Hrothgar FFXIV Guide

Hrothgar FFXIV Guide

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A Hrothgar FFXIV guide delights me like no other race guide for the game. The vastly underrated race deserves more attention, so that’s what I’m going to offer. Although I’m a Miqo’te player who loves Lalas, Hrothgar have a special place in my heart.

Though the Hrothgar weren’t introduced until Shadowbringers, they’ve made enough of an impact that it feels like they’re as old as the Hyur. Let’s give it up for this furry race that deserves the world.

What is a Hrothgar in FF14?

  • Hrothgar Release – Shadowbringers
  • Hrothgar Player Population – 1%

The Hrothgar is a feline race from Ilsabard that makes up around one percent of the FFXIV player population. This makes the beast the least popular race in the game, which deeply saddens me.

To be fair, once we look at people in the end game, that number doubles, so at least veterans are beginning to learn. This currently all-male race is the most underrated, in my opinion.

That said, I expect the number will rise when the female Hrothgar is released. Will it cause me to use my first-ever Fantasia? Probably not, as I am a Miqo’te loyalist who has merged with my avatar. But I sure will be tempted.

Hrothgar Origins

The Hrothgar are initially from Ilsabard. The male-dominant race often intimidates other races with their initial lack of communication and burly appearance. But once outsiders get to know them, the Hrothgar are accepted with open arms.

In their homeland, the Hrothgar have two clans (much like other races). The Helion have summer fur, and the Lost have winter fur. Historically, the Helion served under a queen while the Lost lived like nomads.

Creating a Hrothgar in Final Fantasy XIV

Hrothgar character customization is different than other races. The hairstyles are merged with the face, so you don’t have access to the vast amount of hairstyles other races do. Hopefully, that changes soon, but as of Endwalker, it has not.

Hrothgar Clans


Whenever you make your Hrothgar, you have two clan choices – the Helion and the Lost. While you can base this choice on background, I recommend choosing the race you like the appearance of the most. The stats for each are the same.


  • Strength: 23
  • Dexterity: 17
  • Vitality: 23
  • Intelligence: 17
  • Mind: 23

The Helion live in a matriarchy run by a queen. They are loyal to their queen and serve her needs above all else. They are recognized by their warm-toned fur, which reflects their warmth for their matriarch.


  • Strength: 23
  • Dexterity: 17
  • Vitality: 23
  • Intelligence: 17
  • Mind: 23

The Lost live a nomadic lifestyle. They are often peddlers who travel the lands to sell their goods or work as TaskRabbit freelancers. You may recognize the Lost by their cool-toned fur.

Things You Can Change Later

creating a hrothgar in final fantasy xiv

  • Fur pattern
  • Fur color
  • Eyebrows
  • Facial hair
  • Tattoos
  • Face paint

What you can change for most races is fairly obvious. But making a Hrothgar can be confusing because it’s difficult to tell what is permanent. You can use logic to take on most of this.

Tattoos are the only exception because they can be changed. Everything else is exactly what you would assume if you add extensions as an option.

Things You Cannot Change Later (without a Fantasia)

  • Height
  • Tail
  • Facial structure
  • Skin color
  • Eyes
  • Fangs

All of these are fairly obvious. There was a rumor that you could change the fangs and horns of your Hrothgar via an Aesthetician, but this is not true. This makes sense because there would be no way for a cosmetologist to change your fangs. Sorry, Jandelaine.

Notable Hrothgar in FFXIV

Of course, your Warrior of Light may be a Hrothgar. But aside from that, the notable Hrothgar in the game are few and far between. Most players can’t even name one. For those people, here is your homework.

Bajsaljen Ulgasch

If you’ve unlocked Bozja, you may be familiar with Bajsaljen, the leader of the Bozjan resistance. You can talk to him anytime by visiting Gangos. There you will see is fantastic mustache and bright heterochromia.

Bozja is the only life that Bajsaljen has ever known, as he was born and raised there, becoming a doctor like his father. After being drafted as a medic, he met his wife and began a family, but soon after, his family was killed in the Seventh Umbral Era.

In Shadowbringers, Bajsaljen helps the Eorzean Alliance out when they fight the Garlean Empire. He is of great help, proving himself to be a kind and noble leader, though he’d really rather leave the forces for good.

Marsak Apella

marsak apella

Marsak is another Bozjan ally who helped during the fight against the Garlean Empire. The Gunbreaker shows the true origins of the class and his expertise with the Molybdenum Gunblade.

Like others from the Citadel, Marsak’s family was killed, causing him to join the resistance. He is Bajsaljen right-hand man, acting as the brawn of the two. He’s incredibly trustworthy, making him one of Bozjan’s greatest diplomats.


Radovan is a Gunbreaker that those who took on the class know well as he is the job mentor. His white hair and monocle make him stand out, but his pure knowledge as a Gunbreaker makes him shine.

Radovan has been a controversial Hrothgar as he once served the Garlean Empire. But this was only because his family was being held hostage. He eventually revolted and was tortured until he was left with intermittent paralysis.

It took him ten years to escape, and when he did, he found out that his family had been killed, causing him to contemplate suicide. His newfound friend Sophie is the reason he is still alive.

Rostik Liubasch

Rostik is the Gunbreaker that taught both Marsak and Thancred the job. He later appears in the Gunbreaker storyline, where players get to fight alongside the skilled Gunbreaker.

Rostik was a small child when the Garlean Empire attacked Ilsabard. He was taken by the army but eventually fled. He spent a time as a bloodthirsty warrior who wanted nothing more than revenge.

When he encountered soldiers and was left to die, Bajsaljen saved him and taught him that there was more to life than that. He now fights for good and works as a mentor for other Gunbreakers.


I love Runar because he defies the odds by choosing his faith over the warrior spirit and thinking outside the box. His robes and dedication to Y’shtola set him apart. There are even rumors that he has romantic feelings for her.

They both serve under Matoya and the Night’s Blessed. But I like to think that he’s only there for Y’shtola, who will one day see his love for her. We don’t get enough romance arcs in this game, probably to leave room for all kinds of shippers.

The Hrothgar Stereotype

the hrothgar stereotype

There’s something about Hrothgar I love so much, which has nothing to do with the player behind them. Stereotypes are always ridiculous and rarely based on facts, but it’s nice to know how many players see the Hrothgar.

The Hrothgar have this stigma of being well-dressed loners who really don’t care what you think. They love to think outside the box but are oftentimes assumed to be 12-year-olds in real life.

There’s also another stigma that Hrothgar players are trying to fulfill some fantasy, but to be real, every avatar is fulfilling some fantasy. Sometimes you want to date it, sometimes you want to be it, and sometimes you want to be a Lalafel so you can take yourself back to an innocent childhood time.

But in the end, Avatars are like the weight on my driver’s license, just a fantasy, and that’s okay.

Hrothgar at a Party

I go to parties quite often in FFXIV, and when I do, I may or may not fangirl whenever I see a Hrothgar. I don’t make any moves, but seeing them is so rare that I love that one showed up.

More than likely, the reason Hrothgar aren’t at parties often is that there aren’t that many in the game. But I like to think they’re secret shy guys. Every time I do see one they are either the life of the party, or they sit in the corner with their other Hrothgar friend and refuse to dance.

Fun Hrothgar Facts

fun hrothgar facts

The Hrothgar are an interesting race with plenty of fun facts in the game. This doesn’t include the behind-the-scenes facts as there aren’t many of those worth mentioning.

The Orginal Gunbreaker

The Hrothgar invented the gunblade and thus the Gunbreaker class. The guards of the Helion queen were given gunblades as their weapons. For centuries, the Hrothgar used these weapons before sharing them with the world.

The Lost Fur

Though it doesn’t make sense if they were born with it, the legend says that the Lost have cool fur as a sign of independence. They hope to ward off the queen and her hold on the Helion with their fur tones.

The Lack of Women

The reason why there aren’t many female Hrothgar is not stated. But I assume it has something to do with what the Garlean Empire has done to the Hrothgar. Most of the Hrothgar women and children were at home during the attacks, so were likely murdered.

Many of the men were out fighting or peddling, so it’s likely that that’s why more of them were spared. Either that or they were intentionally spared and taken as slaves to the army.

The Ronso

You may hear the term “Ronso” at The First. This is the official name for Hrothgar on that plane. The term actually came from the Ronso from Final Fantasy X. Does anyone remember Kimahri as well as I do? I loved that guy.

I’m not sure I agree with the choice to limit his language. But his incomparable honor, exquisite look, and sage advice made me fall in love with him. In fact, he may be the reason I love Hrothgar so much.

Speaking of the Ronso, Blitzball players like Irga, Nuvy, and other unnamed Ronso Fangs give us a good idea of what the female Hrothgar may look like.

The Names

hrothgar the names

Historically, the Hrothgar surnames are based on their social status. The male Helion are given names based on the queen and should always end in an “a” (like Marsak Apella) if their queen is alive when they are born.

The Lost are different as their surnames always end in “sch,” which makes sense because that literally means “lost.” You’ll see this in NPCs like Rostik Liubasch and Bajsaljen Ulgasch.


Question: Are Hrothgar in Other Final Fantasy Games?

Answer: The word Hrothgar doesn’t appear in any other Final Fantasy game. However, they are practically the same race as the Ronso from the Final Fantasy X games.

Question: When Will the Female Hrothgar Come Out?

Answer: There is no release date for the female Hrothgar. I don’t see it coming out any time soon, as not much has been said about it lately. But we can always have hope.

Question: Can the Hrothgar Change Their Hair?

Answer: To some extent. This is something that the devs say they will fix eventually. But right now, there are limited choices for Hrothgar hair as they are tied to the Hrothgar’s face settings.

Question: What is a Hrothgar Not in FFXIV?

Answer: Hrothgar was an old Danish king who appeared in epics like Beowulf. He was a strong and noble king, but apart from a few epics, he has no significance in real history.

Hrothgar Deserve More

My bottom line is that Hrothgar deserve more. As much as I love Miqo’te, I despise how they take such precedence over Hrothgar in feline popularity. The Hrothgar are such an amazing race, and I think more people should play them.

Perhaps their lack of fans comes from the fact that the female Viera came out at the same time as they did. The Viera was so popular that it may have overshadowed the Hrothgar’s release.

I hope in time, Hrothgar will get the love that they deserve. Until then, I’ll make another Hrothgar retainer.

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