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Safer Sephiroth Guide

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Safer Sephiroth is the be-all and end-all of villains in Final Fantasy VII. This version of Sephiroth is the final form and boss, so expect a tough battle. Like Kefka’s God form, Safer Sephiroth’s moveset is deadly; from lethal status effects to devastating attacks, expect Safer Sephiroth to demolish your team in a few turns if you’re unprepared. In this Safer Sephiroth guide, we’ll take a deeper look into Safer Sephiroth’s battle mechanics, tactics, the best equipment and materials to use, and his lore.

Safer Sephiroth Boss Battle Final Fantasy VII

Stats, Immunity, and Elemental Affinities



87 55,100-400,000



Magic Attack Defense
230-246 100-140


Magic Defense

Dexterity Defense%
180-308 160



0 0





Elemental Affinities


Ice Lightning
Normal (100%) Normal (100%)

Normal (100%)


Poison Gravity
Normal (100%) Normal (100%)

Immune (0%)


Wind Holy
Normal (100%) Normal (100%)

Normal (100%)


Restorative Back Attack
Normal (100%) Heals (-100%)

Double (200%)


Death Sleep
Normal (100%) Normal (100%)

Normal (100%)


Normal (100%)



Sleep Poison
Immune Immune



Fury Confusion



Haste Slow


Frog Small
Immune Immune



Petrify Regen
Immune Immune



MBarrier Reflect



Death-Sentence Berserk



Darkness Death Force


Manipulate Sense





Safer Sephiroth Boss Battle Final Fantasy VII

Move Name



This spell is always Safer Sephiroth’s first move. It’s a combination of Barrier, and Mbarrier, which decreases damage taken from both physical and magic spell.
Shadow Flare

Safer Sephiroth casts a single-target spell that deals devastating magic damage.

Pale Horse

A less lethal single-target magic spell than Shadow Flare, however, deals with an array of status effects such as frog, sadness, and small.


Safer Sephiroth casts a non-elemental magic damage to each party member; however, this move isn’t a threat.
Super Nova

Safer Sephiroth’s most potent attack is the Super Nova. At 9,999 HP, it will deal about 94% of that plus inflict status ailments such as confuse, silence, and slow.

Heartless Angel

Safer Sephiroth summons an angel that sprinkles magic on the entire party and leaves them with one HP.

Safer Sephiroth can cast this spell on himself if he is slowed or cast it towards the party if they have too many buffs.

Essential Knowledge Before Entering The Gauntlet of Fights

Here are a few key things that you need to know before battling Safer Sephiroth

  • Each character who’s at level 99 adds a whopping 30,000 maximum HP, 2 Attack, 20 Defense, 5 Magic Attack, and 16 Magic Defense to Safer Sephiroth’s stats.
  • As mentioned in the guide for Jenova Synthesis, if you summoned Knights of the Round (which is the strongest summon in the game), Safer Sephiroth gets an additional 80,000 HP.
  • Before this fight, you’ll be battling Bizarro Sephiroth. If you manage to sever Bizarro Sephiroth’s head, Safer Sephiroth’s HP goes down by at least 100 points. If you want to maximize the reduction, you can do so by severing it at least 249 times to reduce his HP by 24,900.
  • It would help if you equipped Ribbon to all of your party members since most of Safer Sephiroth’s attacks inflict status ailments.
  • You should have the skill called DeBarrier or DeSpell to remove Sephiroth’s Wall.

All Ribbon Locations in Final Fantasy VII

final fantasy vii

Clock Room in the Temple of the Ancients

This puzzle is relatively straightforward; the hands in the clock represent a room that you can enter, and you can stay on a platform until you can safely cross your way to the room that you want to go to.

]Keep in mind that if the “second” hand knocks you, you’ll fall into a pit wherein you’ll battle an enemy. To get the Ribbon, you need to enter room V, and at the end of the room, you’ll be able to grab the item from the treasure chest.

Ice Wall at Gaea’s Cliff

There’s a missable Ribbon at Gaea’s Cliff, which you can go through an ice wall, and at the other end of the room, there’s a chest containing the Ribbon. Here’s a video that further demonstrates the location better:

Ho-chu or Master Tonberry

Morph is a command material that provides the character the ability to morph monsters. If performing the move does kill the monster, it grants you an item as a reward.

Now that you know how Morph works, you only need to do this to the monster called Ho-chu or Master Tonberry, and killing either of them with Morph essentially grants you a Ribbon for your troubles.

Battle Square

Alongside the location of Ho-chu and Tonberry, if you win ten straight battles in Battle Square, they will reward you with a Ribbon.

If you missed any of those in the previous areas, keep that in mind, as you can still essentially have an entire party complete with Ribbon by competing in the Battle Square.

Key Strategies When Fighting Safer Sephiroth

Safer Sephiroth

  • Once Sephiroth casts Wall, immediately cast DeBarrier or DeSpell to remove it.
  • Cast the skill called Big Guard, which you can get from the monster called Beachplug at Costa Del Sol.
  • Have a dedicated healer on the team so that they can at least fill the HP of the target character whenever they get hit by any of Safer Sephiroth’s abilities. Safer Sephiroth can efficiently deal 7000-8000 HP damage with Shadow Flare and Super Nova, so having a dedicated dealer is a must to keep the sustain alive.
  • If you don’t have Knights of the Round or Omnislash, you can use Neo Bahamut, Ultimate, Bahamut Zero, and Comet 2, especially when Safer Sephiroth flies in the air (invulnerable to physical attacks).
  • Since Safer Sephiroth deals tons of damage, it will quickly fill up your Limit Breaks. Use Limit Breaks as soon as possible once the Limit Break meter is full.
  • Stock up on healing items such as Megaelixirs etc.
  • If you are able to grab the Ultima weapon, go for it and try to increase Cloud’s health and attack as high as possible.
  • Master the “Double Cut” Materia and equip it to Cloud to increase the maximum number of attacks Cloud can make in a single turn.
  • Keep in mind that Super Nova can not kill the entire party since it deals 94% of each character’s maximum HP.

Safer Sephiroth Lore

Safer Sephiroth Lore

Sephiroth’s Master Plan

Using a Black Materia, Sephiroth’s master plan is to create the ultimate spell that will damage the planet enough and place himself in the center of the impact, becoming one with the lifestream.

He plans on doing this to become the Ultimate God. Cloud acquires the Black Materia first, but Sephiroth has so much influence over the Jenova Cells residing in Cloud’s body and takes control of him. He forces Cloud to give him the Black Materia.

Aerith Gainsborough being the last survivor of the race called Cetra (or most commonly known as the Ancients), casts Holy to counter the meteor, in which Sephiroth interrupts and impales her with the Masamune Sephiroth’s Sword. Aerith was able to cast the Holy successfully; however, she died in the process.

Finding Sephiroth’s True Body

After those sequence of events, the party eventually tries to find Sephiroth’s actual body; however, Sephiroth’s manipulations took a toll and shattered Cloud’s mind. Once Cloud takes back the Black Materia, he willingly gives it to Sephiroth’s actual body in the Mako Cocoon.

Sephiroth once again summons meteor, which awakens different types of weapons (the planet’s defense mechanism.) Sephiroth creates another energy barrier to prevent the weapons from finding his body.

Sephiroth’s body begins transforming into a God while waiting for the Meteor. Cloud recovers and also discovers the truth about his past. Shinra then fires a Mako Cannon named the Sister Ray to pierce the barrier that Sephiroth built.

After being successful in destroying the barrier, Cloud and his team enter the crater to battle Sephiroth for the final time.

The Birth and The Fall of Safer Sephiroth

Sephiroth emerges in his Bizarro-Sephiroth form, and after the party defeats Sephiroth, he becomes the Godly “Safer Sephiroth.”  After defeating Safer Sephiroth, he pulls in Cloud to a metaphysical battle and finally defeats Sephiroth. Aerith’s spirit kept the meteor held until the spell — Holy, eradicated it.

Safer Sephiroth Other Video Game Appearances

The Birth and The Fall of Safer Sephiroth

  • Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy  NT (Safer Sephiroth is an alternative costume in this game; however, he still retains his legs.)
  • Theatrhyhm Final Fantasy (Safer Sephiroth is an enemy in this game)
  • Theatrhyhm Final Fantasy Curtain call (Safer Sephiroth is an enemy in this game)
  • Pictlogica Final Fantasy (Safer Sephiroth is an enemy in this game)
  • Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade
  • Final Fantasy All the Bravest (Safer Sephiroth is an enemy on the outskirts of Midgar; he drops Death Penalty as loot)
  • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Sephiroth transforms to Safer Sephiroth in his Final Smash attack animation)


Question: Is Safer Sephiroth Hard?

Answer: He isn’t an impossible boss to beat; however, if you came into the gauntlet of battles unprepared, you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of status effects and damage he can do to your party. Also, if you manage to get yourself overpowered at this stage of the game, Safer Sephiroth is a pushover. I would also highly advise that if it’s your first time playing the game, do not use any guides as this will highly ruin the satisfaction of beating Safer Sephiroth.

Question: Will Safer Sephiroth Be Harder in the Final Fantasy VII: Remake?

Answer: Considering that I had a hard time adjusting to the battle strategies in Final Fantasy VII: Remakes, especially with some of the bosses included there (I’m looking at you, Hell House,) we could only assume that if ever there would be a reincarnation of Safer Sephiroth’s remake, it will be much more complex than the original. We can also expect that Square Enix would make it a fun, challenging, yet fair battle.

Question: Who’s the Most Difficult Boss in Final Fantasy VII?

Answer: If we were solely talking about the original game, that would be the Ruby Weapon. You can quickly destroy Safer Sephiroth with a team of level 99’s even without the Ultima weapon; however, the Ruby Weapon is on a whole different story. Ruby Weapon can permanently wipe a single party member from the battle, and it has exceptionally high defense.

There are a few mechanics that you should learn as well, like the tentacles in the sand; if the tentacles are exposed, you can not attack the Ruby Weapon directly. There are a ton of bizarre strategies tailored to Ruby Weapon alone; oh, and did we mention that the Ruby Weapon has 800,000 HP?

Ruby Weapon, for me, is honestly the penultimate boss of the original Final Fantasy VII.


Since the game will put you in a gauntlet of matches, it’s fair to say that Safer Sephiroth isn’t the most demanding boss you’ll ever encounter throughout your journey in Final Fantasy VII. He does pose a threat if you are unprepared, but with these tips and key strategies, you’ll be able to best Safer Sephiroth easily.

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