zodiark guide

Zodiark Guide

I’ve always liked zodiac signs – in the astrology spectrum, no horoscope for me. Cause of that, games that insert signs in their plot always caught my attention. When Final Fantasy Tactics came out, and I found out that a portion of the story revolved around the Zodiac Stones, I was instantly charmed and bought …

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Midgardsormr Guide

The Final Fantasy franchise has an expansive universe that allows it to reuse elements between its games that are easily recognized, such as spell names, items, summons, and monsters. Whenever I see a Bomb, I know to be cautious and practice social distancing unless I want my face blown to smithereens. Other creatures in the …

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Y'shtola Guide

Y’shtola Guide – Everyone’s Kitty Crush From Final Fantasy XIV

A Y’shtola guide can help you learn more about your favorite Miqo’te in Final Fantasy XIV. This cat is mysterious at first, but she has a heart of gold and a bright mind. Y’shtola is one of the main characters of Final Fantasy XIV, who often represents the game in crossovers. Even if you don’t have a crush on …

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jenova guide

Jenova Guide

Jenova is a commonly thrown-around word in Final Fantasy VII. Hailing as the mother of the all-mighty Sephiroth, Jenova is an alien life form that Shinra utilized to produce superhumans such as Sephiroth and is directly related to Angeal and Genesis’ powers. It’s a pretty complicated topic since various experiments are related to Jenova. There …

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