Fleece FFXIV Guide

Fleece FFXIV Guide

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I love crafting in Final Fantasy XIV. As enjoyable as Trials and Raids are, there’s something about crafting that is therapeutic. If you decide to craft and have chosen to level a Weaver, then there are a few items you need to know more about. One of those Weaver materials is Fleece.  

Before we continue with our complete Fleece FFXIV guide, let’s see what exactly is a Fleece.

What is Fleece in Final Fantasy XIV?

  • Description – Soft white wool sheared from a sheep
  • Level Requirement – 1
  • Item Level Requirement – 38
  • Drops From – Downy Dunstan, Mad Karakul Ewe, Mad Karakul Ram, Ornery Karakul
  • Purchased From – Marketboard
  • Traded From – Junkmonger, Material Supplier, Apartment Merchant
  • Earned From – Levequests, Retainer Ventures, Desynthesis
  • Used To Make – Chimerical Felt, Felt Lining, Sheep Rug, Skybuilders’ Cloth, Undyed Felt, Woolen Yarn

Fleece is a material in Final Fantasy XIV that Weavers and Leatherworkers use to craft items. You need Fleece to get past level 40 on the Weaver questline. Items like Woolen Yarn and Undyed Felt are used for many items in the game.

So, Fleece is a valuable item that can be made into items even more valuable if you level your Weaver, because items made with valuable materials (by crafters) sell like hotcakes on the Marketboard. 

What is Fleece Used For?

Fleece is a material that is used to make other materials rather than other complete items. The materials you can make with Fleece can be used to make a lot of crucial items in Final Fantasy XIV. 

There’s only one good farming area for Fleece in the game. The exact coordinates vary, but if you travel to this location, then you will have the trail of Karakul in sight.

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Chimerical Felt

  • 5x Lighting Crystals
  • 5x Chimera Mane
  • 1x Fleece
  • 1x Natron

It would be an undertaking to list everything that Chimerical Felt is used for. The primary use for Chimerical Felt is armor, with the other items being random. Each type of class has its own set of Chimerical Felt armor.

Other notable items include the High House glamour, the Fat Cat Sofa, the Serpentskin armor, the Sky Rat armor, and various Wind-Up minions.

Felt Lining

  • 5x Lighting Crystals
  • 2x Fleece
  • 1x Grenade Ash
  • 1x Natron

Felt Lining is only used for housing stuff. The Free Company Chocobo, Eatery, Merchant, and Outfitters’ Walls all require Felt Lining.

The personal recipes include the Glade, Hingan, Rivieria walls along with the Steppe Kitchen and Teal Blue Carpeting.

The Steppe Kitchen is one of my favorite housing items when I want a quick kitchen rather than a custom kitchen. 

Sheep Rug

  • 5x Earth Shard
  • 4x Wind Shard
  • 5x Boar Leather
  • 4x Fleece
  • 2x Blue Fox Hide

This rug can be made by a Leatherworker rather than a Weaver. It looks just like a Karakul was sheared and stuck to the floor.

I love the way that it looks as it is cozy and can be attractive with any design aesthetic. 

Skybuilders’ Cloth

  • 4x Lightning Shard
  • 2x Wind Shard
  • 4x Skybuilders’ Flax 
  • 4x Skybuilders’ Spring Water
  • 2x Fleece

I’ve spent at least an hour or two farming Fleece for this very item. Skybuilders’ Cloth is my chosen Skybuilders’ Scrip farm and leveling system for Weaver.

The other items are found in the Diadem, so all I had to farm outside of it was the Fleece. This farm will get you from level 40 to 60 without a hitch. 

Undyed Felt

  • 5x Lightning Shard
  • 2x Fleece
  • 1x Snurble Tufts
  • 1x Natron

Undyed Felt is used on over 100 recipes, just like Chimerical Felt. While Chimerical Felt is used for specialty items, Undyed Felt is more versatile.

It isn’t the choice ingredient for combat armor, but it does make a lot of crafter armor. You need Undyed Felt for the level 50 Weaver class quests to create the Patrician’s set. 

Woolen Yarn

  • 2x Lightning Shard
  • 2x Fleece

Woolen Yarn is used in over 130 items. Yes, this item does sell amazingly well, and I have sold dozens of it on the Marketboard for a great turnaround. But you may want to save it for your level 40, 45, and 50 Weaver class quests.

Once you get this far, you can either use it to make the items in your repertoire or sell the Woolen Yarn on the Marketboard. Since it only takes Fleece to make the yarn, you will almost always get at least double what you put into it, even if you buy the Fleece.

For example, if you buy 50 Fleece for a total of 10,000 gil, you can make 25 Woolen Yarn and will likely sell it for at least 20,000 gil, probably more. If you craft, sometimes, the small, steady income pays off better than making the big items. 

Where to Farm Fleece in FFXIV

The only way to get Fleece without investing anything but time is to farm it. There is only one area in Final Fantasy XIV that has Fleece available to farm.

It is unlikely that a better spot will be added in the future as this is an early-to-mid-game material for level 40 to 50 Weavers. 

Coerthas Central Highlands Fleece Farm 

  • Nearest Aetheryte – Camp Dragonhead
  • Starting Point – X:30 Y:30
  • Ending Point – X:15 Y:15

This is the primary area to farm Karakul (the only creature that drops Fleece). Since the sheep stray, you may have to fly for a bit to find the trail.

The area is a popular farming spot, so don’t be surprised if the herds have been freshly slain. Camp Dragonhead takes you to about X:25 Y:15. This is okay.

You can either fly to the starting point listed above or the ending point. What I usually do is kill the Karakul on my way to one end and then follow the trail back.

Repeat this farm, running back and forth, killing the creatures, until you have all of the Fleece that you need.

Where Else Can You Get Fleece?

While gathering Fleece is your best bet if you have time, there are other options if you want to choose a different route.

I do not blame you in the least if you don’t enjoy farming creatures for materials. There are still plenty of other choices. 

Buying Fleece On the Marketboard

You can buy Fleece on the Marketboard, but the price largely fluctuates. I have seen Fleece sell for under 100 gil and I’ve seen it sell for over 1000 gil. So it depends on how the market is going on your server. Keep an eye on the market rather than buy the Fleece right away if you want to save money. 

Levequests That Reward Fleece

Let me go over the handful of Levequests that have Fleece as a possible reward. These can reward you with chunks of Fleece for Leves that you may or may not do regardless of the reward. 

A Matter of Import – 15 Fleece

  • Level – 40
  • Class – Weaver
  • NPC Quest Giver – Voilinaut 
  • Location – Coerthas Central Highlands (x:12.7, y:16.8)
  • Required Item – Woolen Hat

This is a simple Weaver Levequest that requires you to deliver a Woolen Hat to an NPC. It rewards you with fifteen Fleece when you complete it, which is more than what it takes to make the Woolen Hat. 

After the Smock-down – 6 Fleece

  • Level – 40
  • Class – Weaver
  • NPC Quest Giver – Eustace
  • Location – Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (x:12.1, y:9.1)
  • Required Item – Linen Smock

Another simple item turn-in quest that gives Fleece. This time, you turn in a Linen Smock for six Fleece, shards, and your choice of other items. 

And a Haircut Wouldn’t Hurt – 16 Fleece

  • Level – 45
  • Class – Weaver
  • NPC Quest Giver – K’leytai
  • Location – Mor Dhona (x:29.8, y:12.6)
  • Required Item – Felt Robe

This is when things become a little more difficult. But if you are a level 45 Weaver, then making a Felt Robe will be easy. Since you can also get Camel Hair and other items along with the 16 Fleece, this is definitely worth it. 

Big in Mor Dhona – 16 Fleece

  • Level – 45
  • Class – Weaver
  • NPC Quest Giver – K’leytai
  • Location – Mor Dhona (x:29.8, y:12.6)
  • Required Item – Rainmaker’s Tunic

This quest is very similar to the previous quest, And a Haircut Wouldn’t Hurt. The only difference is that you turn in a Rainmaker’s Tunic instead of a Felt Robe. 

Bundle Up, it’s Odd out There – 16 Fleece

  • Level – 45
  • Class – Weaver
  • NPC Quest Giver – K’leytai
  • Location – Mor Dhona (x:29.8, y:12.6)
  • Required Item – Woolen Deerstalker

The Woolen Deerstalker is a great item, so if you do make one for your quest, I recommend making two, so you can have one too. Again, this quest is the same as the other level 45 Weaver Levequests. 

Cool to Be Southern – 6 Fleece

  • Level – 40
  • Class – Weaver
  • NPC Quest Giver – Eustace
  • Location – Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (x:12.1, y:9.1)
  • Required Item – Woolen Kecks

Once more, a simple turn-in quest. This rewards you with six Fleece and the option for some unique items, such as a Moth-Eaten chest piece and jester cap. 

Full Moon Fever – 6 Fleece

  • Level – 45
  • Class – Weaver
  • NPC Quest Giver – Eustace
  • Location – Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (x:12.1, y:9.1)
  • Required Item – Felt Chausses

Yet another turn-in Levequest that awards you with Camel Hair and tattered items. However, that six Fleece and the gil/experience usually make the investment worth it.

Glad as a Hatter – 6 Fleece

  • Level – 45
  • Class – Weaver
  • NPC Quest Giver – Eustace
  • Location – Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (x:12.1, y:9.1)
  • Required Item – Felt Hat

This is a basic Levequest that rewards great experience and gil for what you have to deliver. The other rewards are the same as the other level 45 Weaver Levelquests. 

I’ll Swap You – 15 Fleece

  • Level – 40
  • Class – Weaver
  • NPC Quest Giver – Voilinaut
  • Location – Coerthas Central Highlands (x:12.7, y:16.8)
  • Required Item – Ranger’s Tunic

If you have decided that farming Karakul is more your style by now, then I understand. Crafting simple items over and over can get old. The rewards are mediocre at best, aside for the 15 Fleece. 

No Country for Cold Men – 15 Fleece

  • Level – 40
  • Class – Weaver
  • NPC Quest Giver – Voilinaut
  • Location – Coerthas Central Highlands (x:12.7, y:16.8)
  • Required Item – Woolen Tights

Although the tights are easy to make and the 15 Fleece is nice, the experience rewarded for this quest is lacking. 

Party Animals – 6 Fleece

  • Level – 40
  • Class – Weaver 
  • NPC Quest Giver – Eustace
  • Location – Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (x:12.1, y:9.1)
  • Required Item – Linen Deerstalker

Again, the experience is lacking, but if you can’t do the other quests yet, this one should suffice, granting 6 Fleece. 

Seeing it Through to the End – 6 Fleece

  • Level – 45
  • Class – Weaver
  • NPC Quest Giver – Eustace
  • Location – Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (x:12.1, y:9.1)
  • Required Item – Woolen Smock

Gil-wise, this isn’t a good one to farm. But the Woolen Smock is easy to make, and the quest grants you six Fleece. If you’re like me, you have a Woolen Smock or two waiting in your inventory anyway. 

Trading Fleece at a Vendor

  • Kobai Goten Apartment Lobby (6.2-6)
  • Ingleside Apartment Lobby (6.2-5.9)
  • Empyreum – Great Wyrm’s Gate (-3.8–3.9)
  • Lavender Beds (11.9-8.3)
  • Mist (11-11.4)
  • Shirogane (10.5-12.2)
  • The Goblet (10.9-8.9)

This used to be a great way to get Fleece. But now, the Voidrake costs more than the Fleece, so it’s not worth it. However, you may catch it at a good time, and it could prove beneficial once again.

The way it works is that you find the vendors in the residential area and trade them one Voidrake for five Fleece. Keep an eye on the cost of both items, as this could work out great in the future.

For now, it isn’t worth it. Even if you are growing the Voidrake yourself, you’d be better off selling them then buying the Fleece outright with the profits. 

Fleece From Retainer Ventures

Image from Fandom

The final way to get Fleece in Final Fantasy XIV is to have your Retainer go find some. There are two options that can reward you with Fleece. 

Field Exploration VII (Retainer Level 30)

The Field Exploration that rewards Fleece is the level 30 one. This is a great option because the only other possibilities are Allagan Bronze Piece and Boar Hide. If there were a dozen other possibilities, the likelihood of Fleece being retrieved would be low. But in this case, there’s a one in three chance. 

Hunting Exploration Venture (Retainer Level 35)

If you want Fleece, and only Fleece, this is a better option, especially if you can only get online for a few minutes. Send the Retainer off on the level 35 expedition, and they will come back with Fleece. If the item level of the Retainer is over 55, then it will bring back 15 Fleece. 


Question: What’s the Best Way to Get Fleece in Final Fantasy XIV?

Answer: The best way to get Fleece in FFXIV is to farm Karakul. These sheep in Coerthas Highlands can reward you with hundreds of Fleece an hour if you can farm them by killing them with one hit each. 

Question: How Do I Get Ovim Fleece?

Answer: You can buy Ovim Fleece at The Crystaium, Amh Araengh, or Eulmore for Bicolor Gemstones. Alternatively, Ovim fleece drops from the Ovim in Ahm Araeng and can be found by Retainers on level 77 hunting explorations. 

Question: Do I Need Fleece to Level Weaver?

Answer: You do not need Fleece to level Weaver, but you do need it to finish the Weaver class quests unless you want to buy the items that you need instead.

Fleece Conclusion in Final Fantasy FFXIV

Although Fleece is only used for a very small amount of items directly, the items it makes are necessary for hundreds of items. So if you wonder why the market for Fleece fluctuates so much, it’s because the meta changes so often in this game. Exploits are found, new leveling techniques are altered, and different armor becomes popular again.

While I highly recommend taking an hour to farm Fleece, the other options are perfect for people who prefer a more interesting approach. If you’re not a Weaver, then you won’t need Fleece at all. But if you are, then having a stack on-hand can save you thousands of gil. So get to slashing sheep. 

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