Final Fantasy XIV In Search of Azdaja Guide

Final Fantasy XIV In Search of Azdaja Guide – 6.2’s New Dungeon

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A Final Fantasy XIV In Search of Azdaja guide would have helped me through the 6.2 quests and dungeon. The quest was easy enough to follow, but the dungeon was a little intense.

But instead of following a guide, I went in blind and wiped the first round. So, I made a guide to ensure this didn’t happen to anyone else. While I don’t love this dungeon as much as some other 90 dungeons, it is always worth a play-through or two.

Final Fantasy XIV In Search of Azdaja Overview

  • Required Quest – A Satrap’s Duty (Level 90 MSQ)
  • Requires Job – Any Disciple of War or Magic (Level 90)
  • Unlocks – Shadowed Remnants (Level 90 MSQ)
  • Rewards – 5,572 Gil and The Fell Court of Troia dungeon
  • Location – X:4.5, Y:9.9
  • NPC Giver – Varshahn
  • Nearest Aetheryte – Meghaduta (Radz-at-Han Aetheryte Plaza)

Unlocking and Completing In Search of Azdaja Quest

To unlock the In Search of Azdaja, you must finish the MSQ and the A Satrap’s Duty Post-Endwalker MSQ. After you do, head to Radz-at-Han and travel to Meghaduta aetheryte.

From here, Varshan will be gleeful because he has things ready to look for his sister. He asks you to speak to Yshtola to get started. That’s where this short quest begins.

What’s Up, Y’shtola?

Image from Final Fantasy Wiki

Whenever you go to meet Y’sthola, she introduces a creature known as Atomos that the alchemists have been working on. The Atomos is a being whose flesh has fused with natural, planar rifts, allowing voidsent to pass through.

Of course, the alchemists created this artificially. But it will still allow you to pass through to the Thirteenth, where Azdaja is believed to be.

Mr. Radiant

After you talk to Y’shtola, you must talk to the soldier known as Veteran Radiant. He asks you if you are ready to travel. This won’t take you to the dungeon but will instance you in Alzadaal’s Legacy, a previous dungeon setting. 

Back to Varshahn

After a cutscene and a bit of wandering around, you go back to Varshan, and he lifts the seal so you can absorb the voidgate. This leads to a longer cost4ecne with Cid, Biggs, and the others. 

Complete the Dungeon

Now you must complete The Fell Court of Troia. I will walk you through the dungeon in the next section. It’s not difficult, but you may wipe if you don’t understand the mechanics immediately. 

Tell Y’shtola All About It

After you complete the dungeon, you wrap up the quest by talking to Y’shtola again. She tells you that the dungeon will be their base of operations, and you will have to return here multiple times during the post-Endwalker MSQ. 

The Fell Court of Troia Walkthrough

The Fell Court of Troia

I went through this dungeon with my Trust and had no problems. That said, clearing the dungeon didn’t mean I learned the mechanics, and I did die a time or two learning them. It took a couple of play-throughs for me to get a clean run.

As always, there will be six things you must do in the log. The dungeon log will say, “arrive X” and then “defeat X.” There are three bosses you must defeat, with each becoming increasingly stronger. 

Evil Dreamers

The first boss is actually a collection of smaller enemies called Evil Dreamers. Pull them all together and then use AoE to take them down. During this time, heads with bright orbs will spawn on the edges and shoot straight lines across the arena. 

Avoid these by standing out of their line of sight. After this, there will be AoE circle markers. You know the drill on these; don’t stand next to each other. Again, heads will appear with orbs, but this time, the area to stand will be smaller as the heads will be spread out.

Finally, large heads will appear with a large AoE underneath them. Kill one of them that isn’t in the orb line of sight and have everyone stack in that safe spot. Lastly, one large head will appear that you should focus hard while staying out of the small add AoE. 

  • Dark Vision – heads will spawn with laser-shooting orbs. Stay out of their direct line of sight.
  • Void Gravity – targeted AoEs. Stay away from each other.\
  • Unite Mare – heads will appear, covering everything in AoEs. Create a safe space outside of the lasers line of sight by killing a head for everyone to group at.
  • Endless Nightmare – one large head is made with smaller heads. This DPS check will wipe the entire party if you fail, so make sure you use all of your DPS power to take the head down before the time is up.



If you remember the Angra Mainyu from World of Darkness, you will know what to do when you see eyes coming toward this boss. Before they reach her, look away. The next ability is a little more difficult to predict.

The boss will create four lines in the arena that explode in the order they were drawn. There will be circles that let you know how wide the explosion will be, but try not to get distracted by them. Just make sure you remember the order the lines appear and avoid the explosion. 

Next is a simple tankbuster, so keep him shielded and healed during this. Quickly after this, the boss will target a random player and cast a cone-shaped AoE that takes up 25% of the arena.

Then, directly after that, every player will get an AoE marker. So dodge the cone and then spread for the markers. Finally, the eyes come back in great numbers.

At the same time that a donut-shaped AoE hits the floor while new target markers follow directly after. Spread but stay relatively close to the boss. Lastly, you must stack for a targeted marker to share damage. 

  • Eye of Troia – gaze attack with a random center. Whenever they touch the boss, Doom Doom debuffs will inflict anyone who isn’t looking away.
  • Beatific Scorn – Cyclops-like eye beams burn into the ground and explode in the order they were made. Stick to the side of the one that the last one was created and move away as the rest appear.
  • Hush – simple tankbuster
  • Voidshaker – cone-shaped AoE that shoots towards a random player.
  • Void Nail – targets each person with an AoE
  • Toric Void – a donut-shaped AoE cast around the same time that the upgraded Eye of Troia is cast
  • Antipressure – targets random player; stack to share damage.



This last boss’s first ability will set the mood for the rest of the fight. This first attack is a raid-wide AoE that inflicts bleed. Healers must take over as they heal the group through this rough start.

Next, both targeted AoEs and random AoEs will appear. Don’t stand next to each other, and don’t stand in the random red circles. It may be difficult to find a place to stand, which makes this part tough. 

If hit, you will get a stack of Bran Rot, which will make you lose control of yourself after three stacks. The next attack will shoot everyone back and do damage. Make sure that you have a wall behind you.

After that, the boss jumps up and shoots a red line down. This indicates a large AoE will hit that area. So stick to the other side. Then immediately get behind him when he lands to avoid another large AoE.

Then comes the tankbuster that healers need to heal the tank through. Immediately after, the adds spawn, which need to be taken down quickly. If you don’t kill them in time, the group will likely wipe.

  • Cursed Echo – unavoidable raid-wide that inflicts bleeding for 11 seconds. Heal through it.
  • Rotten Rampage – AoEs are staggered with player-targeted AoEs at the same time. Avoid the red circles and find a safe place to stand that’s not near a party member. 
  • Blighted Bedevilment – a knockback. Make sure that you’re standing far away from the boss and that a wall is behind you. Standing too close may kill you, and getting hit into the puddles will inflict a debuff. 
  • Blighted Bladework – the boss tethers to the ground. Get on the far side away from the tether. 
  • Blighted Sweep – fires a huge AoE across the arena. Run to the opposite side and stand behind the boss.
  • Firedamp – tankbuster
  • Creeping Decay – boss becomes untargetable and spawns adds. Kill the adds before his charge bar reaches 100.
  • Nox – circle AoEs appear in a ring around the edge. Avoid them.
  • Void Gravity – player-targeted AoEs hit each player. Don’t stack. 
  • Corruptor’s Pitch – raid-wide that does more damage the higher his bar got. So make sure you kill as many adds as possible to avoid huge damage.
  • Void Vortex – simple stack marker, so stack.

The Fell Court of Troia Drops

I farmed The Fell Court of Troia for the 595 gear that it dropped. This is amazing gear that will allow you to enter trials and raids that you couldn’t enter before. It’s also free and easy, whereas unlocking 600+ gear is neither.

Trojan Gear

The Trojan gear is level 595, which is the best dungeon gear you can get. It will suffice for quite some time. You can farm this dungeon until you get a full set for an average item level of at least 595. Then trade in tomestones to pump yourself up to 600+. 

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Materia final fantasy XIV
Image from Final Fantasy Wiki

Materia is dropped from every boss. You can use sell it for a decent sum or use it to meld your gear and make it much stronger. Pentamelded gear sells for a lot as well, which may be a better option. 

Orchestrion Rolls

The two Orchestrion rolls are FINAL FANTASY IV: Battle 2 (Endwalker) Orchestrion Roll and Troian Beauty (Endwalker) Orchestrion Roll. Neither are worth a lot, but the former is quite popular.

Wind-Ups and Cards

Wind-up Scarmiglione is a fun minion that is a miniature version of the final boss. The Beatrice Card always drops from the final boss but features the second boss in the dungeon.

After The Fell Court of Troia

After you complete The Fell Court of Troia, you have to talk to Y’sthola again to finish the quest. Then, you can move on with the post-Endwalker MSQ and have access to new duty finders.

New Post-Endwalker MSQ

After you talk to Y’shtola again, you will have to talk to Varshahn yet again to unlock the Shadowed Remnants post-Endwalker MSQ. This will take you to the next quest, which almost wraps up the 6.2 MSQ.

Level 90 Duty Finder

To enter the Duty Roulette: Level 90, you don’t have to complete The Fell Court of Troia to use the Level 90 Duty Finder. But it is one of the dungeons you can get in it. Before you use it, you have to complete the following dungeons.

  • The Dead Ends
  • Smileton
  • The Stigma Dreamscape

Expert Duty Finder

Duty Finder
Image from Final Fantasy Wiki

To enter the Expert Duty Finder, you must complete the current roulette of high-level dungeons. That often consists of The Fell Court of Troia, so it’s a good idea to have it completed for when it rotates in.

Final Fantasy XIV In Search of Azdaja Guide: FAQs

Question: Is The Fell Court of Troia Hard?

Answer: The Fell Court of Troia isn’t hard for a level 90 dungeon. You may wipe while you learn mechanics, but if you don’t go in blind, then you shouldn’t have a problem.

Question: Who is Azdaja in FFXIV?

Answer: Azdaja is Varshahn’s sister in FFXIV. That’s all we know at this point, but there’s much more to unlock in the MSQ and likely even more with new future patches.

Question: What is Unlocked After The Fell Court of Troia?

Answer: The next main story duty you unlock after The Fell Court of Troia is Storm’s Crown. The extreme version of Storm’s Crown is unlocked next, which is the first Extreme considered a high-end duty. 

Question: How Long is In Search of Azdaja?

Answer: In Search of Azdaja is really short if you skip cutscenes and don’t count dungeon time. But if you add them both in, it will take you an hour or two to complete. 

Question: Can NPCS Do The Fell Court of Troia With Me?

Answer: Yes. You don’t have to go to the entrance either. You can click on Duty then Duty Support. This will give you access to the NPCs who can enter The Fell Court of Troia with you.

Why Must We Search For Azdaja?

In Search of Azdaja is an important quest because it unlocks The Fell Court of Troia dungeon. While you don’t have to complete the post-Endwalker MSQ to enjoy FFXIV, I find it helpful to be caught up.

Then, you can do the new content that is released. For example, players cannot access Island Sanctuary until they complete the Endwalker MSQ. There are plenty of examples like this, which really hurts those who use the marketboard to buy and sell new stuff.

Catching the new stuff when it comes out is a great way to make Gil. Otherwise, you’re behind, and everyone desperate for it has already earned it themselves. Even if you’re not into selling stuff, The Fell Court of Troia is a fun dungeon that everyone should experience. 

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