, making for an awesome-looking piece of apparel to represent your inner rebel with. You can join the cause for just $45.

This is My Story Hoodie

The iconic words from Tidus are nowhere to be found on this hoodie, but man, the emotions that this unreal image brings back are palpable.

This hoodie has a stunning purple and pink silhouette of Yuna and Tidus surrounding the image of their weapons stuck in the ground just as they were in the opening moments of Final Fantasy X.

How this managed to get put on a hoodie is beyond me, but the design here is just amazing to look at with as much detail as the game itself. You can tearfully return to Zanarkand for $45.

Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age Hoodie

Final Fantasy XII was always thought of as a good game, but it never really reached the heights of its predecessors due to some limiting gameplay options that made it feel more like an MMO than a Final Fantasy game at times.

When Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age came out, that all changed, and suddenly all of our characters could be customized far more than ever before, opening up a ton of play styles.

This awesome hoodie has our cast silhouetted amongst the background of Ivalice, and surrounding them are the 13 Zodiac signs that represent the brand new job classes that were put into the game that totally reinvented it. You can relive the Zodiac Age for $45.

Final Fantasy VII Aerith Dies Hoodie

This hoodie is a cruel joke, but a funny one as in recent years, Final Fantasy VII has been referred to as Final Fantasy VII: Aerith Dies on more than one occasion. With that in mind, this hoodie has the classic Final Fantasy lettering on the phrase Aerith Dies, with a cartoony Sephiroth dealing the final blow in the background.

For some, this might be too traumatic to relive, but for others, it’s a huge piece of Final Fantasy lore that I think we’ve gotten over now. Mostly. You can cry again for just $45.

Final Fantasy XIV Dragoon Hoodie

When it comes to MMOs, it’s really a lifestyle you’re choosing to partake in far more than just a game. With that in mind, your chosen class comes to represent everything about you in the game.

For me, it’s all about that Dragoon life in Final Fantasy XIV, and with this hoodie, you get the awesome-looking Dragoon symbol with some sick graphic effects behind it to create a quiet but powerful-looking piece of apparel. You can rep the Dragoon life for $45.

First Meeting Hoodie

That first encounter between Cloud and Aerith is one of the most iconic moments in Final Fantasy history. It’s full of innocence and flirtation, and it’s one of the true calm before the storm moments that I can point to in gaming.

With this hoodie, that moment is reanimated in 2D form, making it seem even cuter than it originally was. It’s an incredibly tragic moment, and having the Loveless movie being played in a theater in the background adds a nice bit of Crisis Core flavored lore into it as well, which is fitting since Aerith was Zack’s girlfriend to start. You can relieve this memorable moment for $45.

War of the Lions Hoodie

Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the most overlooked games in the series, and it’s a real shame because it has one of the best and most mature stories of any Final Fantasy game.

The tone is dark, which is a wild combination with the cutesy-looking 2D sprites. Nonetheless, you will get the seriousness of this title right away from the writing and the fact that Chocobos are being ridden into battle.

This hoodie depicts that chilling moment for the series, and the somber black and gray design here is just epic and shows both the majesty and darkness of Final Fantasy Tactics. You can join the war for $45.

Balamb University Hoodie

When I was a kid, playing Final Fantasy VIII was the first game that made me feel like an adult. Balamb, in particular, was what my vision of college would be, and it depicted the college experience better than any game I’ve seen to this point.

Despite being in a fantasy world of airships and sorceresses, it just felt like a comfortable home for the characters of the game and, by extension, me as well.

This hoodie represents Balamb Garden as if it were an actual college, and it has an awesome design in the middle with some pretty blue graphics surrounding it. You can get in trouble with the disciplinary committee for $45.

Choose your Weapon Hoodie

I didn’t know what a super boss was until I played Final Fantasy VII for the first time. It took a long time in that game to get access to the Weapons that defended the planet of Gaea, but when they finally emerged, I truly saw for the first time how sadistic these game developers could be.

Both the Emerald and Ruby Weapon bosses stand out in my gamer mind as bosses that I’m just never going to beat. This hoodie plasters the Emerald Weapon on the front of it as a reminder that no matter what weapon you choose to face it, you’re in for a rough time. You can don your underwater Materia and grab this one for $45.

Final Fantasy VIII Artwork Hoodie

Final Fantasy VIII tells the best love story in the series. The dynamic between Squall and Rinoa is just amazing to watch, and it grows more and more throughout the game until the ending, where that love takes on a twisted form of itself in the guise of the time-ending sorceress Ultimecia.

The title screen logo of Final Fantasy VIII has always been an epic one for the series, and it shows the fierce loyalty that Squall has for Rinoa. That all comes to life on this awesome hoodie with a vibrant red, orange, and yellow design that simply bursts right off the shirt.

It’s a powerful image, and you can get this for $45 to represent someone you feel the same way about.

Qu’s Marsh Grand Bistrot Hoodie

I don’t know about you, but I’m endlessly fascinated by how weird of a character Quina is in Final Fantasy IX. She’s a chef who runs her own restaurant, and when she becomes a party member, it’s clear she’ll eat pretty much anything in sight, which makes the thought of her being a chef and cooking for others a most disturbing one indeed.

This hoodie is an ad for Qu’s Marsh, the disturbing restaurant in question, and adorning the top of the sign is Quina, tongue out and all with those horrifying eyes. I know there are Quina fans out there, and this one is for you, you strange creature. You can dine at this questionable restaurant for $45.

Final Fantasy XII Artwork Hoodie

The title screen of many Final Fantasy games always gives you a good depiction of what you might be in for. Final Fantasy shows a giant meteor; Final Fantasy VIII shows the love story and more just like that. Final Fantasy XII showed something much different in the form of one of the Judges in the game posturing with two massive swords.

It’s intimidating and even more so because you don’t encounter these villains until far into the game, only witnessing them act in places unseen beforehand.

This title art comes to life on this hoodie using the exact same color schemes as the image in the game, and it’s a visual delight as it contrasts with the black background perfectly. You just have the Judge on your hoodie for $45.

Limit Break Hoodie

Among the most joyous moments that can happen in a Final Fantasy game is seeing the phrase “Limit Break” shoot across the screen. This has always signified that your characters have had enough, and it’s time to unleash the ultimate attack on your foes.

That exact graphic is branded across the chest area of this awesome hoodie, and it’s bright as can be, with the legendary color scheme that Final Fantasy VII used to signify the special attack. You can show the world that you’re ready to unleash your special attack for $45

Pocket Gladiolus Hoodie

Throughout Final Fantasy XV, Gladio is by your side as part of a long line of defenders of the Lucis line of kings. He is always the first to jump into battle to protect Noctis, and his fierce loyalty doesn’t even waver for a second, even in the face of the most insurmountable odds.

That devotion is rare in any world, so if you want to have someone like that by you at all times, this awesome hoodie features Gladio poking his head out of a pocket to let the world know that he’s got your back through thick and through thin. You can have the ultimate defense for $45.

Final Fantasy VII Materia Chart Hoodie

I love apparel that combines our favorite games with something from the real world. This Final Fantasy VII Materia Chart Hoodie does exactly that. It basically takes the periodic table and restructures it with all of the different Materia that you can collect during the game.

It’s all color coded too, and isn’t just an awesome-looking hoodie; it also helps educate you on the different Materia of Final Fantasy VII. It’s a hoodie and a strategy guide in one! What more could you want? You can learn about the elements for $45.

Tonberry Forest Hoodie

The Tonberry may just be my favorite Final Fantasy creature. This adorable and mysterious-looking lizard thing wanders around from game to game, stabbing things with his Chef’s Knife attack, and no matter how much damage they do to me, I can’t help but love them.

If you feel the same and just want that creepy little lizard lurking around on your hoodie, this is the one to get as it features a beautifully designed Tonberry wandering around a forest with his signature knife and lantern. You can have this one for $45.

My favorites of this list are generally some of the simplest ones. The designs of these three hoodies are both clever and masterfully done, creating both the nostalgia and representation that you’re looking for when it comes to picking out a Final Fantasy hoodie. 


Question: Who is the best Final Fantasy Character?

Answer: This answer will differ for many people, but if you ask me, it’s Sephiroth. The villain of Final Fantasy VII remains one of the most copied and memorable villains today, and so many have tried to replicate him in their games only to fail. He is the epitome of the perfect villain with an amazing name to boot.

Question: Where do you buy Final Fantasy Apparel?

Answer: Plenty of places have Final Fantasy available, but the best stuff you’ll find is generally on and

Question: How Many Final Fantasy games are there?

Answer: In the main series, there are currently 15 main numbered titles, though a few titles in the series have sequels attached to them. There is also the Final Fantasy VII Remake to take note of as well.


There are few things more comfortable to wear than a hoodie, and there are few franchises that make me feel more at home than Final Fantasy.

If that’s you, then hopefully, you find something on this list to help represent your fandom in the best way possible.

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