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John-Carlo has been a gaming writer for quite some time, and this expertise shines through when covering his favorite JRPG series, Final Fantasy. When Carlo isn't busting out insane Limit Breaks, he often swaps Mana for madness and plays some GTA for a more casual gaming experience.

jenova guide

Jenova Guide

Jenova is a commonly thrown-around word in Final Fantasy VII. Hailing as the mother of the all-mighty Sephiroth, Jenova is an alien life form that Shinra utilized to produce superhumans such as Sephiroth and is directly related to Angeal and Genesis’ powers. It’s a pretty complicated topic since various experiments are related to Jenova. There […]

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Kefka Guide

Kefka Guide

Kefka is one of the most iconic villains in the Final Fantasy franchise, apart from Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) and Yu Yevon (Final Fantasy X). Kefka Palazzo is an intimidating figure, which prominently introduces a Joker-like character in the series. Manipulative and ruthless as a villain can be, Kefka separates himself from other villains by

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Zack Fair Guide

Zack Fair Guide – The Charismatic Crisis Core Character

Zack Fair is one of the most famous Final Fantasy protagonists due to his courage and quirky humor. In this Zack Fair guide, we’ll look at this Final Fantasy character that is part of the Final Fantasy VII series. However, there was no information about Zack Fair before Crisis Core. Square Enix released Final Fantasy

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